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  1. The game looked bad, but the darkness (for me) added to the tension. The story was riveting. Maybe it was because I already liked the character, but I was engrossed in the game like very few others of recent years. I too would replay this classic if they brought it to current or next gen consoles.
  2. While trying to get as many trophies as possible done on Defiance, it occurred to me that Warframe PS4 could be ending soon. I played this game like a religion for several months but stopped. I guess I need to get back to it if I’m going to get that 100%.
  3. Who knows? Maybe they wanted panic buying to boost sales. People get mad and then they get over it; I doubt if Sony will lose customers over shutting down these stores (or an acceptable amount at least).
  4. Dante's Inferno 10 years 2 months
  5. Sony has disrespected the Vita so much already that the least they could do is give us a sale on the way out.
  6. I can safely say that this has made my day. 😂
  7. Good point, and one I hadn't considered. DLC trophies are typically more rare than regular trophies, as a general rule. Also DLC trophies (at least in my experience) are more likely to be silver and bronze. As for games without a platinum, I wonder if would it be fair to say that developers use gold more frequently for their most difficult trophies?
  8. I'm curious to know if the rarity appears roughly as the shape of an inverted pyramid. Logic would tell you that the rarest trophies should also be the most valuable across a broad enough sample. That is to say, you should have more platinums and golds than silvers and bronzes in your fifty rarest. Though game developers seem to have a propensity to make you work like hell for bronze trophies.
  9. Admittedly, this topic won't be for everyone. However, for anyone that would like to share, I'm interested in knowing the trophy breakdown of your fifty rarest (i.e. how many platinums, golds, silvers and bronzes make up your list). Here is my top fifty: Platinum 4 trophies 8% of total Gold 3 trophies 6% of total Silver 9 trophies 18% of total Bronze 34 trophies 68% of total I've been thinking a lot lately about the sociological framework behind gaming and, more specifically, trophy hunting. I'm curious about what our trophies say about the way we hunt, as well as how trophy difficulty is used by developers. I know number crunching is not for everyone, but to anyone that wants to share, you have my thanks in advance.
  10. From time to time, someone will message me asking about help for Resistance Falling Skies.  Let me apologize in advance.  For some reason that thread was closed immediately after my offer to help anyone that needed to boost the online trophy.  After helping more than two dozen people with that trophy, I decided to sell the game and am no longer able to assist anyone.  I would edit my post and save members some time if I could.  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  Anyway, if this message saves anyone the trouble of reaching out to me, it will have been worth it.  Happy trophy hunting!

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      I removed your post from that thread. Hopefully you won't be messaged about it again.

  11. I thought I'd update my list since it's been over two years since this thread started. My 50 rarest trophies are still from just 6 games, though I have 2 new entries and the numbers have changed a bit. Also, from time to time I wonder what this says about me (if anything) as a gamer. Anyway, here's the updated list: FEAR 2 - 16 The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena - 12 Midnight Club: Los Angeles - 5 Sniper Ghost Warrior - 1 Army of Two: The 40th Day - 2 Goldeneye 007: Reloaded - 14
  12. I'm nearly finished with Project Cars (I know it's an old game, I got distracted LoL) and was wondering should I move on to the second iteration or just jump straight to PC3. Any opinion on the pros and cons of each is welcome. I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Not to offend anyone, but I stopped reading at "whitewash". Sometimes a story is just a story.
  14. I got this game from Gamefly, and it is a perfect example of a game that should be rented. In fact, I wish there were more games like this. It's not a fantastic story, but it was decently engaging if you discount the repetitive and dull side missions. You won't really break a sweat trying to finish it (though I could see it being tough in places on the hardest difficulty). In short, a nice way to spend a day and collect a platinum trophy. I do wish there hadn't been quite so much ammo, though. To be fair, I played it on easy, so there might have been an ammo scarcity on higher levels, but I don't know. Also, as someone earlier pointed out, you are just overwhelmed with crafting materials. On top of that, the only thing I ever really crafted was pipe bombs. In fact, crafting just seemed to be tacked on to give the game more depth. Crafting was so unnecessary that I only placed two skill points into it and could have done the whole game with just one. There was a decent amount of fun to be had but absolutely zero replay value. This game is the very definition of a renter.
  15. I finally did it. Hopefully, this will help someone in the future. This is what I did: I used Superboy, Miss Martian and Zatanna. With Miss M and Zatanna, I took all upgrade points from their single offensive power. I ended up doing most of the kills with Superboy, and having two healers made it much easier. I didn't even use Squad Boost until there was only like a half dozen enemies in the last round. Anyway, that's at least one way it can be done; I'm sure there are others.