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  1. CQC is nothing special in and of itself, it's a pretty straightforward multiplayer mode. There are three main problems, though : 1) You need to find reliable boosting partners. 2) You need quite a lot of patience to reach level 50. 3) No private matches. Even though the servers are mostly dead, somehow you'll always get some annoying randoms showing up. The "capture the flag" trophy is one of the rarest because for a long time you needed 6 people to start a match. Now it seems to be only 4 players.
  2. That was fast ! Looks like they underestimated player involvement by a fair margin.
  3. I might be wrong but it seems that you can now start a deathmatch with only 2 players. I tried it some time ago with my 2 PS4 and it worked fine. The only problem is to actually find the other player and kill him.
  4. Sure, I'm an hardcore completionist so I have the same rule. But with CGs going back I deem this game to be still safe for a couple of years at least. So that's up to you really. No idea. But there's a new event going on right now (terrorist attack on Imperial stations), which seems to be perfectly tailored for a couple of CGs. So maybe next thursday, although we can never be sure with Frontier. Deleting a previous cmdr seems to erase absolutely everything from the game's servers, so I wouldn't bet on it. My guess is you'll have to start over, unfortunately. I can be wrong, obviously.
  5. It's definitely not too late if you want to get into it, unless you want to scrap your PS4 as soon as the PS5 is out. The game is still bound to get a major DLC at the beginning of next year, and overall it's in a much better state and much more beginner friendly than it was when I got started.
  6. Great news folks, Frontier just confirmed that community goals are BACK, and should stick around for the next 2 years at least. 😍 This means the platinum is officially back in business !
  7. Thanks a lot ! This is the best resource out there if the speedrun trophy is the only thing you miss.
  8. That trophy is a pain for sure but I'm almost positive it's not glitched. It just has very picky requirements that most new players (myself included) tend to misunderstand. 1) PLAY QUICK MATCH ONLY. Beginner mode won't count, and more importantly UNRANKED MATCHES WON'T COUNT either (this was my mistake). 2) Just to be safe, only count the rounds of the matches that you did finish. Playing full matches is also good for xp anyway. 3) Start off by grinding 4 operators of the same team up until you get the Old School trophy. This will 100% ensure that you cleared those 4 operators, leaving only 16 to grind if you fuck up and lose count at some point.
  9. Worked like a charm, thank you SO much.
  10. I doubt it, since those are trophies that you can earn while playing situations anyway. So unless they popped at the end of a game or something, I think you got them simply because you did kill 5 guys with pistol and AR.
  11. Finally got this. My own advice would be not to follow the guide : do NOT use the shell shock ability ! It's actually going to be detrimental as it will push away the zombies and make it much more difficult. I finally took the Frontline ability and got it literally on my first try on round 6, so I highly recommend it. I think the double damage was a tremendous help. I did use Jefferson but also played him beforehand, so I really doubt this has any impact.
  12. Just as I was about to go for this ! Thanks a lot, that was a godsend. Yeah just spam the box and the crossbow will come eventually (you can stay in the room and activate the box even when you turn your back to it, which is quite useful mid-round).
  13. Thanks for your replies. I do have a team but it's a bit tedious to have everyone available at the same time. So I intend to solo as many trophies as possible.
  14. So from what I understand, all zombie trophies of the main game are doable solo, even though one of them would be extremely hard. Is that also the case for all DLC trophies ?
  15. Out of place it definitely is, yet that's my favorite chapter by a fair margin. It's the only part I didn't mind playing again and again for the plat. Such an amazing atmosphere. Consequently, (spoiler) is also my favorite ending even though it would have deserved much more work imo.