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  1. Yeah settings are important, look sensitivity all the way up, dead zone all the way down. The overpowered auto-aim "wide" setting and assist strength are extremely annoying, Rockstar needs to tone them down for PVP, or else remove the Varmint Rifle from competitive modes. Another quick way to turn around is clicking R3 thumbstick to look behind you, then pulling L2 to aim weapon with instantly turn you 180 degrees. Works especially well on your horse in Free Roam against troll griefers. I tried again last night, Rockstar may have nerfed this method. I was still getting MVPs with 0-0 K/D, but the $$$ and XP payouts were only like $10 and 150 XP, slightly more if my team won the match.
  2. Yes, all good points. When starting out definitely just focus on basics in Free Roam, hunting for $$$, story missions, the easy trophies, etc. Fishing becomes available at level 14, possibly earlier using gold bars from the General Store catalog, not sure. Fishing is easily the best way to rapidly increase your health ring maxed out early on. Swimming (sorry John Marston) and sprinting a lot to get your Stamina ring maxed is very helpful too. The river lure for 1 gold bar is a great deal, I had to use "rank gold" from the General Store catalog, it wasn't available early from the catalog my character carries around. Salmon was nerfed but still go for $2.50 each and you can carry 10. You can Google or YouTube search for the $$$ spots for each type of fish. There are lots of in game "awards" that are a pretty easy +500 XP each, great for leveling up early. I'd try to get to level 20 before going into the competitive modes so you have at least 2 ability cards and don't get completely slaughtered.
  3. The grind is real for level 50. My character is at level 42, so I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some advice for any trophy hunters getting into RD2 Online. Best way to quickly earn XP for me has been the Showdown Series Large (32 players). If you are not very skilled at 3rd person shooters, then you will need all the help you can get to hang with the Ultimate Edition PAY-TO-WIN crowd that will be at least 20+ levels higher than you. As far as I can tell there are currently no restrictions or controls in the matchmaking levels, meaning level 5 newbie characters are thrown into matches as fresh meat for maxed-out Level 100+ players (those are fairly regular at this point). First of all, the "Disputed Territories" matches are completely broken, and you can easily use this to your XP advantage. At the start you simply sprint to the closest open spot (A, B, C, etc.) and claim it with teammates. Very often (especially if your teammates are good and aggressive) you can just camp within your colored zone of that first spot for most if not the entire match, only rarely ever having to fire your gun for a kill or two. You can quite literally just sit there doing nothing while everyone else is running around the map. I have dozens of MVPs where I did absolutely nothing to deserve it with this method, usually good for $20+ and 300+ XP. I guess this mode currently gives massive "score" points for "holding" a territory. Rockstar will probably patch this soon so get the free XP while you still can. Unfortunately the match modes are randomly set right now so you can't just keep playing this mode alone. For the other match formats where you actually have to engage the other players regularly, Ability Cards are CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. I would argue they are the single most important aspect to the competitive mode. Note that these upgrades cannot as of yet be purchased with gold bars, only the RDO $$$, making that currency much more valuable at this point. These upgrades are what you want to be saving for. At level 30 and 40 you will get 3 and then finally 4 ability slots available, and matches will suddenly become much easier (go figure!). Each ability requires $50 for Tier 1, $350 for Tier 2, and $500 for Tier 3. They are insanely expensive, much like everything else in the game. Do NOT upgrade abilities to Tier 2 unless you are 100% certain they are helpful to you in competitive matches. When you find the ones you like best, get their XP gains growing as quickly as possible. I use the currently run the following 4 abilities, which I find are a good balance of damage boost, dead eye management, and health regeneration. Even with my limited skill I usually get top half in the large events, which generally means you have more kills than deaths, earning ballpark of $10+ and 150+ XP --(Dead Eye Ability) - Focus Fire - Damage boost every time you activate dead eye, not just for you but for your teammates too. Insanely powerful, but it takes a lot of practice to get the timing and mechanics down for quickly activating it and firing your weapon. --(Passive 1) - Peak Condition - Damage boost when your stamina bar is 75% or above. Although there is quite a lot of sprinting around maps chasing colored dots like a crack head, I find it pretty easy to keep my Stamina above the required level. Just don't spam the "belly flop dive" too much trying to avoid the cheap headshots, as that will eat your stamina quickly. When you die your stamina ring also fills. Obviously getting your Stamina ring to 10/10 as quickly as possible is incredibly important (health ring too, go fishing to increase that quickly). --(Passive 2) - The Unblinking Eye - Dead Eye drains more slowly. Goes with Focus Fire. Dead Eye is an extreme pain for me to manage, much more so than Stamina. It does not refill when you die. You can try using consumables like cigars or Snake Oil Tonics, but as with everything in RD2O they are expensive. I am not good enough with head-shots to use the other ability which restores Dead Eye. --(Passive 3) - Strange Medicine - Replenishes your health every time you do damage, but your health regenerates more slowly. As you will quickly learn in competitive matches, you often will not even have time for your health to regen before your character is killed with a head-shot or a cheap spawn from off screen. I tried the ability Cold-Blooded for a while, but that one requires KILLS to replenish health, with Strange Medicine you only have to do damage. Almost everyone uses the currently broken OP Varmint Rifle because it's easy to pull off the aim-assisted 1-shot head-shot kills against less experienced players, especially when they are more familiar with the maps and spawn points. Against higher level more skilled players it can be outmatched with a Dead Eye tank build using the equally broken OP shield called "Slow and Steady" as protection from headshots. I was already too invested with my damage-oriented build before I learned about Slow and Steady though, so I am putting up with too many cheap headshots. I use mainly the Pump-Action Shotgun, which is fairly affordable and efficient with ammo, and can 1-2 shot most players with easy body shots, even from medium range. Obviously whatever your favorite guns are, make sure you fully upgrade every component that improves stats, including the stock wrap which will significantly slow down weapon degradation. Split point ammo becomes available to craft at level 28, but it might be better just to save the cost of that crafting recipe and wait to purchase Express ammo at level 31 (you will need either the SP ammo or the small game arrow recipe for the ammo crafting trophy, and both are expensive). Once I hit level 44, the insanely power Slug ammo becomes available for my shotgun, and it should be smooth sailing to the level 50 trophy. Good luck trophy hunters!!
  4. There is a seperate thread about that. I am worried Rockstar will just use that gift as a shield from criticism when they wipe out everyone's $$$ and gold late next week (anything above those values). Hopefully they don't wipe out character rank EXP too, because the circus freak show that would ensue would be very bad for video games in general. Not even Rockstar can be that greedy and stupid.
  5. I am going to try some of the "Stranger" free roam missions today, and replay the final story mission. If they haven't DRASTICALLY increased the rewards to balance the nerfed fishing and hunting, then I'm done with Red Dead 2 Online. Screw the Platinum, the greedy pigs at Rockstar don't deserve any more of my time and real money with their broken, pay-to-win mess. Not having paid the extra $40 for the ULTIMATE EDITION already makes the Online trophies a nightmarish level grind (4 day head start, free EXP bonuses, free shotgun, free horse, free clothes, etc). And this is all before we know how the upcoming MICAH-Transactions are going to be priced.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the $250 and 15 gold bars is to help protect Rockstar from the massive backlash when they reset everyone's progress towards the end of next week. Basically anyone who played the Beta starts anew with these amounts, and anything you earned over those amounts is wiped out. I don't even care so mush about the $$$ and gold bars, because it's obviously not smart to try to hoard online currency when you're playing a Beta. However, if Rockstar intends to reset all character EXP ranks they are going to have a DISASTER on their hands on par with Bethesda's Fallout 76 fiasco.
  7. Yeah maybe I can just do some relaxing salmon fishing while I wait for my refund. SORRY, Rockstar just nerfed fishing so you can't make $$$ anymore! Funny how their little BS catalog still lies about their ripoff price for freaking worm bait. And of course it looks like they've removed the option of buying the fishing lures early with a gold bar.
  8. Yeah, so nice for all us players to perfect Rockstar's incoming MICAH-TRANSACTIONS.
  9. They also nerfed hunting and fishing, so selling stuff is now not giving more, but in fact FAR LESS. I just checked, and the value for salmon at the Butcher had dropped from $4 to $2.50. Also, it looks like they may have eliminated the ability to pay for the fishing lures early by spending gold bars.
  10. Thanks for the post. At least I know my $178 refund for the Pump Action Shotgun I bought last night "should" be coming soon. "Balancing the value of select skins, pelts and fish" = "we are nerfing hunting and fishing because we know it's the only way left to make $$$". LMFAO, I just hopped on and did some fishing at my favorite salmon spot. They just cut the value of salmon you get from the butcher from $4 down to $2.50, because it was one of the only remaining methods to more easily grind $$$.
  11. I see the BS catalog still lies about the worm bait, implying you get 5 for $0.50, when they are actually $0.50 PER WORM. But hey, who needs worms for fishing Salmon and Trout, when you just spend an entire gold bar on a single fishing lure! Oh wait, it appears that Rockstar may have just now patched out the ability to buy the lures early with gold! Sorry monkeys, you gotta spend $10 every time to fill up your worm bait, then watch as all the non-salmon and non-trout eat away your profits. But hey, at least a worm is still cheaper than a can of baked beans! Oh, and I see it's still $350 to upgrade a single ability card from Tier 1 to Tier 2. BROKEN ECONOMY = ROCKSTAR PAY-TO-WIN MICAH-TRANSACTIONS INCOMING!
  12. How do you know they are "retroactively giving refunds"? I see they have lowered some of the insane prices in the catalog for the more expensive guns to slightly less insane prices, but not much else. For example, the Pump Action Shotgun I had to grind for 10+ hours has dropped from $444 to $266. Where is my $178 refund Rockstar?? Since they are actively nerfing and patching out every possible way for us to grind $$$ and gold, this refund would be kinda helpful.
  13. Same problem here, giant "holes" in the landscape that look similar to water. They started appearing during end game while chasing down the endless grind challenges and trophies. When you or your horse falls in you drop for a few seconds, but then respawn nearby without dying. Hasn't messed anything up as far as I can tell, but the holes are very large and annoying when you need to get around. They are mainly towards the East side of the map at the base of mountains/hills along major trails. My main worry is that some super rare herb or flower will only spawn in the area of the hole, because Herbalist challenge #9 is SUPER HAPPY ROCKSTAR FUN TIME!!
  14. Do you need to "skin" all the legendary animals for that trophy? It would be very odd for Rockstar to require you to do pretty mush everything else in the game 100% but not require more than 5 legendary animals for any trophy.
  15. Just downloaded free with PS+, expecting to find at least a few people online trying it out. Waited 20 minutes each in 2v2 and 3v3 matchmaking lobby..........absolutely nothing. Glad I used an alternate account for the tutorial trophy, because it looks like the Platinum trophy for this DEAD GAME will be impossible now.