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  1. I kept this as the last trophy before the platinum and expected the worst. To my amazement I ended up getting 14.75 seconds about 30 minutes in. It wasn’t even a perfect run, so it does have some room for leniency. My best advice would be to watch a video, practice a bit, then carefully watch a video again to understand what you have to do differently. Worst offenders are getting stuck in doors, missing a target although you literally shot at the damn thing point blank, and inability to resume running - because your character just doesn't feel like it, I guess ? If you manage to avoid all of this, it's almost guaranteed you'll get a very good time. It was all with the MP5 by the way. I did try the grenade launcher, but found it extremely unhandy.
  2. Thanks a lot, I was at a total loss. That store really is a nightmare.
  3. I know what you mean. I accidentally played through the entire campaign on hard. Then did it all over again on hardcore to unlock that one last trophy. Then found out about this thread. 😂
  4. Not gonna lie, back when I was stuck on blue tracks I searched extensively and desperately for creative cheating methods on PS4 in order to cheese my way to this platinum. I even got the idea of slow motion by myself but couldn't find anything to make it work. So I just said "F*** it" and kept going back to the game for more suffering and trying hard. I've now got 50 trackmaster medals and 130+ gold medals, making good progress on red Valley. I'm not done yet but I'm hopeful I can make it. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't find anything. This game taught me a lot about perseverance, and still does.
  5. I can confirm that the following strategy still works as of May 2021 : When you die or are about to die, quickly press the Options button to pause the game, before the screen fades to black. Exit to PS4 menu and close the application. Restart the game.
  6. I just happened to beat 130 as well ! Beating it in 2 hours is a solid performance imo, I may have needed a bit more though not by much. I found it pretty damn hard but still WAY easier than 125 for some reason. That one was a nightmare, it must have taken me about 5 hours honestly. Maybe you found out about it too, but a good tip on 130 is to take the last turn full speed. This way you'll have a lot more speed than the gold medal during the next "engine off" section and can easily catch up 2-3 seconds on him. Wow I didn't know that, you just made my day. 😁
  7. I just got the trophy with the hand cannon and had no issue at all, so I don't think that is right. Overall it's not glitched. When the trophy doesn't pop as expected, my guess is that this must be due to some minor damage that you didn't even notice.
  8. So that's a minimum of 250 hours for the platinum, not including any time spent in lobbies. Woot.
  9. True. The game does have bots however, so that you can still play a public game even when no one is around (I've already seen a video showing it). Obviously we'll have to see how this affects trophies regarding kills, played matches, wins etc.
  10. 1,500 public matches ! The grind is strong with this one. Fortunately the game looks pretty fun. This should make for a nice ultra rare platinum.
  11. There are not that many cutscenes really. IMO the game is just way too long in and of itself, which is entirely another problem. You waste much more time progressing through elevators and endless corridors.
  12. I guess that someone enjoying this particular genre would find the main game decent. I hated it however, just as much as I hated Darksiders or the first God of War. Whether it was the endless collectibles, the annoying combat or the convoluted puzzles, it bothered me to no end and I had zero fun along the way. I expected something more laid back, fluid and Assassin's Creed-y but I was so so wrong. The DLC was pure hell. The many missable trophies and hard platforming sections made it brutally frustrating.
  13. Up ! I'm not giving up on this. And there are literally dozens of us. Make it all squares or all rectangles, I don't care as long as it's consistent.
  14. I can confirm it's not buggy, but you need to be absolutely paranoid about not touching ANY enemy with your hands. Holding them high in the air is fine, but still, you're better keeping your distances at any time. I finally got it on my 4th run but got extremely lucky at the end, since the boss glitched on a wall and didn't move at all for the whole fight. 😂
  15. I got the long range kill in the first chapter, behind the farm house, by trying to get as much distance as possible, and throwing blindly in the general direction of the enemies. I got the Husk kill at the end of chapter 3, when there's only one boss on the roof and no other zed around. Both trophies were absolutely horrible, especially the second one as the Husk took at least 5 or 6 hits to die. If you're struggling and reading this, I have no advice really. Just keep trying and you'll get it eventually.