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  1. Thanks man
  2. Tried to play the game prepatch, but the game doesn't even load.
  3. Ever since the newest DLC released, the trophy for killing the guide with lava doesn't work.
  4. I've done it numerous times
  5. Same here. Can't pick them up
  6. Are there anymore trophies coming? Planned DLCs or more expansions?
  7. Awesome thanks.
  8. Is the DLC free?
  9. Trophy didn't pop after combining the scores. I had to do the whole 1000 in one go.
  10. Just tested it. Must get 1000 in one go and even then the trophy popped very late. Pretty easy in nightmare 1. Good luck.
  11. Ikr. Takes hours to find a game.
  12. I can't find a game. Just says waiting for players to join. Is this a bug? I'm worried this will be the platinum killer.
  13. Seriously no platinum?