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  1. As much as I like challenges and would love to complete the BF series, this brilliant post cemented my decision NEVER to start this game. Thanks a lot and congrats for showing so much dedication.
  2. Haha thanks, well really it was a perfect example of sunk cost fallacy : "I've come this far, can't give up now"
  3. Well yeah, that was my point basically. The game is so broken that hard mode is not worth it, and I regret doing it. I just wanted to share my experience.
  4. Yes, I know it is considered legit to use known in-game glitches to your advantage, and did it myself several times. I just thought it was a bit cheap in that particular case, and so decided against it.
  5. True, but I think a monthly retention would be plenty enough to have valuable stats, and more easily doable.
  6. I can confirm this works very well, even though you definitely won't get a bounty in that area 9 times out of 10 (I'd say it's 50% at most). The Hell Rift has 3 different bounties (2 about killing champions, 1 about clearing the area) and they're all extremely fast. My character wasn't very fast but I still averaged more than 50 bounties per hour. I found it was far superior to Zoltun Kulle, simply because it can be tedious to find the specific bounty asking you to kill him. It's also a decent place to farm the Skeleton Crew trophy if you need it. The only downside is that you'll find no treasure goblin at all.
  7. There's nothing wrong with that if you find it enjoyable, I just don't understand what bothers you so much. So anything allowing you to compare you to others should be banned ? Then I guess we should get rid of trophy rarity as well because that's what it's for.
  8. I'm a bit disappointed that this thread instantly turned into a discussion about leaderboards themselves. Yes I'm aware they're all but perfect and that a lot could be said about cheaters, inactive players, spamming 1-hour platinums, etc but that is not my point. World and country ranks are an existing feature of this site and I only suggest a better tracking of said feature, that's all. I had no idea people would be so vocal about it. Thanks, that is very smart. Will definitely consider.
  9. It ranks as the worst game I've ever played (I'm 37 and been a gamer all my life) and as the only game in my list that I'm actually ashamed of. It left a sour taste in my mouth. On the plus side, Albedo is what made me realize that I am not into trophy whoring at all : I'd much rather have fewer platinums of better and/or harder games.
  10. If leaderboards are BAD, then don't use them and don't pay any attention to them. It is that simple. 😑
  11. Hi, Though I'm nowhere near top tier, I like the idea of world and country ranks as it can be a nice incentive and show how good you're doing. Well at least I know I had a lot of fun monitoring my slow progression till I made it to the top 5000 French players. The current system, however, only shows your current ranks and it seems there's no way to keep track of your rank evolution over time, apart from manually writing it down obviously. I feel that would make for an interesting new graph in the statistics tab.
  12. Oh interesting, that's actually what I did by running an old Minotaur map. I just didn't understand that this was what got all my mods back.
  13. The endgame of POE, known as the Atlas, has undergone a massive overhaul as of December 13th. Its related quest (helping Zana defeat the Shaper) has been deleted and replaced by a brand new one, while its core mechanics, as well as the related trophy requirements, have also completely changed, making the Atlas even more grindy and hardcore than it was before. Also, some former bosses like the Shaper still exist and still are a trophy requirement, but will be much harder to find due to RNG. The main part of the game (i.e. the 10-act campaign) is unchanged, except for the new league mechanics as usual. Basically the platinum is still doable, but even longer and more difficult than before.
  14. I did all the bonuses and got a 159/159 Atlas once I got my last map completed (Hall of Grandmasters) and my trophy. However I'm positive that this is (was?) not required. My friend was nowhere near the same completion and got the trophy anyway. I only did it because I mostly relied on selling high tier maps for my currency and wanted to increase their drop rate.
  15. Just want to wish good luck to all of you guys that need to complete the Atlas under the new requirements. I've read a bit about it and getting the required number of watchstones sounds grindy, complicated and RNG as fuck. I'm so glad to be out of this mess.