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  1. #138 Kingdom Hearts II (PS4) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 70 hours #139 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PS4) Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 80 hours In my opinion Birth by Sleep is so far the best KH games I played. Storywise and Gameplaywise it´s really solid but the Platinum is really tedious to achieve
  2. True haha. I must say even when the platinum of BBS is the most painful and grindy One... so far it was storywise and gameplaywise the best KH I played. Loved the story from 3 perspectives. But finishing everything with all characters is just painful and grindy. I play it on critical and dont want to Start the game new to have it a little Bit easier
  3. Have fun with it! For me the best entry in the series. I´m jealous that you Can experience the Story fresh I know you will enjoy the game! I did find new motivation to play kingdom hearts again.. i plated 2 this week and try to finish BBS now. Hope the Motivation is high enough for BBS
  4. Good old times I loved Mighty Ducks
  5. The Surge is a game from Deck 13 the Lords of the Fallen developers. It´s in a Scifi Setting which I liked a lot. You don´t have a lot of bosses in the game, more Mobs but I liked the whole Feeling of the game. Sure, it´s again a Soulslike game but for me it was a Little bit fresher with the Scifi Setting Man... no love for Yakuza Kiwami! You are a hard nut to crack. Like @Spaz said, Bastion is really doable. I played it on PC and had a good time with the game! Regarding Titan Souls, it´s a short game and I was scared at first too but after looking some speedrun Videos on Youtube you really get the hang out of how the bosses are working. When you see that it´s possible to Play through the game in 20 minutes if everything went well, you are not so scared anymore to do some tries. Stardew Valley is for me more a game that you should start and make some more breaks to not get bored to fast After 1 year ingame time I did make a break and did Play other games. I Can understand your Point on that For the Witcher 3 I Can only say I loved every Minute in the game and the DLCs. It is a Long game but it is really worth it because it´s so good! But like for Stardew Valley, I did make a break for this game, this is the only reason why it took me so Long to platinum it. South Park is a save pick, it´s not too Long and you are able to relax a Little bit, even if I must say that the last battles of the games are some hard Ones in my opinion.
  6. #137 Nier: Automata (PS4) Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 40 hours Loved Nier for PS3. Don´t really know why but Nier: Automata wasn´t my game
  7. Yakuza Kiwami Also some good Choices in my opinion are: Bastion Hollow knight Stardew valley The surge Titan souls The witcher 3 I would recommend One of these games
  8. You Need to Finish the first Dungeon. After that you can Change it on the extent Machine.
  9. Yes, the "Break..." trophies are missable for Sure. Not knowing anything Else yet. But it seems like you need to break a specific Part of every Boss. So its not highly missable if you are aware of that Edit: ok i was wrong After playing Today the at least the first few are not missable
  10. I´m not far in, end of the second dungeon, but the Story so far is really good with interesting characters in my opinion. Have played the first dungeon on difficulty 2 and it was not a big deal. Difficulty 3 was more of a hassle to organize your Team and take care about their Needs So far I love it, it´s different then the games before but this doesn´t mean it´s bad. I´m getting use to the battle System but the real enemy is the survival of the characters with Managing stress, HP, Stamina and bladder. It has some nice strategic mechanics and I think it will be more difficult in the next dungeons.
  11. @ObsiEez Lords of the Fallen Never get much into the game and the 3 playthroughts are not really helping for the plat
  12. @[email protected] @gruffiiti The badges look amazing! Thanks for all your efforts you are taking to host the Event. Say thanks to your mom eigen-space her work is appreciated
  13. #136 Dark Souls 3 (PS4) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time: 60 hours
  14. I thought about it but I honestly want to have a Little Event break to Play games I really want to Play right now without any categories Since last summer I jumped from Event to Event and played a lot of games from my backlog. I will maybe join another Event if I love the idea of the Event and the categories are manageable for me. I´m waiting for the 9th of April for now to get my Hands on Zanki Zero: Last Beginning because the idea and mechanics of the game seems pretty interesting for me. I will go with that game next For now I will try to finish Dark Souls 3 with my last few trophies required for the platinum after 3 years now
  15. Spyro? If I remember correctly you said you didn´t want to start playing another hard game after Nioh and have some time for more Relaxing games.