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  1. Playing entirely on PS5 I got the platinum 100% for the DLC this morning. The flickering shadows are a major pain, especially indoors but there's nothing game breaking in there.
  2. This was also bothering me, so I just straight up asked Pqube, short answer: Today!
  3. I'm at the point where i['m grinding for the Final True Millennium tower and EX weapon upgrades are expensive as hell, and tbh i find the management mini game boring. In the Sotenbori arena, when you've fought far enough you can skip straight to floor 26. The fight here is easy, it gives only gives 200,000 yen as a reward for the fight itself, but if you achieve the optional objective (no revives) you get an electric Whip, this sells to pawn shops for 1,000,000. Further to this, if you use the Megumi Pound-Mate Summon while the pornogra-Pharo is still alive you'll get roughly an additional 900,000, the only drawback to that is she has a 3 fight cooldown. When the fights done, turn around, leave the arena and repeat. This brings in on average a little over 1.4 million yen for a single fight.
  4. Held off and glad I did, I'm not too far in so I'm still not sure if I'm feeling the new battles system. Everything else so far, stories, characters, the world, side activities, etc. has been stellar.
  5. For me the actual fight takes a little over 3 mins, travel time/load screens take a little over an extra minute. It gives just under 4x the bond experience and definitely felt a lot faster than Metatron. I'm also sure if set up better you could shave down that fight time by a bit too.
  6. Timed it using the PS5 recording tool, and i'm sure there are people out there a lot better at the game then I am who could do it faster. Farming the Dire shadow in the Sendai jail with Joker takes just under 5 mins a run: But this required a maxed out lucifer, so I also tried doing it using just the other 3 team members (Fox, Sophia and Panther) and it only took a little bit longer:
  7. I was just getting by with the Alice i set up for Metatron farming, but this sounds so much better. How did you get Ice Amp on Lucifer, none of my personas used to fuse Lucifer had it. Did you luck out and get a skill card?
  8. All the regular bosses and mobs give more bond xp than the normal difficulties, but not enough to be worth farming over Metatron, chests are also worthless as they have the same items as normal. That said, incense drops absolutely everywhere on merciless which is nice. On merciless the dire shadows are in their usual places immediately, drop a different and better weapon than they did on normal and most importantly respawn if you leave and re-enter the dungeon. bearing in mind it took me a while to get through the story segments, going by the time played on my master file and my last save, in about 4.5 hours I've gone from bond level 69 to 83, at this point i'm gaining a little over a bond level every two fights. Now i'm settled in farming King Snake I'm hoping to knock this out tomorrow.
  9. Don't know if I'd recommend this due to the time it takes to get in place, but it looks like it was intended for people to get the trophy in merciless difficulty, the dire shadows on that difficulty give waaaay more bond XP. The dire shadow in the first dungeon gives approx 60,000 xp and has similar weaknesses to Metatron. I've fought my way through to the second one in Sendai (King Snake), it gives 84,600 bond xp per kill and as it's weak to 3 elements (Bless, Fire, and Ice) the kill time is only a little shorter than Metatron for me and I can stun lock it for most of the fight. tempted to push through to see what the 3rd Dire shadow gives.
  10. Sitting on bond level 69, this last trophy is the only bad thing in an otherwise fantastic game.
  11. having difficulty with: There Will Be No Next Time. no matter what direction I approach the guards or Sakura from I don't get any kind of warning and if I get too close they just turn around catch me and fail the mission. Is there supposed to be any indication that you've successfully approached them?
  12. just started playing yesterday, but got "Still unseen hands" on the first go. I choose to take the short route and reinforcement options beforehand. Partway through the mission the reinforcements appeared behind Petelguese and got beaten up. Afterwards talked to Rem, she told me to run and the trophy unlocked.
  13. That email should also say: "If you login to any HITMAN service from this point onward, a new account will be created for you. This new account will not be associated with the current deletion request." I logged in straight away and all progress was gone.
  14. This resets ALL progress to 0, your mastery levels and unlocks will all disappear.
  15. I tested this with the last level which maxes out at 5 mastery and glitched for me. 2nd time around it worked.