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  1. I just hope they dont screw us up with a 100 hours base list!
  2. Warframe is fair! Its 80 hours max for the base game and then 6-7 sometimes 10 hours for each DLC trophy list! I hope they take that route and have a Platinum as well!
  3. I will support the game if its fun, they dont have to tie me for a million hours to the trophy list, if you’re planning to play this game for 1000 hours then play it for 1000 hours! Why do you want the trophy list to be 1000 hours when you know it will keep trophy hunters away and make the player base even smaller? I hope the devs understand that some people have hundreds of games they have in their backlog and dont do the grindy trophy list!
  4. I have a full list i want like every month: PS3: Darksiders, because i already bought the second one some time ago on sale (yes, before it was put on PS Plus) and i still need the first one. Oddworld: either Munch’s Oddysee HD or Stranger’s Wrath HD because Soulstorm is close to launch on PS4 and i personally want replay the whole series before jumping in back again! PS Vita: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, i still want Devolver to just give this already because its a good game and i am holding out for it to go on sale or get it free, whichever comes first i’ll pull the trigger on this one. Graceful Explosion Machine: this is a good game that falls in the same blender as Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, either a sale or PS Plus, i’ll buy it for whichever comes first. PS4: actually most games i want were given before but i am still gonna nominate some games Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, come on we need Capcom to see that people still want this frnachise to make a comeback, i really want them to revive this. Any Resident Evil game, because whenever you think you have them all there’s always another one x) Capcom should give us some Resi goodness and also release the Resi 2 remake they’ve been promesing us for a few years now! PS VR: anything really, i just want them to release a VR game more regularly, some cool nominees would be Job Simulator, Ancient Amulator VR, Superhot VR...but anything is cool from VR tbh
  5. All i am hoping for is not to have an extremely grindy trophy list, having the base trophy list in the 50-60 hour mark with micro transactions or the 90-100 hour mark without them is fair enough and then they can add DLC lists in the 7-8 hours each time! That would be nice! If its in the 400 hours in the base game i am going to skip this one!
  6. I will have to play this on PS4, i feel like the Vita is only for training and not for fully completing the game, thank you for your advices and congratulations for finishing this one, its really well deserved
  7. I can do until level 27-29 without losing a life but always a dumb mistake comes back to bite me in the ass. In endless i am terrible, i cant get past zone 5. I play on Vita and i think thats my problem because the PS4 version has more effects on screen that help for noticing enemies.
  8. This is one of Looking Glass Studios best works and the new devs didnt live up to the name and hype of the IP, if they sold it without the name Thief slapped on it people wouldn’t have gave it the shit they gave it, this game is a 7/10 which is fine if you’re not slapping one of the 10/10 best PC games franchises ever made on its cover and expect people to like it!
  9. Yeah, that one was good. Scott Pilgrim was good as well but thats all i can think of!
  10. This right here could be the first good video game movie ever and i am hyped for it!
  11. I have this plat and i dont feel ashamed!
  12. I respect OPs opinion and i believe they’re entitled to have it. However, the reason why i feel they feel this way is because Horizon didnt bring anything new to the table, the game is like a mix of all the good things about open world games in the last 10 years, Ubisoft towers: check. Climbing: check. Crafting: check. Exploration: check...i can keep going but you get the idea. This game is good because it combines everything into a sweet mix, i do believe that making new game + and making people have to play through it again for the trophies was a bad idea, they should’ve added new game + but not have trophy support for it. This game is meant to be played once and moving on to think about how good the graphics looked after.
  13. MediEvil was a nice surprise certainly and the announcement of the free VR update to WipeOut was cool, thats like a completely new way to experience the game, The Last Guardian free VR experience was cool too from Team Ico. These announcements felt like Sony reaching out and saying sorry for all the shit we once made but we’re gonna get better. There’s also the PSN name change feature which will be pushed sometime next year and thats cool! There was so many announcements that were cool if you paid attention to all the talking. I personally loved this PSX and hope they continue down this path.
  14. Man oh man it was a great show, so many games got updates, some new games were announced, news about the future of PlayStation as a whole and a new remaster as well, VR is going strong and Sony doesn't seem to be giving it the Vita treatment just yet. lets talk about all of this, what did you think about everything in the show? what was your favorite piece of news? do you think PlayStation is gonna blow 2017 out of the water with 2018? I am so excited about everything that was showed.....lets talk!