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  1. Currently, Sony is limited in their operations, but the issue discussed in these forums is one that has happened many times and does get fixed. One of the most important things is that once it does get fixed you must either start the digital or physical copy of the game to get it to update your list. Have you done that for these games?
  2. 100% it does work! That’s how I got it!
  3. It’s really weird that they aren’t up on the PlayStation Network yet even though the update just released.
  4. No I haven’t, @MaxieM0us3 generally gets that info. Any news Maxie?
  5. I would be interested in this position. I proofread legal documents all day so this would be a nice change of pace!
  6. Do you really think they will give it the same support as PS5? That cannot be cost efficient.
  7. Does anyone know the date and are we getting a new trophy set? Have the Devs announced when trophy support for the PS4 will be dropped?
  8. Does anyone know the date?
  9. Refusing to call or doing a live chat with Sony and instead choosing to confine your complaints to this forum will definitely not accomplish change. At least my suggestion directs you to someone connected directly to Sony. It’s your time though, spend it how you wish.
  10. My bad, I didn’t read the post closely enough. I followed the guide and I only had issues getting the collectibles. Those box things were a pain in some levels.
  11. For those that completed the game would you throw in your two cents? I’ve heard the rating in the guide might be inaccurate. Thanks guys!
  12. That post is almost 2 years old. I have absolutely no idea what I did except that I hated the last level, the online grind, and the lifers that tried to ruin boosting sessions.
  13. Good question!
  14. So you can earn all trophies just like the PS4 offline and you have had no issues with time stamps being out of order, etc.?
  15. Do you own a PS5?