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  1. Problem is us trophy hunters care about how our list looks so we buy a shed load of games to add to said list, thus creating an impossible job for ourselves, always adding more games faster than we can finish what we already have, adding stress to an otherwise fun activity, and constantly feel the need to make good progress every day so we can tick games off the ever expanding list, this is why it feels like work, there’s simply not enough hours in the day. For me I’ve spent the last 5 years juggling my PS3 and PS4, as years ago I wasn’t really a trophy hunter and i had to go back and 100% all my old games, I had bfbc1 remaining and I just ended up hiding it at 83%, I have hidden games anyway so it’s just not worth the stress anymore, gaming is supposed to be fun, after years of hammering trophies I’m starting to see that more
  2. I don’t mind waiting a month, just as long as it’s fixed, the only thing I don’t want is my 100% locked out, for me this game is one of the best games of its year, certainly the best indie of the PS4 era as a whole, it would suck so bad if they ruined everyone’s possibility of earning 100%, can’t wait for Remnant 2
  3. Can all the multiplayer be done with just 2 players?
  4. That’s positive news, thanks for the reply
  5. Any news on if the devs are currently fixing this trophy, we got 1 patch since 2923 launched but it’s still broken
  6. If memory serves yes Squadrowned is the only online trophy, the rest can actually be done solo, there’s only 2 missions that are a little difficult but I was still able to do them solo
  7. Ok thanks @Kittet3
  8. Looking for a mint condition copy of the Bloodborne saw blade edition steelbook, will pay well for it, message me if you have one and we can negotiate, thanks
  9. If anyone has a mint condition copy of the Bloodborne Saw Cleaver edition steelbook i’d be willing to pay a very good price for it, if you have one and would be willing to sell it for a high price send me a private message on psnp, thanks
  10. So do all requirements still need to be met in 1 run with the new patch or can you tick off some, redo the mission and focus on the others you missed? I think in RDR1 you could do some tick them off and focus on others, not that I can do this until I buy a new PS4 anyway, can’t even run RDR2 for 15 mins without getting a notification saying my Pro is too hot, my heat sync paste is completely gone, have to wait for another 100gb install yay
  11. I saw the thread title and if I’m honest was going to come in here and tell all the whiners to quit their whining, but reading through I’m at peace with the fact multiple people have already said what I wanted to say, the game was a masterpiece, if your one of those people that ruined the entire game for yourself because you were too stupid to read all the spoilers and whining then that’s on you, you’re at fault, but for all of us that didn’t, the game was epic really, GOOD ON YOU to all who played the game spoiler free and enjoyed the game, may your life be long, and may your death be swift 👌
  12. I like that she pursued the fireflies, it ties in with her story well, firstly she’s going after what her best friend/lover wanted to do, they were going to leave the wolves and do that anyway, and she’s carrying on her fathers legacy, both Abbi and Ellie were both consumed by rage and revenge for so long, it’s good that she now sees clearly and her life has meaning again, that’s essentially the story, of how both of them overcome their loss and hatred, I was praying Ellie would let her live as she was drowning her, they’d both endured so much, Ellie just wanted to win, she did and then did the right thing by letting Abbi live, it was a good story and a good game. we all have our own interpretation of the game and it’s closure I guess, but I’m sound with how it all happened, it was essentially a masterpiece, just one players opinion
  13. 100 bosses in a row 😂😂😂 it’s 100 bosses total, and if you’ve played it you’ll know it’s too much....
  14. It’s random wether barbed terror spams his spikes or not, it doesn’t work how it should, sometimes boss attacks just stick on repeat, sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not, I’ve had barbed terror before where he hasn’t shot a single spike, other times the spikes come as soon as the last one finishes, and they do not stop, meaning it’s a wipe, it’s a bugged mess this game, I’ve fought canker before where all he does is run from 1 end to the other non stop, literally stood at the entrance and fired, didn’t have to move, he’s an easy boss anyway, the problem is the bosses I mentioned, they aren’t tuned for survival, they’re tuned for main characters with all traits maxed and all the mods you need to fight them, and weapons maxed so you can deal the required damage, like Ixillis, when it charges up the scream, if you dont damage it enough it wipes you, in campaign that attack spools up long enough for 1 player to dps both butterflies and take out both attacks solo, in survival however, it spools up in half the time, and even so, 3 players all hammering 1 of the butterflies still can’t damage it enough to stop it, it’s overtuned to begin with, and these fuking bosses need to be tailored to characters with barely any traits and weapons dealing lv3 damage not lv20 damage, it’s just a joke, these devs are spending all their time micro managing pointless things, to give you an example m, the typewriter damage per bullet, before latest patch did 11 damage, they buffed it to..... 12 damage, that’s how tight these indie devs are with regards to making things “easier”, and they’re not focusing on the op bosses that need to be addressed for this mode, and more importantly, the connection is a joke, can barely hold out to reach 10 bosses, it takes an average of 3 hours to reach boss 10 and 60% of the time it’s either a crash or a disconnect before you can even get to 10 All they need to do is just stop being so stubborn and make NORMAL doable, if it’s too easy all we have to do is chose hard or higher, simple really
  15. Yea it’s pure bs, reached boss 10 twice, 1st time died to barbed terrror cos the spikes are constantly getting shot out and it’s impossible, pretty sure it’s bugged when it does that constantly, then second time the host blue screened, today the game difficulty seemed harder for some reason, couldn’t even get past boss 5, Gorefist needs explosive adds changed Riphide needs a limit on how many pulse attacks they can do Barbed Terror should NEVER roll unless you have Veil Of The Black Tear, and needs the spikes fixed Ixillis is way to op in survival, that charge scream it does to wipe the party, it spools up in half the time it does in campaign and bc we’re using low level guns, all 3 of us were pumping its weak point to stop the attack from the moment it started and we still weren’t able to do enough damage to stop it, not only that, the other one was also charging..... fukin unbeatable and WTF is with the amount of adds in the Dream Eater fight, that boss needs serious health reduction, much less adds and when it does spawn the add attack, maybe have them stupid ghosts swipe once, they swipe 3 times and every hit staggers you, it’s an absolute joke The bosses are all designed for the main character in campaign with all gear and mods in play, and you just don’t have the shit you need to kill some of them, or the damage output, I mean literally EVERYTHING gets taken away from you in survival, and all these stupid devs have done to compensate for losing ALL gear is boss health reduced by 15%..... these idiots need to stop micro managing everything and just make it doable on fuking NORMAL, if we want the challenge we are more than capable of turning up the difficulty ourselves by choosing to play on apocalyptic or whatever, normal should be easy, I hate this shit and I just want it done now