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  1. Kiwami is the shortest Game in the series. I Would say about 50 hours. But when this is your First Yakuza it will take longer. Normally you Need to get used to Kamurocho first
  2. The first platinum is the hardest because Everything is new will be easier in the next games ! Dont want to frighten you but kiwami has in my opinion the easiest climax battles but if you Master Tiger drop most of them are more easy
  3. Since you are finished with KH games, are you planning to do Mass Effect Next? If you need a good new series to play, at least @Jens and me can recommend the Yakuza series Top notch Story but challenging ans long platinum trophies.
  4. @TomoTakino thanks for the Great Images. Guess i can call Tsumo then?
  5. Never realized this but i guess if they will remaster ishin, there will be a possibility that the game will be remastered too
  6. You can put me on the List. I platted every Game you mentioned so put me to Majimas finest only game i didnt complete is Ishin because i will wait for an translation. In Addition you forget Yakuza Kenzan in your chronical list. Like Ishin it was Never released in the west. Thanks For your time and effort with the Images and Everything!
  7. Out of curiousity .. why are you showering in the dark?
  8. My bad then
  9. @eigen-space they look great! Thanks for the badge!
  10. Sorry to give you the bad news but guess you can take your time with the KH3. FF7 will release March 2020.
  11. wrong Topic sorry!
  12. I choose Borderlands 3. Very generous giveaway!
  13. Didn´t had any experience in RDO since yesterday. This Topic make me think, that I should try it to get the MVP trophy out of the way. Not sure if I did something wrong but I wasn´t even able to participate on an Hostile Territory game because I could only join series and it never showed up. Funny enough I got the trophy in 3 different maps as MVP even if I was garbage in killing People because with Level 1 you just get wrecked by the other Players and their weapons I was getting MVP in one of the supply maps where you Need to steal it from the other Team and get it back. In this map in my opinion it depends on how many suppliers you steal and if someone has the same amount it depends on the kills. But once one guy had 16 kills and no supply steals so maybe this changed if you have a high enough number of kills. Second MVP was in this fortness / garrison map where you Need to hold more flags then the other Team. Just run like a lunatic to all the flags and flagged them for my Team. In the end I had after 3 round round about 31 flagged flags and some kills and got MVP. Second one got round about 20 flags but more kills then me. Last one was the map where you Need to bomb the Opponents camp. I just delivered 3 times a bomb in the other camp with 0 kills. Second one had bombed the other camp 2 times and between 5-10 kills. If there is a possibility to choose a specific mode like Hostile Territories I would go for that, but I didn´t find a Option in the Internet oder ingame. Maybe I was just to stupid to find it
  14. #149 Tokyo Xanadu (PS Vita) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 50 hours #150 Judgement (PS4) Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 80 hours
  15. Did you play as Rulue? The character you are playing will not appear as enemy. Just want to point it out if this is the Problem