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  1. I was able to get the trophy without reducing the Version to 1.0. I tried out the solution from Wolly Wampa (shout out to him) at Trueachievements. He descripted it pretty good and after following the steps my trophy popped. I can only add to get the blessing for reduce shop prices to be able to buy more items in one try. Other then that it is really some RNG you need to go through with this. Quote from Wolly Wampa: "for anyone who is still interested in this achievement and can't get it to work i managed to get it yesterday after trying a bunch of different methods.Here is what worked.Firstly ,you need to have unlocked the cube that appears randomly in the shop to refresh the items for sale.Play on easy difficulty and try to gather as many coins as possible in the first few levels ,only spend them on something that will make it easier to accumulate more coins as you play.The exceptions being "lipstick" which replenishes the shop and "firecrackers".If you get the lipstick item early great as that means you will only need one shop later with the throw-able cube, if not you will need two.Once you have plenty of coins (i'd recommend at least 300) you want the shop on the level to have the throw-able cube,keep re-rolling the shop items until you get the "frostfire gun and the "firecrackers"If you don't get these items before your coins run out you can quit to menu then continue from start of level and try again until you do.Once you have frostfire and firecrackers together you can now start to accumulate the eggs.In one of the larger combat rooms leave a creature alive at one side, move away so you don't kill it and start generating items with the frostfire/firecarackers combo.Pick up all the eggs that appear (you will fill up on everything else too,especially more coins),I picked up at least 200 eggs.Now that you have a huge trail of eggs head back to the shop with the cube (if you had the lipstick item),if not continue on to next levels where hopefully the shop will have another cube.Use the cube again until the "double yokes" item appears,buy it and apply and hopefully the achievement will pop.If you get to the stage where you have all the eggs and need a second shop with a cube but it doesn't appear ,quit to menu and continue from level start and go back to shop until the cube is there ,i think it's random each time if the cube is there or not."
  2. Circuit experience it was for me. With only bronze on All tracks you get a good amount and if you are able to get gold you can earn nearly enough for All you need for the platin. Other then that the european dirt race will get you 50k for normal race and 80k for clean race Bonus.
  3. The no damage trophies are really no joke. I finally did the first hero with no damage as thief with a good build. It takes a lot of tries and save scumming but i finally did it. I guess the rest should only be a matter of time now.
  4. Yeah it is exactly this chest which is not counting for me. In addition, i am as well blocked in the fire temple with no option to Light the cauldron. I wait for a new Version until trying again.
  5. Short heads up: i opened a chest in the sewers which are not marked as opened and didnt count for the map completion. If anyone else has the same Problem we can say that right now two chests are not obtainable. The one in the desert under a pile of Sand and one chest in the sewer
  6. Interesting. I saw that one has complete the game as caster. Out of curiousity, what classes are you playing? Has it something to Do with the class? I play as scout and should finish the sunken laboratory shortly, I will give a heads up if i facing the same issue in the fire temple. @Biobillybones were you facing the same issue during your playthrough?
  7. Sounds a bit drastic. I played it now for 5 hours as scout on warrior difficulty. It is challenging and sometime the enemy placement is unforgiving, but with sole practice it is doable. I always go with the melee class first because i like the combat. Maybe it is easier/harder on archer or mage. You should always save on the dragon statues to not loose any progress after dying. I mean it is only the beginning so far but i really like the retro look and the game Design. After 5 hours the game says i completed it to 11%. So i guess it will take some time to Do all 3 playthroughts.
  8. Ok, can confirm that the 8 days waiting tactic is working for me. First time i was 3 times in a row was messages by Panam to talk about some side missions i did. After that i got 5 times in a row messages from Wakako for All 5 cars. I did some NCPD Mission to clean up in her district so not sure how long you need to wait if you already clear everything
  9. Not sure if this is just random but i tried it out as well just for fun and i Notice that i got at least some messages via Phone after waiting 4-8 days and running around im rhe district. Fun fact it wasnt any for a car so maybe we just need to Do this often to get all those story related messages first and after it the cars message. Need to try it out a bit more
  10. Only playing it with my brother in law, but after 1 month of not playing it, the last two Tickets we got also something different and not always the worst possible outcome. So yeah RNG is RNG but we were suprised as well
  11. Looks like we got new content for the game but no trophies as it seems. Did anyone currently playing the game and can say if the new content is worth downloading the game again?
  12. I got lucky that my last game "The Wild at Heart", which I finished yesterday morning, had some good topics to think about. The game is a Pikmin like game were you micro manage different monster species with unique abilities. I can only think of Pikmin and Overlord if you want some references what kind f game this is You are playing as Wake and Kirby who are running away from home in the forest and finding themself in the deepest part of the forest in which normally no human is allowed to enter. Since the mental health issues comes more clear after some storybits, I will mark my next thoughts as spoiler if someone wants to play it as well: Like last year thanks to @Beyondthegrave07 for organizing the event. I think it is a wonderful way to combine a serious topic with the hobby you enjoy.
  13. I join. Not sure what i should play but maybe a game i will play have the same theme Not sure if i overread it, but is my understanding correct that we will have time until the end of May? @Beyondthegrave07
  14. Nice, thanks for the confirmation
  15. Great to hear! Did you Do it on PS4 or on PS5? No one confirmed so far if this is working on PS5.