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  1. just rob every business and house you can... you'll get it
  2. 2.99 for video game titty? Sounds like a steal...
  3. 40$?! not a chance... if it drops to 20 maaaaayyybbbeeee.... but not full price
  4. It's not bad at all... if you have a mouse and keyboard you're set
  5. Your thread title pretty much sums up the series itself
  6. My guess is everybody suffered this as there are 0% with the platinum
  7. A high ranking battle difficulty requires an insane amount of grinding... my suggestion would be get the associated trophy and then drop down to a level you feel comfortable at... there's no real benefit other than the extra coins... later in the game you'll be able to steal/win 5-10k coins per battle so it wont be that big of an issue
  8. The grind wasn't too bad... it's sad that people expect developers to make games with easy platinums and when they dont the game is awful....the game wouldn't be very grindy at all if people played it without a walkthrough... that being said I very much enjoyed this game... not a goty by any stretch but a definitely worth 40$ I paid
  9. absolutely no problem... the purple nine glitch only affects your game if you have previous saves on same save file (memory card)... this game was actually very well done on ps4... must be your system
  10. I also need help with online trophies! Livingstone7728
  11. to say this will ruin the franchise is the stupidest claim i've ever heard... the 2009 game was awful and yet they bounced back and make the best game of the series after that... it seems unless a shooter has the words "Call of Duty" in the title it gets torn apart.... this game was actually very enjoyable... i understand why people are upset about the grind... it was quite tedious but the game in itself was quite fun... for the price tag i venture to say it's quite worth it overall
  12. does anyone game for fun anymore? i dont think the trophy system is as important as alot of people make it out to be.... i have 373 platinums... but that is not my crowning life achievement... ill admit i play ratalaika games but i actually have fun playing them...same as powgi... just mindless fun... also ....does the fact that a game targeted at small children is made by "Kiddinx" make anyone else uncomfortable?
  13. kung fu panda...
  14. This game is like a standalone dlc... so yes hopefully no dlc haha
  15. If you're playing the game to have fun and be immersed in the wolfenstein universe... the post game grind is not nearly as long and not nearly as tedious... if all you care about is getting trophies.... you're gonna have a bad time