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  1. How so? The philosophy as you call it made perfect sense... it gave ellie the opportunity to have a family... and the fact that the little boy was transgender was needed... it gave him a reason to be fleeing... unless you're homophobic a sameness partnership shouldn't be any different than featuring a traditional one..
  2. I was actually just wondering about this. hopefully once it's patched you can boot up and poof platinum! fingers crossed for ya!
  3. Hahaha you're joking right?! That's what marketing and advertising is! Making your product more appealing... they didn't put any false information in the trailer..... just because you didnt like the game doesnt mean you can sue the creator 😂😂 get over yourself
  4. not at all it definitely takes away from the experience the features are neat but combine that with no difficulty trophy.... eaaassyyy platinum
  5. The MP trophies needed for platinum in previous titles werent too bad. the DLC ones got a big much but they changed them in the remaster to something more manageable. hopefully they stick to that
  6. While it's no secret that this is the most polarizing game of recent memory (and most likely up there in the All Time Category) The discussions on this site (for the most part) have been fairly mature. I Can see how some people didn't like the story and felt let down and on the flip side i can see how people absolutely loved it. I personally very much enjoyed the story and by the end i was torn about who i wan't to see triumph. I think whether you enjoyed or disliked the game there are probably a few things we can all agree on. 1) the game was well made with beautiful environments. 2) ND did not deserve the hate they got. i mean fine you wanna tweet Druckman and tell him his game sucked... cool... but all the racist tweets, death threats, Homophobic slurs... come on... i really hope nobody from this site was involved in that. anyway it's nice to have a corner of the internet where people can intelligently discuss what they liked and didn't like and not resort to "DrUcKman mAdE EllIE gAY BecAusE He lIkeS DudES"
  7. It does make a difference it makes you look childish and immature... and takes any credability away from the points you're trying to make
  8. so she has an epiphany and it's mental illness? she didn't turn on anyone they turned on her for trying to show mercy to 2 innocent children
  9. according to your account, you didn't play the game. this was also evident by the fact that the overall theme is not revenge. you complain about unoriginal and bad storytelling but yet you're basically calling for a good guy vs bad guy storyline *yawn* you're entitled to not like the game. but you're reviewing it based on someone else's review.. and should be taken with a grain of salt ^^ This! can you imagine if someone told Tarantino oh sorry you can't tell the story backwards... there's rules to storytelling. I thought having both characters' story told up until the final showdown was brilliant.. you get to feeling like sophie's choice on who you want to win. what a great game
  10. The REALLY sad part is people making pointless petitions when they could ignore this game exists...
  11. The ending made perfect sense... ellie's need for revenge cost her everything... she couldnt even play the guitar properly... and she lost her family...
  12. I finished the story... so no I'm not trolling... if you finished the story and didn't enjoy it... that's fine... I'm saying the fact that it sold 4 million copies in 3 days... the fact that it's a 94/100 on metacritic and in all likelihood will win may goty awards... Clearly contradicts it being the worst game on this generation (which is a review I read). Games will always draw different opinions... but this one will get faaaar more love than hate... many of the people that reviewed it... didnt play take what they say with a grain of salt...
  13. 4 Million copies in 2 days... almost perfect score from every gaming magazine and website... Some trolls that never actually played it dont like the story.... Must be a shit game 🙄🙄🙄
  14. It's absolute entitlement... if you go to the movies and it sucks you don't get a refund or rewrite... the only time anyone has a legitimate complaint is if the game was nonfunctioning or broken... ie Fallout 76...
  15. Nobody said anything about not being allowed to dislike the game or the story... but to start a petition because you didn't like it is ridiculous... 😂 why don't these lazy stoner bums file a class action lawsuit