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  1. Was it ever released? This kind of stuff with this dev is getting ridiculous. Has anyone received a response from their ticket?
  2. I submitted tickets also. This dev is really responsive so if you haven’t submitted one yet head to their website.
  3. I read the original post and the subsequent ones. If you read mine, I simply made the point that endlessly sharing stories of toxic behavior (and in some cases using inappropriate examples) doesn’t help the OP in the long run. Learning to cope and understand abuse is far more useful than focusing on the negativity itself.
  4. I think the point that everybody has a story has been made. Could we focus on appropriate ways to deal with abuse for the OP instead of driving the above mentioned point into the ground? Frankly, I block and move on myself. You need to get used to the unfortunate fact that some people simply do things to try and make the lives of others harder. If you expose yourself to the masses on the internet, you will inevitably run into more of these people. Try not to take it personally and just don’t give them the attention they are seeking. Good luck!
  5. That’s strange considering you aren’t a member of the CRT team, unless something changed.
  6. It really is that simple. I’m not sure why we needed four pages of posts to get to the point.
  7. I may have misread your post, but are you saying that there is no autopop and this only helps with story progress?
  8. Could you provide a source for that?
  9. Yes, you must obtain this daily through RNG, complete it by saving 50 survivors, and that is how you unlock it. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to force it through you just have to wait.
  10. I’ve been playing for 3 weeks and I have only seen this once. Is it normal to wait this long for a second roll of the quest?
  11. I’ve always thought that as long as your hobby doesn’t become your lifestyle, you are good. If you are neglecting your family, friends, and social life this is no longer a hobby. I’ve seen it in several posts but I think balance is the key word.
  12. Any plans for a fix?
  13. I’ve heard about problems involving tracking. Is that still a thing?
  14. I’ve read varying reports about how glitchy trophies can and can’t be. Can you guys shed light on the effect starting in 2021 would have on this problem?
  15. This is such a soul sucking trophy. I’m just at about two weeks in and it is getting very discouraging.