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  1. FYI you can stack them. I had two 10% codes. Enter one and it'll show a tick and tell you it's 10% now instead of clicking to confirm it. Go to the text box and enter your second code. Should say the same. Confirm it and you'll notice on the next screen you now have 20% discount. Unusual that you can stack discount codes!
  2. I'd sooner have the PS1 game with trophies.
  3. No idea but I tried it and thought it was garbage.
  4. Because people are fed up of being unpaid beta testers probably.
  5. 100% agree with those.
  6. Most overrated series: Uncharted. Everyone tells me it's amazing. As a playstation fan everyone assumes I'm a Uncharted fanboy but I just don't like them. I've tried several times but all it succeeds in doing is making me want to play old school Tomb Raider. Most overrated game: Red Dead Redemption 2. Everytime I say it, I get attacked by fanboys so I won't go into why. Doesn't make it any less true though. Most disappointing (yes I'm adding a new one) Spider-Man. Huge Spider-Man fan and was so hyped for the game. But we got cutscenes the game 😕 I got bored of watching it and quickly sold it on. So disappointing.
  7. Nevermind I didn't read it properly
  8. It's the pay for platinum trophy games that need to stop. You should always be required to finish the game too. Something I feel that would be nice is say like Spider-Man base game had no difficulty trophies so everyone played on easy. It'd be amazing if there was some visual difference for players that did their play through on the hardest setting.
  9. So your problem is to much content? This is why I hate trophy hunting. Just play the game, get the dlc in the sale. I'm gonna get the whole lot and hope for more dlc. I love civilization!
  10. Games will look better even on a HD TV. You get faster load times too.
  11. It's not buggy. The missions have been moved around quite abit since the trophies were added. There's a planet you need to do missions on that counts for the trophy but isn't listed on the delta missions now.
  12. Yeah a huge disappointment that. It was such a huge step backwards from the second game. The city reacted to you and it felt like it was alive. Compare that to Mafia 3 and it felt empty and didn't react the same at all. Mafia 2 is fantastic so don't let the third game put you off the series.
  13. Really? That's the best game I've played on PS4! For me it'd be Watch Dogs, closely followed by Red Dead 2.
  14. Maybe it knows how bad it is and is trying to save you from playing it
  15. I enjoyed it