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  1. Congrats on the Army of Two platinum. :)

  2. Looks very similar to the World War Z trophy list, bit of a grind. I got the plat for that tho and I plan to plat this game too
  3. Once you've got the plat for Black Flag you should give South Park Stick of Truth another try. I'm thinking of plating this game twice lol
  4. Finally saw some news today, apparently its coming June 22nd 😊
  5. Just read this on IGN One thing that will definitively be easier however, is Fall Guys' notoriously most difficult achievement and trophy. 'Infallible' asks you to win five entire episodes of Fall Guys in a row. And yes, Squads wins will count towards that – "In theory, we've made it four times as easy for people to achieve that trophy," says Walsh. "I said in an interview six months ago, I was like 'We're going to make it easier over time, for players to get that trophy.' And this is the future I was talking about. So we're finally there." I for one am soo happy about this 😊
  6. Lol theres no way im helping you boost with this one 🤣
  7. Well seeing as you've got Chucke Greene as your profile photo you've clearly forgot the hours of fun he had with the survivors lol As for playing poker in VR for that long, no thank you.
  9. Hey I'm down bro I'm on this everynight lol best I've managed is 3 in a row, haven't tried the glitch
  10. Anyone know when this is out? I'm hoping tomorrow
  11. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City S rank all missions on Professional... No thank you too tough
  12. I'm excited it looks fun, anyone know when it's coming out?
  13. Yeah and hopefully none of that 'Win the world cup with a 1 star team' bs.