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  1. You sir are so evil, that Homer meme almost made me cry. And those Dynasty Warrior sequels ;/ why? whyyyyyyyyy?
  2. Its not about us being happy, its us wanting some PS3/Vita games for now before they're put to sleep, i have a PS4 and i want good games as much as the next guy, but PS4 isnt going anywhere for the next few years. chill out
  3. I don’t know why people have to trash you to feel better about themselves! I said use this as a way to tell us what you want instead of just telling us that we’re naïve and whatever...
  4. Honestly, I can already see Nioh becoming a yearly franchise that Tecmo will bury with shitty sequels since that’s all they do. I don’t care about neither games if I am being honest, just wanted to talk about PS Plus for the month amid October and what people thought, and if this turns out to be true i’ll be disappointed but happy for all the people that will be able to play these games.
  5. I mean I don’t care about PS Plus for PS4 tbh, I have an immense backlog of games. Its PS3 and PS Vita that are going to die soon that I want to get all their good games before they shut them down. That’s what I meant
  6. Hey peeps, I found this on the PS4 subreddit and decided to share it with you all! Basically the rumor is that Nioh and Diablo 3 will be free next month. I don’t care about Diablo but I care a great deal about Nioh so it’s pretty cool to see it there. But i don’t want PS4 games anymore, I wish they just give us great PS Vita and PS3 games instead of continuing to give us great PS4 games (my list is full Sony) lol let me know what you think of this rumored layout and what you want to see Think of this thread as me asking you what you want for October while telling you the rumors
  7. I’ve noticed a couple lists that are wrong but I never paid any attention to them because I thought devs released the trophy list but never actually finished working on the version of the game for that specific trophy list or whatever, now I am going to post those here in the future, thanks for keeping up with the website, it’s insane to see how much work goes into it, I really appreciate all the hard work all of the PSNP team is putting.
  8. You sound like a robot, trying to save another robot, robot 🤖
  9. No Grand Master The_High_Ground. Only a Sith deals with such extremes, I am a fairly balanced person.
  10. I was genuinely expecting you to say you have the high ground...I am disappointed.
  11. That’s what I am asking for too, let’s hope this gets implemented!
  12. This will be a seminal discovery because we’ll be able to revert back to old versions of games if we want, i’d be curious if you can do it with Mad Max digital version too, because digital is also important as much as physical, this would help a lot of trophy hunters if this way works on both formats and on different games!
  13. Alright, after a few months and a few dozen updates. Is the game better now on PS4? Did they fix the UI navigation and added some quality of life features? Or is it a broken mess of a game everyone should stay away from?
  14. idk Q.U.B.E is an interesting game for sure, and Another World is a classic. Foul Play is also a good game and a seminal game in the history of Devolver Digital and Sparkle 2 is also a fun little game that reminds me of the old days of playing on PC. I think they're all good games but certainly can be better. I am happy with God Of War III tbh since I was going to buy right after I play 1 and 2, which I already have and plan to start later this week Quite convenient, but I get that people want the big games before the Vita and PS3 are put to rest.
  15. This is honestly insane, I am not a fan of Destiny at all but I am happy for all the people that want it to be getting it. Sony is trying to show that losing Vita and PS3 is not a bad thing after all. Lets hope they send them away like this too. I hope they step up everything before canceling the service on those 2 platforms.