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  1. 9/10, So peaceful
  2. Hannah Montana The Movie that's my good deed for the day.
  3. I am setsuna
  4. Mr Perky 15 Reach level 15 on any perk Davy Crockett Collect all the items on Nuked Perilous Prison Collect all the items on Prison Catacombs Cash Collect all the items on Catacombs
  5. Ahxello- Frisbee
  6. Sinon Yui Yuuki
  7. The Kodex Maker Combine Kodex x 50. The Kodex Master Reach Lv. 70 with Super Rare or higher Kodex x 10 Team Player 25 Win 25 Survival multiplayer matches Darkness Dolls Collect all the items on Farmhouse Quick On The Trigger Kill the Patriarch before he has a chance to heal
  8. Utilizing Surplus Kodices! Bind Super Rare or higher Kodex x 20. The Tragic Kingdom Collect all the items on "The Tragic Kingdom" Mr Perky 10 Reach level 10 on any perk
  9. Paris Plunder Collect all the items on Burning Paris A Real Librarian Reach librarian Lv. 70. Let's Do This Together! Complete 100 Co-op Mode battles
  10. Celldweller- It Make No Difference Who We Are (Wish Upon A Blackstar)
  11. Disturbed- Decadence Best NFS
  12. Senran Kagura Estival Versus
  13. Young Guns- Bones