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  1. The devs said on Twitter that "any player that has ever opened the game before midnight tonight will be gifted this compensation automatically," so you should get it next time you log in as long as you've played before (or if you play before midnight tonight).
  2. Tried the For Honor beta and didn't pull the trigger on buying it, but I will be interested to try it out next month.
  3. 523 (yes, actually 523) games later, I am finally in Division 4 and the proud owner of the FIFA 19 plat. What a rush when the final whistle blew on a nervy 1-0 victory. All that being said, thank God the grind is over.
  4. When you are playing defense, let the CPU play as your back line (CBs, LB and RB) and only control CMs and CDMs to play defense. This allows for your defense to be in much better position and if you make a mistake with the CM/CDM then you still have an additional line of defense to help out. My play has been greatly improved this way as well. Sitting on 1563 but had to finish up the weekend league games. Should hopefully finish this trophy (and therefore the plat) tomorrow.
  5. Top 5 1. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition- What a hidden gem this game was. Had an absolute blast 100%ing it and really enjoyed the storyline. Bummed we will probably never see a Sleeping Dogs 2. 2. Need for Speed- Just challenging enough that it isn't a mindless walkthrough, but not so difficult that you are rage-quitting during races. I like the storyline that interconnected all of the missions as well. 3. inFamous First Light- I'm a big inFamous fan in general and it was high time to earn this platinum. The Arenas were a tad grindy, but I enjoyed upgrading Fetch's powers and unlocking her full potential. 4. Madden NFL 17- My first Madden plat came without too much of a grind or fuss. Sports games were my first gaming love so I always will have a soft spot for them. 5. MLB The Show 18- Same as Madden, though this is my second MLB the Show plat (my first being the first plat I ever earned). Bottom 5 1. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness- This game was 10 degrees of awful. Mindlessly skipping through a boring story 29313391339 different ways and grinding a 2048 rip-off. Awful. 2. Wheels of Aurelia- Not really my type of game. Though, in fairness, I don't know whose type of game it would be. 3. Claire- Boring plotline, derivative gameplay, annoyingly needed to play through twice even though the first time was a dull affair (it couldn't keep my interest for the ~3 hour long playthroughs). 4. Back to the Future: The Game- Stopped trying to enjoy this Telltale effort and just read a guide about 3 chapters in so I wouldn't have to clean up missables. Boring. 5. Burly Men At Sea- Thankfully short, didn't really grab my attention. Tried too hard to be artsy.
  6. This is the 100% that never eeeeeeeeends, cause it goes on and on my frieeeeeeends
  7. I have played every iteration of FIFA for the PS4 and obviously am a big fan of the game. But there is no point in going for trophies in a game if it makes you miserable. Of the 3 trophies you have left before the plat, only of the them will take you all that long. "It's what I do" is easy enough if you just search up a YouTube video showing you how to do it. "You got skills" literally takes a minute, but you do need a second controller. I achieved "The big league" playing offline seasons. For the first probably 6 divisions I would build up a 5 goal lead and then put the controller down and read/browse the web/etc. leaving only a few of the divisions left to conquer. Always pick the matchups with the easiest difficulties if you're struggling and you'll only have to win a few games on World Class difficulty if memory serves. I don't know what you would buy FIFA points for? You don't need them at all. TL;DR: If you hate playing you should probably just leave it be. If you are particular about your completion %, you've done most of the hard work and should finish.
  8. Seems to be a pretty common glitch as far as I know. A buddy and I both had the same thing happen to us. I did go on to win anyway though.
  9. Got up to 1450 before going on a brutal run of losses. 🙃 Sometimes my team plays great, makes runs and finishes clinically and other times it feels like I'm playing with bronzes. Not great for my blood pressure.
  10. I'm assuming since the trophy description says "Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match," you would actually need your opponent to finish the game as well. Haven't popped it yet this year, but I believe this was the case for the same trophy in FIFA 18 last year.
  11. 3-1 Belgium
  12. A little late to the party, but I figured I'd share how I popped it to provide some insight. I was thinking that you had to be the home team to get the interview, but it turns out I got it after a win on the road. I think the key is helping your team come from behind (maybe why my pitcher who had amazing stats made it to AAA with no PotG interview). I had a fairly pedestrian game compared to my normal numbers (3-5 with 2 singles and a double and 3 RBI) but I also came up in the 9th inning with my team down 5-4 and knocked in 2 runs to clinch the game for my team. I wasn't even "named" PotG after the actual game, the series just ended so I went to the clubhouse and the interview started right away. Obviously in RttS you have very little say in getting this scenario to happen, but maybe it will help you recognize potential scenarios that cue the cutscene. I am playing as a catcher if you think that matters at all.
  13. I was kind of hoping for a couple of extra trophies in the update, myself, since I already know I will be playing the update regardless. I can see how the need to re-100% it if you didn't plan on playing the game again would be annoying.
  14. I know the news came out a couple days ago, but is anyone else excited for the new World Cup update? Gives me a reason to dust off my old copy of the game and give it another spin. Is it too much to hope that there will be new trophies tied to this free update? I'm looking forward to leading the US to a World Cup victory in the game since we all know it won't be happening in real life... Here's the announcement trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it.
  15. #34: Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Trophy Complete You have obtained all trophies Holy lord. This was my first (and most likely last) dip of the toes into a VN and... wow. This may have been my least favorite game I have ever played to completion. I tried to engage in the story for about the first 15 minutes before skipping my way through all the different storylines... only to find you have to play a 2048 rip-off to complete the plat! Easy enough to finish but some of my least enjoyable gaming hours in recent memory. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 0/10