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  1. Can someone please remind me the first location of the Wood Guardian? Where there are even some thieves around him trying to attack him.
  2. For Extreme playthrough, do you agree with this build? Is it strong enough?
  3. Yeah I know, I can't find level 50 weapons even because I woulnd't be able to equip them lol thanks anyway again!
  4. Don't worry about my nickname lol I'll keep this link open in a folder on my browser so I won't miss this topic
  5. Since I can't play this week-end and I've just seen this soo wonderful topic about Borderlands 3: Assuming they'll fix it with some updates (or maybe not, but to be safe, let's say yes lol), the way to let glitches still work (not only this one in Borderlands 3, I'm asking about every videogame) is to stop the update of the game right? PS: I only own disc versions of all videogames, so I guess I'll be more safer right? Sorry for dumb and noob questions but I have never got informed about this topic... Thanks
  6. Alright! Hoping they won't fix it soon lol but anyway I own the disc version so if I see an update for the game, I'll be safe to stop it right?
  7. Thank you so much for all these precious informations!
  8. Thank you so much! lol I was kidding
  9. I've just started the game yesterday and completed only the first main mission so far... How long will it take to arrive at the point shown in the video? Thank you!
  10. If you'll ever upload this speedrun platinum video, please quote my answer here that I will totally appreaciate your work! Thanks!
  11. Thank you
  12. Anyone?
  13. Hey there, congratulations for being the first platinum achiever on Greedfall!
    I love that game so much, it's so cool

  14. finally no stupid trophies about character skill's kill related
  15. Starting it today on Extreme mode, for me The Witcher 3 on Death March was so fun and easy, let's see this one