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  1. Bought this and infamous when I got my PS4... Loooved it... Recently rented the ps3 version to play it again 😀
  2. Yesssss I do
  3. message me on PSN... Livingstone7728 I'm also looking to knock out All online trophies
  4. Not the worst game ever.... but glad it's over.... took me almost 10 years to platinum... never again!
  5. I Actually quite enjoyed the challenge of flappy goat... because the speed doesn't increase or the gaps don't get smaller, the tenth gate is as easy as the first... the difficulty is simply stringing together a good run...the problem i had with the ps3 version was the game would lag while saving so flappy would often crash I got both versions so GFYO flappy goat
  6. It's a great move on gamestop's part... Because unless you have no life... You definitely won't finish it in 48 hours and more than likely won't get a chance to return it anyway.... If you go into buying a game thinking I'm gonna return this in the first 48 hours.... You're better off not buying it... Just saying... And for every copy that is returned they get paid twice technically... Because they can resell it used for like 10% cheaper... And the original buyer is stuck with a store credit... Not cash
  7. I never understood why these games got the hype they did.... they're mediocre really
  8. I have a hard time playing through.... When I start a new game I'll play for a few hours get a feel for the controls and then want to delete my save and start over...
  9. I've been reading alot of hate about the challenges online... I thought they were easier than screwball challenges personally . Maybe because I had a maxed out character? Shrug they werent too tricky after you get a feel
  10. So there's an Ubisoft sale on and FC5 Season pass is 24$ ... I really want to play through FC3 again which is available as a standalone for 18$ is the DLC worth the extra 6$ or am I just setting myself up to be like wtf 😂
  11. Some people, believe it or not play video games for fun... Imagine that... *Gasp*
  12. I preordered this game on Amazon and completely forgot about it until they emailed me saying it was shipping last Thursday... I recieved Friday afternoon and put off playing it due to a trophy list malfunction (no sense doing all the trophy requirements and having to redo them when the list starts working) I just started playing and.... I don't really know what to say... The game is so buggy... I wiped out and continued to wipe out for 30 seconds before I respawned on solid ground... There's only a handful of race types... The story seems lackluster at best and the camera in free roam is just awful... The trophy list seems like a 1/10... As it consists of finishing one of each race type, buying bikes and weapons and upgrading the bikes you have.. There's a (that's right 1) collectible in each area and the grind trophy is beating up pedestrians with a weapon while driving past (1000 in total)... If you are just seeking a platinum.. My advice would be wait until it's a flash sale... If you came to relive road rash from the 90's (which is what I was hoping for) this game misses the mark... Good luck
  13. There's a few trophies I'll never get... Because I'm not willing to invest the time... Mein leben is one... I really loved NO, OB and NC but im not gonna invest a week to earn one gold trophy even if it spells platinum . Rockband 2... The play 84 song ls in a row with no pause and no fail .. again not because it would be stupid difficult but because I'm not keen on investing that much time... You would literally have to play for 6-,8 hours with no break...
  14. Does anyone in this thread actually play games for the enjoyment ? Doesn't really seem like it... Wolfenstein II was a really fun game.. despite having that insane trophy... I don't think I've ever said I'm gonna not play this because of the trophies.... I don't think I'm any less of a gamer if I have B's and C's on my profile
  15. I platted the base game when it came out... I really enjoyed it... I know it seems like a no brainer but if I'm not missing anything special I'll pass even if it's 1 for 3 I'd consider it worth it
  16. Wolfenstein 2 is bad?! 🤬
  17. That's a little condescending... To be fair I haven't given it much of a chance... I think when I heard all the negative press about glitches and bugs I decided to hold out for updates... I think it's worth another shot now or in a few months... It's certainly not awful I think it just fell victim to the hype it got online... Similar to no man's sky .. not a terrible game but not nearly what it was hyped to be
  18. difficulty is so subjective these days... for example i read that dead rising for ps4 was a 7 or 8. i found it quite simple.... tedious... but nothing insane.. any artifex mundi game.... i love that shit
  19. I don't care what people play... Although there are quite a few people on here that do... I can't tell you how many time someone's response to something I've said has been.. "well you played my name is mayo therefore you know nothing" 🙄😒
  20. Fallout 3/Vegas, mafia II, dead rising 2, Dragon age sooo many great games
  21. 1 and 2 were much better games than SS imo anyway haha The only issue I have with my ps3 is the ridiculous amount of time it takes to sync trophies if you're syncing on the fly... I have 14000+ trophies and it takes almost 90 seconds to sync each time I earn one and view or when I compare trophies on ps3... it often freezes as well... other than that I play from time to time and quite enjoy it... I actually got my longest platinum recently on it... 8 years and a few months... for bioshock 2
  22. I keep hearing people talk about how great JRPGs are and every time I play one I'm disappointed, they're buggy, unattractive graphics and when translated, done poorly. Am I missing something?
  23. Well everytime i go to GameStop.. it's all those guys talk about... How AAA Games are overrated and how instead I should buy the latest JRPG.. I was hoping maybe I'd get a suggestion on a good starter one... Even the comment about tales games and how they take a while to get into kinda makes me wanna give it another go...
  24. Not sure what that has to do with anything? I'm just saying I hear all the time how great these games are... and I end up giving benefit of the doubt and it always ends up being an hour before I'm just like meh... for example any of the tales games... bought them in a flash sale because I heard so many people loved them... just couldn't get into it.. that being said I loved alot of games people hated... Tony hawk 5... for example
  25. If you have the camera/move controller you can use that but tbh it's not that great