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  1. I’ll tip my hat to whoever does this without micro transactions. I think I read that it takes 1000 hours at a minimum. My best wishes to whoever undertakes this challenge!
  2. I am getting destroyed in ranking mode on the third wave! Any tips would really be appreciated!! I have turned off auto aim on the advice of some.
  3. What trophy glitched for you?
  4. I’m also struggling on the baseball game through ranking mode. Any tips would be really appreciated!!
  5. Is there a good time when I should use the spin move or just spam it?
  6. Any constructive tips would really be appreciated!! Thanks guys!
  7. Any constructive feedback is welcome! Thanks guys!
  8. Did anybody have any issues getting the platinum?
  9. Could anyone update this thread for this current year?
  10. For those that have the platinum how tough was this game? Did you guys have any tips and tricks to recommend regarding the game? Did you use a guide? Thanks!
  11. The name of this thread needs to be changed. It is misleading.
  12. It turned out that I needed to restart the console. It was giving me an error.
  13. Did it fix the issue? Also what are your thoughts on the trophies and game?
  14. The only immediate danger would be to online portions of games since the servers are so old. Eventually those will get shut down. I would knock out the online for games you are interested in and rest easy until you hear something from Sony.
  15. Are there any exploits that help?