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  1. Did you have problems with it unlocking before you did the missions in this order? I went through all four stories yesterday in separate runs (and I did The Tour from both perspectives) and it still didn't unlock the trophy for me.
  2. Same exact problem here.
  3. Just ran through all four story missions in Mendoza (and did the tour guide story from both perspectives) all from new runs of the level and Rich Harvest still isn't unlocking for me. Was hoping the server maintenance would have fixed this but no luck. Has anyone had any luck of getting this to work, short of totally wiping your progress? The challenges associated with the stories have all unlocked just fine. Oddly, from the mission select screen it only shows the original three stories for this level; the fourth hidden one doesn't appear until I actually enter the level, and even then it doesn't have a checkmark next to it like the other three even though I've finished it at least five times now.
  4. Final Fantasy VII is really easy as far as JRPGs go! It's also really fun and guides you into experiencing most aspects of the game. Also, I think it was my first PS4 plat.
  5. They don’t stack, but you can level skip to the end of both games on each difficulty. You don’t even have to play Aladdin; just type in the level skip code when you pause, do this on every level, and the credits will roll when you do it on the final level. You’ll get your trophy after that.
  6. I actually got a super early copy of this last week. The Platinum is extremely easy because all of the old cheat codes can still be used (the cheats range from level skips, level select, and invincibility), and rewinds and save states work also. I got the Platinum in three hours with minimal effort, and you could totally do it faster if you went in going only for trophies.
  7. Despite what the trophy guide says, loading your save from the pause menu before the screen goes black DOES NOT prevent a death from counting. I went through the game twice this morning using this method and the trophy did not unlock for me either time. The first time I thought it was because my hand slipped and I accidentally chose "Reload Checkpoint" once instead of loading my save file. I tried again, only loading my save once (I died at the final screen where you use the zipline), and no trophy. I'm going to try again one more time tonight using the "Close Application" method, but I wanted to let people know that the guide is wrong on this one point and hopefully spare you some potential grief.
  8. 7 or 8 wins did it for me. Doesn't take long at all
  9. That did it! Thanks dude. Any chance you know how to perform a Cross Finish for that related achievement? I've gone through the tactics menu looking for an explanation but I can't find anything. I thought it was just for winning a match while doing a Cross Combo but it doesn't seem like that's working.
  10. Does anybody know the requirements for the Azure of Truth trophy? I've played through the BB story a few times with different responses and still haven't figured it out.