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  1. I don't have the game but can't you select a higher difficulty?
  2. Metal Gear Solid 2. Get that finished
  3. Reading this I'm confused. Is the 100% unobtainable?
  4. I just stuck with the original FF7. While I can appreciate that the remake is good, it's not for me. You missed the best one! Get 6
  5. Looks like a bad flash game. I'll not play crap purely for a platinum that means nothing
  6. Aslong as you have fun with the game, play it however you want 😀
  7. I dunno if it works that way round but stuff from the first will cause trophies to pop on the second
  8. Exactly.
  9. And that's the problem with this gen
  10. Nothing on Xbox that I can't get else where.
  11. As a plus game I think it's good. I'd of felt ripped off if I'd paid full price at launch though.
  12. Looks great, sounds great but the combat is awful. It's a button bashes dream though. You can select classic mode to go turn based but it defaults to easy if you do... If it changes to turn based on hard mode then I'll get it but right now it's a no from me. It's very hard to get lost in the demo
  13. An ability to turn off game tutorials on a system level. I'm tired of press X to jump. Press L2 to aim. Press R2 to fire. Go aaawwwwaaaayyy!!! 😡
  14. Yeah signed up several times. Dunno if it's worked or not. Just a simple confirmation email would of been nice.
  15. It's because you played the first game. I had afew pop and loads of badges when I first booted it up. It doesn't work for the vita as it's badges are totally separate.