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  1. It's a $30 cash grab at Platinum/Trophy enthusiasts. It looks incredibly bad. Like a "game" invented to star in a cartoon where they are making fun of games. But worse.
  2. I think I will pick the game up at one point on sale due to this review. It looks like a indie title and kinda fun, but knowing the platinum is not a ball buster adds the incentive spice!
  3. Just started playing it. I am trying to figure out the best unit to play as. I found Javelin was good as you can take on most fights hard and fast. Javelin launch, Triple lance and power push the last part.
  4. Found this, hope it helps!
  5. Let us know how it works out! Super curious
  6. Glad it worked out!
  7. So you have to do a new game plus or just a new game and then the bugged trophies will be okay?
  8. Mad Scientist - Copper - The Outer Worlds (PSN Ultra Rare) Identity Corruption - Copper - Path of Exile (PSN Profiles)
  9. When is the release date?
  10. Sorry to hear that. They added a hard mode (that really is not hard) that increases xp, so I would say for any new player only play on hard. Gets you to that trophy faster. Took me 3 day to get nearly all the trophies, so hard should cut that do a day and a half.
  11. Game was patched today, no idea if it will recognize or fix the issue, but if you still have your save file you may want to fire it up and see if anything pops.
  12. Remote play coop also works for the coop trophies.
  13. Just started playing. When I get to that trophy I'll let you know if it glitched for me. Sorry to hear it glitched. I had the game crash after a incredible 45 minute battle where I leveled a melee character up.
  14. I had posted about getting help and I ran across a poorly made video that made almost no sense and dismissed it from my mind. For some reason something clicked in what they were saying and I tried to remember what I saw and it worked. If I find the original video I will post it as it's stupid easy to get this trophy as of patch 1.05 Either local or online coop. Player 1/host starts new character at level 1. Player 2/Max level character as hired muscle. Player 1 changes difficulty to Chaos 5 and starts boss fight. Boss starts and is Chaos 5 difficulty for a Level 1 character, and is a super fast push over for Player 2. Collect super easy trophy!
  15. Anyone on the PS4 willing to help out with a Choas 5 boss? It's really the last real hard trophy for me to get before the platinum.