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  1. If thats the case, try AI Somnium Files really liked the game
  2. I've got the feeling you dont like Everybodys gone to the rapture.
  3. Can confirm my theory. I grow every fruit in my garden, used the boom berry to hurt myself (two fullhearts), used the drupe and afterwards the king fruit and the trophy popped for me before even starting a run in town. You can add it to the guide
  4. @Joe Dubz I think i have a clue regarding this trophy and with the german description it makes far more sense as in english. In german it says you need to heal with a fruit (Drupe), burn with a fruit (Boom Berry) and heal even more with a fruit (fruit king). Not Sure if you need to use them all in one run or right after another. I will try to figure it out in my next runs since i am going for the plat right now. I still need the King fruit in my garden but after this i will use all of them in one run to see if you need to use it in one run or all in one Level
  5. Glad you enjoyed it! I think a lot more people would enjoy VN if they give them a Real try. The case which upset me emotional the most was the "dream" with the otaku and his mother without spoiling anything. I think this dream Was so well done and the whole Story was much more clean for me how the two interact with each other
  6. AI: The Somnium Files Was such a good VN. One of the few that make my eyes a bit wet and if a game accomplish that, then it is a good game
  7. We are getting old or we are to dull while playing rouge lites to understand more as 1 hour life time of our characters until we get the next generic death candidate. Like Undermine story. get to the bottom of the mine, collect a ton of gold and what seems useful and kill everything in your way. If you die repeat but totally enjoyable haha
  8. Haha yeah yesterday before my bedtime i did make a Backup save and tried your Suggestion and understood why you need to take of mune and end the run. Otherwise mune is not in the relict Pool of items you can get. I was pretty lucky, masa was sold by one of the merchant before entering the mine so i could buy it and put in on an altar instantly. After mune was in the relict Pool i started a New run and exhausted the relict Pool with transmuting the existing relicts at the merchant in the mines. It will only get a New relict if it already has a relict at the merchant. A relict will never appartement twice it seems, so if you roll through all of the relicts once you will definitely get the masa and mune that way.
  9. Totally true, Ys is just entertaining, addictive and satisfying gameplay
  10. Hey thanks for All your Feedback in all the rouge like games, i followed a lot of your advices also in Curse of the Dead Gods. Question regarding your advice here, do you mean i need to take of mune from the altar, die or end the run and need to find both mune and masa in one run? So it is not possible to let it on the altar until finding masa again and fuse the masamune with this and the mune from the altar?
  11. I don't mind as one who has finished Dead Souls. The Extra mile list makes sense so why not go with @Undead Wolf idea? I mean i will feel a bit salty with ishin not localice in english and not able to join the Club, but i think i can manage until they will announce an Ishin Remaster (the hope dies last )
  12. I think you can Return within 14 days after buying the game but only if you not already downloaden the game on your console. For further Information i would Google the rules for your country "refund Digital games psn"
  13. Only saw the big games mentioned. You should have also a look on the following smaller games like Salt and Santuary: Titan Souls: only Boss Fights were you get killed with one hit but also the Boss will be killed with one hit if you hit him at his weak point. Morbid: The seven Acolytes: Newer souls like which i did enjoy. Blasphemous: like Salt and santuary a 2d souls like which is really challenging but also good in the Level Design Hope this helps out
  14. 0 - Unfinished Swan 1 - Salt and Sancturay 2 - Danganronpa 3 3 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 4 - Tales of Berseria 5 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 6 - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 7 - Spiritfarer 8 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 9 - Metropolis finished the event last two games were Salt and Sanctuary and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D souls Game which is pretty nicely made! I wouldn’t recommend it on Vita since I hade some bigger Framedrops (nothing too bad but I notice it several times). It is sometime really confusing we’re to go and if you not the one talking to NPC because you are not following a guide you miss trophies and the possibility to proceed (looking at the marks here). It is also more plattforming then expected. If you like those things I can recommend it. And now to Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. A brilliant game and really enjoyable on the PS5. Grafic was top notch and gameplay with the weapons was really fun. If you enjoyed the rest of the franchise you cant do something wrong with the game. The dimension shifting was also really well implemented in the game but in my opinion only in a few of the planets were they showed what good level design can look like. For me it doesnt matter if it was a shorter experience of 12-14 hours since I sell new games on disc fast that I only pay half of the price and with this i really don’t mind the Price at all. As always and every year thanks to @eigen-space for organizing the event and putting so much effort and time in this. Also thanks to @Spacey Dweeb for the badge and @Jens for updating the excel file! (Hope I didn’t forget anyone, if yes, shame on me)
  15. Yeah did the same. Just Was curious if this is a Common Problem with other players too. Thanks for the Feedback!