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  1. That is the way we played in the past. Once you found every secret in a game or simply beat it, kids were finished. Not every game is meant to be replayed. I don’t know how old any of you are, but I think it comes down to whether or not you want to and have the time to play the game again. I know I have slowed way down because of real life. I generally play at my own pace and I tend to stay away from online stuff that puts my id at risk for unobtainables. That approach has helped me. I think it really comes down to “you doing you.”
  2. Any word on a NA release for PS4?
  3. I look at my psn list as my true guide for completion, so I know it sucks but I would like it to match the site. 100% means 100% when you get down to it. Trust me, it pisses me off too.
  4. Is this coming to the NA marketplace?
  5. Please keep all boosting threads in the sessions side of the website. Thanks!
  6. David Cage broke exclusivity with Sony so this is likely a result of that event. I’ve played all of his games, so I can say without a doubt in my opinion, you aren’t missing anything in that dlc.
  7. Yeah unfortunately the peer to peer connection isn’t stable. I saw everything you did when I tried. It sucks, but I don’t think we can do anything about it.
  8. Yep, just as I said in my last post.
  9. I believe it is peer to peer, but it is broken. I have two vitas and I have tried multiple times. Sorry guys.
  10. It is way too minor of an issue to track or prove and like you said, who cares what other people are doing. As long as people are not hacking, I have no problem with this kind of stuff. I think most tend to agree. Let’s try and stay positive because at the end of the day we can only control ourselves.
  11. Not really. Who knows how many people have had a buddy come over and help out? I am sure it is more than you think. Personally, none of my face to face friends play so that isn’t an option for me, but when I was in grade school everyone did it. Shareplay is an acknowledgment of the practice by Sony and sessions are an acknowledgment by the site.
  12. Honestly, it is no different than having a buddy over and having him help like in the old days.
  13. Again, I did not say they were.
  14. What is your point? I said nothing about paying for shareplay.