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  1. Progress tracker is a 100% necessity, and needs to be mandatory for every game. Even on Xbox it’s not there for everything.
  2. I don't know if it's easier or I just learned a lot in the meantime, but I finished 6-12 on my second try this morning and got my platinum! (granted, I finished 6-12 by lucking into a ghost train that had come through a shortcut with .67 seconds left 😂)
  3. Here is me finally getting 6-4 done. Took probably 6+ hours of trying and I’m really hoping what everyone says is right and this is the hardest one, because man...that was rough.
  4. It is absolutely luck based. Not in the sense that you can luck your way into finishing it - you have to have skill - but you can absolutely get screwed out of a perfect run by the random behavior of the trains in level 6 aka the one where the game just completely ignores all of its own rules.
  5. Which mission did you miss? Some of them can still be started later.
  6. I know the tweak glitch is still available in the first game becuase I just did it a couple of months ago and I updated my trophy guide accordingly: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/3419-uncharted-drakes-fortune-remastered-extended-collection-dlc-trophy-guide It does have to be done a little bit differently than it used to be, so it's important to follow the steps listed in the guide. That said, I have not yet replayed 2 and 3 to confirm that it works the same way in those, but I believe that it does.
  7. Yep, add me to the list of folks who got the trophy this way. Thank you! I was not even going to bother with this trophy the "real" way.
  8. Pretty sure that’s impossible. I tried several times yesterday and even using two devices to control the game I couldn’t get more than 12 before the tickets ran out. There just aren’t enough tickets in that version to get 15 that match up to one player’s train placement. The guide on .org says it’s supposed to be cumulative, but it’s not. EDIT: never mind - I found a route that was able to complete 18 tickets in the basic map and got the trophy using two playlink devices.
  9. Has anyone been able to pop the 15 ticket trophy since the new patch? I waited to play this game because of the Vanderbot glitch, and now that that’s fixed and I’m playing it, I cannot get 15 tickets to pop no matter what, and it’s the only trophy I need for the platinum. 6, 9 and 12 all popped in one game of Mega, but in subsequent games where I’ve gotten as many as 30 tickets in one go, 15 won’t pop. It also doesn’t appear to be accumulating through standard games, either, because that counter on the in-game trophy is stuck on 6 (because I got 6 in one game).
  10. Seems weird that this person only joined in January, but they look like they're legit... hopefully this turns out to be accurate.
  11. I can't speak to what it's like now, but my friends and I did this back when it originally came out, and at the time it seemed like Naughty Dog's only goal in life was to take away any strategy that worked in Survival. They were constantly releasing patches and hotfixes, and literally every one made it harder than it had been. It almost seemed like they were watching YouTube for videos that detailed good strategies, then immediately changing the game to make those strategies impossible. So, yeah, it was super hard back then and I can't imagine it's gotten any better.
  12. Finished Challenge #4 last night and thought “man, that was so much easier than I remembered it being.” Uploaded the video and then watched it this morning and realized why. Skip ahead to 10:40 and watch how lucky I got - not only to survive the beginning of round 5 but to get rid of the crystal viper without firing a single shot at it. 😂
  13. I really, really HATE this list. Why can’t these guys ever strike a good balance with their trophy lists?
  14. Agreed - you still probably need at least three golds in sub-challenges, but the speed bonus at the end is the trick to getting overall gold.
  15. I do kind of agree with the people saying that starting with Origins is probably part of the problem. The combat got more complicated with each successive game and it's hard to pick up in the middle... not to mention Origins has some of the hardest boss fights of the entire series. That said, once you get the electric gauntlets it's all over and most of the combat becomes BY FAR the easiest out of all of the games. I call them the "win gloves." But, I promise it's not broken... it just takes a while to get the timing right - it's almost like a rhythm game, where you have to get into the groove of the fight. If you're trying to go too fast, you're going to screw up - you have more time to keep your combo than you think. And, even though it seems like the game is trying to teach you to rely on counter, that's almost never the right move to make. Most of the time, the best option is to use the move to jump over them as @kenseizenkai said above.