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  1. Do you need to have finished the story or can you just jump straight into the new DLC?
  2. Nice
  3. Should be fixed. Kill every NPC with bucket of fire not just the guide. That worked for me.
  4. You need a "total high score" of 600,000. So therefore it's a combination of all your high scores from each level. You simply can't repeat levels over and over. Actually you need beat your own high scores for it to increase.
  5. Bugger
  6. UNO
  7. This is news to me. Is it based on the movie?
  8. Disappointing. Hopefully they fix it.
  9. Hot-fix has made the trophy obtainable again.
  10. Link?
  11. Thanks man
  12. Tried to play the game prepatch, but the game doesn't even load.
  13. Ever since the newest DLC released, the trophy for killing the guide with lava doesn't work.
  14. I've done it numerous times
  15. Same here. Can't pick them up