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  1. Point taken. But a wise man does not make it obvious that is what they're doing.
  2. Put simply, if it does not involve manipulating code or using someone else's save file, it's not cheating. If I can get someone to agree to give me $100, it's not stealing; if I can get someone to let me shoot them in an online match 1000 times, it's not cheating.
  3. Ironically, far more males will download and use this theme than females.
  4. Yeah, I'll admit I use YouTube a lot. I just hate to play a game with my iPad in one hand because I'm afraid I'll miss something and have to replay the whole game again. Much easier to enjoy a game when there is chapter select (can't deny it, I'm spoiled in that respect).
  5. When I first saw this, I read the word "baits" as balls. 😂 I seem to remember hearing something about the fishing being a pain in the "baits" in this game.
  6. I was completely in love with Metal Gear from back in the days when it was, I think, an 8 bit game on Nintendo. So not long after I got a PS1, I ran across Metal Gear Solid and of course picked it up. It was bliss; it was the first game that I ever finished twice. I loved it so much that everything else paled in comparison. I tried a few different games in the months afterwards but nothing else compared, so before long I packed up my system and put it away and basically stopped being a gamer until I bought a PS3 (for the blu-ray player, mind you) in June of 2008. My biggest mistake in gaming? I basically gave it up for 10 years.
  7. I have to say, I oftentimes look at the number of unearned trophies on my account and the low completion percentage for the games I've played and the number of games I have that are D or E ranked, and I get discouraged. Then I look at the number of platinum trophies I have after almost ten years of doing this-and I get really discouraged. Then I remember what someone very astutely pointed out in one of the previous comments: no one really cares about any of that stuff but you. The biggest response I ever have to someone else's accomplishments is something along the lines of "hmm, bet that was hard" or "wow, they couldn't resist those easy trophies either". I'm currently working on completing a lot of the PS3 games I started years ago and never went back to. I want to get those percentages up, and I know I have several games that would have been a platinum already if I had just stuck with, but I'm doing it all for myself. And if I run across my own Super Meat Boy type game, I'll have no problem walking away from it. Server closures (though I only have myself to blame) have already taken that out of my hands for several games. At the end of the day, I guess that's the nice thing about having such a low completion percentage-there's always another game to jump to that needs my attention.
  8. The only thing about trophy hunting that stresses me out are missable collectibles...
  9. I'll go with Madden NFL 12
  10. And in the wrong sub forum 🙃
  11. Hoping this might help someone. I did sequence 3 memory 3 over and over and seemed to be getting nowhere. I don't know for sure, but it seemed to me that any kills I did with any kind of alert state did not count. So I decided to run and hide in the trees after each kill until there was no alert. While I was hiding, one of the guards wandered beneath me, but positioned in a way so that if I attempted to assassinate him the scene would pause (as someone above noted) but I would land on another branch. There are a couple of branches close to the back of the wagons that allowed me to do this. So I just kept repeating this (and never caused any sort of alert phase) until the trophy popped. I'll admit, I don't know if this can be replicated, but if you see a guard positioned in just such a way, give it a shot.
  12. Well goddamn you're difficult to follow. How about Super Meat Boy because you have practically everything else.
  13. I totally got what you said. Zero in the figurative sense, not zero in the literal sense. And you're right. I had never even seen that AC trailer. I see a PS4 trailer or advertisement somewhere every day and I don't watch television. It's true that 1>0, but for all intents and purposes, it was zero. Which is sad because it's a pretty bad ass little console.
  14. I was just curious as to how many different games make up everyone's 50 rarest trophies. Of my fifty rarest, they are all from six games: FEAR 2 - 16 FEAR 3 - 1 Midnight Club: Los Angeles - 6 The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena - 19 Sniper Ghost Warrior - 7 MLB 12 The Show- 1
  15. I will play my Vita until it can no longer connect to PSN to upload my trophies. If it dies, I have a spare, and I'm thinking of getting another one.