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  1. This game is like a standalone dlc... so yes hopefully no dlc haha
  2. If you're playing the game to have fun and be immersed in the wolfenstein universe... the post game grind is not nearly as long and not nearly as tedious... if all you care about is getting trophies.... you're gonna have a bad time
  3. Can't you play wolfenstein 3d for coins?
  4. I played 1.0 and more often then not the "hand" ended up behind me 🤣
  5. I finished the game this afternoon and I have to say i quite enjoyed it... there were some new features that i wasn't a huge fan of, mainly the armor types... but other than that it was alot of fun... still getting collectibles and side questing but thouorghly enjoyed the story and the game up until this point maybe almost as much as NC... (i'm not saying it's as good as nc, just that i had as much fun playing it) have you tried the VR one? I pre-ordered it.... and it was unplayable the day i got it... the hands only worked half the time... hopefully they updated it
  6. I'm about 5 or 6 hours in and I'm quite enjoying the game.... I finished NC but left the Mein Leben as well as one other one that glitched (get one of every collectible and yes it actually glitched... as told by my other trophies of getting all the collectibles) and It really doesnt bother me... I think if I enjoy the whole game through like I have so far... and the grind starts to ruin it for me... I'll call it a day
  7. I feel like you're missing the point.... if the grind is so unbearable... dont do it.... everyone is so concerned with trophies that even after it stops being fun or appealing they keep going... I dont get it.
  8. Do people even play video games for fun anymore?! Doesnt seem like it... if you don't want to grind 30 hours post game because it's repetitive... dont?
  9. The game wasn't bad.... inputting the cheats shaves off quite a bit of time
  10. I'm not sure what grind everyone speaks of... 45 mins per gold trophy is not a grind...
  11. The only suggestion is dont overcorrect... instead of flying clear out of the way of debris... lightly press on left stick to barely miss it...
  12. I enjoyed this game... 8 years ago
  13. Bought this and infamous when I got my PS4... Loooved it... Recently rented the ps3 version to play it again 😀
  14. Yesssss I do
  15. message me on PSN... Livingstone7728 I'm also looking to knock out All online trophies