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  1. Il be waiting until the full game and dlc goes on offer, usually drops to £5-£8 for the entire bundle, did the same for Hot Pursuit, I had HP on disc, turned out cheaper to buy the game again on digital with all dlc for £5 when it was on offer, as oppose to £20-30 for the dlc alone, traded in my hard copy for £3 so I ended up with everything for £2, well, not including the £8 it cost for the redundant hard copy in the first place but still, best to wait for anything PS3 related to go on offer, holding off on RE:ORC for the same reason
  2. They should have called this game Resident Evil: Bullet Sponge
  3. It’s meant to be hard, seeing as I’m one of the players who found this relatively comfortable to deal with, I don’t have any issue with the difficulty, in fact I was crying out for some hard rally trophies, however, I am under no illusion this trophy was designed for the 1% of gamers, and if I was on the bad end of this I’d be in the Codemasters forums displaying my feelings on it lol the same as speed runs in some games, designed specifically for the 0.1% of YouTube speed runners, who I might add for the most part could care less about trophy hunting, there’s never any balance, devs these days either give you easy pointless trophies or they’re impossible for the majority, fact is this is here and it’s not going away, all I can offer you is that if you care about earning 100% for games, don’t buy them until the game is finalised with all dlc so you can see what your invested in, that’s how I buy games now, say for a few where I like to support the devs and know they won’t screw us over, I’ve built a backlog and I have no reason to get screwed now, good luck with them tho, if you can do 1 you can do them all
  4. Ahh ok, thanks for the info, yea you were very quick in 4-6 Sweden lol I’m about 4 seconds off your first stage time, guess I need to practice more on this one
  5. @Alexgaara been keeping up with you the whole way through, within a few seconds of each other, I’m on the last few now but I can’t match your times in the last Sweden event, and the times you posted still only gave a couple seconds leeway, any chance of some yt vids on those stages with the focus?
  6. @talespagni it’s a long time since I played it but, id probably give it a 6/10, just from what I remember
  7. In terms of difficulty I’d say base game and dlc seasons 1-3 (2-3/10) only put a 3 there because of the Quattro daily but it isn’t that hard at all season 4 (7-10) the 39’ second lap time is tougher than you may think unless your a god at Rallycross, and winning against ultimate AI would be very hard if not for the rain Colin McRae dlc (10/10) this dlc is nuts, you’ll be maximum attack on EVERY event, and meeting the requirements for the objectives are not kind in regards to mistakes, to get all of these done on very hard is going to take time, dedication, patience and a lot of skill, I’m only half way through the 2nd set of events and it’s not getting any easier lol so if you plan to 100% this game, make sure you are very good at it, good luck to all Besides the difficulty spike for the trophies in the last 2 dlc, this game is a MUST have for any Rally fan or racing enthusiast, it’s not only the best Rally game ever made, I’d wager the best racer in general, or at least top 3 ever made, it’s fun, challenging, addictive, immersive as hell, its pure to its core
  8. Well, historically they don’t know how to code properly, but yea in this case it was a misleading trophy description, Shelter still has bugs
  9. Well not so much of a glitch as it is POOR developing and game coding by Bethesda once more, but the game only seems to count the 20th legendary for the trophy, meaning if you have 19 legendary outfits and you do a quest where you collect 2, you’ll end up at the vault and the counter will go to 21 and you’ll miss the trophy, great... luckily I can revert to an earlier save but still, Bethesda can’t even get a simple game right
  10. Movies aren’t as great as they used to be, not that great ones don’t come out but they’re a lot rarer imo, latest movie I saw that was worthy of a mention was Hacksaw Ridge, fantastic movie really, even more so considering it was based of a true story, obviously over exaggerated for film but still
  11. Well I was going to link, but I scrolled through a few pages and judging what your all listening to I don’t think there’s anyone here that would appreciate my style lol
  12. So many, COD4 back in the day, Battlefield 3 and 4, Dark Souls trilogy, Demons Souls, Dirt Rally 1 and 2, The Last Of Us, Resident Evil 4, Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid, id probably have an extra 100-200 platinums if it wasn’t for these games
  13. I found the X2 objective pet naturally but only late into my vault, tbh it’s not worth wasting the time doing it, as you’ll still need to grind for the loot needed to build all themes and reach 100 quests, and the 20 legendary weapons/armour, all the long grindy trophies kind of go up around the same sort of time by playing so either way you’ll have to wait to do at least one of them, unless you plan on spending stupid money on quantum, but then why would you throw money at Bethesda willingly on a free game lol you could pre order a new AAA title for the asking price of skipping time in this game, so not worth it, wasting all that time re rolling for a pet to get one of the trophies a bit earlier seems like wasted time, I just got the objective trophy and I still need to do 30 quests, and most of the ones I need to do are 19h wait times lol I’d still unlock it before the 100 quests without Rosie (X2) the raiders I still need 8 but I flew through the early levels of the vault, if your starting out, keep your dwellers below 30 and raiders will be much more common as radscorpions and deathclaws wont show until you’ve gone past 30-60
  14. Why Codemasters don’t just turn off collisions online is puzzling to me, they are clearly aware of the griefers in droves that play F1, but your right they don’t know how to do online and every game they release has buggy trophies, it’s a shame cos they make great racing games, they just need to replace the people in charge of these 2 issues and they’d be fine, their official forums aren’t much better either, they basically do their best to ignore these issues
  15. Not sure if I should use a session for this, but does anyone have a shared story where the 2nd player (me) can would be controlling Conrad in Glamour Girl and Alex in Matters Of The Heart At the end, my last 2 collectibles I did a curator cut run on solo and can’t grab secret 2 or white picture 1