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  1. This could be a stupid question, but has anyone heard if you can back up your save after each win and load it back up if you lose so you can get 5 in a row? I know other online games e.g Mortal Kombat X requires 10 wins in a row in ranked, and that allowed you to use the back up save exploit.
  2. Can confirm i was only able to get it on a level I hadn't already got gold on So just load up player 2 as player 1 with a new game and you join as player 2 and beat the first trial first time with a gold and carrying them, it's how it worked for me.
  3. The present icon is all the outfit pieces in the level, the spade is to beat the level without dying and the trophy is for getting the end level trophy based on your points
  4. Next up, have someone on your friends list who has the SMB plat and beat a single level and all the trophies pop! And even better, make eye contact with someone with the Crypt of the Necrodancer plat, and it instantly unlocks for you too. Look I'll jump at the chance to use an exploit to make a trophy easier, but this is stupid. Not even having to play 10% of the game especially one that definitely deserves a playthrough is sad. Enjoy the plat I guess
  5. I finally did it. After nearly giving up and losing countless 4 and 3 streaks it's over. I absolutely recommend you prioritise leaving unfavourable games. I would Insta-quit on Rollout, Block Party, Jump Club, Jinxed, Tip Toe and all the tail games. Also I didn't wait till the last moment on games like Fall Ball, Hoopsie Daisy and Egg Scramble hoping for an upset, id call it at 30ish seconds. My wins were Jump - Royal - Mountain - Hex - Hex I only ever played Jump Showdown if it was my first win of the 5. Also the game tried to fuck me on my last win by giving me a 20 man Hexagone so I'm proud to get it off of that win. Sadly this trophy did kinda ruin the fun of the game for me, it became a chore and losing your streak to a grab or to some lag was really demoralizing. But good luck to everyone else going for this trophy I believe in you
  6. Ah okay, thats a shame. Would've made it a tad easier
  7. I've got all the achievements on PC and this game is nowhere near as difficult as everyone is saying. Can get frustrating but it's very do-able Sure it's hard but it's more a 7/10.
  8. I personally hate games that require multiple playthroughs on each difficulty mode, especially when you can only unlock higher difficulties by beating the previous one. Devil May Cry has it in nearly every game and it's ridiculous.
  9. I can't get any of my scores uploaded. I have 2000 stars on quickplay and none of those plays have been uploaded. This is extremely frustrating. Also having an underscore in your name makes 0 difference. I tested it.
  10. So the Self Improver trophy is doing my head in. Other people seem to be able to achieve it and I can't. The problem I'm having is that when I finish a song regardless of the medal I get (gold, plat, diamond) the score does not upload to the leader board so therefore I can't select my own score to beat. When I beat a song and go back to the challenges menu, it says "Play this challenge to post a score". I can see the overall leader boards and friends boards, but nothing I do will upload my own score. It doesn't matter if I press start on the challenge or press green, nothing seems to make it work. Other people seem to be able to achieve this recently and I can't see how it won't work for me. Any solutions?
  12. Sex addictTrigger the vibrator 25 times
  13. I'm not terrible at 3d platformers, but this can be quite tough in some of the later worlds. It starts to ramp up around world 6 and only gets harder. Knowing that you need to finish all 10 worlds in a row without a continue is a pretty daunting task. I wouldn't grab this if you think it's gonna be an easy platinum. You will need a fair bit of skill to get it done
  14. THIS ^ Finally no grinding online, no pointless intel to collect. Just miscellaneous mission objectives, some of which sound challenging at least. I'm stoked at this list!
  15. I personally didn't experience any crashing or performance issues during my playthroughs, so maybe a quick reinstall may fix your problem
  16. I'd just stop playing the terrible multi stack games just for the sake of multiple platinums. I doubt you genuinely get any enjoyment while you play them and once you get the plat you delete it and rinse repeat. Play something you'll get actual enjoyment from.
  17. Back in the day I got the 100% of DJ Hero 2 on Xbox 360, and the only achievement I had left on DJ Hero 1 was 5 star all songs on expert. The very last song called Groundhog is insanely difficult. It's way harder than the hardest song on DJ Hero 2. If you can 5 star that, then you can plat it easy.
  18. Right now it's to get the platinum trophy for Super Meat Boy, and then hopefully get 100 total platinum trophies!
  19. I was going for the platinum but the server closed down a few days before I got the last few trophies