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  1. Games from psn outage and the free EA games. I got a digital version of Arkham Knight for free because my collectors edition was gonna arrive late. From psn glitches I've gotten Killzone Shadowfall (was right on release too). A rythem game called kickbeat i think it was called. There was a plus game too but I can't remember what game it was. Basically they updated the free game and it was the wrong one lol this was right at the start of plus when it was one game a month. Loads of free games on Steam, gog, epic and origin over the years. While not a game I did get loads of microtransactions stuff for free on Star Trek Online. I got one thing which I paid for and then loads of other stuff showed as free. So I grabbed them too. Then I got scared I'd be flagged as a hacker or something. I didn't want to get banned so reported it. Even though I sent screenshots. I got the impression I wasn't believed lol they never contacted me about it or took the items off me.
  2. Yes stop supporting your game for free! How dare they!!! This is why I hate trophy hunters 😆
  3. It won't have full backwards compatibility. They've never said it would.
  4. I don't play crap or cheat for trophies so none really. I don't like my autopop stacks I have. It was new at the time but I really wish I could delete that crap as I didn't earn them
  5. I've been playing this recently too. Taking me ages as I've been reading the codex entries and taking my time with it.
  6. And you could maybe trying earning achievements. It more rewarding. After all you've achieved something. Say that again in english please
  7. No. This is my last console gen.
  8. Or you could play the game and earn your trophies legit.
  9. Nice topic. I don't think i'd like to see a game with trophies like that though. It'd be a good way for a publisher to make trophy hunters get the game day one, Have like a launch day event with trophies. I hope that never happens.
  10. You can say you earned them legit without cheating. It seems not many can say that.
  11. I know it's expected of me seeing as I'm a playstation fan but I really don't like Uncharted... It just makes me want to play old skool tomb raider. So a bad bad month for me
  12. You don't need the servers to access your dlc.
  13. Tried on 2 of my alt accounts and skipping the first level up animation after the tutorial race seemed to trigger it. Played on my main and let it do it's thing without skipping and it worked normally.
  14. Anyone else noticed that if you go on to add-ons then new, that it's not showing as updated since 31/10/19. Battlefield V dlc. I know more has been released since then. It's the UK Console PSN Store. Really making it hard for me to tell when new stuff is on there
  15. True but you're only cheating yourself out of half the experience. My best memories with the first 3 Resi Evils, Code Veronica, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill and Dead Space, have been when I've had hardly any ammo and trying to survive. Having infinite ammo takes away the tension.
  16. Weird maybe they was having problems when I did it lol I thought it was weird being able to stack them
  17. Kinda defeats the purpose of a survival horror if you've infinite ammo.
  18. This is on the console store not mobile or website. Maybe that's why it didn't work for you
  19. FYI you can stack them. I had two 10% codes. Enter one and it'll show a tick and tell you it's 10% now instead of clicking to confirm it. Go to the text box and enter your second code. Should say the same. Confirm it and you'll notice on the next screen you now have 20% discount. Unusual that you can stack discount codes!
  20. I'd sooner have the PS1 game with trophies.
  21. No idea but I tried it and thought it was garbage.
  22. Because people are fed up of being unpaid beta testers probably.
  23. 100% agree with those.
  24. Most overrated series: Uncharted. Everyone tells me it's amazing. As a playstation fan everyone assumes I'm a Uncharted fanboy but I just don't like them. I've tried several times but all it succeeds in doing is making me want to play old school Tomb Raider. Most overrated game: Red Dead Redemption 2. Everytime I say it, I get attacked by fanboys so I won't go into why. Doesn't make it any less true though. Most disappointing (yes I'm adding a new one) Spider-Man. Huge Spider-Man fan and was so hyped for the game. But we got cutscenes the game 😕 I got bored of watching it and quickly sold it on. So disappointing.
  25. Nevermind I didn't read it properly