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  1. Is this true? What new ability?
  2. I thought one of the trophies was glitched?
  3. Thanks. What's the difference with this edition?
  4. The goat in the boat is missing
  5. Followed your guide. It was perfect. Thanks.
  6. Thanks man
  7. Simply climb the mountains and snipe everyone. You'll be too far away to get detected.
  8. Just restart the game completely. All trophies popped after playing one level.
  9. Do I need to purchase a DLC for the new trophies?
  10. But you got the platinum???
  11. Thanks man
  12. Can you get both DLC trophies on NG+?
  13. Went to purchase the DLC and found out that the game is gone from the store. What's going on?