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  1. Got number 1 on bodyguard, so I’ll take that! lol It did take a few hours to update.
  2. How long does it take for the site to update?
  3. I was but evidently it was a brief and fleeting victory...lol
  4. I am in the top 10 to finish the adept survivor and my name isn’t there. Can you guys see what’s up?
  5. So when is the new trophy list going up?
  6. Still need a definitive answer on this please. Is it enough to get hit as soon as your buddy is unhooked or do you need another non-hooked person there as well?
  7. The guide says you need a survivor standing by you, can that count the guy you unhooked?
  8. So crawling right?
  9. It seems to take a while...I generally don’t get downed lol
  10. Do you need to get downed once or hooked?
  11. Yeah things need to change.
  12. Just a heads up servers are back online but people continue to get kicked from the middle of games so don’t burn any offerings.
  13. The game was released a while ago. I don’t know if the plat will ever be available. It is a bummer considering I bought the limited edition from limited run...
  14. Servers are back online!
  15. Just a quick heads up, the Dead By Daylight servers are down currently. The developer has acknowledged the issue but there is no definitive answer as to when they will be back up. If you are working on any other games, now would be the time to revisit those.