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  1. Both South Park games, if you have a good sense of humour, these are a must, also the GTA series has a lot of funny missions or cutscenes, specifically GTA5, some of the cutscenes had me good there. Beyond those, I don’t think there’s a big chunk of games you could say are comedic by nature, more so funny parts or characters, like Hurk from Farcry or some of the Borderlands characters etc; but these aren’t really funny games and I wouldn’t recommend them for this topic unless they’re in your backlog already, I’m sure people have posted a bunch of indies im yet to discover but definitely play those South Park games, I’m hoping they do another one at some point
  2. Yeah that’s true forgot about that one lol makes sense then now, I hitched a ride on a friends carrier to Sag A so
  3. After I purchased mine, I didn’t do any jumps, why do you need to after the trophy pops? I sold immediately after I was able and If I remember correctly I got 4.75bln return so It’s very generous especially if unused, just sad that it was basically the last thing I needed so I never really put that 5bln to better use for the game, all that grind just to let my hard earned wealth gather dust lol
  4. RDR2 single player is one of the best single player experiences of all time, it’s in my top 5 and Il bet it’s going to be a very long time before something else drops it out of that top 5, I highlight the single player because the other half (online mode) is complete trash, and with a 200h+ story mode If you do everything it has to offer, the online really isn’t needed, or wanted by most, there’s much better online games to play let’s leave it there. But Rockstar like to support their games with online to keep cash flow rolling in because they only release 1 game every 7yrs or so, but that’s because of the effort they put in to the single player, it takes that long to do, my point being, while the online is trash and adds 50h of grind on top of a 200h story that you DONT want to end, don’t restrict amazing games because of time? I played a 500h+ plat in Elite Dangerous because i enjoy space sims, yeah I could’ve had 15-20 mediocre plats instead but I don’t regret a second I spent on that, even if the plat was a struggle lol Ofc do what you want dude, but hell if trophy hunting meant I stopped playing great games just to pop a few plats I couldnt give a damn about I’d quit immediately.
  5. It’s a Ubisoft game, if youve played one you’ve played them all, wait until it’s very very cheap with all dlc, it’s what I do for every one of their games
  6. Quite a large chunk of games I still need to do on your list, and a nice few I could easily pick here, so il narrow it down to one I don’t actually own and isn’t already in my backlog Super Meat Boy
  7. @Pottercito_ if that’s the one with the 4 armour sets then you’ll have to go to that guy in the church on the edz, and failsafe on nessus, if both of those npcs are selling 2 of the sets then it’s still obtainable, you’ll have to reach lv11 with each if I remember to buy them, xur sells the other 2 sets, I was only missing the Gensym Knight set myself, but that’s why I recommend the last wish raid one, because everything else is basically only doable waiting on xur, and with the raid, you only have to get 1 exotic
  8. @Pottercito_ just checked your trophies and if your planning on 100%, I’d just like to add, you should prioritise 3 things while your playing, alongside levelling for the gm, you should get the destiny app, you can find fireteams on there for raids etc, your going to need to do a collection badge, and most are unobtainable now, the best one to go for is the last wish raid collection, and you should visit xur every week to purchase all exotics you need, and do his Xenology quest for cyphers to buy the 3 exotic vault weapons in the Osiris and Warmind collection badge, if you don’t have any luck with 1k voices by the time you get those Osiris, it’s a good one to go for on the side, as for the triumph seal, go for dredgen it’s the easiest, you may find gambit boring by the time you’ve done that tho lol The rest will come naturally going for those 3 trophies so good luck, I got my 1k last night and did the gm this morning, I can happily wash my hands of this now lol
  9. What he said, I will add though, every season the Grandmaster level increases, if all you have is forsaken, you will be extremely limited to the pinnacle rewards you will need once you reach the hardcap, so I would imagine you would have to dedicate every second of your free time levelling, and if you don’t make it, your back to square one next season. If you were to buy witch queen, not only is it good, but you’ll have access to much more pinnacles, and those pinnacles are more rewarding, and also access to the new raid which is the only raid offering pinnacle drops throughout, so I’d recommend buying it, but if your willing to spend even more time grinding this out to save money, I salute you lol
  10. It’s definitely doable sure, your just going to have to start grinding it hard, by the time you reach a gear score of 1550, only pinnacles will level you, and the time it takes to get those last 10 levels if you don’t have Witch Queen is going to seem like an age, but it’s going to be just as crazy a grind going for a +25 artifact, you’d better start bounty farming like a mofo, wait until your on with clan members to hand them all in for max xp rewards. Getting gm ready is no joke, it’s an online mmo and the gm is end game content, you will have to work for it sure, but for every dlc you don’t own it’s slowing you down, locking you out of pinnacles each week, and essentially the new raid offering the best loot, up to 5-6 pinnacles your missing out big time, good luck tho, hope your pinnacle drops are kind to you each week, but regardless your going to want to start playing a lot
  11. Block... done... enough said, pathetic people will always be pathetic, letting them rile you up and responding to them just makes you as bad as them really, and all your doing is fuelling them, giving them an excuse to carry on doing it, bc your response is exactly what they want lol just block em lol I remember back in the days of ps3 when it was every open lobby, was just the culture, and it was more of an effort to manually mute them as it was to just say something back, but at some point you need to kinda grow up n just ignore it, and the added fact that everyone is extremely sensitive now. my point, why waste your time at all? So many times playing BF5 or D2 or basically anything online these days I’ve wanted to message some noob who’s topping lobbies using some sort of cheat or enhancement, like dying to a hand cannon or scout rifle in the crucible that fired an entire clip faster than a sub machine gun. but I’m old school, I remember when online gaming was fair for everyone, and it all came down to your individual skill because everyone had the same thing you were holding, not some noob that’s binding 4 to 5 inputs with a press of a single button, like those sprint/slide/shotgun noobs, or rapid fire noobs emptying bolt action clips in half a second, it completely destroys the balancing of the game, it’s cheating, but I don’t waste my time because that’s gaming now, everyone’s doing it, because everyone wants to be on a level playing field instead of getting owned while you n your stuck hitting respawn every 5 seconds with your DualShock, but I get over it, it’s a game, there’s enough hate going around, gaming is supposed to be chill so.
  12. This season is a good chance to get GM ready, you can play the campaign on legend, completing it will drop 1520 gear, then at 1550 you’ll have to do all pinnacle rewards, the new raid drops a possible of 5 or 6 pinnacles a week I think, if you get the hidden chest and shoot the 3 hidden conflux’s throughout the run, Rhulk wil give double drops, you’ve got time but If your not up to 1520 yet I’d start to get a move on for sure, getting gm ready, completing a collection badge and finishing a triumph seal are all you need to worry about really, though I’ve heard reports that since void 3.0 dropped, people are not able to pop the subclass trophy, don’t know the full details there but if you don’t have the subclass trophies yet I’d investigate before starting
  13. Me personally, I think there soooo many good games out there, we could never have the time to play them all, so I’d rather play something new over something I really loved playing before, that said, there’s a few I definitely would, if I had a PS5 I would have replayed demons souls, but I’d have done it on an alt acc and not worried about the stack, or the plat all together, I’d have played it purely for the love I have for the original, same would go for the dead space remake I hear is in development, or if they ever remade resident evil remake.. again lol I’d be happy to put my trophy list on hold while I enjoy a few deeply loved games to avoid stacking them, only because I have a bit of ocd and just hate the idea of having 2 of the same game, just prefer each plat to be unique, but yeah I’d play them on an alt for sure, but only games that I consider special to me, but there’s so many I haven’t yet played so I’d really have to love it to choose it over something new luckily there’s been a few games that I enjoyed in the past that didn’t have trophies so I’ve been able to enjoy them again and got the plat for the first time, can’t wait for the RE4 remake personally
  14. I’m strongly opinionated I guess, but I’m not a toxic prick, we all think differently, and anyone’s opinions should be respected as the next person, we can strongly disagree, or agree ofc, but we’re all like minded here in the sense we all love gaming, we’re all part of the community 👍, I strongly disagree I can’t be included in this posts original list, because I have hidden games, none of which are stacks either but I’m not gonna cry about it lol
  15. Touché, but then should we consider dirt 2,3,4 stacks? If I did F1 2016 twice then that’s stacked, but again, sure that’s open to debate, I mean Ubisoft release a new assassin’s creed every year just like Codemasters do with f1 games, do we consider the ac games stacks too? No because they are by default new games, but essentially they’re just the same game with a different story line, same with the far cry games. I don’t see them as stacks because I could do 2016 twice, that would be a stack, but yeah I’m happy to throw my list into debate with those of people feel they’re stacks, I don’t so that’s all that matters, to me anyway lol