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  1. A few minutes ago i finished playing JOURNEY and i was blown away how Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (PS1) was put to shame from being the best game i ever played and holding the position of my personal #1 game of all time for 11 years straight. JOURNEY to me is so great, that no word or adjective on the dictionary actually can describe how i feel about it, i am literally speechless and had to come here and ask other people about their best games of all time, the feelings that were evoked, the gameplay, the visuals, the music, the character, the story and meaning....i think that for the far future, nothing will come close to being as good as JOURNEY is to me, and i am so excited to discovering which game will actually top it and be better.
  2. just checked again, I even took the DLC for checkout but I still need to pay the 3.99$! I don't think it'll ever go free for the Rockstar Pass holders in NA. I hope it does when the remaster is released
  3. I will keep checking regulary until the PS4 port comes out and even then i’ll check for about a week, to hell with Rockstar if they want me to buy DLC for 3.99$ when i already bought the season pass, i’ll watch it on YouTube once i am done with the game completely.
  4. Dude i am telling you, i have the Rockstar Pass yet i dont have access to The Consul’s Car, i unlocked every add-on with the pass except that one and i still need to pay for it!
  5. Agent is happening, the game has been confirmed by Rockstar, i can see it coming out for PS3 and PS4 (PS3 just as good measure since it was promised on that platform, kind of like Persona 5 was). That game will either have a crazy stylistic approach to cover the fact the PS3 cant handle the power needed to run a photorealitic approach, i can see Agent as a small game from R* because they dont have the time to sink money into a single platform game, they’re far too bug for 10-20 million sales so they’ll probably make it as long as The Warriors or Bully. As to what you said about L.A. Noire i thought you were attacking Team Bondi when they already had enough shit hit them by an amateur journalist with wild false accusations and a media spiral that fucked them after that, i hope we’ll see Whore Of The Orient resurface one day and R* making at least one sequel to L.A. Noire or doing something with the franchise and not letting it die or keep rereleasing it.
  6. I have the Rockstar Pass for the PS3 version but i still didnt get Car Consul’s Car Case! I have a NA account btw and its still asking me to pay 3.99$ for it! It must be a regional thing, it doesnt have any trophies so i just watched it on YouTube!
  7. i decided to write a guide for all the games i played that dont have guides to help the community, but i know i'll probably get tired from a guide and wont publish it in the future, i hope this will happen.
  8. thanks for answering, one final question. how do you know if you got flagged? do you get a notification? also, how many flags does anyone need to get their account banned?
  9. thank you, now i feel much better, i used the glitches in the Uncharted 1 speedrun and got a bit scared, also one question thats not mentioned, if i hide my trophies on my psn account because they're too low % while i am working on them one by one to get them back to 100% will i be flagged if i make a trophy list that has like 35 trophies appear again?
  10. 13 game owners? seriously? just wow 13 game owners? seriously? just wow
  11. I want know how the flagging system works! how to spot cheaters? are game exploits okay to use (for example using the glitches in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to skip major parts of the game in the speedrun to not play the whole game?) is it just hacking trophies or getting save files for auto pops? and how about games like Sound Shapes where you can get a whole trophy list in like 27 seconds? can someone explain all the possible scenarios to get you into trouble and get you flagged? and if game exploits like the one i mentioned are safe or not? i also want repeat the first question, how to spot cheaters?
  12. you're talking out of your ass mate, L.A. Noire was one of Rockstar's best games and they were clear about it, its getting a remaster for all current gen consoles and new content for VR (which I hope will come out for PS VR). The news about Team Bondi working in extreme conditions and the crunch hours being inhuman were false accusations made by a fired employee to a journalist who made the fatale mistake of believing one source over investigating further into his story and because of his incompetence a team of over 120 people went our of business, remember this happened before the game came out and it had an impact on the sales, things went downhill from there because Team Bondi didn't make any official statements for a long time, articles were being posted left and right and by the time the journalist that posted the accusations got to the truth it was too late, Rockstar was going to acquire Team Bondi and name is Rockstar Sydney but that never happened because they didn't want associate with them, Team Bondi managed to survive to fight another day with Whore Of The Orient which was a lost battle but whatever, and by the way Team Bondi for WOTO was the original L.A. Noire team, how come you go back to work for the people who slave you away? because they don't, you're working fine for them.
  13. L.A. Noire is my next plat but I am also going for the 100% on it since I got the season pass and all, I am also going for 2 hard 100% lists From Dust and Alien Rage. gonna be fun to jump on my PS3 for a while. I only need a speedrun on Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered for the 100% but I am not gonna do that anytime soon, I am aiming for the PS3 games I have.
  14. I feel like Dishonored is cool no matter what they do, the games are good and to have a plat is always nice for an expansion.
  15. I read it and had a chuckle, its nice for the devs to have fun with trophies.