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  1. DLC is included and there's added content too
  2. I played it on PS3 awhile back and all the glitches people talk about were patched out a long time ago. I had 1 the whole time and that was more hilarious than annoying
  3. It's a hidden gem. Definitely play it.
  4. I don't think trophy levels have meant anything since the PS3 days. This update has made me care even less about them. A level 10 account with super meat boy plat for example is way more impressive than a level 40 that has stacked crap on it. I wish they'd do more to award the players that chase those hard/impossible platinums.
  5. Definitely increased the value of plats. A friend was on level 47 91% with 90 plats I was level 47 61% with 183 plats With the new system, I'm now level 545 and 5 levels higher than him.
  6. I mean for games that don't have difficulty trophies. So many choose to put the game on the easiest setting and blast through just for the plat. It'd be nice if the people that actually bother to challenge themselves got something for it.
  7. I want to see more of a change tbh. I think a dark souls plat should be worth more than an I am mayo. Maybe decrease in value as more get it. Making the pay for platinum trophies even more meaningless. I'd also like to see a change depending on what difficulty you played the game on. Spider-Man for example. If I play it on hard or easy I get the exact same platinum. There should be something to show the difference.
  8. I don't need to play the whole game to know I don't like it. I love open world games. I'm currently playing through breath of the wild for the 3rd time. I've played through Morrowind, oblivion, Skyrim and the fallout games multiple times. Those games actually leave you alone to play them. I'm not saying red dead 2 is an awful game by any means. People have different tastes. It'd be boring if everyone liked the same stuff.
  9. It never left me alone to actually play the game so I gave up with it. So I know enough. Plus it's my opinion.
  10. Well the games you mentioned are all trash but some of the Ratalaika stuff are retro goodness. A lot of people see the graphics and immediately jump to the conclusion that they're crap. Some are but there are some gems there too. The way they give platinums out needs to change though.
  11. They made the game a lot harder.
  12. What's the rush?
  13. I did it legit on the snow levels. If you look on YouTube there are videos that will show you the token spawn locations. Get one and just run at the trenches. You should get several kills at a time. Sprint was click left stick in if I remember correctly.
  14. Nope just the first 2. On the few occasions that my game has crashed, I've reloaded straight away and got different amounts of scrap from that too. I hope I'm not glitching lol
  15. I don't think time is the only factor. I was off for 14hours and got 115 scrap. Later on I turned it off while I went for a shower and was gone for like 10 minutes and I got 45 scrap on booting the game.