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  1. I have major props for that platinum. How hard was getting all the golds on hard difficulty? I just can't imagine... Question, did you have a similar problem rotating around blocks where he would go the opposite direction? I like the idea and originality of the game, but man it just didn't hit home with me. I am glad I tried it I like being fairly well versed in a variety of games. Maybe my opinion was based on the fact that I have heard this game praised for years so the bar was really high for me.
  2. I got this game when it was on sale for like 5 bucks and was pumped to play it. I have heard nothing but great things and I loved Persona 4 (my only other Atlus game) so I couldn't wait to try it out. This ended up being my most hated game of all time. Not trying to diss anyone who likes or even loves this game, but it did nothing for me. In fact it did worse than nothing it just made me angry. Disclaimer: I am not opposed to difficult games, I am pretty good at puzzle-type games, and I rarely give up on a game that is widely believe to have merit. I couldn't stand the characters in this game, I thought the story was outlandish (I respect that it was different), the gameplay was so frustrating, and the bosses were overly disturbing for me. I found that the character was constantly rotating around blocks the wrong way when climbing and this made boss levels so frustrating. I finally just turned down the difficulty and was still getting hammered. Again, I usually love a challenge and will stick with it for the satisfaction of finally getting it, but this challenge just became outrageous for me for multiple issues. That and I feel like the gameplay mechanics/puzzle idea were not enough to keep me going. My hats off to anyone that really enjoyed this game and huge bigups to anyone able to get the platinum (probably couldn't pay me enough to attempt that). So I just want to know, did I miss something? Curious to know if this game had a similar affect on anyone else that was excited to play it. Or, if you really liked it, what was it about the game that you liked?
  3. Plays and tries a wide variety of games but isn't obsessed with high completion if the game doesn't resonate with them.
  4. I was always a video game completionist. Getting all upgrades, items, exploring full map, etc. So as soon as I got my PS3 I was immediately hooked on trophy hunting. That and it was a competition between me and my friends to get the most platinums. Needless to say...I have since far surpassed them
  5. The Last of Us. One of the all time great games.