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  1. Congratulations for 100 % completion and also 500 platinums, that's a nice double milestone. To be honest I would dislike having such a clutter of extremely easy/common platinums in my profile, but to each his own. I reckon you've also got some pretty good and hard ones in there.
  2. Currently sitting at 42 unearned trophies out of a total of 6,519. My completion rate is 99.16 %. That's the result of a 6-year long commitment to completing all my games. Also, DLC publishers worship me. All of those unearned trophies are from games in progress, some older than others but I haven't given up on any of them. At this point I'd rather go to the dentist than play any more Trackmania Turbo, but I'll make it eventually.
  3. If you own the Dead Money DLC, there's a ridiculously quick and easy way to get this done. After you successfully got your last trophy on the DLC, go back to the Sierra Madre casino area and proceed to win loads of chips until you get banned. The blackjack table in the back room is your best choice. Once you have 10k+ chips, go to the nearby vendor machine and buy as many sugar bombs as you can (they're 5 chips apiece so you can buy about 2,000 at once). Then damage yourself a little bit using dynamites or some other method. Start mashing your X button to use your sugar bombs and don't leave your Pipboy until the trophy pops. As someone above said, the game won't understand that you use far too much food to recover full health and will register the full healing potential of every item you use. I think this can only be done by activating hardcore mode but I'm not entirely sure.
  4. I mean yeah, having to do the same thing every single day for 5 years straight definitely wouldn't feel like a job. Don't take my comments seriously though, this is just tongue in cheek. 😉 I did get your point and this could be a valid strategy for some. Only it would require some severe long-term commitment that will prove unrealistic for most people.
  5. Judging from the numbers above, it would take 5 years just to get from 98 to 99 using that strategy, playing every single day. 😂
  6. I've found at least one example of a player who chose hardcore mode for his very first run (as evidenced by time stamps). Both trophies for max level show the same progression (33/99). I think this demonstrates that they are actually stackable. Therefore only one level 99 character (the hardcore one) is required for the platinum.
  7. Yes. If that's the only trophy remaining, you should : delete the game redownload base game and only the Super Fun DLC (not the other one) uncheck all game types You'll then have the best odds to get the right mini game. That's how I did it anyway.
  8. Great news, I've yet to play the game. Getting a new list without the multiplayer DLC trophies, just like they did with the original trilogy, would be the cherry on the cake. 😂
  9. I can confirm that this method works if you've got two consoles. I grinded weapon kills in the first mission, then proceeded to create a new character on my secondary account with 4 completed side quests, for money and skill points. With hindsight, however, this may not be the best approach. All in all, I think I lost quite a bit of time by neglecting money during my long weapon grind. I would strongly recommend farming both kills and money at the same time in Riverside, over and over again. This is a small map with a lot of chests and a fair number of enemies. Using the date changing trick, each run will net you 1,200 coins in a very short time. My friend did this and basically finished both kills and weapon upgrades almost at the same time. Then he just had to find some lobbies to finish a few side quests and get enough skill points.
  10. I kept this as the last trophy before the platinum and expected the worst. To my amazement I ended up getting 14.75 seconds about 30 minutes in. It wasn’t even a perfect run, so it does have some room for leniency. My best advice would be to watch a video, practice a bit, then carefully watch a video again to understand what you have to do differently. Worst offenders are getting stuck in doors, missing a target although you literally shot at the damn thing point blank, and inability to resume running - because your character just doesn't feel like it, I guess ? If you manage to avoid all of this, it's almost guaranteed you'll get a very good time. It was all with the MP5 by the way. I did try the grenade launcher, but found it extremely unhandy.
  11. Thanks a lot, I was at a total loss. That store really is a nightmare.
  12. I know what you mean. I accidentally played through the entire campaign on hard. Then did it all over again on hardcore to unlock that one last trophy. Then found out about this thread. 😂
  13. Not gonna lie, back when I was stuck on blue tracks I searched extensively and desperately for creative cheating methods on PS4 in order to cheese my way to this platinum. I even got the idea of slow motion by myself but couldn't find anything to make it work. So I just said "F*** it" and kept going back to the game for more suffering and trying hard. I've now got 50 trackmaster medals and 130+ gold medals, making good progress on red Valley. I'm not done yet but I'm hopeful I can make it. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't find anything. This game taught me a lot about perseverance, and still does.
  14. I can confirm that the following strategy still works as of May 2021 : When you die or are about to die, quickly press the Options button to pause the game, before the screen fades to black. Exit to PS4 menu and close the application. Restart the game.
  15. I just happened to beat 130 as well ! Beating it in 2 hours is a solid performance imo, I may have needed a bit more though not by much. I found it pretty damn hard but still WAY easier than 125 for some reason. That one was a nightmare, it must have taken me about 5 hours honestly. Maybe you found out about it too, but a good tip on 130 is to take the last turn full speed. This way you'll have a lot more speed than the gold medal during the next "engine off" section and can easily catch up 2-3 seconds on him. Wow I didn't know that, you just made my day. 😁