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  1. Thanks for the tips.
  2. How difficult do you guys think this trophy is for someone that doesn’t play rhythm games and has a slight tremor. My hands only shake a little bit.
  3. How difficult is this platinum really? I have heard death mode sucks. Could you guys elaborate with a rating from 1-10 with tips?
  4. I think the EU version has the glitches but I could be mistaken.
  5. Any details anybody has aside from the guide would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I’m pretty sure the glitches only occur in the EU version, correct?
  7. Did you play the EU version?
  8. Is there a way to avoid the missables?
  9. So are the trophies glitched or is it doable?
  10. It’s all the same universe, but you would definitely appreciate it more because Dash and the original Robotics;Notes have characters from Steins;Gate in it. Either way you won’t ruin anything.
  11. The PS5 games list when viewed from either the system or the app is showing duplicates or different games entirely from what you have played. If you click the game it will show the correct trophies, but this is definitely a pain. I have reported it to Sony myself but numbers will help remedy this situation. Please contact them if you have an interest in getting this resolved. Thanks!
  12. The servers are reliable.
  13. I know it sounds like a waste of time but I would join me in calling Sony just because this evidently extends to saves and game tiles being rendered completely inaccurate as well. Superficial stuff in a game history is one thing, but this extends much further than I originally realized.
  14. That is insane. I placed another call to Sony would you guys please call as well? I know you might not think it makes a difference but it really does since this seems to be on nobody’s radar.
  15. It’s very weird and random. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything about it in the site.
  16. Thanks I got it.
  17. You can repair more than one generator right?
  18. To add to this. Now that the party system has changed, it is really difficult to get random survivors to cooperate with trophies like all escaping through the hatch. Stick with four trusty friends for most of the survivor stuff.
  19. The game isn’t that bad as others have said. The big problem if you are a 100% gamer is that they keep releasing dlc so the list becomes significant bigger every few months and there also always seems to be one trophy or two in the dlc that sucks with some exceptions. If you play and have any questions feel free to message me and I should be able to give you some tips.
  20. I’ve heard mixed things. How tough is it?
  21. Currently, Sony is limited in their operations, but the issue discussed in these forums is one that has happened many times and does get fixed. One of the most important things is that once it does get fixed you must either start the digital or physical copy of the game to get it to update your list. Have you done that for these games?
  22. Any constructive feedback is welcome! Thanks guys!
  23. Is this coming to the NA marketplace?
  24. For those that completed the game would you throw in your two cents? I’ve heard the rating in the guide might be inaccurate. Thanks guys!
  25. 100% it does work! That’s how I got it!