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  1. I never played any of them, and I am not going to play any of them until RE 3 gets a remaster with trophies, i’ve always been interested in this franchise but I am not going to play it until RE 3 is finally done and out. I’ve looked them up and apparently there’s the main series which is what’s most important and then the spinoffs which aren’t considered canon. RE 1-7, Re 0, Code Veronica, Revelations 1 and 2 are what I need to play. I have a few of them now but I am still not going to bother until 3 gets trophy support because committing to a franchise as big as this will take years of gameplay. I have a criteria to choose which games I want to play, with so many good ones out all the time, i’d rather my games have trophies to shorten that pool of games even more.
  2. Did you get the limited time in game coustomizations for 1 crédit each in the store? *sings we all lift together*
  3. Hey PSNP, I know most people only care about trophies, but sometimes we all find that one game that actually becomes a part of our life and we can’t stop playing it, for me that game is Warframe. I have become a big part of this community and i’ve discovered this post on the Warframe forums where someone aggregates and updates the post with free Warframe codes. I am merely just bringing this to the attention of people in this community because I love you all, but this is not my work, i am just linking you and showing it to you Btw, you don’t even have to enter them, just sign in and click on the links in the post then click redeem, he did half the job for you! Enjoy all your new free stuff, redeem these codes! Free Warframe Stuff!
  4. Ok, no joke. I tried to name my horse NutCracker because I thought its a great horse name, like seriously NutCracker as a racing horse! I honestly thought it was smart, when I pressed R2 the game said I can’t do it because profanity. I just got pissed at Rockstar and just went like you want play games Rockstar? Lets play fucking games lol I named my horse 2GurlzWanCup, I swear it went through lol
  5. I just really like your name, just wanted to say that! We all need more Bioshock buddy. I am right there with ya lol
  6. I honestly don’t know how you can think that, we have completely different views on everything, 180. Both and south, left and right. I really never agreed with anything you ever said and it bugs me because I quite literally never met someone with a gaming taste like yours. Ugh, I still think this God Of War is the second best GoW after GoW 2.
  7. Madbuk, at this point I think that you make statements because you like being a contrarian instead of having actual conversations, your opinions have always clashed with mine but this is ludicrous to say though, you’re entitled to your wrong opinions though. I hope you step down and take a look at what you say because most of the time I feel like it’s either trolling or just purposefully trying to ignite hot debates.
  8. Did you read the part where I said “with trophies”? Yes, I know they’re all on the PS Store but 2 and 3 still don’t have any version with trophies, RE 2 is coming so that’s taken care of, still need RE 3 out before I play any of them.
  9. What do you mean The Last Of Us 2 is coming out next year? the whole room died laughing when we were watching this lol
  10. That's basically what I was thinking, like yeah they played at a different time when sports were not as regulated and whatever but it only makes it the more impressive when someone beats their records today. For us its the same, a patch might come out and make an entire game hard as balls to unlock a trophy but its only more impressive if you manage to do it with said patch (i know you can roll back to 1.0 versions of games today)
  11. Very well said sir, I hear everyone talk about how Resident Evil is great, I am 21 and never had the chance to play those games because by the time I started becoming interested in video games PS2 was already out and I was playing Crash on PS1 before jumping straight into Crash on PS2 and all those kids games. Resident Evil Remake on PS4 to me is a new game, actually I never played any of them and i’ve always said that if they get the main series of games with trophies i’ll go back and see what all the fuzz is about, I am glad to hear that Resi 3 is coming because that’s the last one missing.
  12. Its not super easy to earn money in single player, I could always need more money. If they’re touching the single player economy they better touch it in a way that gives me even more money!
  13. Hey guys, since this game is featured in a VR headset bundle I am pretty sure a lot more people got the chance of picking it up. We are all wondering, how long does it take to get the platinum in this game? To all you platinum achievers, please let us know
  14. I talked about Doom with a friend and we both came to the agreement that the multiplayer should never have been released. It was tacked on and those resources should’ve gone into the main game to make it even better! It is what it is though and now we got really pain in the ass trophies to worry about.
  15. They’ve made a lot of successful games and are a 2 person company, they have a lot of money in the bank, don’t forget that they also developed games without the Vlambeer label like Minit.