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  1. As the title asks
  2. Yes, I know it can be an harsh topic: anyone who wants to start hating and criticize interested users in this topic, can do something of more useful in his life today (because if he will start to say something negative about this, he will surely don't have anything to do today in his life, easy 😊) So... I have just realized yesterday that Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, The Evil Within 2 and Jak & Dexter have cheat mode and debug mode (Jak & Dexter) that allows you to achieve platinum faster and easier. So I wanted to ask you if there's any other game that offer this thing, not only to get platinum straightforward but that cheats can help you even with few trophies (just like Grand Theft Auto 3). I know we are in PlayStation 4 section but I know that Killzone Remastered have cheats that don't disable trophies so if you know even some PS3 games you can write them down. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I don't know how many dollars are 24,59€. But anyway, annual PS+ is currently on sale on cdkeys: US ACCOUNTS ONLY Sorry, for the hurry of letting you know, I have posted here and not in the correct section of "Sales and deals". I apologize with the Moderators
  4. Ah lol I thought I could share to you an amazing price. Because beside cdkeys and Instant Gaming where you can find digital codes, in Italy the cost of PS+ is always 59,99€. Only in the Days of Play week in June, price has been reduced to 44,99€
  5. Fixed title with your price, thanks
  6. How can you compare the stealth of "We Own the Night" to that stupid and ridiculous enemies' AI of Uncharted 2, all Naughty Dog games are silly and full of bugs, of course enemies can spot you easily in Uncharted. This trophy is extremely easy, it's a realistic attitude how law enforcement and military have to be stealth to not compromise the mission. Maybe has been patched and difficulty increased, but in the D1 release week, I did it on my second try.
  7. What lol I've opened the game's list only today and I wonder how this can be a Rare platinum
  9. Hey guys I've just completed episode 5 but unfortunately I didn't get the last gold trophy called and so even no platinum. Why? I specify if it matters that I've chosen and when I completed Episode 5 I had installed only Episode 5 for space required on hard disk... That's the reason why I didn't get the platinum? Thank you
  10. I have already 40 weapon blueprints (42 exactly) and if I buy 5 weapons from Maria's Shop in Erewhon and even at the bonfire, the trophy doesn't unlock. I even thought of buying 5 weapons of each type (Assault Rifle, LMG, SMG, Sniper Rifle, DMR, Handgun and Shotgun), nothing. But... I remember that at the very beginning of the game, there were already something like 5-6 Weapons on Demand at Maria's Shop (first time you visit Erwhon at the beginning of the game), so probably you have to collect 46/47 blueprints to unlock the trophy? Otherwise, for me it's bugged... Thank you
  11. Seems a lot harder even thank Metal Slug Anthology, according to me
  12. The release date is always postponed.. Any news?
  13. So you think it will be cross-gen or a PS5 exclusive?
  14. So, from tomorrow I'll simply have to pay to play it, or from tomorrow it will also expire my license and I'll also have to buy the game in the future to continue playing it? P.S.: I have never owned the game and never tried any free-trial version (if has ever been) Yes it does
  15. I have never attempted this trophy before because I won't anyway achieve the platinum of this game: the trophy that worries me a lot more is "Chocobo Rider", that insane trophy for beating the Chocobo Race in 0:00:00. Is there any way to achieve it easily with a method like this one?
  16. Now Quantic Dream should make a free game called "Detroit: Become Eminem"
  17. Thanks for the info
  18. So, basically this game allows 100% white people to say nigga to a nigg3r?
  19. It's a game will make you say "Daaaaaaaamn this shit is dope"
  20. Confirm, all 3 DLCs free also on ITA Store
  21. If I buy a brand-new disc version of the Royal Edition, will I have all the DLCs or the Season Pass will allow me to get access all DLCs? Sorry but I don't know if the Royal Edition came out before or after all the DLCs have been released... Second question: I've also read the topic title about update 1.27 "How to get the comrades trophies"... So if I buy the disc version, I'll just have to not update the game but Comrades is online only right?
  22. I know Hakoom has already made a video about this: But I have the chance of buying an used PS Vita for 30€, and I have some questions about it... My plan is to log in with my NA account in the second PS Vita and download all the cross-buy NA stacks. Here's the questions (I already know the answers, but I ask to be 101% sure before spending money): - All the games will be automatically downloaded and stored in my memory card or I have to tell PS Vita: "Save all download in the memory card"? If yes, how? - When I'll put the memory card inside my primary PS Vita with my EU account, all the NA stacks on the memory card will be recognized with no problem, without log me off my main account right? Thank you
  23. I hate all kind of party chat (with randoms and people for gaming sessions). I'm a lonely sociopath person, I hate talking with people and I feel shame and embarrassed about my tone of voice (wondering about "Oh maybe he's judging me") and topics to talk about if the session is long and the other person would like to talk about other things beside the session (even if is about the topic "Videogames"). And, a lot more than the things above, I hate so badly wearing headphones, things that are in my head I really can't stand them (I also never use them to listen music by myself9 and that's why I also avoid joining gaming sessions even if they're about a game I would really like to complete (like those two stupid and silly journeys in The Last Of Us LOL). I always use the excuse "Nah I don't have headphones can't join no dude I don't even have earphones of my phone"
  24. Any release date? Will be a free-to-play?