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  1. Game disputed: Trivial pursuit Reason the game was flagged: <none given> Dispute: No idea why I was flagged for this. Just set up my account here recently and it told me I was flagged. It seems strange especially because that's one of the easiest platinums I've ever gotten. Don't know what timestamps or whatever could have triggered the flagging. Btw I created this thread manually because I didn't see any link in the flagged for removal block; just the link to the Trivial Pursuit trophy list. This flag probably existed for a long time before I noticed it.
  2. Once you complete one level, start spamming x. This video might help. It can also work without even completing a level and just spamming x right from the menu but the timing is more finicky that way.
  3. All you need to do is just beat one level, and then literally just spam x. I have no idea why but the game will think you're just constantly beating levels and your counter will go up by 2-3 per second. Simply do this to 30/50 and you'll get the trophies.