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  1. Back in the day I got the 100% of DJ Hero 2 on Xbox 360, and the only achievement I had left on DJ Hero 1 was 5 star all songs on expert. The very last song called Groundhog is insanely difficult. It's way harder than the hardest song on DJ Hero 2. If you can 5 star that, then you can plat it easy.
  2. Right now it's to get the platinum trophy for Super Meat Boy, and then hopefully get 100 total platinum trophies!
  3. I was going for the platinum but the server closed down a few days before I got the last few trophies
  4. XCOM 2. I did it and it was the most frustrating thing I've ever done. The load times are ridiculous too
  5. Resident Evil Revelations 2
  6. I've wanted to do this plat for SO LONG
  7. I LOVED this game when I played it on the switch and have been waiting for the PS4 release for over a year now. Im so excited to suffer through it again. But first they gotta fix the issues with the trophies, as someone said before, they weren't too great with the Binding of Isaac trophies so hopefully its not a repeat of that
  8. Mortal Kombat X Platinum Trophy - All Trophies Unlocked
  9. This is incredible, I wish I knew about this before I went and did the massive grind
  10. What tower were you doing?
  11. Dunno if Iโ€™m being time efficient or wasting time, but I thought if we have to get 5 victories for the trophy, that equals 5 heads. So Iโ€™m having the a.i do the same first 5 fights then backing out and starting again. Hoping to get all 5 โ€˜aroundโ€™ the same time. Am I wasting my time, or is this an alright idea?
  12. Hey guys, not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere already or if this was common knowledge, but you can achieve all the "Do 2 different Fatalities with xxx character" without having to unlock them in the Krypt. Even if it says LOCKED in the list of Fatalities available, you can still input the sequence and the fatality will happen. Check out the inputs for all fatalities HERE!! This will save you heaps of time and koins trying to find them all in the Krypt.
  13. No Do you enjoy watching sports like Boxing?
  14. Oh My Days: Duck 100 times during a match Not sure if the guy I was versing knew what I was doing, but seeing him start to teabag over and over with me was too funny
  15. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Nonagon Infinity (2016) Tame Impala: Currents (2015) Megadeth: Rust In Peace (1990) DMA'S: Hills End (2016) Born of Osiris: The Discovery (2011) Dream Theater: Scenes From A Memory (1999) I could sit here and list albums all day. But these are a few albums I could happily listen to everyday
  16. Can 100% confirm. Iโ€™ve only unlocked the first fatality for Kollector, but in a.i battle it pulled of the second one without having it unlocked and I got the trophy.
  17. Anytime brother ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
  18. I can't contain my excitement for the new King Gizzard album release this week!!

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Fishing for Fishies.png

  19. I dunno if you're after a specific answer or what. Cause obviously there isn't one, it would be determined from person to person. Like I said, to me its not aesthetically pleasing to look at. You could have every notoriously difficult platinum trophy achieved but if it's flooded by a sea of these x6 stack games I PERSONALLY don't like it. To me it's not about balancing commons to UR's, it's about how it looks. Just like how I LOVE profiles that have 0 stacked games and a near 100% completion rate, it's just satisfying to me. Don't take what I'm saying as 'the standard of how a profile should be' or as an insult to your profile. I know there are people who could care less about how it looks. It's literally my own opinion and if you or others think differently then that's perfectly fine, not everyone is gonna be the same. Again, do what makes you happy. If you like how your profile looks or what platinums you have or what your common to UR ratio is, then be proud of it! Don't let my opinion change anything ๐Ÿ˜„