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  1. i did the USJ event thanks to joining up with a couple of Japanese players. I managed to get both the mini crown and the giant crown trophies from doing that event twice. if you get the chance, do it that way. thats why so little people have the trophy
  2. UPDATE: After following the story post game, everything has opened up. There is 58 quests available to me right now. Before the incident, there were only 26. Pre incident Post game This shows that you do not need to worry about missing any quests at all during the game.
  3. im now at post game and have 42 quests available. I managed to do 8 before a certain incident so I am fine for it. from what I heard/read there is a true boss and that requires going back before the incident so it never happened. from what i understand of this, it means that there are no missable quests in the game. i will update when i complete this post game content.
  4. the only ones i can think of off the top of my head are Ni no Kuni 2, Monster Hunter World and Ghost of Tsukishima. Maybe Dragonball Fighterz but thats a maybe.
  5. probably due to her being in the plunderer trophy image? if so, then why penelo of all characters?
  6. im looking at a fan translated guide that sleepy raccoon wrote up and it appears there are 50 quests. it looks like he managed to do 13 before that incident, another 24 after that and the last 10 in the post game part. the trophy might not be missable unless you dont do the side quests
  7. ah. its a shame i didnt bring my ps4 with me on holiday haha. i have to wait for a couple of weeks to even do this. if im not jetlagged then ill play after i get home.
  8. wonder what the difference between session and play a song is? plus hoping at some point someone uploads a guide so i have some guidance haha
  9. if i fc'ed an 8+ rank on Oni, id backup my save.
  10. ill probably get the drum at a later date. didnt have enough to get the combo so i just got the game. too bad, i dont have my ps4 with me as im on holiday over here
  11. ive been practicing at the arcades here in japan. maybe havent practiced enough >.< this looks like a challenge and ill have to get the drum for it when i go for the harder songs ie after a couple of months
  12. at some point, ill need to get the 1v1 win as well as go up in the divisions. would love some help with that
  13. nope. its a remaster of the international job system which only has the 12 classes
  14. since i dont have a vita, im waiting for the ps4 release date. damn you SEGA >.<
  15. i hope with the point system to get to golden league that you dont lose a lot or any at all if you've won matches before. main reason is i suck badly. maybe 1 in 10 matches i could possibly win . i for one enjoy those trophy descriptions. it tells you what you need to do and have some flavour text rather than just say what the requirement is or some random line with no clue what to do. i cant wait either way.