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  1. I’m sorry that late syncs look fishy, but thinking that someone cheated without being able to substantiate it encourages all sorts of bad behavior doesn’t it like: favoritism, bad motives on the part of the reporter, and finally a crap load of false positives. This seems like a very dangerous road to follow... How could you prove your innocence when the crime is late syncing?
  2. That’s because the UK version was one of the only versions patched to 1.01 (fixes matchmaking) US is at 1.00, which is why this is so difficult.
  3. Syncing late has nothing to do with cheating. Why would you be flagged for it? I really hate to see the community start a witch hunt over a few bad apples regarding a trophy syncing process.
  4. That’s awesome! Thanks so much!
  5. It might be a good idea to change the title of this thread. I just woke up and read it literally before my coffee lol!
  6. Chaos;Child has very little relevance to Robotics;Notes.
  7. It’s connected to all of them. They are all part of the “Science Adventure series.” They reference each other, but Robotics;Notes has a heavy connection to Steins;Gate.
  8. The anime is very well done. I think you would be shifting yourself significantly if you excluded it. The order for Chaos is: Chaos;Head Noah, Chaos;Head Chu Chu (Love sim), and Chaos;Child. Don’t forget about Robotics;Notes!!
  9. Is there a good guide for the game?
  10. If you could give me a thumbs up that would be appreciated! 😉 Steins;Gate Elite uses the anime visuals and voice acting from the series aired on Funimation in Japanese so it is a huge departure from the first game. Also there is a dating sim for Chaos;Head called Chaos;Head Chu Chu.
  11. I am very familiar with the series! Play Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate Elite, Steins;Gate 0 and the spin offs you can play in any order. Keep in mind that Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child, and Robotics;Notes all reference the series heavily. Robotics;Notes Dash even has one of the main characters from Steins;Gate.
  12. This is a great question! Anybody?
  13. 1.00 is the unpatched version of the game. The rest mode glitch should work just fine. I thought the triangle glitch stopped the timer for the last two puzzles. Currently, I am wondering if anyone played 1.00 from start to finish without any problems since it is patch free.