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  1. Alright thank you
  2. I love in Italy, I have a 78 mb/s internet connection speed connected with LAN cable but anyway I cannot in the game anymore (obviously updated to latest patch). I have obviously already tried to re install it again but nothing. I am the only one with this problem? I specify, every time a day
  3. yes I'm italian I don't care about anime and otaku crap and japan visual novels, most important is that they're easy platinums
  4. lol who cares about the dialogues and the game's plot (here and in the Telltale's games), WE JUST WANT THE PLATINUM!
  5. yeah, it showed up the FF icon! Thanks a lot!
  6. I'm playing this on Vita (free Playstation Plus),. How can I skip dialogues to achieve the platinum quicker? I've seen a video walkthrough on YouTube and most of the time there is the Fast Forward icon on the bottom right of the screen, instead it never appeared on my game. Why? It shows up only on PS4?
  7. It was a lot easier and polite to all gamers saying months ago "TBA 2018" or even "2019" and when the game is completed, official release date. Postponing games one month, then the next month, then the following again, is just dumb. Again, hope gamers will be pissed off of this behavior and surprise! No copies will be sold
  8. When it will be released?
  9. Release date postponed for three times in a row: June 5, July 5, and now August 23. This is a very disrespectful behavior to all the people who gave used games useful for Gamestop's promotions pre-orders, going at the shop yesterday morning and "Hey they have postponed it again, they are probably not sure their game is ok to be released" Well, I'm saying that they are definitely not ready to put this game on the market. The only thing that this stupid game deserves is no copies sold. I put the pre order money on another game, f*** off
  10. I was thinking that I missed what kind of recipe, opened all the containers in both maps, played plenty of hard and extreme matches, and instead tonight I figure out that I miss only three common (Grey) gears to earn the trophy lol Actually this thing makes me scared because I have already played 10 easy matches with full group and no drop... I should try on Normal matches? The gears that I'm missing are: -mother base fagitues (upper) -mother base field gloves - mother base fagitues (lower) Easiest way to earn them? Thank you!
  11. Damn this is the worst game ever, who the hell has decided to use the controller's touch pad to move left and right? It's an impossible platinum
  12. Is this game nice? Gonna check out some gameplay videos on Youtube
  13. Thank you for your advices! I'm gonna start this trophy right now
  14. Hi! Feel free to add me, my PSN ID is the same as the nickname here. I live in Italy and my GMT is +1. Totally available for trophy boosting
  15. I apologize for my english skills but I'm italian. I have read in the internet that the PS4 Pro heats more because of the stronger processor... Is it true? Consider that I usually play 4-5 hours every day. I don't care about PS4 Pro's power, HDR and other things, I care about the heating. Is it better on PS4 Slim or Pro? Thank you!