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  1. A good fun game to play with a mate or 2, stress free platinum, although there’s just 1 hard section on extreme if going for 100% but other than that but it’s easy, I like the narrator, he’s funny, being English myself especially, the dlc is only worth it on a deal I would say, only adds 3 missions which are a cake walk with all the gems and weapons of your choosing, even extreme was too easy say for the previously mentioned single section, but all in all a fun game, recommend it to anyone still pondering this one
  2. Thanks, 4 glitches now I’m so bored, il use this and hope it pops, I mean seriously who makes a walking simulator but thought it was a good idea to make the walking the SLOWEST EVER and then give you a bugged trophy to make you walk through the game over and over... and over until it finally pops, even with holding R2 the whole way I’m starting to drift off to sleep here
  3. They'll keep charging money for this as long as dumb people keep paying for it lol, for those who are playing for the first time or whatever its a good game, so im not having a go or anything, well, except for those idiots who have thrown their cash at Bethesda for EVERY release of this, they enable this lol but yeah this must be a world record, Bethesda will never release gold so i guess they need to find alternative accolades to keep what little motivation they have rolling, by the way, to anyone debating purchasing anything from Bethesda in the next few years, YES, its going to suck just like everything else, because everything they make will while they persist with using their ANCIENT engine, just a forewarning
  4. # - * Apache: Air Assault (UR) Batman: Arkham Knight (UR) Chronos: Before The Ashes (UR) Dirt Rally 2.0 (UR) Everspace (UR) Fallout 3 (UR) God Of War (UR) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Infamous (UR) Journey To The Savage Planet (UR) Killzone 2 (UR) Lords Of The Fallen (UR) Metro: Last Light (UR) Nioh (UR) Onrush (UR) Project Cars 3 (UR) Queen’s Quest 2 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (UR) Sniper Elite 4 (UR) The Evil Within (UR) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (UR) Vampyr (UR) Wipeout HD (UR) Xenon Racer (UR) Y - * Zotrix (UR) Almost a full list, I have a few Y games ready to go at some point, maybe I shoulda waited until I could max the list before posting, but then I don’t really wanna add any 0-9 games to be honest, will have to check through and see what I can add to H and Q to UR them along with a Y, Epsilon Rank has a nice ring to it
  5. Can someone please inv me to a lv50 crew so I can unlock the Ferrari FXXK, if you need the space il leave it afterwards, just want the car unlock, thanks
  6. Thanks for the info, I really wanted to pre order this, but I knew something might not go as planned lol, glad the game has mostly positive feedback though, that was the other factor I wanted to wait on. Obviously the fans that wanted the horror aspect like Isolation didn't get what they want but it’s not trying to be that so il take it for what it is, an action shooter, il wait for a patch then, thanks again
  7. Does this prevent the platinum currently
  8. So are all trophies single player?
  9. Quite easy as @Johnathan994 only has 12 plats and I have 11 of them already lol, so by default.. Final Fantasy 15 But it’s one I do wish was 100% on my list without me having to grind it out, especially with the issues around actually obtaining 100% now
  10. Same thing happened to all the PS4 owners for the newest Dirt 5 DLC, as soon as the devs were notified it was fixed in 1-2 working days, as long as the devs are aware you should be up and running very soon
  11. @turniplord what these guys said, thanks for the help it’s much appreciated, any idea on eta for the fix, is it something that should be fixed by today or? Also regarding the trophies that have... sort of unlocked, I’m assuming they’ll just sync with the network once fixed and we won’t have to meet requirements again?
  12. Just to add to this, on my PS4 Pro, I earned the trophy ‘Shore Thing’ from the DLC, it popped as it should on my PS4, but still shows as 0% for the DLC, no rise in trophy percentage, the default blank trophy icon is still showing it’s locked like I haven’t earned it, all trophies on the DLC are displaying 0.0% and my trophy list is in a constant state of trying to sync that trophy to the network, but it can’t, that’s every time I open my trophy list btw. it’s trying to sync like I’ve earned a new trophy every time I open the list, I’ve since earned the rest of the trophies for the other 2 DLC and some more from the base game, all which have synced as usual and work fine, but my trophy list is still locked in a sync battle for the Shore Thing trophy, it knows I’ve unlocked it, it’s trying to sync every time I open my trophy list, like every time, it’s getting frustrating. This entire DLC basically appears to be ‘missing’ from the network, as far as PS4 is concerned Also, this can’t be region based, as shown, the DLC is showing 0.0% on PS4 across the board, on my PS4, and here on PSNP, if people from other regions didn’t have this issue it would surely add them mathematically to the number of owners in the DLC tab and all the trophies would have an unlocked percentage? @turniplord
  13. Just stumbled upon this and was wondering why Fallout: New Vegas doesn’t have their DLCs named, if you are able to change them their respective names are as follows Honest Hearts Old World Blues Dead Money Lonesome Road Gun Runners Arsenal
  14. Yeah it’s very very strange I’ve never seen a trophy patch go live where you can actually earn the trophies but nothing syncs online, on here it’s still showing that the DLC has 0 owners as well, it’s this damned PS5 effing everything up, the way the cross platform is worked or something I assume, trouble with trophies over so many games new and old, it’s so poorly optimised in areas, and I hate those big thumbnails too, just eww, but I can’t remember the last time Codemasters released a game where every trophy worked, every game has at least 1 if not more trophies that needs to be patched, wether it’s base or DLC, I absolutely love their games they build pure racers, the best racers imo, but I actually realllly dislike D5 because it’s arcade over D4 and DR2s pure gritty realistic rally stages, but I’m ocd and prefer to have the entire franchise on my list, as far as their trophies are concerned, this has become an unwelcome trend of Codeys and they need to address it, I actually held off on earning the plat on this because I almost knew this would happen, I’d rather hide a platinum that I can’t 100% personally, I’m sure it will get sorted but the point is we’re all forced to wait for Codemasters to sort it out... yet again... Except this time my personal trophy list is stuck in a never ending loop of trying to sync a trophy it can’t find, yay
  15. Slain: Back From Hell Butcher Rive