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  1. Did you check online if it’s missable?
  2. That is very very strange, idk what happened but all trophies are supposed to pop whenever you finish the requirements on PS Now, now i am curious if anyone can confirm or deny this!
  3. I wonder if this is the Live to MlB’s 2k. It will be interesting to see if they sell well or if they crash and burn.
  4. exactly, i thought i can still enter by today!
  5. Fuck the Oscars!
  6. You should know what you’re buying into is all I am going to say about this.
  7. Can you rephrase what you just wrote because it’s straight up unreadable. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture won the Bafta for best music and not an Emmy btw, I just checked it and made sure to correct myself before someone else does.
  8. I agree, this thread is cancerous. People don’t understand that different tastes means different things for different people, Hotline Miami is important for the medium because top down games went extinct until Dennaton Games made a top down hyper violent video game when everyone at the industry was going soft and it hit home with everyone at the time, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’s soundtrack was Emmy nominated I think and that makes it an important video game for the medium, Rime managed to come out through all the shit it went through and the toxic behavior that threads like this one were doing to the creator...I can go on and on about each and every video game that got mentioned here and why they’re not overrated.
  9. The debug mode is great, i agree that some debug modes for games that got unobtainable trophies would be amazing though *-*
  10. You never know, I am just telling you from ND’s track record, they added the grounded mode way after the game stopped receiving support for TLOU so I am just saying, their track record clearly shows how they like to keep things serious.
  11. I want see the first person whi will earn a trophy in every hour mark! Or better yet, the first person who will pop a trophy every second of every minute of every hour for a day. That would be really crazy.
  12. Thanks for the chance
  13. Careful everyone, I see ND updating this and everyone who owns the digital version getting screwed in the future, please make sure to set your updates to manual until at least you finish all the trophies. I can back up my claim by reminding you that ND returned to The Nathan Drake Collection themselves and not Bluepoint to patch the tweaks exploit and pushing people into legit play. Everyone who had the digital version got screwed, so tread carefully with the updates. Also, can someone try this on Uncharted and other ND games and see if they can break those games as well? It’ll be awesome to break all their games especially The Last Of Us and get rid of the multiplayer trophies because screw that trophy list.
  14. Thing is, you can cheat and get away with like most games on PS3, it’s like Flow having a cheat for most of its trophies by downloading the DLC before the main game and having most of its trophies autopop. I really don’t see a problem with going on a private server and getting your trophies instead of grinding for them for weeks.