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  1. I'm well aware of where I am posting. It just saddens me when I see the no plat no buy comments. People used to play games for fun not for a digital trophy. Yes I realise trophies can be fun but that's not the point I'm trying to make. Now you can release a crap game with an easy stacking plat trophy and that'll sell well. Release a good game without one or a hard plat and it'll be avoided. It's the side of the whole achievement system I dislike. Personally now I see 100% as complete. Not a platinum. They've become so devalued. Now about this trophy list. I'm not bothered about the missing platinum but I would of liked to see more trophies.
  2. This is what makes me dislike trophies. Judge the package on the games, not the achievements included.
  3. Since we went down to 2 games a month, the quality has really gone down. I was hoping that since we was losing 4 games a month that the 2 we do get would be good!
  4. Agreed it should of been like this to start with.
  5. I wouldn't class auto popping stacks of trophies earnt trophies. You aren't doing anything to earn them. If you have to play the game again on the other system/region, then you earn them.
  6. I don't think that's the problem. As the graphics get better the games have got worse. I get bored of constant cutscenes, qtes and dialog. My SNES classic and PS1 classic get far more use than the PS4. The games are just better.
  7. Games that exist to pop a plat and stacking trophies that autopop. They totally devalued the system. Yes I've retired from trophy hunting. Semi retired from modern gaming too. Sick of feeling ripped off with games.
  8. If it's remotely difficult most trophy hunters will avoid it. That's one of the worst things about trophies in my opinion.
  9. You can still do it. Just keep playing
  10. Unless things really change, this will be my last gen for gaming. So I've no interest in PS5 so far. I've been gaming for 35 years now and the last 5 years or so have been bad. Once you remove the fanboy glasses and the hype goes. You realise even the biggest games this gen are very meh. If I do continue playing modern games it'll most probably be on a Nintendo. They've not forgotten games should be fun and not just forcing you to listen to their 'awesome' story and look at how amazing these textures are.
  11. I've never played a game just for trophies. I don't see the point in that at all. I have however stubbornly finished off a game I started and didn't like. That was Shift 2. Not something I've done since. Now if I've a game at like under 5% on my list it means I didn't like it and moved on. Spiderman and GOW for example. Agree with all of those apart from Bloodborne. The fanboys/easy trophy hunters seem to love them though. If you look past the hype, they're average at best.
  12. Meatboy - finished this on Steam. Won't be trying again and definitely won't be going for the plat. My PS4 and pads probably wouldn't survive. Red Dead 2 - Boring crap. Will forever stay at whatever percentage it's currently at. Horizon zero dawn - Everyone must of played a different game to me. Awful. Abandoned long ago. Dirt - love the game but I'm not skilled enough to plat it so not even gonna try haha. Street Fighter 4 - Another game I love but not gonna attempt the plat as I lack the skill. If you have the plat you are a god! Watchdogs - awful crap game. No man's sky - Another awful crap game. Fortunately I got a refund so no longer own it
  13. Wait! There is one 😜 teach me to look at guides before forum
  14. Or you could play the game and earn them. Aren't trophies supposed to reflect your achievements after all.
  15. Mine popped when I only had like 10 haha glitched in a good way.