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  1. As far as I'm aware, the Manning National Zoo is not an expedition. I do believe it is a stronghold mission (they changed to this a little while ago) and it can now get invaded. Are you sure you did the normal version and not the invaded?
  2. I should warn you that due to the pandemic, the trophy will probably not be fixed in any new patches as they are under stress already to fix in-game glitches. They are working from home which makes it difficult. Massive is known for fixing trophy glitches so I'm sure that when they are back on track they will get to it.
  3. If the world difficulty is on Challenging then the mission difficulty is automatically set to Challenging. If you manually changed it to Story I don't think it would work. Not entirely sure though
  4. I can't be too sure, but the wording of the trophy tells me it is most likely a prime target and so the trophy can only be unlocked at the end of the season.
  5. It seems the DLC has released a day early for PS4, I'm playing through the first mission now. I might be wrong and that's the only mission they released today!
  6. Thank you very much! Nice to know there's something to do to take a break from deliveries, as addicting as they are!
  7. Congratulations! Glad you've got it done!
  8. Yeah it's a crazy idea, completely puts off players from going for convoys so it defeats the purpose! I wish you luck with the trophy
  9. If I remember correctly a convoy comes up in a main mission which is where I did it, I do sometimes see a regular convoy out in the open world but they're so incredibly rare and we can't pinpoint from the map like Wildlands
  10. Nice work man, you just saved everyone a lot of time! Drove everyone crazy trying to find these 8 we had to find a workaround with the original 4!
  11. Some people needed to get it with a third character also so maybe try that to see if it works
  12. I can also confirm that discovering the 4 locations with a new character does unlock the trophy, brilliant work as always from this great trophy community! Now all I have to do is the 2 co-op trophies and the waiting game for the raid begins
  13. Right then, I'll start flying over each location one by one (because I revealed some with my drone and don't remember which ones ). With any luck, you guys will have another confirmation from me soon. Edit: didn't see the recent posts about creating new characters but just seen it in time! I will try that now
  14. Would it be a possibility that the last 4 might be locked behind the raid? This is a complete guess from me, we would have to go through every single location on the map to confirm this but it would be a while. I like @PS_4Trophies's idea of splitting areas between people. I'm happy to take some regions of the map and start looking through each location again to confirm, maybe we can divide the map amongst some folks here?