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    Do I really need to answer this question on PSNP? 🤔


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  1. Alright, reading this topic I've understood that I'll start playing this game on March at least lol
  2. wut lol
  3. Is the platinum easy to achieve?
  4. OH thank you!
  5. wtf I live in Italy and here it's 10:38 p.m. and it has not been released already, even if on the trophy list it's written release date October 18 World wide
  6. Sorry guys but why there are two lists? There is a JP stack and an other region stacks?
  7. ac origins
  8. Give this girl more time to play!!! AHAHAH :D😉

  9. Joined the Community. Thank you!
  10. PSN ID: tjoe1bkhjtqxm Feel free to add me!
  11. You obviously have to answer (everyone has to, in virtual and real life when someone is talking bad about us) to defend our position because we are sincere and ok with ourselves, but haters and people that talks bad about your trophies, don't care too much about them! :D keep doing the great work you're my idol, really, my best dream to follow for trophy hunting and source of inspiration when I have to achieve an hard platinum beginning a new game! 


    Huge respect from Italy man ;)

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    2. Hakoom


      gta games are the only games i havent touched xD lol
      its always good to have friends and supporters.. spread love not hate ;)

      and thanks again !

    3. Nimera


      Only the jealous and cowardly act in the silence.
      بارك الله فيك ، كن قويا!

    4. Hakoom


      @Nimera الله ابارك فيك من وين الحبيب؟ :D

  12. I'm looking for an active club too
  13. I have seen a price drop on EU Store for this game, any opinions?
  14. No lol
  15. The second PS4 exclusive that sold fast is Horizon Zero Dawn right?