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  1. Anyone that plays resi evil and doesn't want tension needs a slap. I demand absolutely no horror or scares in my horror games godsdamit!!!
  2. I've just finished this game myself. There's a work around. You need to actually go to the mission on the map and select it from there. If you try from the menus, the online says it cannot connect.
  3. It appears freedom of speech isn't allowed here.


    I'm done with this site. Not with collecting trophies though :)

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    2. AK-1138


      "Freedom of speech" doesn't apply to websites that have their own standards and limitations, IE the fate of President Orangepeelskin. To say nothing of freedom from consequences.

    3. enaysoft


      Erm, you do realise you're being a racist by making fun of someone's skin colour don't you?

    4. MidnightDragon


      Freedom of speech means the government can't pass a law to restrict what you say. It doesn't apply to companies, like it or not. 

  4. It should disable them as you’re cheating but leaderboards have been a joke for years now.
  5. Just make sure you kill yourself in the nexus and you’ll be fine online
  6. People always complain. Everyone is so entitled now days
  7. I seem to already have Hood in my library... I definitely have never purchased it. Weird Was it free before? I'm confused
  8. If legacy games have trophy support then I'm interested. If not then I see no need to change my subscription plan
  9. That's just stupid. There's always something better coming. If/when a PS5 Pro comes people will be saying they'll wait for PS6. Just enjoy what we have. You're missing a fantastic console. As for PS3 Demon's Souls. Yes get it. It's harder than the PS5 version but it's not the ultra hard game that people make it out to be.
  10. Thanks to stacks, auto pops, pay for plat games and dubug modes, the Leaderboards are a joke.
  11. I'd sooner not cheat and earn my trophies legitimately.
  12. Meh I'll continue not to play it
  13. Just because you did it on ps2 doesn't entitle you to its trophy on another version lol If the game runs that poorly then leave it. Too many good games out there to be wasting your time on games that run like 💩
  14. I couldn't be arsed to try get the Max Payne 3 platinum. I can't sit and play a game for that long in one sitting. Plus the game freezes a lot and normally near the end! So no I'm not even gonna try that
  15. Earn it legit then