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  1. Thank you so much for this, I had pretty much given up on this game because I found it a bit confusing and frustrating.
  2. As for hammer kills, they don't require to be one shot each. The only requirement is never to get hurt. Proceed with caution and only attack isolated zombies. Deal one or two kicks to get them to the ground and make them easy kills. As for "One is all I need", I did it with a friend and we found a useful trick. If you fail to kill one of the zombies with a single blow, simply let your friend kill it. The counter for the trophy should not reset.
  3. Hi I'm some other dude from the future and I found that very helpful as well, thanks !
  4. Haha, well I didn't know Darksiders 2 was so different and you actually got me interested in it. I'll have a (cautious) look some day, once I'm done with this one (which I certainly won't plat a second time, let alone a third time)
  5. I doubt you'll see this almost 8 years later, but boy am I glad not to be the only one who doesn't enjoy this game at all. I'm now in the Black Throne area and I'm really looking forward to the end of it. That's seriously one of the least fun games I've played recently. I don't mind the dated graphics, but everything is just so boring or frustrating : I don't like backtracking collectibles, I don't like the endless succession of tedious puzzles and enemy-filled arenas, I don't like the heavily scripted bosses, I don't like the gloomy atmosphere and the complete lack of humor, and finally the overall plot is lackluster. I find also the game to be extremely similar to the first God of War (like, close to plagiarism), which I didn't hate as much but certainly didn't enjoy either. So yeah, definitely not our style. 😉
  6. It seems that this guy is a moderator on Frontier Forums but not a part of the staff, so he doesn't know much more than we do. He's right though : there's a slight chance that CGs will be back with the release of fleet carriers in June, if only to give players something exciting to do with them. If not, then our best bet would be New Era, which won't be around before early 2021.
  7. Damn, I guess I'm the only idiot whose workload is even heavier and more stressful than usual. Not gonna lie, reading this thread made me livid. I wish you all good fun though, I hope you guys will enjoy living this wet dream of mine (i.e. literal weeks of trophy hunting at home).
  8. CQC is a nightmare but still doable with a dedicated team. Best way I found for level 50 was to trade kills on 3 vs 3 matches, which will still take a lot of time. Also I was lucky enough to find a guy with 2 PS4. I agree the game is enjoyable in and of itself. I mean, that's basically the only game of my completed list that I keep playing, so that shows how special it is to me. For that very reason however, I would be devastated not to have its platinum or be able to get it.
  9. You've already got a lot of suggestions, so I only have one : Rogue Aces It was a PS+ game some time ago and it is incredibly fun to play. The trophy list is nice and varied as well.
  10. Since I have a rather demanding job, I have an unhealthy habit of not being able to play on weekdays, getting increasingly frustrated and spam 10-hour sessions on saturday and sunday because in my mind I have to "make up for it". I'd much rather play 3 hours everyday if I had the opportunity, finding balance is important. How bad was it before, if you don't mind me asking ?
  11. I just made my third save about 30% into chapter 13, so a little bit behind what was planned. It was a good call since I ran completely out of ammo during the latter part of the chapter and got killed by a black monster. I died about 3 or 4 times in chapter 9 for stupid reasons, twice because I didn't make it on time to the tramway before the explosion (kept trying to go the wrong way, not my proudest moment), and once because I got too close to one of those big tentacled monsters on the wall. Can't remember last death. I didn't die from chapter 10 onwards, but finished the drill section with exactly zero medkit and VERY low health, and was on the verge of a heart attack. EDIT : aaaand got it 😁
  12. Hi guys, I got the platinum of Elite Dangerous a long time ago and still play it occasionally, as it is my favorite game ever. I just want to give a fair warning to anyone who would consider starting this : platinum is currently unobtainable due to the fact there have been no community goals (CG) since late 2019. I'm actually surprised nobody has mentioned it yet. Back when I started ED in late 2017, Frontier made sure to create 2 community goals every week, so contributing to 10 CG and getting the related trophy was a very mundane task. You just had not to forget about them, and complete them every week. The devs are now working hard on the next big expansion, or so called "New Era" of the game, due to release end of 2020 (at the very earliest), and they basically used this as an excuse to cut back on a number of features in the mean time. This includes CG, which were briefly replaced by "Interstellar Initiatives" - a more involving and interactive CG that lasted a whole month. But there were only 2 of them total if I remember correctly. Now there's just nothing left at all. It is quite unclear if community goals will come back at any given point. Frontier is notorious for never respecting deadlines and being very secretive about their plans. However it is safe to assume you won't see any for the remainder of the year. And even if they do come back, they might be new Interstellar Initiatives which, due to them happening only once per month, would make the trophy an extremely long endeavour.
  13. Things have been going ok for the moment I guess. My first death came just seconds after the beginning of the game, during the chase. I then proceeded to make an early first save, at the end of Chapter 3. That's because I spent a solid hour farming the power node glitch in Chapter 1, and certainly didn't want to do it all over again. Having a maxed out character (RIG + stasis + 3 DLC weapons) almost from the start helps tremendously, and I can't recommend it enough. I then died stupidly in chapter 6, in the big room with lots of leapers, reinforcing my opinion that leapers are the absolute worst and most dangerous enemies in this game. I started over and things were looking great, but I was really nervous to tackle the free fall section at the end of Chapter 7 after the solar panels, so far from my first save. Sure enough, my nerves failed me and I crashed into a wall, much to my dismay. I had to start over from chapter 3, yet again, and successfully made it through that dreaded part on my second try. My second save was just made at the end of Chapter 8, right before the garbage disposal part and 10 minutes max from Chapter 9, which was my initial goal. Next week I'll be attempting to push till the end of Chapter 13 and the eye surgery. A bit of a stretch, but we'll see.
  14. Good luck from a fellow franchouillard. I also like a perfect list and dislike stacks, but I have a hard time understanding your strategy. Soooo many incomplete games at the same time already, this is a completionist nightmare. My advice would be to keep 3 or 4 max at all times and focus on them, but to each his own.
  15. Thanks for the clarification.