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  1. You can turn off the cell shading effect in options, the game has other filters too and can be played without a filter, strange they showcased the game with one enabled il agree, i think it looks ok really, obviously isnt going to win game of the year but its free so whats to complain about, not one for poor online games but its coming so il judge it when ive played it, i hope it has an extra platinum like resistance did
  2. Completely agree, i dont bother starting a game unless i know i can 100% it, and Concrete Genie free this month has a VR only DLC, like really??... I either have to spend a huge chunk of money on something i dont actually want to finish your game or completely miss the game altogether... Great business idea from the Genie devs there!! I dont mind if they want to VR everything up, so long as the core game is made for a controller and nothing is trying to force us into the VR aspect, it should be an optional bonus for those who want to own one, Resident Evil 7 is a perfect example of how u can make an amazing AAA title with VR, VR is not the future, it may well be in the future in arcades and gaming stores, hell i can even see buildings being built in the futue like those escape rooms you can go to, except you pay to enter a room and the room itself is a huge screen simulation with rolling floors for you to run on the spot etc, n sensor suits you have to wear lol, but thats some futuristic shit... many many years away lol but even then though, hand held controls will ALWAYS be the root of gaming at home, and thats where we all game at the end of the day, to me VR is nothing more than an overpriced, and unrefined gimic
  3. Yea some dev teams really abuse cheap uninspiring ways to keep the player playing as long as possible while keeping development time and cost down to a minimum and collectibles are one of the easier solutions for them to do so, Ubisoft are a big abuser of this, almost every AC game has this, along with 100% synchronization, Ubisoft games are just designed to be grinded and its an unsettling thought to even start one, as ive done most ACs already. As trophy hunters collectibles generally become nothing more than a time wasting obstacle and only slow our progress which is why we tend to dislike them, that coupled with the fact weve scoured countless maps over and over in search of the next plat it just makes it all too monotonous most of the time, so i agree from a trophy hunting perspective, but im also for content, anything that expands the play time in any given game is welcome from a 'is the content worth the price tag' perspective, but i also agree they should be more engaging, like in the Batman series, the more collectibles obtained the more character lore etc you would unlock, so i felt i was learning more about the Batman universe which made hunting the collectibles worth it, and more importantly, bareable lol as oppose to what you mentioned already, spending hours running around picking up multiple pointless stuff with no purpose or reward... except that shiny bronze i guess, yea F collectibles
  4. Its probably the exact same, if the trophy list is identical then one isnt going to be easier than the other, the ps4 version may run slightly better and feel more comfortable to drive with a more modern controller but were talking about the same game with the same trophy list so i cant see why this is troubling you, plus its N4S, theyre all easy platinums arent they lol
  5. Its rude of someone to ask a question in a responsible non toxic polite manor? Maybe this guy just, hmm idk, wasnt around when this topic was dealt with in the past, which would mean he didnt have the information you do, which leaves him with 2 options, spend 2 minutes asking, or who knows how long wading through all the different threads to try and find what hes looking for, heres an idea, if your bored of answering this question dont bother with the thread at all Fact is dude, its prolly quicker for any user of this site to just google all the info they wanna find out, but were a community arent we? A community where moderators label the everyman as being 'rude' for asking a polite question, or called 'rudely ignorant' because they dont know everything you do.. yet pawn off hostility as 'impatience' from the less polite of us, all be it extremely mild, tame hostility but still, im not sure thats fair? I mean it would have cost less time to just answer the question... again lol I suspect it will eventually get a remaster, hoping for another version of Most Wanted too without all the missionary online, be nice to see a Carbon, Underground, Pro Street plats as well
  6. Why is there a milestone for 1337?
  7. Oh, well i was told this from someone else so i guess it was false information then, cant say i bothered to check seeing as i finished it ages ago myself, its slightly possible the requirement to pop the trophy was changed but the trophy description wasnt? Maybe someone whos done both could clarify? Beyond that i guess i was just misinformed, if the information was wrong however, my apologies
  8. You need to go to the top of the headquarters and wall run across to the other end, thats where the elevator for the tomb is, dont forget the chest hidden behind the roots at the back end of the elevator, i just finished 100%, nothing in this game is missable, but what a chore im glad i never need to go back to Zeffo, like EVER
  9. I think generally people seem to agree on Demon's Souls being 'easier' but to be honest theyre all more or less the same curve, each game has a couple challenging sections or bosses, bloodborne has different mechanics than souls, the removal of shields entirely being the most daunting of changes, but its made up for by giving the player a gun to stagger enemies like a shield parry would if timed correctly, and a very generous dodge mechanic that grants the player damage immunity if timed well too, more than makes up for not having a black knight shield Still to play Sekiro, that would be considered the harder game probably, lots of others are good tto
  10. #201 Resident Evil 3, So Long R.C
  11. It has been made easier in ways, the platinum is certainly easier than the original, the rng has been vastly improved for the pure bladestone drop, in the original the rate was a 0.01% drop rate and literally took me months of farming, and frame rates, more fluid character controls will naturally make things easier, i only really decided to post to tell you that if you enjoy this game, you MUST play the Souls trilogy, you owe it to yourself, if you can do one you can do them all and you would be missing out on 3 fantastic worlds to explore, youll thank yourself for doing them, il never forget some of the bosses and areas from those games, my favorite boss in the entire series is probably Sir Aloane, he was hard, every boss should have been that difficult, a lot were too easy, also the Ornstein and Smough fight was cool, i miss playing them all
  12. You do mean to be a jerk, personally im ok with spending $4 to neutralize 2 unwanted speedruns, i have already farmed the kills and got the coins and infinite rocket launcher, did it in 2h, it is easy, but i now need to do to 2 speedruns just to unlock a difficulty to do ANOTHER speedrun, paying to unlock that difficulty isnt 'cheating'... its 'time saving' its not like the game is impossible without this lol, so its hardly a cheat... Speedruns just arent enjoyable, i have to skip all cutscenes, sprint through the game, why would you want to play that way unless your a YouTuber looking for likes, id rather do 3 'kill everything' runs and enjoy the game 3 times, its too short as is, i was planning on buying inferno, earning the plat in 2 less runs then playing another run enjoying the game as it should be played, but now i wont bother screw doing 4 runs, il take my $4 loss, do it 'legit' in your eyes and be thankful i learned this region crap over a $4 DLC and not a $20 one
  13. My USA copy is physical, i get that anything digital would be region based but i have the game installed, region based DLC or not it should recognize the base game is installed on my system at least, i would understand it not working if the base game was also digital from another region but a region free disc? Doesn't make sence to me, its not a big loss i know, but still
  14. Recently just finished my last 2 unhidden PS3 games, POPTTT and Sniper: Ghost Warrior I only really have 1 unfinished game and 1 not started game left Battlefield: Bad Company (82%) Ace Combat: Assault Horizon I fell at the last hurdle after a few long years of cleaning up my list, but unless theres a solid group that can lock down a server so we can boost quickly and effectively il just pass, ps3 games arent worth the stress anymore, i felt such a weight lift when i unplugged the console, i have games ive never owned on my list when years ago i had mates over a lot, so until sony let my delete what was never mine to begin with il never truly have a pure 100% list, but im cool with it, i run psnp as my main list anyway and a blue H next to my golden P doesnt bother me, im content with hiding BFBC1 unless a real reliable group is around, finishing that would also spur me on to start n finish Ace too, the BFBC1 plat is so stressful tho, getting a reliable group is harder than doing it altogether, the less games i have to open sessions for the better, F the ps3 and its horrible never ending online grind Commendations to those of you clearing your backlogs tho, bar these 2 games im basically done, i have to say tho, im having so much more fun clearing my ps4 backlog, a lot less stressful and not much left online BFBC1 will forever be a thorn in my side until i finish it tho, anyone in a SERIOUS group please personal message me Happy hunting
  15. Ripp3r is correct, if you plan on doing the DLC, the miles driven is dramatically decreased with the ps4 version, based on that alone i would say do the ps4 version but i dont know how messed up it is, all i can say is i dont remember any issues on ps3, but i do remember being bored half to death driving up and down the freeway for hours... and hours