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  1. Thanks for the helpful comment! Guess with this Information i dont Need to be afraid with the timestamps
  2. Is it possible that the trophy is now bugged in a good way? I played the game as it´s released in PS+ and wanted to finish the platinum now. I received the 50 items trophy and 10 minutes later the 150 items trophy which is rather strange but I´m not sure if I received any free items and if they Count from any updates in the game. In Addition I didn´t Play online only against bots if this has something to do with it. In the end my wins from the release of the game didn´t Count anymore and I even needed to Play the 30 wins again for the one trophy. Did some of you had the same popping of both trophies shortly after the first one?
  3. Yakuza is like coming home from a Long journey in an known Environment it´s still the same but well .. home is home and you like it
  4. I Guess you can predict it in my case Cass Yakuza (8) God of war (7) Kingdom Hearts (7) Infamous (5) uncharted (5) Mass Effect (4) 7 Main Games and one Spin off with dead Souls. If you want to count Yakuza like Games like Fist of the North Star and the new „Judgement“ it goes Up to 10 After i platinum it for my 150 milestone
  5. #143 Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (PS Vita) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 25 hours #144 Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 45 hours In my opinion SE rushed through the Story after you finished the Disney/Pixar Worlds and it was just not the ending which this series deserved. Gameplay was fun but a Little bit too much regarding effects. Not really sure why they bother with the Disney attraction attacts in the first place.
  6. So you have a Vita which didnt synchronize your trophies? Sometimes i forgot to update my list and After Next Time my Vita trophies Messed up some of my Milestones
  7. I agree to that, I had my first Smartphone after I finished University and all my friends said I´m living in the Stone age because I still wrote SMS and didn´t have WhatsApp. But it helped me focusing on the University much better. After University I needed a Smartphone because I started a Job in an IT Consulting and it´s hard to prove that you have IT Knowledge and are up to date with new Technology and didn´t own a Smartphone
  8. I live in the south of Germany so no cool breeze from any beach or anything here. In my appartment were 28°C at 1AM one day and my wife would kill me if I heat up our living room with the PS4. Everytime it´s to hot, I Play on my Vita instead, this is my Agreement with my wife so far. Hehe, I didn´t say it for nothing Terra is the only one without an invinceble dodge. It took my 90 hours to plat BBS so it shouldn´t take to Long for you anymore!
  9. Try to fill the first 2 columns and when you are filling the 3 column you should always prepare the 4th column with the same colour as the bottom. I had the same Problems like you at first because I was just stupid and filled the 3 columns as fast as possible. Sometimes it is really bad luck and you just get screwed but don´t give up, you will have your lucky run. I used the fish, because he Can screw you over. The worst opponents which screw you over are the bear and the jojo guy (in my opinion). Try to Combo them fast so they are not able to make a good build. If you get some of the early Girls as Opponent I would suggest to clean your board of unnecessary puyos to start fresh for harder opponents. It´s Sound trivial but it has a big Impact to know the strenght of each Opponent to see when you are able to relax a bit and when to be fast in your playstyle. This are the only tips I Can give, good luck!
  10. I'm tackling down KH3 now if it is Not hot outside in Germany. But i must say I'm not too into it. Not Sure Why but it dont Catch me as much as the other games. I guess BBS will Stay my Number 1 regarding KH series
  11. Congrats! The Plat is as good as yours with Terra done BTW. I hated also the commando boards
  12. Good to know that I am Not the only one who like the Story the Most out of KH if you can 100% Terra, the Rest should Not be to hard anymore. Good Luck with MF. In my opinion the Hardest optional Boss in KH and espacially for Terra
  13. You are more likely to win if an opponent have richii because he need to drop the new tile if its not finishing his build. Otherwise you Need to Go for tsumo and collect hands with more possible tiles to finish your hand. F.e. 2,3 you can collect the 1 or 4 to finish
  14. Be Aware that you Need to pay with XP and not Money I find the guy who should sell the stuff if you miss it, but he will only accept XP. Can be a boomer depending on the Price and if you want some cheat items for Mahjong and Co. which you Can buy by him.
  15. Looking Forward for the result! Can you post the drawing in here or do you only post it in the Songkran Event?