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  1. I'd sooner the original developers did another Max Payne. 3 is good but it doesn't nail the tone, atmosphere or story of the first two games.
  2. Finished the multiplayer section off this morning. Had huge help from @fledger letting me kill them over and over again 😆
  3. You've had years! Stop acting like an entitled child. If you have unearned trophies on those games still then it's your fault.
  4. Nice and simple answer here. No. That's coming from someone who loves the Alien franchise too.
  5. I just haven't got the attention span to do this. Playing through in one sitting is a no for me. I will do everything else though.
  6. The golden age of PC gaming ended a long time ago.
  7. Impressive trophy list! Nice to see someone else still playing PS3 too

  8. To me it's no different from using a debug mode to pop trophies. I mean that feature is there, its just disabled. People are just re enabling the feature via a hack.
  9. You enjoyed it then? 😆
  10. Not the type of game I'd play but I love how to game looks!! Such a great art style.
  11. Have you not looked at the trophy list? You only need to compete races. Doesnt matter if you win or not. No need to boost that.
  12. I'd sooner they just made the originals playable on modern consoles
  13. Have things changed since the last posts on here or is this still unobtainable legit? If I can't get it legit, I'll just forget about the game and leave it at whatever % it currently sits at.
  14. This really isn't needed. It's a fun and easy game. You'll get wins just by playing. Don't go thinking you have to boost because it's online. You actually made it harder for yourself.
  15. From what I played on PC it seemed decent enough. Not amazing by any means but nowhere near the level of trash you describe it as. It's just a average game that doesn't do anything others haven't done better.