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  1. The original is the best. I've lost count how many times I've finished it and played it again. It's the one in the series I keep coming back too.
  2. Just earn the trophies, don't cheat. Yes I know this site allows it but you aren't earning those trophies. You'll also miss out on so much
  3. Already a fantastic remake of that
  4. Duck tales
  5. Monkey Island 1 and 2 and the tales of monkey Island. Sonic 1,2,cd, adventure 1 and 2. The cave was good too. I've only played the first two. I dunno what the third game is like. Costume Quest
  6. Deathspank was awesome as was afterburner but I dont think that's available now
  7. Couldn't care less if it does or doesn't have a platinum. If it's good I'll play it
  8. Resi evil 1 remake Resi evil 2 Resi evil 3 Code veronica
  9. Did they ever add a turn based mode like the classic game? I loved how the demo looked and sounded but I hated the new button bashing combat. If it's something they never added then I guess I'll just watch a playthrough on YouTube
  10. They should of gone with the PS1 version not the original SNES game
  11. If you're enjoying that then you should definitely try Risen too. Also if you have access to a PC then check out the Gothic series
  12. Bad for us with Playstation Now aswell. Seriously when my sub runs out I won't be renewing as this is annoying
  13. I think you remember PS2 graphics being way better than they was.
  14. I think it should be made harder. So many cry baby trophy hunters that want those trophies gifted to them. Put in the work and practice if you want that platinum. If you don't wanna do that then move on to something else