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  1. Bought this and infamous when I got my PS4... Loooved it... Recently rented the ps3 version to play it again 😀
  2. Yesssss I do
  3. message me on PSN... Livingstone7728 I'm also looking to knock out All online trophies
  4. Not the worst game ever.... but glad it's over.... took me almost 10 years to platinum... never again!
  5. I Actually quite enjoyed the challenge of flappy goat... because the speed doesn't increase or the gaps don't get smaller, the tenth gate is as easy as the first... the difficulty is simply stringing together a good run...the problem i had with the ps3 version was the game would lag while saving so flappy would often crash I got both versions so GFYO flappy goat
  6. It's a great move on gamestop's part... Because unless you have no life... You definitely won't finish it in 48 hours and more than likely won't get a chance to return it anyway.... If you go into buying a game thinking I'm gonna return this in the first 48 hours.... You're better off not buying it... Just saying... And for every copy that is returned they get paid twice technically... Because they can resell it used for like 10% cheaper... And the original buyer is stuck with a store credit... Not cash
  7. I never understood why these games got the hype they did.... they're mediocre really
  8. I have a hard time playing through.... When I start a new game I'll play for a few hours get a feel for the controls and then want to delete my save and start over...
  9. I've been reading alot of hate about the challenges online... I thought they were easier than screwball challenges personally . Maybe because I had a maxed out character? Shrug they werent too tricky after you get a feel
  10. Some people, believe it or not play video games for fun... Imagine that... *Gasp*
  11. There's a few trophies I'll never get... Because I'm not willing to invest the time... Mein leben is one... I really loved NO, OB and NC but im not gonna invest a week to earn one gold trophy even if it spells platinum . Rockband 2... The play 84 song ls in a row with no pause and no fail .. again not because it would be stupid difficult but because I'm not keen on investing that much time... You would literally have to play for 6-,8 hours with no break...
  12. Does anyone in this thread actually play games for the enjoyment ? Doesn't really seem like it... Wolfenstein II was a really fun game.. despite having that insane trophy... I don't think I've ever said I'm gonna not play this because of the trophies.... I don't think I'm any less of a gamer if I have B's and C's on my profile
  13. I platted the base game when it came out... I really enjoyed it... I know it seems like a no brainer but if I'm not missing anything special I'll pass even if it's 1 for 3 I'd consider it worth it
  14. Wolfenstein 2 is bad?! 🤬
  15. So there's an Ubisoft sale on and FC5 Season pass is 24$ ... I really want to play through FC3 again which is available as a standalone for 18$ is the DLC worth the extra 6$ or am I just setting myself up to be like wtf 😂