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  1. Any suggested methods?
  2. I have heard people complaining about them. Can they be done in private match?
  3. I have the game on my alt. I believe you need the game on your list to report him.
  4. Would someone please report the guy that finished the game in 10 seconds? He allegedly got Kitty got wet in May 2019...lol
  5. Are there any guides out there for this game?
  6. The new update completely sucks!
  7. Anybody have any tips?
  8. I finally beat the hand. Any tips on cell modes?
  9. Have all of the glitches been patched out?
  10. Any other info guys?
  11. I concur.
  12. I really don’t get blogs. 😂 *Nice use of images 👍
  13. I will set up a session when the time arises, but for now I am looking for info from people that did this successfully so I can emulate it. Thanks for your interest! I will note your id for the future.
  14. I think things have changed because the enemies scale much higher with scrolls. Any must have targets for using the Hunter’s grenade?
  15. Is it easier to use one server over the other?