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  1. You need at least to finish 5 games to get a badge
  2. @PooPooBlast Newest run for majima finest will be starting in 24th of September with the New Judgement game, cant wait for it
  3. Count me in again lets See how many games i can finish this time
  4. Okay i finished Fractured Minds for the Event. Since i am Not a native english speaker i Hope my thoughts are Not to confusing or badly explained. The Game was Developed by a 17 year old girl (Emily Mitchell) to explain some mental illnesses she was already facing. The Game took me only 20 Minutes to complete and has a Price of 2 Euro in the PSN Store. I read about it and wanted to see what this game is about. I need to say the first round was hard to understand for me since I have no real expierience with mental illness and have to do a second playthrough to think about more of what she tries to say with the different chapters. Did I understand every chapter? Not really.. but I has my own interpretation on some of the chapters I want to share here. (Not for all chapter because I am not sure how to interprete them). The Game is Not following any specific storytelling and Every chapter stands for its own like an art project. If you want to play the Game yourself please stop reading here (I write with my iPad and I am not sure why I am not able to use a spoiler tag for my text so sorry for that ) Chapter 1: The Mudane You wake up in your room after a nightmare of some strange creature which will follow you through the whole game. The task is simple. You need your key to leave your room. Simple task but in your whole room are different keys. Only one is correct and for every wrong key picked up you will see the words „Wrong Key“. This multiplies depending on how many wrong keys you are picking up. For me the whole chapter shows me that some people can have problems with the easiest task and get really stressed out because of it. I can also understand that this is something someone don’t want to talk about because how would other people react if you try to explain them you are not able to take care of the easiest task in your life which is normal for everyone else? Can they understand or do they make fun of you? It shows me if a task is easy for me because it is just an every day task, it doesn’t mean other people don’t have problems with it to solve the task. Chapter 3: Comfort Zone You are in a really comfy fireplace room with a nice armchair with a table and a snow globe on the table. On the armchair is a magnifying glass to look deeper in the snow globe. You will get into the snow globe which has snowman in it and a house. The room of the house Seems like the fireplace room from the start of the chapter. You find a key on the armchair to leave the chapter. Taking the key there will be some text below „don’t leave. You will not like it out there“ who don’t know this feeling sometimes? The world outside can look frightening cause you don’t know what will happen today or on a specific place you need to go. I saw myself a bit in this chapter because I have surly my own ticks like hating to drive with my car to a place I don’t know about. Is it easy to park there, is there enough parking slots. It is no place were I know what I can expect. As stupid as this sound, something like this is really stressing me out. I like to drive to places I feel familiar with and know were to park my car. This chapter shows me that everyone has a comfort zone but for some people it can be hard to even leave the own house because they are just to scared of what can happen and what could go wrong. Chapter 6: Monster You are in a big room like a heating room and in the next room is a big heart in chains. The creature from the beginning will show up and will close the door with the hard with some black stuff that you can’t reach it anymore. You fight the creature and reach the heart again were the creature is standing. The creature does something with the heart and it goes black. It will lift you up and shows you in a mirror that you look the same as the creature. I think it is hard to explain what such people feel. I think for people with mental illness the biggest enemy are themselves. First of, the hardest part is to acknowledge that they have a problem and want to fight it and that no one can help them if they don’t See that they are the „Monster“ they Need to fight first. It’s like with an alcohol problem, if you yourself are not willing to accept you are drinking to much, no one can help you with the problem resulting from drinking to much. I’m not sure if my thoughts on that are enough for the badge, feel free to give me feedback on that if you are missing something, maybe I can try again then
  5. @xZoneHunter Yeah i wasnt sure myself. I could only be this high in the Ranking because of 2 weeks holidays for me. At least i Was able to finish my shorter games i wanted to play a long time but i am out of Shirt games now
  6. Count me in again 👍 But i think for may i am not in the top. Just want to play longer games again
  7. i like to join to Support at least with my Participation. Not wurde what to Play but maybe i am Looking with a different perspective on a Game i will Play next month and be able to give some thoughts on it. i think Little nightmare 1 and 2 would also be a candidate for the Games. At least i interprete them like some way to get through some traumatic Events of a child. In addition fractured minds are one Game which will try to explain mental illness. I didnt played it yet, but it is only 2 Euro so maybe worth a look for some people here in the event
  8. Yep, you should be qualified
  9. Even if it is easier, it is a pretty good game and if you play judgement first, you can give Feedback after the plat since Yakuza 6 has also puyo puyo as mini game which is for the most players a platinum breaker in jugement but i wish you a good time with judgement, i liked it a lot!
  10. Was wondering myself, thought i read something like in the beginning of 2021 there will be a Release of the New dlc.. sadly nothing
  11. Haha what a shit way to Pop a trophy can confirm it worked for me and you will not know what i tried already haha. Thanks for the tip mate, saved me another playthrough So really appreciate it
  12. I have the same Issue in my second run. Sadly this was my hardcore run so this is really Frustrating. First run was finished before the Patch and credits were rolling. now it is a Black screen without the trophy. So maybe it has something to Do with the Patch but i cant say for sure
  13. Missread your Post at first! Thanks for pointing it out again
  14. Did some one try to play the ps4 Version as well and has experience if the Problems are the same here? I'm thinking about playing the ps4 Version then if there are less bugs
  15. If i read my Sony Email you can still download ps+ games on vita as long as you stay a ps+ member. Not Sure how the wording is in english since im from germany. Only thing i dont understand is, if i need to stay ps+ member now forever to have accesw to the games or if i have access to them also if i purchase ps+ after a ps+ break again.