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  1. It doesn’t need to be a delta daily, any daily in the Group B class is fine @Gumby114 not sure if you’ve done one yet but Group B dailies are quite common and as long as your pretty decent at the game getting top tier shouldn’t be difficult if your worth your salt as a racer, if you have the skill though, I’d recommend going for the dlc trophies, the McRae Flatout dlc was awesome, and doing them all on very hard is where the games real challenge lies, but if your new to the game I’d learn the locations like the back of your hand before tackling the McRae dlc, you will need to be on maximum attack throughout. Im glad your enjoying it, personally I think this is the best racing game ever made, still playing it today as I’m on a personal quest to unlock all the engine mapping for every car in the game, can’t wait for DR3 too, good luck
  2. Ok, and thanks I appreciate you chilling, n yeah good for you on finding enjoyment out of the game, sad I wasn’t able to for the most part cos I was excited to jump into it n I lapped up all the lies before it released so was disgusted with what I actually played at launch, but back to topic at hand I just hope I never have to reinstall it, and for every dlc Bethesda make me play to keep my 100% platinum/dlc record intact is another future game of there’s I cross off my to buy list lol
  3. Absolutely not at all, my comments appear to be upsetting you though, and that’s ok but honestly don’t take it as some personal attack lol I just checked your list and you’ve got tons of amazing quality games there, so you must know how badly made it is, not to say you can’t enjoy something bad, I kinda did in parts bc there’s just something cool about roaming around in a fallout universe, bc the one thing they do nail, is a strong sense of immersion, but dude they still got the same bugs n glitches… of which by the way are effing PAGES long, literally, which were present way back in fallout 3… yes THREE, and they still haven’t fixed them, because they’re still using the same engine from the 90s or whenever it was in use, it probably predates the 90s lol I’ve never seen a game that functions so badly, in every aspect, frame rate issues are astronomical, graphic bugs… so many graphic bugs, loading glitches, game breaking quest bugs, unresponsive aiming that feels ancient, poor voice acting, diabolical quest design, boring uninspiring story arks, the WORST balancing issues of ALL TIME, enemies frequently immune to damage, server crashing, an inventory space so small that you can barely pick anything up…. In a looter shooter… hoarding loot is literally the fookin purpose of a fallout game, which by the way is capped so heavily to keep their very poor servers from crashing… more than they already do… I could go on, some of these are down to person preference sure but the core issues with the engine the game was even built upon are undeniable, and let’s not forget the blatant corporate driven deceptive sales tactics that saw Todd Howard lie through his teeth to the face of all the companies loyal fans, and an extremely overpriced store, all these, if you have ANY standards at all, are just inarguable, so I have to ask, what are you getting salty about exactly? All this can be true, and you can still have fun playing it, no one can take enjoyment away from anyone, like I said, in parts I enjoyed it, but I’m not in denial about how bad the game is because I’ve played well made games and I appreciate them so much more
  4. I’m not a troll, I’m just talking facts, like I said you can enjoy whatever if you want, but don’t try to argue it’s a well made game… dude please lol
  5. If it’s so good you can’t wait to jump back in, why do you need trophies to entice you, just go play it? I just say cos most people that know anything about this POS can’t wait to see the back of it, not hating on anyone who actually enjoys playing it, just feel sad for you that you have absolutely no standards whatsoever lol Each to their own though before all the fallout fanboys attack me, I get it, I used to be one of them myself, I know there’s just something about them at times, n then I took a step back and really saw bugthesda for what it is…. Todd the god lol….. Of Deception and lies… aaaaand astronomically poor quality standards lol
  6. The Magma Blade? I got lucky, that mage in the throne room further up drops a rare staff too n I got both of those within 10 runs I think, you win some you lose some I guess lol, good weapon too. Also, praise the maggots 🤘
  7. As with all the souls games I play, I set myself the task of acquiring every item these games have to offer, and after 350h I can now say I’ve achieved it on Elden Ring, im 4 out of 5 including the og Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls trilogy, missing only the Obsidian Greatsword from hacking off Kalameet’s tail in Dark Souls 1. I’m just wondering if many others do the same for these games or games in general. If so, what was the hardest item you had to acquire throughout all of Mayazaki’s games. For me it’s easily the Pure Bladestone from Demon’s Souls, that rock took me about 2 months to farm, even with a 0.1 drop rate that’s some serious bad luck, in Elden Ring it was probably the Pumpkin Helmet or the Celebrant’s Sickle but they don’t even come close in comparison
  8. I can relate, cuphead wont be one of them for me bc I just find precision platformers a bit too difficult, they’re not my forte, and honestly I just cant be bothered lately lol But if trophies stop you doing something you wanna do you should prolly retire n start enjoying games again. I’m currently 300h into my 2nd playthrough of Elden Ring and I’m on a mission to acquire every single item in the game, almost there il finish with 350-400h or so clocked. I wanted to max everything too but there’s only 8 sombers per run, just having it all will have to do. You gotta enjoy games how you wanna, I take my hat off to anyone who doesn’t restrict themselves to trophies only. Kudos to anyone who completely S ranks this one too, I can finish it but it’s gonna take some practice, my skills lie elsewhere.
  9. You can kill an invader in a later area for rivers of blood and spec for dex and arc n just L2 the albinaurics in mohgwyn palace starting grace for fast rune farming, quickest I’ve found so far, probably one of the best farming spots so I guess people go there to farm if you can get there without popping a trophy, any weapon with a good high damage skill really just to make the run quicker, there’s a weapon that does a shockwave of light which is by far the fastest but I think it’s one of the end game boss weapons, so they’d have to pop a trophy to get it I’m sure, but even without it it’s still quicker than than burning arrows on this bird, but you don’t need to get that high a level to beat the game easily, I imagine there’s a very few select people that are even at 700 plus let alone trophy hunters, I’ve put almost 300h in and I’m only 160 lol But I’m playing to earn every item, so a lot of runes has gone on levelling gear of which I’ve got most of now, ....lots of runes
  10. Personally I’d recommend playing one of the good ones if it’s your first ac. origins, black flag, syndicate or something, but they’re all the same really, they all kinda suck, if you’ve done 1 you’ve done them all, so you might as well do one that’s bearable
  11. Can’t say I’ve read through any of the topics here so forgive me if this has already been covered, but if you have disc version, just play without installing any of the patches, if you run it on launch version, if I remember correctly everything works fine apart from the trophy where you have to recruit all the capos, or kill them, one of those lol but if it doesn’t pop, you can do a new game after and the kills/recruitments carry over in the trophy checklist so a second playthrough should pop it, if you speed run you can finish the game multiple times in a day so it’s not too bad, shame this game has a few issues regarding popping the trophies because it’s freaking awesome
  12. Never understand why people wanna auto pop and stack, guess I’m old fashioned too, but it’s a complete waste of time, and earns your list 0 respect, at least I know when someone looks at my list they can see I’ve done all the hard work for every plat on there. I just wish Sony would sort out the points system with trophies and earning 0 points for auto popping ANY platinum would be a start. But complaining about not being able to auto pop really grinds my gears, why should you be able to earn double the points as everyone who doesn’t tarnish their lists with copies for putting in the same time n effort as us, I’m assuming it’s all for “ranking”, but seriously has anyone ever checked the top rankers lists out, they all look like trash, I mean the only impressive looking thing about their profiles imo is simply the number of plats, but even thats not really impressive cos it’s all auto pop and 5min plats, stacks of cheddar on top of stacks of cheddar. You have to scroll forever just to find something worthy of respect. Im not hating it’s just if that’s what it takes to be no1 then you can keep your top page, I don’t want to be king of cheese mountain.
  13. Both South Park games, if you have a good sense of humour, these are a must, also the GTA series has a lot of funny missions or cutscenes, specifically GTA5, some of the cutscenes had me good there. Beyond those, I don’t think there’s a big chunk of games you could say are comedic by nature, more so funny parts or characters, like Hurk from Farcry or some of the Borderlands characters etc; but these aren’t really funny games and I wouldn’t recommend them for this topic unless they’re in your backlog already, I’m sure people have posted a bunch of indies im yet to discover but definitely play those South Park games, I’m hoping they do another one at some point
  14. Yeah that’s true forgot about that one lol makes sense then now, I hitched a ride on a friends carrier to Sag A so
  15. After I purchased mine, I didn’t do any jumps, why do you need to after the trophy pops? I sold immediately after I was able and If I remember correctly I got 4.75bln return so It’s very generous especially if unused, just sad that it was basically the last thing I needed so I never really put that 5bln to better use for the game, all that grind just to let my hard earned wealth gather dust lol