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  1. Great game, yeah... for the easy platinum obv
  2. it's 10 times better than Far Cry 5 and Monster Hunter World.
  3. it means you're not a good player lel
  4. So I should just wait 1-2 minutes after the end of credits? Damn, luckly I healed from easy platinums addiction, who the hell wants to play a Telltale game for one hour and half LOL no platinum for me, it's fine. Thank you all
  5. We all just want Most Wanted, no one cares about The Run and Hot Pursuit
  6. No I even tried to look at all the stats for all the characters, I waited until the end of the credits... I wasn't even looking at the screen because I saw they were just talking, but I think that the scene for the last gold trophy has appeared (I play Telltale games just for the easy platinum, I don't care about the story)
  7. Hey guys I've just completed episode 5 but unfortunately I didn't get the last gold trophy called and so even no platinum. Why? I specify if it matters that I've chosen and when I completed Episode 5 I had installed only Episode 5 for space required on hard disk... That's the reason why I didn't get the platinum? Thank you
  8. I consider this thread useful
  9. People and things are never like how we think they are. Never stop at the appearances even in forums titles
  10. http:// NSA, CIA, FBI, DOD are all already on extremely high alert. See you all in jail for the rest of our lifetime 😢 fun is OVER. WE ARE ALL BUSTED.
  11. sorry, wrong post
  12. I just can't wait after a news like this
  13. MW2 was actually the first platinum I've earned, if it's coming out this year, OMG *____* I can feel already tears in my eyes if I remember when in 2009 I was watching the trailer with "Till I Collapse" by Eminem and Nate D O double G
  14. They'll make MW2 Remastered? I got the flu for the last one week and half and I don't know any kind of new announcements lol Anyway, yes, doesn't matter, I'm a lonely guy even in real life so "Multiplayer go to hell in every kind of game" (especially when you have to boost or do online trophies/ waiting players in lobby to get the platinum)
  15. I've just seen Ubisoft has announced The Division 2... Very good! I'm already hoping that in 2019/2020 they'll announce Wildlands 2 lol