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  1. You can always check shops n buy a Cyro spike shield and get cyro splash damage on your stomp ability to help it further, but in that cave that was mentioned it is really easy, just kill that dude in there n then try to lead the small enemies to the cyro vein then jump and stomp when you see 3 are frozen
  2. Salt and Sanctuary
  3. The game isn’t awful it’s actually quite good, excluding the cringy and annoying npc chatter during races and the very annoying bleep every single time you pass through a checkpoint, the cash and upgrades department however has been monetised so you feel the need to go buy micro transactions, I mean the grand finale gives you a measly 22k, the same as any random race and you need over a million just to get 1 top end car from just 1 of the families, the fact they did this to a racing game is what annoys me, the whole point of a good racer is to have lots of fun cars to drive, and unless you want to grind for hours you won’t get to drive many at especially if your only playing for the platinum, but I guess we should all know by now... this is to be expected when you guy any game from Ubisoft, it’s what they do, I get your frustration though, I’m still upgrading my vanquish for the last trophy, only need 1 part and it’s so annoying when one drops and it’s one of those lower level ones, boring as hell isnt it, the grind to max a car takes way too long, but all in all a fun racer
  4. What gets me is people still think Elder Scrolls 6 will be good, it and Starfield are BOTH being made on the same engine Fallout 3, 4 and 76 was used on, 76 has the SAME bugs that were APPARENT IN F3, not only did they not fix them for fallout 3 during its time, but they left the same ones in for f4 and 76, but get this.... the modders even fixed ALL the bugs that appear on ALL of the games yet Bethesda couldn’t be bothered to implement them in updates or even the games themselves at launch, what’s worse is the list of bugs and glitches are ENDLESS, yet exploits are patched immediately... how many times can Bethesda screw over its fan base before everyone realises they are basically worse than EA, they don’t know how to patch anything because they are all corporate minded and completely incompetent by default, and on top of that, the engine is sooooo old and WAY past it’s use by date that trying to fix it is basically impossible anyway, but it’s easy to make a half assed game on so they continue to use it even though literally everyone has told them they need a new engine, until people stop buying their games the same garbage will pooor out, and they’re now destroying their other franchises, Bethesda is dead guys... dead lol That said ID games are still holding strong, they on the other hand are talented, but Bugthesda leech off of their success, to those of you considering buying Elder Scrolls 6, and or starfield, the humble side of me wants to wish you good luck, but the abused customer in me says you deserve it for continuing to fund Bethesda and their unacceptable business practices lol In hindsight, Bugthesda should release invincibility cheats into Wolfenstein 2 so as an apology so we can all do Mein Lieben and platinum that lol Petition anyone!! 👍😂
  5. If anyone wants to know if they should buy this game, I would refer you to LaymenGaming on YouTube personally, they will tell you all you need to know, how this was even passed I will never know, but each to their own! I guess..
  6. Thanks guys il try this later, it’s strange because there’s no progress bar for the download/install in the notifications tab on the pro, which is what’s throwing me off because it always has it 😂 trying to get on asap and start this community event but the powers that be don’t want me to plat this game... I pray the devs keep adding to the events @Han_the_Dragon did you have it/see it downloading in your notifications?
  7. Just bought the game, put the disc in (GOTY Edition) it says it copies the disc, it then downloads the patch 1.01 and then I load up the game and can only play the single event in Abu Dhabi, I get when people say you need to wait for the download to finish before you can play the rest of the game, I’m familiar with this on many games during install, except there is NO downloading from the disc, so I checked forums and I’m not the only one who’s had this issue simply starting the game, please tell me some lone knows how to sort this...
  8. So I suppose the only other question I have about this annoyance is that is it possible to go and do these events right at the start of the game with no owned cars etc and will doing them pop other trophies in between, because of the uncertainty I’d like to get the game and work solely on this community ambassador trophy, if it doesn’t unlock I’d like the chance to delete the trophies but if I need to progress or other trophies will unlock doing them I don’t wanna be stuck on 8% for example and not be able to delete it? Thanks in advance
  9. So what I’m confused about is that I asked if the platinum is still achievable and I was told no, but it’s all down to when the devs want to add more so it’s still technically achievable
  10. Main menu, multiplayer, legends of the wasteland for coop
  11. So new events will arrive just a case of when?
  12. I’m actually really upset about this, the game is only a few years old, and the platinum is already unobtainable, I only just did the online and plat for N4S Undercover, a game from 2008... I really wanted this and PC2 on my list and these devs have locked me out, can we not all band together and start a petition to keep this trophy live for another year or so, I tried to call the devs about it but typically they like to send you around in circles or put obstacles in your way so you can’t contact them, so angry lol
  13. I didn’t encounter any but one, the trophy for killing a jetpacker during decent didn’t unlock at any point through the game for me, even though I used the turret area in the guide and used different tactics to kill one, using rockets etc, nothing worked, I suspected it was because I was on ultra nightmare so I made a save on the authority bridge toward the end of the game where a dropship was about to drop some out, and after I finished the game I loaded that save, put the game on easy and just shot at the first guy with an assault rifle n boom platinum straight away, just be sure to follow the guide for collectibles as a lot of things are missable from the start, and be sure to play the wing stick game twice, if you’ve unlocked the trophy for winning all mini games your safe Also make lots of separate saves, don’t overwrite the same save all the time in case you missed something, it shouldn’t take you long to do, took me 2 weeks but I played other sessions in between as well so it’s fairly quick, following the collectibles guide and spending a few hours farming the cash glitch can add some time but all in all it’s a good game, it’s what I love about being a trophy hunter, I enjoy playing a lot of good fun games I missed in the past and I’m glad I did this one, rage 2 is good, played it at a friends so il grab that soon, good luck to u
  14. The game is actually very easy, just wait to do the time trials until you upgrade everything, the max boost helps a lot, as for fighting the enemies just use the money glitch in jackpots and max out your shotgun shells, then buy loads of schematic parts to build the pop rockets for the shotgun and build a few drones and turrets, don’t be afraid to use them as you can just use the money glitch to get more, and always keep your bandages equipped in case, it’s so easy with these items/ammo, that includes all side quests, the difficulty doesn’t increase doing side missions at all
  15. Thanks for the info, hopefully it’s implemented at some point