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  1. I'm nearly finished with Project Cars (I know it's an old game, I got distracted LoL) and was wondering should I move on to the second iteration or just jump straight to PC3. Any opinion on the pros and cons of each is welcome. I appreciate the feedback.
  2. Not to offend anyone, but I stopped reading at "whitewash". Sometimes a story is just a story.
  3. I got this game from Gamefly, and it is a perfect example of a game that should be rented. In fact, I wish there were more games like this. It's not a fantastic story, but it was decently engaging if you discount the repetitive and dull side missions. You won't really break a sweat trying to finish it (though I could see it being tough in places on the hardest difficulty). In short, a nice way to spend a day and collect a platinum trophy. I do wish there hadn't been quite so much ammo, though. To be fair, I played it on easy, so there might have been an ammo scarcity on higher levels, but I don't know. Also, as someone earlier pointed out, you are just overwhelmed with crafting materials. On top of that, the only thing I ever really crafted was pipe bombs. In fact, crafting just seemed to be tacked on to give the game more depth. Crafting was so unnecessary that I only placed two skill points into it and could have done the whole game with just one. There was a decent amount of fun to be had but absolutely zero replay value. This game is the very definition of a renter.
  4. I finally did it. Hopefully, this will help someone in the future. This is what I did: I used Superboy, Miss Martian and Zatanna. With Miss M and Zatanna, I took all upgrade points from their single offensive power. I ended up doing most of the kills with Superboy, and having two healers made it much easier. I didn't even use Squad Boost until there was only like a half dozen enemies in the last round. Anyway, that's at least one way it can be done; I'm sure there are others.
  5. Anyone have any advice on how to A rank this challenge? I either barely make it through and get a B rank or get my ass handed to me and fail. I have tried different character combinations, etc. but just can't seem to figure it out. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a guide to find all the archives for this game? I've stumbled into most of them on my own, but the level design is so bad that I would rather not have to search top to bottom for the ones I've missed. The truth is, 80 percent of the ones I've found on my own, I didn't even realize I was standing by them until the X prompt showed up on the screen. Everything is so tiny and blends in with the environments on the VITA version.
  7. Homefront Mercenaries 2 Fear
  8. Hardly just above average. I've seen you go 47-6 in a match before. Nice try, though.
  9. Point taken. But a wise man does not make it obvious that is what they're doing.
  10. Put simply, if it does not involve manipulating code or using someone else's save file, it's not cheating. If I can get someone to agree to give me $100, it's not stealing; if I can get someone to let me shoot them in an online match 1000 times, it's not cheating.
  11. Ironically, far more males will download and use this theme than females.
  12. Yeah, I'll admit I use YouTube a lot. I just hate to play a game with my iPad in one hand because I'm afraid I'll miss something and have to replay the whole game again. Much easier to enjoy a game when there is chapter select (can't deny it, I'm spoiled in that respect).
  13. When I first saw this, I read the word "baits" as balls. 😂 I seem to remember hearing something about the fishing being a pain in the "baits" in this game.