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  1. My bad I’ll fix that right now. Don’t ruin the actual use of the acronym please. I vomited a bit when I read that statement.
  2. Fair enough! At least you have a sense of humor! 👍
  3. I’m having flashbacks from yesterday’s nightmare of a thread. I read what @CelestialRequiem wrote and he was clearly joking. To those that didn’t get the joke, please take a moment and ask yourself if fighting over a video game based on an extremely cringy cartoon is how you want to spend your day.
  4. I don’t hate anyone here either. The thread just needs to stop. It isn’t doing any good for anyone.
  5. Agreed.
  6. Just please preserve your dignity and close the thread. This has spun out of control into an 8 page crap storm involving you versus everyone else. Again, not picking sides but this thread needs to be shut down.
  7. I would just be super happy if this thread was shot into the sun or closed. Either way I’ll be happy.
  8. It just seems like you want to pick fights with people. If you don’t like the content posted be the bigger person and stop the method for posting it by locking the thread. Again, not picking sides.
  9. Agreed, please close the thread.
  10. Unless you think this discussion is yielding anything but negativity, would you mind closing it so it doesn’t constantly get bumped to the top of the thread list? I’m not taking sides, but clearly this has gotten out of control.
  11. Good news me! It is still active! Closing thread!
  12. Everything needed to do the game is in that guide. @CelestialRequiem and @Deadly_Ha_Ha did a phenomenal job! I’m looking forward to their next collaboration on a guide!
  13. I’m sure the ending sucked.
  14. Evidently, every game needs one of these so proceed!