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  1. What is wrong with people. Harassing me about someone I don't speak too, that I hardly even knew 😕

  2. I'll most probably just get the dlc for the games I already own
  3. Don't judge a game by its trophies
  4. No. Most so called 100% accounts avoid anything of any challenge whatsoever
  5. Get a playstation classic and hack it. I use mine more than my current gen consoles
  6. It's a side effect of time skipping. Play the game normally and it's one of the first to pop
  7. If they are like me then it's because I can switch games without having to get up and change discs. I'm like 99% digital. Last disc game I got was Alien Isolation when it first came out.
  8. Shame this wasn't free. It's the sort of game that most people turn their noses up at but once they try it, they get addicted. One of the best games on PS4
  9. Monkey Island games. (1+2 were released on disc here but I dunno about outside of the UK) Sam & Max series' Some of the digital only games are on psnow. So they aren't completely lost yet
  10. I've had some amazing messages from people on here. Unfortunately when you're feeling low, it only takes one to bring you crashing back down. I've stopped early at 197. I won't be going for 200. I'm done. Have a good time trophy hunting guys and girls.
  11. Don't think so but a new one of that is coming soon. It's already on switch
  12. Not here in the UK. Ninja was bad according to our Government. Ninja turtles for example became hero turtles.
  13. The Bouncer
  14. Still looking for X-Men arcade PS3 and the dlc gun for Ratchet & Clank PS4
  15. Never trust a woman. They have on/off switches and no hearts

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      That’s lamps you’re thinking of

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      That was exactly what I needed! Thank you

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Chin up, my brother, I know you’re hurting these days.