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  1. Bye Ghosts Beat the second area.
  2. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
  3. 35%. One step closer to 30%.
  4. Helping Hand Complete your first "extra thing to do"
  5. Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
  6. Off We Go Purchase an attribute upgrade in the MyPLAYER Store. The Future Is Bright Give your mom the news about your future plans. Can't Do It Alone Ask Coach Falls to help you get ready for the draft Practice??? Complete a 2KU tutorial game. You Gotta Represent Play with Team USA on the biggest global stage. Pappy 45 [Multiplayer] Reach Vector Master grade (level 45).
  7. #15 Strike Vector EX Ace of Aces Unlock all Trophies.
  8. You've Got The Look Create Your MyPLAYER. Higher Education Choose which college you want to attend. The Clock Strikes Midnight Complete your first college "game." The New Me Equip a custom animation on your MyPLAYER. Home Sweet Home Make your college debut in front of the home fans.
  9. X Ambassadors - Renegadeas
  10. Wicked Sick Time, Bro! [Tutorial] Completed the second round of tutorials within the time limit.
  11. No, you run away too much.
  12. One of the coolest dudes.