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  1. So you asked for help, you died, he revived you and you got the trophy? You were already dead unconscious or you were still able to move before bleeding out?
  2. If anyone is going to play it since D1, feel free to add me so we can do some missions together!
  3. How long does it take for the platinum?
  4. Alright thank you both! Yeah I've understood it was a waste of ammo lol
  5. Today I'm going to start the game, and I've seen so many gameplay videos of people shooting Mr.X in the beginning of the game, but since you don't have strong weapons, is it so necessary? I mean of course I'll shoot him but I even don't want to waste to many ammo.. Thanks
  6. Hey buddy, I'm the real Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files, of course I can predict the future and the events since I own and I can handle them.
  7. Thanks a lot! This game is really nice too, it reminds me Guns, Gore & Cannoli. I've also subscribed to your YouTube channel
  8. This is just another way to spread hating versus this game, I'm playing it since D1 and these are all just jokes. Never had problem with Anthem and I'll never have, never crashed.
  9. Ironically I say, good 🤣 they have to be really dumb if they're not fixing immediately a problem who's affecting everyone... Well, I'm smarter then them and I'll play something else so they lose an active player who likes the game but is very disappointed right now 🙄 I only hope Ubisoft will take more care of The Division 2, series that I love so bad and I would like to play it from D1 to the 5-6 following months without any huge problems..
  10. Drop rate of masterworks and legendary is really random and a "???" in this game lol same as Metal Gear Survive. In Free Roam in the map, Gran Master 2 difficulty, I had 4 masterwork items in less than 30 minutes thanks to Global Events, and also plenty of Master Embers for crafting just from destroying minerals and plants. A friend of mine had 2 Legendary even with update 1.03 (the one that screwed % of master and legend drop). Plenty of other players obviously didn't get any legendary yet. I saw a video on YouTube where a guy reported the his screenshot to EA showing he had a drop of a Common (white) weapon at level 47, while level 47 is Legendary ahah so no passive perks and no special bonuses. I love TPS games, especially online ones (can't wait for The Division 2). The game has still issues, but at least I'm in the list of the first 50 players who achieved the trophy "Master Talent", completing a mission, contract or stronghold with a Master Javelin (my power level is 476). I feel shame because from Friday 22 February release date to Monday I've slept 8 hours total 🤣 I will keep that in mind to not let it happen again with The Division 2, I can't screw my sleeping schedule so bad. MOST IMPORTANT: last year I've played Metal Gear Survive for the whole summer (421 hours total of playing time) and the more Konami updated the game, the more it was screwed and full of issues... So I dropped it even if I was missing only 4-5 trophies for platinum (stupid drop rate and eating all food every animal recipes made me give up). I hope this thing won't happen even in Anthem: they update and fix a thing, they destroy a good previous one. Of course plenty of more players are supporting Anthem while to find players on Metal Gear Survive I had to search active and good players from Communities almost since D1 LOL and not from random matchmaking because they were not good at.. So I'm quite sure and hope EA won't cause any problems like that.
  11. More than 75k trophies woa 😃 keep it up boss 💪

    1. Hakoom


      Thanks i forgot to post xD

  12. Thanks for the info
  13. I've searched it in PlayStation Store, eBay and Google but seems not, it has been deleted? 17 owners, I remember the first trailer appeared in 2017 and after that they just keep postponing the release date
  14. PSN ID: tjoe1bkhjtqxm Please text you're from this website
  15. How can you check your total hours of playing?