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  2. Sex addictTrigger the vibrator 25 times
  3. I'm not terrible at 3d platformers, but this can be quite tough in some of the later worlds. It starts to ramp up around world 6 and only gets harder. Knowing that you need to finish all 10 worlds in a row without a continue is a pretty daunting task. I wouldn't grab this if you think it's gonna be an easy platinum. You will need a fair bit of skill to get it done
  4. THIS ^ Finally no grinding online, no pointless intel to collect. Just miscellaneous mission objectives, some of which sound challenging at least. I'm stoked at this list!
  5. I personally didn't experience any crashing or performance issues during my playthroughs, so maybe a quick reinstall may fix your problem
  6. I'd just stop playing the terrible multi stack games just for the sake of multiple platinums. I doubt you genuinely get any enjoyment while you play them and once you get the plat you delete it and rinse repeat. Play something you'll get actual enjoyment from.
  7. Back in the day I got the 100% of DJ Hero 2 on Xbox 360, and the only achievement I had left on DJ Hero 1 was 5 star all songs on expert. The very last song called Groundhog is insanely difficult. It's way harder than the hardest song on DJ Hero 2. If you can 5 star that, then you can plat it easy.
  8. Right now it's to get the platinum trophy for Super Meat Boy, and then hopefully get 100 total platinum trophies!
  9. I was going for the platinum but the server closed down a few days before I got the last few trophies