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  1. Took me two days for my last treasure (Bronze Animal - Lion Nepal) since I got my second last treasure, but I got a new treasure per day for about 3-4 days before. All I did was constant grinding, no change in characters, very little change in maps, no hats or accessories, stuck more or less with the same person and that was it. In my experience the theories online didn't change anything, and any theories I came up with myself whilst hunting for treasures were quickly disproven so I am convinced that it is just pure RNG that isn't influenced by anything. I wish you all luck with your treasure hunting!
  2. Brilliant ideas, lovely!
  3. I second everything this man has said!
  4. I understand that the description may be misleading and I completely agree with the OP that the requirement is to complete all liberation bounties. However there is a glitch which prevents people from repeating bounties that can sometimes not be counted, in most peoples case when they die after the kill the bounty target and before they kill the mob. It's understandable if the trophy did not glitch for you, but there are many people that have experienced this glitch (including myself) and it has to be noted down as a buggy trophy
  5. I've just left a comment on PowerPyx's website about this trophy, I'll copy it on here Thanks very much guys for the positive comments and thank you PowerPyx for adding to the guide, I’m glad its worked for you! I’ve also just unlocked ‘Big Game Hunter’ which also glitched for me, and luckily I remembered which one of the bounties I had glitched out on. I remember dying whilst trying to do the Downtown East ‘Meatwagon’ bounty, I had just managed to kill the target but the mob finished me off. It’s been driving me crazy so I spent time matchmaking on random bounty, and to my luck somebody was actually doing Meatwagon! As soon as I completed it with the group, the trophy popped. What I can suggest using this is if you have friends who still have the liberation bounties, it might be worth joining them and redoing the bounties you need (or all of them if you don’t know which one). Either that or do what I did and keep completing bounties with the matchmaking system. I know that once again I’m not giving a for sure fix but hopefully this would help at least some of you out 🙂 I also left a comment on his website about 'A Friend in Need' trophy that might be worth looking at if it is still glitched for you. I wish you the best and hope you unlock this trophy!
  6. This forum is awesome. Whether the OP is an internet troll and/or just a sensitive person, it definitely makes for a good read if you want a laugh. As for my opinion (yes, it's an opinion don't bite my head off), there is no point in arguing with anyone who does not like the game. You either like it, or dislike it, and in the end the one with the biggest % gets reflected into the reviews (common sense really, if lots of people like the game the reviews will be good and will say why, if lots of people hate the game the reviews will be bad and will say why). From what I hear, the game is a bit shit on the development side of things but if you don't mind that and you enjoy it then good on you! Just don't pick fights with people who don't agree with you, doesn't make you look very nice. I realise this probably won't change a thing in @Sicho's mind, but at least I'll be able to read his response and have a good laugh while also wondering if he is Todd Howard in disguise...