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    Do I really need to answer this question on PSNP? 🤔


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  1. Bought it on January 10!
  2. I'd like to achieve the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer trophies but your friendship request on PlayStation Network is private or something, it says "at the moment this user doesn't accept friend request"
  3. Done lol
  4. I wish so much to have a Linkin Park friend on my friendlist on PlayStation Network 😁
  5. Alright, I'll buy the 16 GB size.
  6. Thank you all for the answers. I wanted to ask you: since that I'm gonna download two-three games every time, a 8 GB memory card will be enough?
  7. As soon as you're ready for Sacred 3, I'm available!
  8. Even if I put the adapter? Can still be found online compatible memory card of 8-16 GB? Thanks
  9. Yeah but you'll get some ultra rare trophies 😎
  10. If you like horror games you should try Resident Evil 7 and Akumu in The Evil Within is not so much difficult... Outlast 2 platinum is a lot more 😂 you have to complete the game at highest difficulty in total darkness (without putting new batteries on your torch) so you have to know exactly how to move without being hit by enemies... And obviously, you die, you start at beginning.
  11. Most dangerous man alive, he can do everything 😎 I'll be available tomorrow, promise!
  12. Woo a Linkin Park fan awesome
  13. This forum lol I started posting two days ago, and yesterday I was already at Gamestop to buy a brand new one 😂 this forum, staying here with you guys, has totally increased my trophy hunting passion! We're a good army! 💪
  14. It's a totally random nickname, when I signed up on PlayStation Network in 2008 every nickname that I wanted it was already chosen, so I started to press random letters on the screen keyboard on PS3 lol I can see that is difficult for you since that the word difitile (hard, difficult) you wrote it wrong 😀 it's "difficile" and "hai molti verbi" you are saying that I have a lot of verbs. I am italian yes but my language, has, "HA" molti verbi Bene bene primo italiano 😀 Just because I started posting yesterday, my trophy addiction has increased and three hours ago I've just bought a PS Vita 😂🤣