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  1. I hope they keep adding them, but let’s not get crazy dude. Chill out with that Grand Master trophy, lets hope they never bring it here.
  2. The only annoying and dumb person here is you assuming I don’t play Bethesda games, I don’t play them anymore is the correct thing to say, not that I don’t play them. The only platform to play their games is PC for me, where they belong. I am not playing anymore Bethesda Game Studios games ever again because of the shit show that is Fallout 76 and the shit show before it that was Fallout 4, I will keep on playing Bethesda published games because apparently the only good Bethesda games are the ones that they didn’t develop, aka Doom, Wolfenstein, Prey, Dishonored... Dont assume I don’t play a game because I don’t have its trophies, not all of us strictly play on PlayStation. Also, I can give you 59/100 reasons why this game is bad and a -82,4% reasons why this is a shit show garbage game, take off your fanboy goggles, they’re on too tight dude!
  3. I read the first paragraph and I realized that I read enough, dude. Please learn to put your feelings for this franchise and Bethesda, and know that you deserve better than this, ask them to be better!
  4. Interesting, I would think that some games don’t accept later version save files on earlier version save files, so it would become a headache to balance everything and get a game done without playing on 2 separate save files, stupid either way!
  5. Can I call you when it’s fixed to hook me up with this trophy as well?
  6. I like to patch my games, but in the case where a patch brings more harm than good i’ll use this until I get said trophy then patch.
  7. Interesting, it’s just for downloading the 1.0 version of games? This could be interesting if that version is easier trophy wise.
  8. Thanks for this, Dunkey's awesome. The ending was so funny lol
  9. If its day one DLC on a port, that's shady af.
  10. I hope its just server maintenance and that everything will be fine in a couple of days, if anything its illegal to shut down a service without notice, I don't think Sony is dumb enough to make such a mistake.
  11. They are not the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins, they only did the Wii U port, they shouldn't even be credited to have worked on the game here on PSNP tbh because they didn't have anything to do with the PS3 version or the creation of the game, Human Head Studios developed the port to another platform only. it was WB Montreal that developed the single player portion of Batman: Arkham Origins and Splash Damage that developed the multiplayer portion of the game.
  12. It would be such a shame to miss this since I want all the Uncharted games on my profile 100% done, I really hope its just some simple server issue they fix soon so I can jump in and get the trophy for.
  13. Please don't tell me this is unobtainable! I have bought it like a week ago and was hoping to start it soon.
  14. That's what I was thinking, if this is like Diablo 3 on Switch where you get everything in one package then I welcome it with open arms, if this is a cash grab day one DLC on a port of a game that's been floating for a while, that's kinda shady.
  15. Are we sure this is free? or is this day one DLC?