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  1. Is the platinum now unobtainable?, frontlines and domination was removed so the trophy ‘Hoist The Flag’ for capturing 10 flags in frontlines is now dead right? Or did dice change the trophy
  2. Im in no rush to start the game, but i would have for the theme if it was a good theme, but i think it looks pretty weak personally, if a theme cant even have themed icons i dont bother wasting the hdd space, stock icons suck and its the same static image of Chris weve all seen a hundred times, dynamic or nothing, at least the menu music doesnt sound like it will annoy you after it loops a few times like some themes do and the key tone sounds fine so not all bad, still, im not gonna miss this one, nice idea as a reward for playing though, kudos Capcom
  3. So my advice helped, your welcome, hense the post..., good luck with the rest lol
  4. The Porsche one was harder, my advice is stop asking for help every time you can’t do something in 3 attempts and knuckle down, are you Max PIR with the Audi? If it’s the one in the rain then just put TC on low, drop rear tyre pressure by 1 or 2 notches and you’ll feel more comfortable punching it on the exits, I didn’t have too much trouble, have fun in the last one, you’ll have to do a hot lap of the Nurburgring, Nordschleife lol Sorry if that sounded harsh by the way it wasn’t meant to lol mean just have a little more self confidence, it’s half the battle, if you got the skill to do 1 hot lap you got the skill to do all of them
  5. 1. Dirt Rally 2 2nd ever plat achiever, 4th ever finishing ...flatout, managed to get some world records on my journey though this one, my best racer to date, love this game and all the DLC, my only problem with this game was it was too easy to plat, but then they released the Flatout DLC and I fell in love all over again, one of the rare games I played weeks after all trophies were earned, 9/10 game for me personally 2. Batman: Arkham Knight the same boat as you @AJ_Radio, except it took me a lot longer to get back into it after I earned the plat years before lol though I don’t really know why I put it off so long, sure Community Challenges was hard but not so hard to leave it that long, but it comes at no2 because of this, though a nice way to round off the series by earning its hardest trophy, loved the Arkham series 3. Remnant: From The Ashes my top 3 games of last year, with some challenging DLC later added which also added tons of new gear to loot and upgrade, this game hooked me, again was one of the rare games I played for a while after all trophies were earned, huge replay factor, amazing game, I urge anyone who hasn’t played it to start 4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard love the rezi series so got to throw one in, and what better than the one with the most DLC, and probably hardest overall 100% in the RE series? lots of diverse DLC, I enjoyed 21, such a satisfying way to play a card game, much less boring than the card game grind RDR2 had to offer... tho RDR2 rounds up my top 3 GOTY for last year, minus the unnecessary online portion, which is also garbage, but the sp mode is as usual, a masterpiece 5. The Evil Within to be honest I could have thrown a bunch in to this list, I decided to opt for games that all include DLC as this is a 100% list as opposed to a standard plat list, but this game didn’t and still doesn’t get the love it deserves, it was amazing, if anyone likes horrors and hasn’t played TEW then go get it, this game was class, Laura and The Keeper were some of the most memorable boss encounters to me, and one of the DLC even let you play as a boss, all the DLC’s were great, the Akumu mode was hard, which adds the justification for it being here as well as how good the game was, it was either this or ResoGun, shoulda make the list top 10 lol but anyway that’s me, I’d probably change the bottom 2 slots every day if you asked me again and again lol PS. The Orphan Of Kos fight will forever be one of my favourite bosses, your not wrong that was an epic fight, I didn’t add Bloodborne because I’m sour none of the Dark Souls games had DLC trophies to show off, but this genre remains my favourite
  6. Started the game on Deadly Obsession, it’s easy, if your not used to playing with survival instinct then your not going to struggle without it, and as far as missing anything goes, use the guide on here to find any resources you feel you might be missing, I’m finding that I’m selling off a lot of resources to the merchant for extra gold, so they aren’t that scarce on the hardest difficulty, obviously the game doesn’t checkpoint so some long sections have to be done without a save, but seriously these type of games can be done with your eyes shut, just purchase Howler’s Speed as your first skill and you’ll never die exploring any climbing section, just save manually often if your worried about dying
  7. Not a lot of info on this other than trophies, which look to be the same as the other DLCs, just wondering if anyone has some insider info on when this DLC is actually gonna drop, im waiting to pop my plat until i finish this final pack
  8. I know right, why cant guide creators realise that wed either have to run every area in the game 3 separate times or deal with trying to follow multiple videos at once, why cant all collecible videos be start to finish in chronological order, really grinds my gears, furthermore, why on earth in such a HUGE game did THQN not put in a collecible map, something sold by Vulgrim or something that shows us what were missing, i literally have to run around the entire map following a guide now for 7 missed collecibles, gonna take hours, ffs lol
  9. Exclusives sell consoles, and Sony have ALWAYS had the upper hand over Micro in this aspect, whereas Micro can afford to do something like gamepass which attracts most of the xbox players now, so both have always been evenly balanced in different areas, its been a healthy rivaly throughout, mostly, but this push for more exclusiveness has pissed off Micro, it was Sony who wanted to buy Bethesda originally, or partnership with them on exclusive rights and when Micro heard they were like 'uhhmmm excuse me?' F you pony wel just buy the studio... Sony are obviously loaded but they dont have Microsoft money, n if they arent careful they will force Micro's hand into buying another studio, i dont know why Sony have such a hard on for exclusives, they burn mountains of cash just to get Call Of Dooky for a year... why it just upsets half the community and ignites tention between the 2 powers that be, for the record i think we should keep a few top exclusives like GOW etc but let us all experience titles from both sides more, i mean Micro can keep Halo but id play Ori for sure, also Gears Of War n Project Gotham Racing, maybe Fable, id be happy for xbox to have a bunch of our games for those to come over, what else do they have tho lol but yeah Sony need to chill, theyre starting console war 2 rn and at the end of the day the only people that will suffer are us lot
  10. I had a huge list of non completed games and had it all categorized too, spent years hammering to get 100% pure list but that burned me out so i left bfbc1 at 86% n quit ps3, other than that game i achieved what i set out to do tho thanks to my ocd list lol bar the 3 im working on im at 100% completion now so it really helped (with a few hidden games inc bfbc1 ofc) good luck to you, im a lot less stressed now im caught up with unfinished, but my backlog and wishlists are big, every time i finish 1 plat, 2 more take its place... trophy hunter on an unbeatable quest here
  11. @B1rvine thanks, that’s greatly appreciated, il probably roll with the pocket then, save some time and avoid having to juggle patches, not like I don’t have hundreds of FF hours to get through already lol
  12. Im sure this topic has already been covered but theres a couple things i wanted to ask, so is FFXV possible to 100% if i was to buy royal edition at this time? I heard some stupid unnecessary online DLC was added and thus now closed rendering yet another perfectly fine single player games trophies impossible to 100%, if 100% is possible then cool il get it next offer, if not, my second question is what is the FFXV Pocket Edition all about, is that sp only and is it a smaller version of the game or some sort of stand alone set in the XV world, i ask bc i want to eventually do all the FF's, have most of the FF games in the backlog and happy to wait to do them, im very experienced with them despite only having one on my list, they got hammered before trophies were a thing lol but this XV has so many trophy lists and considering the uncertainty of the base game i thought maybe il just do pocket edition, anyone able to set me straight on what i should do with XV plz let me know, thanks
  13. Its pleasant reading posts like this, it reminds me im not the only one who is ocd about my life of gaming, ive voted in favor because why not, my vote can only help you in your quest so you have it, but personally i dont care too much about this particular thing because ive learned to not take guides so literal on time to plat etc, i swear these guys either make up random digits so it looks like theyre amazing doing it all 20h quicker than everybody else lol, or read off in game clocks which are commonly inaccurate and dont ever inc loading times etc so i usually grab all the info i need on these stats by scanning a few forum posts or scanning multiple gudes to gather more of a collective estimate which ive found slighty more reliable, but mainly because difficulty or time just doesnt ever deter me from playing what i want, if i want a plat il get it, i know im skilled enough for most games so i just crack on at a steady pace n do me, im not saying this wouldnt be a welcome implementation though, who doesnt want more accurate reading eh, however, ive put up a poll before and im under the impression the site operators are either 'way too busy' with a massive backlog of site improvements, or simply dont care enough about implementing most of them, ive heard theres countless user voted features sat collecting dust and a lot of them fairly quick and relatively easy to implement, but years later still we wait. I wanted something specific like you, but quickly realised i was over hopeful, then settled for a simple alternative, all i want is a drag and drop feature on my trophy list (the same thing already implemented in the trophy cabinet) so i can place my games in the right order alphabetically... One missed decimal here, one roman numerical there and everything is out of order, i even spent a couple hours renaming everything on my list correctly and sent it to sly, literary a 10 minute job to correct the missed dots etc but i was pawned off and told to 'create a poll', which i did, n those who voted, voted in favor of what i initially wanted, yet im still waiting for confirmation of the much simpler alternative of the drag n drop added to our lists, i just made my own list in my desired order ftw, good luck though i hope you get what you want, anything like this only improves psnp, the same as what i want, im baffled why half these requests werent already designed on creation of psnp, on the other side tho, there is a lot here and its still a good site so thumbs up to them, just sour i dont have what i wanted which is the case for most i guess hehe
  14. If your like me and 100% the game, and you only have 400 or so cars blown up, most of the guides tell you to spawn a tank and drive around bumping into vehicles... but this takes AGES especially if you have 1600 or more vehicles still to blow up, I found a MUCH faster alternative, but please note it’s best to do this after you have earned “Is That All You’ve Got?” by obtaining 100%, the reason for this is the guides state that the over use of cheats can corrupt your save, although I didn’t have any issues and I used a lot of health cheats throughout my playthrough, anyway, go to the stadium and make sure you are close enough to the car park to spawn in all the parked vehicles, then either wait until the highway is busy or use a vehicle to block the roads and let them congest, the idea is to have as many cars in play as possible. Then stand on the grass and activate the destroy all vehicles cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triange, L2, L1) you should blow up around 10-15 cars, but then you can activate the cheat again, the already destroyed vehicles will blow up again and will still count towards your total, I got around 1500 cars in about 5 minutes doing this, saved myself a long time driving around in a slow ass tank that’s for sure, you can do it anywhere obviously, but you want as many vehicles as possible within your radius, the roads by the stadium are usually busy and the car park adds 5 or so cars to the equation, and once you remember the input of the cheat you can spam it once every 3 seconds and happy days, as the name of the trophy suggests, if you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin... enjoy p.s. I only had around 4100 criminal rating too, just spam the money cheat and it will raise the rating by 50 as well