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  1. To not even talk about Hitman Season 1 and 2: the last Season has more than 128 trophies including DLCs and both of them have no platinum lol And, since I hate multiplayer and online features, put the online trophies in another list and not in the main one which includes the platinum, in masterpiece games like The Last Of Us.
  2. It's a PlayStation controller right? Anyway:
  3. I didn't know Emily Ratajkowski sells videogames on the Store, thanks for the information mate!
  4. It's only hard in Metal Slug 5 for the final boss
  5. I'm following the topic too, dind't know about this trick lol it will be my first Ultra rare platinum
  6. Are you aware if this game has been already released at least on the Store? I can't find it on Italian Store and the official release date was for today, but all the online shops has postponed the retail version to next Friday 19 July. Has it been released in your Store or do you have any updates? Thanks July 19 websites confirms
  7. Thanks for your answer, because I tried the glitch on the digital version of the game and it's not working (I'm surely doing something wrong, I'm so bad at triggering glitches lol or it only works on retail version..). My PS4 is also very weird, bought it at D1 in 2013, more than 2000 hours of lifetime, still working
  8. Congratulations for your San Andreas platinum! 


    (Just read the thread where you were missing 5 trophies) 

    1. bloodrive65


      Thank you! Now I'm going for 100%!

  9. Ok so it's better to play in solo (expect when you need help for something hard)
  10. I have just started the game today and I have a question about my game group privacy. Is it better at the beginning of the game to set it on private gaming or open so everyone who is searching a game on matchmaking will join me? I know that a full group can help each other in missions but my concerns are: 1) The enemies will be stronger ok, but every player will gain more EXP (so I'll level up faster?) 2) The looting inside boxes and caches, the enemies drops will be the same for everyone or it's random (like some online TPS like The Division)? 3) The items can be looted inside boxes and enemies drops (ammo, weapons, equipment...) are unlimited? I mean, if I loot everything, Player B will be also able to loot his things or everything can be stolen from another player so fastest "looter" will take everything leaving nothing else left to the other players in the group? Thanks!
  11. Yeah like those smartest and coolest movies in the world, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future and Saw
  12. Thoughts? Simple Will buy it only if it's an easy platinum with all skippable dialogue (like Telltale Games, press Triangle for "...") when it cost 9,99€
  13. Modern Warfare and GTA IV
  14. I was already hoping I could do Discovery Mode to farm it lol Anyway, feel free to add me (we're already friends SirShavesALot and congratulations for beating the raid weeks ago) for trying the raid, my PSN ID is the same as the nick here and I have already created a Discord Server for this (with players from this website):