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  1. I've been trying to get Hail To The King using scripts from PST. There is one made by Septomor and another from QueueTip. I have spent around 20 hours using both scripts and the most jumps I have gotten is 820. Most of the time it fails around 500. Have tried almost every suggestion including connecting my PS4 directly to my PC to eliminate lag. Also tried a bunch of different latencies. No idea why it keeps failing. How did you guys get to 1000 jumps with the script? Also another issue is that every time it fails, you have to manually reset the script. It would be less tedious if I could just leave it running so I wouldn't have to watch Vivi jumping and failing every time.
  2. It's way harder than I expected it to be, I must say. I'm having trouble just beating Relic Races on Easy. 😆
  3. I have just started Way of The Strong. I don't have access to Spirit Stone Huntress. You have to play through the whole of DLC1 to unlock it. The DLC missions are too hard for me even on Way of the Samurai. What should I do? There don't seem to be any good places to level up and get good gear on Way of the Samurai. I need Divine Gear and it only drops on Strong, but the story missions on Strong are kicking my ass. I'm only level 116 right now.
  4. Merging accounts didn’t work for me. I’m going to try making a new account with my new ID. Hopefully that works, guess I’m SOL if it doesn’t.
  5. I am currently at 65 gold medals. I have managed to get around 50 golds through mission replay. The last 5 gold medals are proving very difficult for me. There are a few missions that are supposed to be easy or medium to get gold on that I am really struggling with. Those missions are: Enter, Pursued by a Memory. How do you avoid taking damage from the wolves? After I kill the first two wolves, the third always hits me before I can get a shot off. An Honest Mistake: I keep failing on the objective to save Uncle when he gets into a fight. When I kill the guy on the right, Uncle just shoots the other guy. He is supposed to get tackled to the ground but that has never happened for me in 4 attempts so far. Angelo Brontë, A Man of Honour. Despite multiple attempts, I can not complete the time limit objective. It seems impossible using mission replay. Just A Social Call. Anyone managed to do this on replay? Gold seems impossible without access to dead eye recovery items. You are also stuck with the Litchfield Repeater which isn't great for this mission. A New Jersualem. I've tried multiple methods including tapping A when the prompt is flashing, watching John's hands and tapping A when he hammers the nail and just after he hammers it, but can't get the checkmark for 80% accuracy. American Venom. 85% accuracy is simply too hard on replays. I am going to try a few other missions that I haven't tried yet, but I don't have many options left.
  6. What is the exact method people use to get animals to spawn? I can't get the panther to spawn. I have been closing the game and reloading. I usually run around for about a minute and if the panther isn't there I reload again. Are you supposed to camp in between each attempt?
  7. I'm having some trouble getting the Hereford Bull to appear in the location shown. The game is giving me Angus Bulls where the Hereford should be. I've had the same issue with other known spawn locations for the Hereford Bull. Does time of day matter for making the Hereford spawn?
  8. I have been trying for 2 hours to catch a 19lbs fish. I am only getting fish that are 14 lbs. I've tried the spot where the legendary muskie is and all I am getting are 14 lbs muskies. What is this 'sea bait' you guys are talking about? I have a special river lure, lake lure and swamp lure and a special spinner. There is no sea bait that I know of.