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  1. I never ever ever preorder but I got Links Awakening with the artbook, steelbook thing rupee light and the amiibo
  2. Gran Turismo Prologue and Metal Gear Solid 4
  3. This! I spend most of the time planted in a tree or upside down but it's great fun. Games are more fun when you don't care about the trophies. I'd be stressed to hell if I tried for the plat
  4. Speed run especially in games that I wanna take my time on
  5. Open it up and unplug the ribbon. Takes 2 minutes and it's very obvious which part is the light. First thing I've always done with my 4 dual shock 4s.
  6. I think the fact you mention remakes just highlights what I'm trying to say. If the new games were great, you wouldn't wanna go back and play the old ones. My friends going on about Xbox backwards compatibility could never understand when I'd point out that when a consoles biggest selling point is being able to play old games, there's something wrong! GOW, HZD, Tomb Raider series, latest proper Metal Gear, the crap new zombie game, the last 2 Assassins Creed, Uncharted series, they all feel like the exact same game with a different skin. I've gotten tired of feeling like I've already played this with a different character. It's so easy to let hype and being a fanboy cloud your vision just to how bad some of these games are. I was guilty of that till recently. OMFG this is amazing!!! Look at those graphics!!! Then 10 minutes later I'm bored because it's either forcing cutscene after cutscene on me. Tutorials that treat you like an idiot (they should be optional). Forced dialog that you can't skip. I can't enjoy a game if it's constantly talking at me and not leaving me alone for 2 seconds to actually play the game. Then as someone pointed out you have season passes, dlc, lootboxes heck the latest NBA even has adverts! The cancer of gaming.
  7. This gen has been the worst for me and I've been gaming since the 80s. I got my PS4 day one and was meh with it straight away. Sure the tech is great but the games just weren't as good. I've still got hyped for games. Red Dead 2 got it day one and was so disappointed. Spider-Man or cutscenes the game as I like to call it, crap. God of War, one of my favourite series surely I can't go wrong there? No that's a babysitting sim it's not GOW. HZD crap. The one I'll probably get hate for... Uncharted... Tried to like it several times but no. I've played so many games this gen and the only one I can say I loved on PS4 was Alien isolation. I thought for the longest time it was just me. Maybe I was just burnt out or whatever. I've not been liking or been really disappointed with nearly everything on the PS4. Then the mini consoles arrived. SNES, NES and PS1 minis. OMFG I love these. The games are still amazing. I think the biggest difference is they're fun. They aren't just a checklist of things to do. They aren't forcing you to watch/listen to a story wether you want it or not. They don't force a tutorial that treats you like an idiot (if I see press X to jump again I'll probably snap) I can not play for a week and still be able to jump back in too. I stopped buying games for the PS4 last year as I was tired of feeling ripped off. I've had enough of modern gaming. For me it's not fun and it's not good. So with this I've also stopped trophy hunting too. For me this is a really weird feeling as I've always had the latest consoles always wanted the next one too. But now the PS4 is a Netflix player and I've no interest in a PS5. Maybe old age has caught up with me 😆 So now a part from the switch I'm retired from modern gaming. Anyone else really disappointed with this gen?
  8. This gen has been such a let down for me that I'm in no rush for another gen. My PS3 still gets more use than the PS4 and my Playstation classic gets more use than both together. This gen has been crap tbh.
  9. Really? I played through this a while ago and didn't have a single problem with it
  10. Yeah those games are the cancer of gaming
  11. Just play the game normally. You know actually earn it. Crazy idea I know
  12. I'm well aware of where I am posting. It just saddens me when I see the no plat no buy comments. People used to play games for fun not for a digital trophy. Yes I realise trophies can be fun but that's not the point I'm trying to make. Now you can release a crap game with an easy stacking plat trophy and that'll sell well. Release a good game without one or a hard plat and it'll be avoided. It's the side of the whole achievement system I dislike. Personally now I see 100% as complete. Not a platinum. They've become so devalued. Now about this trophy list. I'm not bothered about the missing platinum but I would of liked to see more trophies.
  13. This is what makes me dislike trophies. Judge the package on the games, not the achievements included.
  14. Since we went down to 2 games a month, the quality has really gone down. I was hoping that since we was losing 4 games a month that the 2 we do get would be good!
  15. Agreed it should of been like this to start with.