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  1. I usually take Platinum difficulty ratings with a grain of salt. FFX-2 has a 6/10 rating when for me it was more of a 3/10 in difficulty. FFVII Remake was a 6/10 for me.
  2. Figured it out myself eventually. It wasn't explained in the tutorial at all. Also got the Plat, so relieved to be done with FFX and FFX-2. 😀
  3. Even if Dark Yojimbo can be beaten with How did you manage to beat Penance without farming Luck? You need 120+ to be able to hit him reliably with physical attacks.
  4. I have to say my most recent Plats have felt kind of like a chore. P5 Royal, Death Stranding, FFX and FFX-2 Remastered were a massive grind for me. I've got Days Gone to do next, which is another big grind for the Plat. I am also close to the Platinum on FFXIV which is a 400+ hour grind.
  5. I finally got the Plat for FFX-2. I used the strategies mentioned in the first post, however I found that there was a lot of luck involved. For me, it took about 5 hours of restarting to get the right dresspheres and items needed to actually reach the top of the tower. Last Mission took about 12 hours for me in total from start to finish. I think you would need to get very lucky with item drops for it to be possible in under 10 hours.
  6. This is kind of embarrassing but I've been running around the first floor for about an hour. I can't find any stairs or an elevator to the next floor. I keep running around and dying trying to reach the next floor. How do you find the stairs or elevator to the next floor?
  7. I am trying to do the Haruka request where you have to beat the third enemy in Virtual On. I am finding this to be impossible. The third guy dodges everything I throw at him and also does a green spiked ball attack which is very hard to avoid. I'm finding this harder than any other minigame in the series. I've platinumed 0, Kiwami and 6 and none of the minigames were as hard as this. It's harder than Mahjong and Karaoke for me. How did you guys do it?
  8. Outer La Noscea is a poor choice if you're playing solo. The fates in U'ghamaro Mines are boss fates, which take too long to complete if you're playing solo. If you're solo, I'm pretty sure Middle La Noscea or Western Thanalan are faster.
  9. Is it possible to do the shared story and co-op trophies with 2 PS4s (and 2 copies of the game) on your own? Do both players need to be actively playing or can the second player be left idle for most of it? I don't really have any friends to play the game with and I'm sceptical about my chances of finding a random person to do it with. The game wasn't that popular when it released and it's even less popular at this point.
  10. I have the Xbox One version and the No Loose Ends achievement for killing all bosses is glitched for me. Killed every boss and the achievement did not unlock. Looks like it's glitched on every version of the game.
  11. I got the Platinum in this game with a total playtime of 87 hours. I have read that the Platinum is possible in around 65 hours if you use your time efficiently. Maxing out all the facilities was the worst part of the Platinum and the 20 premium deliveries in each category was also annoying, mainly due to the miscellaneous deliveries. The first tip is, don't bother doing any standard orders until you have unlocked all the facilities you get from playing the story. At that point, you should only be missing Ludens Fan, Musician, First Prepper, Veteran Porter and Novelist's Son. If you find any lost cargo for any facilities you have not maxed out, it's worth collecting and storing it in a private locker until you are ready to deliver it. Do not entrust any lost cargo to other players as that only gives you online Likes. Regarding Ziplines, it's important to have a continuous zipline path between as many facilities as possible - preferably all of them. I kept running into issues doing this as I was frequently running out of chiral bandwidth. The most important facilities to have ziplines between are the ones in the snowy mountain region. That area is a huge pain to navigate on foot. Try to build as many ziplines as you can while you are playing through the story. You should focus on maxing out the major facilities that have roads between them first, as these give the biggest increases in chiral bandwidth when levelled up. If you rebuild all the roads, you can do huge deliveries of 1000+kg between the Waystations and Cities in the Central Region. It's better to use trucks for those deliveries as you can only carry a maximum of around 350kg of cargo on your back. I would also recommend you max out Engineer and Collector early. Engineer gives Power Skeleton level 3 which increases your cargo capacity (for me it was 350kg with the skeleton equipped), and Collector gives the backpack cover level 2 which protects cargo on your lower back from timefall damage. When you are doing the 20 Premium deliveries in each category, try to get the Miscellaneous ones done as soon as possible. They are by far the most annoying. There are 3 types of Miscellaneous delivery that I know of. One involves simply collecting pieces of cargo, the other two involve collecting cargo from BT areas and MULE camps specifically. The first type is by far the easiest and you should definitely do those orders when you see them. The MULE camp ones are the worst. I did them all on Hard, but I have read it's easier if you clear out the camps on Easy before changing the difficulty to Hard and doing the order. The best strategy I have found against MULEs is to use the remote grenade launcher with tranquilizer rounds when they are far away, and use the bola gun v2 if they get close. None of the other weapons seem to work particularly well against them. I didn't do the BT ones so I am not sure if they are easier than the MULE ones. If you get caught by a BT I would assume you are pretty much screwed for getting the S rank though.
  12. The trophy guide says it's easy and should come naturally without trying for it. I've been trying hard to get it for about 20 matches but haven't got it. What weapon should you be using for it? Sledgehammer seems too slow even though it's the strongest melee weapon.
  13. I've just started playing this game and I am really struggling with it. When I'm playing as Survivor, I find that that the Mastermind wins in Area 1 around 90% of the time. I also keep getting matched against the same Masterminds. They are often level 50+ and easily destroy an uncoordinated team. My question is: is the game even worth playing with random players? Beating a competent high-level Mastermind seems near-impossible with a random group.
  14. I have an intel mission that requires 200% stagger damage on an enemy. I am in Chapter 11 and I have never been able to get above 170% stagger. Do you need specific abilities or gear to get above 200%?
  15. I've been trying to get Hail To The King using scripts from PST. There is one made by Septomor and another from QueueTip. I have spent around 20 hours using both scripts and the most jumps I have gotten is 820. Most of the time it fails around 500. Have tried almost every suggestion including connecting my PS4 directly to my PC to eliminate lag. Also tried a bunch of different latencies. No idea why it keeps failing. How did you guys get to 1000 jumps with the script? Also another issue is that every time it fails, you have to manually reset the script. It would be less tedious if I could just leave it running so I wouldn't have to watch Vivi jumping and failing every time.