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  1. Actually chances would be slightly higher with more players, since you'll be drawing out of a pool that contains less cards (48 cards with 2 players, 46 with 3...). But that implies that none of the other players has one of the cards you need, which you'll need to check every time. For example there's no use trying with 10-J of hearts if one of the other players has the K of the same suit. Also, yeah, it would be much longer.
  2. I could think of a way to boost both trophies at the same time in a 2-player game, where you fold everything except suited cards between 10 and A and go see a flop with them. But that would still be RNG as fuck, and I only have limited understanding of the implied odds. EDIT : ok, so I've just used an online probability calculator since this was bugging me heavily. There are a total of 1,326 possible starting hands in Texas Hold'em, out of which only 40 are in our predefined range (for example 10-J of hearts or Q-K of spades). That means you get about a 3 % chance to get one of those suited hands for every hand you play. So out of a sample of 100,000 hands, that means you'll get about 3,000 such hands while boosting. Now, PROVIDED you get one of those rare aforementioned hands , you have an astounding 0.05 % chance of getting a royal flush by the river card. That's one chance out of 2,000. Conclusion : you'll try 3,000 times something that has one chance out of 2,000 to happen, so it's not as bad as I thought but still terrible because you're obviously not safe from a bad luck streak. Not sure I want to risk it.
  3. Yes, the more realistic the game, the longer this might be. Yet I can't deny this has got me interested. I just love stupid challenges. 😂
  4. Well no, if you're just folding around on a 2-player table, each hand might be a matter of seconds only (depends how the game works and how long the dealer takes to shuffle cards, but you get the idea).
  5. The Steam achievement clearly states 100,000 hands, so yes that's a mistake. We're yet to know if the trophy is glitched accordingly or not. Whatever, 100K hands is a stupid amount of play time, especially as you'll be playing on a single table in almost real life conditions (so you can expect players to act silly and drag a lot of hands unnecessarily). Assuming each hand will last 30 seconds on average (which is an extremely optimistic hypothesis), this would still require more than 800 hours. This might be an interesting ultra rare trophy if it can be boosted in a private match and in a somewhat time-efficient way And let's not even talk about the royal flush one, which is probably one of the most RNG trophies I've ever seen. You might very well play through your 100k hands and not get a single one.
  6. Does anyone know if trackmaster medals for the 40 VR tracks count or not ? Most of them are ridiculously easy and quick. I got 15 medals in a couple of hours while testing my PS VR, even though I'm god awful at this game. This is unlikely, but who knows ? I couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere.
  7. Thanks a lot ! As a completionist I still hope to get the platinum some day.
  8. Whenever I check my trophies for the game to remind myself how much I suck, my eyes get caught by this thread's title and I have a giggle. Thanks for the smile OP.
  9. Hard mode was the last thing I did and I thought it was wayyy easier than A+, but that's probably because my skills had gotten better by then. It was also way more fun. A+ runs are essentially speedruns, which I hate. You've gotta get those combo chains going at all times. I didn't enjoy this as it's rather stressful and you never know if you're good or not until the level is complete. On hard mode, on the other hand, you can take all the time you need, be sort of stealthy and proceed with caution. It was not all easy though, I can remember some serious exceptions : Scene 11. What. The. Fuck. For some reason the developers went complete apeshit on this one. It is ridiculously hard from the beginning to the end, and so it's so godamn LONG. Scene 12 but only the 2nd floor. That's mostly because the playable character is pathetic. The rest of it was ok, really. Scene 20, 1st floor after boss fight. It took me a long time to figure out how not to get killed within the first nanosecond of play.
  10. Hijacking this old thread for some cautionary advice : If you intend to play this on Vita, just DON'T. It is terribly hard. I switched to the Dualshock 4 and a big TV screen and boy, this made a world of difference. I'm almost done getting A+ on all levels as of right now, whereas I couldn't even finish the game on Vita.
  11. I thought the game was okay for an on-rail shooter (which, in and of itself, is arguably a mediocre genre that shouldn't even have survived past the 1990s). I completed DS2 almost a year ago so it was nice to revisit some iconic rooms in the Ishimura. It did feel like a Dead Space game and it has some nice additions to the in-game lore if you're interested in that. The shaky screen is annoying but you get used to it. From a trophy hunting perspective, the worst part of this game is picking up collectibles : the constant fear of not being quick enough and missing any is greatly detrimental to the enjoyment of the game, especially as there is no way restarting from a checkpoint. Replaying some chapters to get 5 stars was tedious, but manageable as you'll get most of them on your Impossible run anyway. Challenges were pretty much a breeze with the maxed out force gun, but I felt there were too many of them. The last ones felt like a chore.
  12. Yes, selecting a chapter is only possible in custom games and not in public games for some reason.
  13. Oh I don't have to imagine, some friends of mine weren't aware of this and spent days doing it the hard way, all 3 chapters in a row. Needless to say, they were not pleased when they found out. 😆 Maybe it's a glitch, maybe not. This is quite confusing due to the fact that it won't work in an online public game. In a public game you can't play chapter 3 without doing 1 and 2 first, so that may be the reason why.
  14. I can confirm this still works. Just got the trophy this way with a friend. I'm so glad that we didn't have to bother with chapters 1 & 2, God bless this wonderful glitch. 🙏
  15. CQC is nothing special in and of itself, it's a pretty straightforward multiplayer mode. There are three main problems, though : 1) You need to find reliable boosting partners. 2) You need quite a lot of patience to reach level 50. 3) No private matches. Even though the servers are mostly dead, somehow you'll always get some annoying randoms showing up. The "capture the flag" trophy is one of the rarest because for a long time you needed 6 people to start a match. Now it seems to be only 4 players.