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  1. I’m having problems with this simply because the killers are being difficult and uncooperative getting stunned (how shocking right! 😂) In all seriousness is there a good method for this trophy?
  2. VICTORY!!!
  3. I just patched my game!!!! Lords of Shadow NA
  4. Not yet.
  5. So if I buy the UK dlc I am good, right?
  6. I’m buying the pal version so that should work right? They share a list. Does it matter if I am not physically in that other region?
  7. I think my plan might work if the PS3 updates by the disk and not the ip for the PS3 for Castlevania PAL. Could anyone give me an idea if that logic is sound?
  8. It definitely needs a patch.
  9. So he tried both copies?
  10. I’m talking about two different disks in a na ps3 (NA and PAL for instance.) I want to see if one patches and the other one doesn’t.
  11. That would be a big help, but I also meant seeing if one disk patches and the other doesn’t.
  12. Of what game? Because I have only heard collections and vanilla from NA players for Castlevania.
  13. Has anyone tried updating a different region copy of a game? So for instance a US player with a US copy and another region’s copy to compare?
  14. I can confirm on my end that the vanilla version didn’t work. I should be getting my anniversary collection on Thursday and my PAL copy on Friday. I will keep everyone posted if something changes.
  15. I’m trying to get through this game quickly because of all the issues with the store. Any tips on how to unlock animals quickly and what challenges to look for etc. for a good can do creature run would be appreciated!