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  1. Chill out dude, my comment was mostly tongue in cheek. Yes I'm aware that every new patch is more than just an extra trophy. I mean I wasn’t even bitching, it's a great model for people who really enjoy the game and want new content. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not annoyed but rather amused by this strange game in my collection that has been popping out a lone trophy every other month for so many years. It's quite unique in its own way and has become a running joke among my friends. With each DLC, we boot up the game and go hunting together the new collectible, having a few good laughs along the way.
  2. Yes, another 18GB trophy that will take a grand total of 5 minutes to complete once finally downloaded. Gotta love KF2. 😂
  3. The Close Shave trophy, while very mundane looking, turned out to be the worst in the game for me so far. The 15 knife flights were okay but completing all 50 under the bridge locations was a nightmare. Due to poor game design, this task has got the perfect recipe for trophy hunting disaster. You do get an on screen notification for each completed bridge, but : There is no way to track the bridges you've already completed. You'll complete some of them naturally over the course of the game, due to gold medal or flight school requirements. I was already 8/50 when I started the challenge. Some bridges are very hard to register, even after multiple passes. A lot of people say you need to do them perfectly (without touching walls or water) but in my experience that's wrong. You can totally get a notification after crashing your helicopter in every possible way, or do a spotless run and still get nothing. I just think it's glitchy as hell. As a result, there is no way to know if no notification means that you had completed the bridge earlier, or that you failed it. So even though I carefully followed a video guide, I was then stuck at 49/50 for many, many hours. I finally found the last one out of a mix of luck and deduction (number 30 on Powerpyx video), but even then it was a complete joke : I passed through it again and again, and the trophy only popped on the 5th or 6th time. I don't know what pushed me to keep trying, even though it clearly didn't look like the right one, but it saved my ass. Anyway, my take on this is that you should go for this challenge as soon as possible : do NOT go under any bridge before actually attempting the trophy. This way you'll start at 0/50 and it will be much easier to keep track of notifications.
  4. My guess is simply that they don't want too many people to get that deal and to play the solo campaign. Online mode earns them way more money.
  5. Trophy whoring at its finest. I personally wouldn’t do it (at least not before giving the game a fair try), but you can’t blame them if the game is flawed by design and doesn't disable trophies when using admin commands, which would be the obvious thing to do. Anyway I don't want to cheat, but I also don't want to put in the work for this platinum if other people can cheese it in minutes, so I just won't play it.
  6. This game looks like lots of fun and is dirt cheap right now on the EU PS Store. However I'm worried by the complete lack of info or guide regarding trophies. If you completed the game, could you tell just how tedious the collectibles are ? What about the overall difficulty and length of the platinum ? Are there any good text or video resources out there that I might not be aware of ? Thanks a lot. 😉
  7. Then that's a clear no go for me, thank you very much for your reply !
  8. Can you play every single challenge of this game in coop mode ? If so, would you say it makes them any easier/harder, and why ? A friend of mine is interested but I'm really not sure I want to go through this, especially if some of the challenges are solo only.
  9. I finally got it after my third try, and still have limited understanding about how this bizarre trophy works. However I can now refute some misinformation that others have shared above. I 100% confirm that ALL of the following does NOT void the trophy in any way : Restarting checkpoints over and over (I strongly suspect that people complaining about this just didn't realize that their current checkpoint isn't clean any more. On explorer difficulty, checkpoints are literally everywhere so it's quite easy to register an accidental kill even if you're quick to restart.) Skipping all cinematics Letting Sam stealth kill an enemy (can't say for more than one) Going full stealth is the best and safest way to secure this trophy. Restart checkpoint as soon as you get spotted, literally before you hear a single gunshot. Don't try to rush through the fighting scenes, because too many things can go wrong without you noticing.
  10. Great, thanks.
  11. I'd like to know as well. Can anyone confirm it also works if you run the game on PS5 ?
  12. Not that I know of.
  13. Yeah, there were two variations at the end, but that part wasn’t the most troublesome for me. I quickly got the habit of pre targeting the guy on the far right, which I missed the most, and then quickly going right to left. It was a reasonably consistent strategy. Worst part for me was actually in front of the gate, in the first half. 7 targets, all very spread out, some of them moving. Not fun. I think the DS4 helped me tremendously for that challenge. Basically I could take the time to line up the first target before each duel, re-holster my gun while remaining perfectly still, and draw it again when the targets appeared to get a good first shot. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to manually draw my weapon with the Moves and getting my aiming right. Mad respect if that's what you did.
  14. I fully expected it to take longer. I felt frustrated after several runs shooting 48 to 50 targets. I had my breakfast, went back to it more relaxed and nailed it first time, much to my own surprise.
  15. Got it done this morning yeah, it was tough. Took me maybe 2-3 hours total.