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  1. where can be bought?
  2. Star Ocean The Last Hope Remastered on PS4
  3. Is it useful to run a bit better even other games? Sorry but I'm kinda noob about hardware and stuff like that lol is it somehow a way to clear the "cache" of PS4?
  4. How many Overwatch missions there are?
  5. I'm not able to play The Division 2 until Tuesday so I'm curious to know it... What the trophy is actually asking to do? Complete the raid yes but what you have to do in the game, beat how many bosses?
  6. days gone
  7. Since I'm a trophy hunter, I dropped this game right after the platinum so I got kicked out from the Clan I was 😂 Need to find other players from gaming session here to not piss off any other player by asking to be inside a Clan and then being removed again... Even because they'll launch three new DLCs for Year 1 Pass in summer, autumn and winter (at least this is what is written in one of the newsletter emails from Ubisoft last month) Edit: there's already a session, only problem I live in Italy and my GMT is +1, I can play everyday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m https://psnprofiles.com/session/176672-tom-clancys-the-division-2 Just need to gear full green gear set and my actual gear score level is 497 with all high ends
  8. I'm going to buy it tomorrow... There are a lot of people online?
  9. I'm going to buy it tomorrow... There are a lot of people online?
  10. Adding you, sorry!
  11. When will the update be released?
  12. If anyone is searching partners for Co-Op trophies, I'm available just add me
  13. Alright thanks!
  14. There are any missable trophies?
  15. There are any missable trophies?