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  1. Mine didnt change yet but some friends (switzerland) had changed and before they were lvl 31 now 450.
  2. I had soooooooo much hope for this game. Then i watched a tech demo from EVO and all my hype was gone. Looks like a "well done" mugen. HUGE damage and lot of glitches. Maybe i get it when its 50% off.
  3. Oh man Lucky that i have a spare PS4. Will keep a copy of my save game there because i have no interesse in playing this game again. Was lucky enough to not have any glitch while playing (besides endless trophy)
  4. here a video of my screen
  5. For me nothing new. Even if i delete the save (ps4 and vita)
  6. How to start a game on Mortal? I finished the game on normal but now i can only start a new game on easy/normal/hard.
  7. how to unlock Goenitz and Shizuru kof 96?
  8. Is it cross play with Android as the 1st one?
  9. I dont think you can trade upgraded weapons. And if somehow you can, your friend should be able to have as well a +10 weapon. Its like that in DS3.
  10. Acho que respondi um pouco tarde. Gamestop sempre tem jogos usados a um preco "ok". Ate mesmo para a SuiƧa :=) Moro em Zurich e aqui da pra comprar bastante jogo usado.
  11. I really dont see how can anyone play this game atm. I was wondering if all the footage was done on an Xbox one X or a PC. I will give another try again later and see.
  12. The game is really a mess atm. On PS pro BOTH modes are unplayable. Still, looks like an easy plating (only a huge grind as usual)