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  1. Belgium could have a pretty impressive lineup in Russia. They're my rooting favorite (as this Yank is not hopping on the Mexico bandwagon... how does rooting for your biggest rival make any sense?!) to win as well.
  2. I don't see the problem with one or two numbers (which seems to be an unpopular opinion). It's when you get Username1339428924931945 that it starts to be a mess. If you have to add more than a number or two, the name is probably too popular.
  3. #ABullyCoffin DodgersDay of the Tentacle RemasteredEverybody's Gone to the RaptureFIFA 18Game of ThronesHitman GO: Definitive EditionInFamous Second SonJKilling Floor 2LEGO Batman 3: Beyond GothamMLB 14 The ShowNOPQRocket LeagueSThe Last of Us RemasteredUncharted 2: Among Thieves RemasteredVirginiaWheels of AureliaXYZ
  4. Yep, I know not to delete this off the PS4 until KF3 comes out. Even then, we still may not be safe.
  5. Probably about a 3/10. If you follow a walkthrough it's pretty simple, although I did die a few times in Nightmare mode. Be sure to space out your save files as well (unlike me...) I got stuck at a point about halfway through the game where I could not get to the next checkpoint without dying and I had used all of my healing items. Only had one save file that I kept overwriting and had to restart the whole game 😑 This is also not a very fun game... I wouldn't recommend it unless you just want the plat.
  6. The list looks quite easy, and I haven't played an MLB game since '14. I just may need to pick this up... with the state of my favorite team (Marlins), this may be the only fun I have this baseball season.
  7. Pretty easy, 2/10. I seem to have enjoyed this game more than most. My personal recommendation would be to play a blind play-through and then clean up the trophies with a guide.
  8. Spend more money on games I don't like that much to go from platinum to 100%? Nah, I'm good.
  9. Was waiting for this to come out, knew you'd have it made for us @IBadDriverI. Cheers.🍻
  10. I pretty much have one of two reactions after a plat. If I like the game, I usually reflect on the game and remember the parts I really enjoyed. If I hated the game, I pop the plat and delete it off my console as fast as I possibly can.
  11. Took about 15 seconds of searching to find.
  12. Pretty bummed. Even though I only own a PS4, it was nice to pick up some extra titles via crossbuy.
  13. I may have to pick up COD at that price.
  14. GOTY potential on this one.
  15. My longterm goals are based on sheer trophy volume/platinum count without much regard to my completion %. If I can load up a PS+ game I'm not super interested in and pop a few easy trophies before abandoning the game then sure, why not? On the other hand, I won't pay for games I have no interest in playing for easy trophies (although that certainly doesn't rule out all "easy" platinums). My conservative goal for 2018 was to earn 20 platinums in the year, although I am already up to 7 in February. So my more challenging short term goal is to get to 50 total platinums which could feasibly be done by the end of 2018.