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  1. I am currently maxing out all the structures by giving them mostly the packs for them you can find in the whole map (and not by doing Standard Orders that can max up the connection with them, if they are not still available from other Structures, for example the Photographer I maxed her out only by collecting her murales lost in the water and photos stolen by Mules inside their Mules boxes, which are 2 order for her after the first one that allowed me to unlock her... To fill her two empty stars I've just collected boxes for her around the map) I've started concerning about this because I've read that the trophy will pop only if you have done the 4th standard delivery to that prepper (I read in a PS Community that a guy had all preppers and Structures maxed out 5 whole stars but he didn't got the trophy, and a guy answered that it's because every Structure and prepper has to receive at least 4 Standard deliveries). I'm at the very beginning of Chapter 8, and I've already maxed the connection with The Spiritualist only by giving her S,M,XL boxes (like "Emergency tank/fuel) right after 20 minutes I met her the first time (even because for now, there are no Standard deliveries addressed to her, and I like to max the connection with all preppers ASAP). So even if I received the *star* from her and 5 whole stars, I still have to do some deliveries addressed to her in the future? I know this personal method may sound weird if it's not explained lol I love open-world games, I have 116 hours of playing time and almost 170 Premium LoL (Great Deliverer Reach Grade 60 in all delivery evaluation categories, Growth of a Legend Complete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of "Legend of Legends" in all categories" already achieved days ago, as you can see from my profile)
  2. title
  3. "Collect 1000 pieces of gear". Which gear? The one that I can equip to make my build or a total amount (without using them) of 1K fragments to power up my gears?
  4. tjoe1bkhjtqxm Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel I've bought a boosting session item from an eBay seller I can send screenshots of the item purchased to the moderators
  5. Yeah at the end of the mission I got immediately to level 50. Anyway the game is hidden now, you can check
  6. Tomorrow morning I'll hide it, now I can't turn on the console unfortunately It's 9:44 p.m. in Italy, I'm Italian and quite tired sorry I didn't 100% understand your message B1rvine
  7. Alright I've understood the danger of buying these kind of things and I'm never going to do it again, if I hide the game I won't be flagged anymore?
  8. So even if I have joined his lobby by inviting me in his game, I actually bought a modded save and has been transferred on my PS4? Automatically overwriting my original save-file? 🤓 what, seriously?
  9. If I get removed from leaderboard, the ONLY thing I'm not anymore allowed to do is see my Country and World Rank right? I'll be available to: - Create and join gaming boosting sessions - See my trophy log (and seeing its updates) - Update my profile syncing new trophies - See my trophy advisor (and seeing its updates)? - The recent players of a game - The first and latest achievers of a trophy I'll be only removed and then, amen, all the other funcionalities on the website will be still available for me right?
  10. How can I activate again my private messages here? I'd like to send you the screenshots of the items purchased
  11. I got boosted until lvl50, thanks to the completed side quests "Do Shoot the Messenger" and "Modern Fart" before they are accessible for me because probably they are the quests where the guy could boost me until level 50 in few seconds Yes it's him virtualstore
  12. To not take too much space in this topic, I'm posting the personal reason of my question under spoiler: I'm not saying I want to clear my huge backlog, I don't care about that. I'd like to ask you a game that can involve your days so much that you can even forget what day is it in the first week you're playing (and also sleeping a total of 22 hours in the first week lol). Of course I can already imagine the titles since I know plenty of games, but you know that more you own games, more you ignore most of them sometimes lol Death Stranding is already a good game I'm totally involved, 96 hours of playing time and 156 Standard Premium order on Lol rank... And I'm still at chapter 6, need to unlock the Structure of I have started as you can see the third stack of The Witcher 3 GOTY NA Version, but I got a little bit bored because it's the third time I'm playing it (and still haven't achieved the platinum in the other two stacks). So, feel free to post any list that can drain your awareness of being alive in real life lol Thanks!
  13. I've sold this game after the platinum and tomorrow in Italy will be on sale for 12,98€ at GameStop... I only miss the raid and last update 2 trophies. I was wondering if they have announced any other add ons with new trophies in the following months, sorry but I'm not updated
  14. Thank you all, I'll start Persona 5, then Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen
  15. Hardest trophies? I'm a newbie never played any flying game and Ace Combat
  16. I remember that yesterday I've put inside a Structure's private locker (and I obviously don't remember which one) two Floating Carrier that I've crafted, and I'm sure in the previous days I've added more Floating Carriers (previously owned by other players in Shared Lockers and even those crafted by myself) inside private lockers of multiple Structures around the whole map, even in Eastern Region. Now I'm in Mountain Knot City, I have to do a heavy time limited delivery to the Mountaineer and guess what: WTF?!?!? Is there a limit of existing Floating Carriers you can have? Because I have MULTIPLE TONS of Non-Lethal Assault Rifles, every types of Boots, smoke and stun grenades, anti-BT Handgun, every type of every level of Skeletons, thousands of tons of Bola Guns in all Structures, and... Right after the two floating carriers I've stocked inside a locker, it doesn't allow me to craft more?? What am I supposed to do? Yeah, I know, checking every locker structure's to find them, but it's a bug right? Can some of you please try to craft multiple Floating Carriers and place 6 in a locker and 3 more in another Structure's Locker to see what happens? And yes, I've tried to craft them everywhere, even in other player's online crafting stations by adding my materials... Same issue
  17. So to reach max connection with the preppers it's more appropriate to do Standard Orders for them? And not by deliver them only the lost cargo you can find around the whole map? I mean, in order to not glitch by myself the "Best Beloved" trophy... I have opened a topic about this:
  18. Growth of a LegendComplete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of "Legend of Legends" in all categories.
  19. Ops, look 😏 that lousy game it's not anymore in the most played game of the week for the first time thanks to Spiderman, Monster energy Supercross, the two stacks of Jedi Fallen Order, Modern Warfare, Borderlands 3 and Death Stranding!
  20. Can you confirm no new trophies with this update? Can I uninstall the game?
  21. They look like those wooden figure in "True Detective Season 1" TV series lol
  22. Nothing. Everything is already so perfect... I'll feel an huge emotional loss when I'll achieve this platinum. I agree with next update which contains bigger texts sizes since I wear glasses so it's very good for me (especially with material's numbers 60/80 need to stand up and approach the screen lol). My PS exclusives list is definitely this one (in order of preference): 1) Bloodborne 2) Horizon Zero Dawn 3) Death Stranding I would have said GOW instead DS but since I love open-world games...
  23. I was wondering if the count of the "Save 15 survivors from Rais' men" is cumulative between two saves... Because I have already completed the main story and I've read that random encounter for the trophy is more common in the Slums, since after completing main story this encounter will only spawn in Old Town... In a secondary savegame I will have to save 15 men in total or the game counts even those I've already cleared in main save file? Thanks
  24. I was wondering if it's possible to do Cross-Save my PS4 savegame to PS3 version. Obviously only for the trophies. Is it possible to achieve all of them quickly? My Level 80 character with all his OP10 equipment will be maintaned to rush all missions very fast? But I also know that some other trophies will have to do them by myself like "Reach level 30 and discover all named locations. I have never owned Borderlands 2 on PS3. To let Cross-Save work, I should buy the digital version or retail one? Thanks for your answers!