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For those who actually read profiles hi.

Im English for whatever thats worth, been gaming as far back as i can remember, and dont really care for much else, first game i fell in love with was Ocarina Of Time, but was button mashing long before that which makes me an old man now, therefore im wise, but past my best im grievous to admit.

Im a trophy hunter obviously, are we not all here? But somewhat part time now that i have mini me's that depend on my parenting ability and a partner who occasionaly wants some of my attention aside from gaming.

I enjoy all genre of game if you haven't figured that out by my trophy list but if i had to pick a favorite, id probably go with racing, namely Rally as im a huge fan, and pretty darn good at it i might add, but mostly, im just a fan of games that are well made and polished.

I would add that i could care less for national or global rank, or any other statistic for that matter, you know, like UR's or whatever, i play what i want because i want to, difficulty or time are not a deterrent for me, il just as happily play something thats 2h and 1/10 or 500+h and 10/10, all i need to start a game is the "right mood", however, i do try to juggle a mix so my list at the least looks diverse, i would never spam cheese or stack it for rank, it seems so irrelevant and a waste of time to me, but id also never play a bulk of massively long and difficult games back to back because that sense of achievement would be lacking, popping plats is like a drug i guess, if i dont keep a steady pace i start to itch.

Thats me in a nutshell really, call me boring, but this is what i like to do.

On the rare occasion im not slowly chipping away at trophies, il either be pounding hardstyle or techo in my headphones because the rave never really dies, or lighting up a fat one to some reggae, because we all need to heal the soul at times.

I dont really care for society or being very social, im not socially awkward or inept, i just dont like people much, but im not a hater, be who or what ever you want to be, i dont discriminate, or even judge, because i dont care either way, just dont expect to change my views, if i dont agree with something i dont vocalise it because it can be disruptive or disrespectful, but i probably will if you try to ram it down my throat. Basically if your nice to me il be nice to you, and if your an ass il probably call you out on it, if i can be bothered.

Dont really know what else to add, but if you took the time to read this, thanks i guess, and sorry it didnt earn you a trophy, if you find me interesting enough to say hi, and you have something interesting to talk about, i enjoy a good conversation from time to time so try me. Who knows we may both learn something new, chow