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  1. I agree that the collectibles don't serve much purpose, but other than the foxes I never really got tired of them - and at least the foxes give you something for your effort. Other than that I feel opposite of pretty much everything you said. I loved the game and I think so far that it's my game of the year. I played it right after TLoU2, and unlike most people who did that and seem to dislike Ghost because of it, I felt like it was the perfect "antidote" to the heaviness and negativity of that game. I loved the art style and the peaceful nature of the setting, I was interested in almost all of the character side tales (though I could have done without most of the random side missions), and I really liked the story - especially the ending (probably a top 5 game ending ever for me).
  2. They must have changed something, then, or you and your friends are much better at that stuff than I am. When I was still playing the game, the first raid was like 4-6 hours of coordination between really good and high level players and hoping no one had an issue. Maybe that's "normal" for these kinds of things, but that's more than I want to bother with.
  3. The platinum and the NYC DLC are not bad to get, but I didn't even make an attempt at either of the raids.
  4. This is my issue. Make your game hard, fine. Make hard trophies in your game, fine. But don't troll trophy hunters by specifically creating a trophy that you think is so hard no one will ever get it.
  5. Yeah, it definitely wasn't my first attempt, but I had much easier time with this fight than I was worried about. Only took about an hour of practicing to get it done - didn't even need to look up a strategy video.
  6. Weird. I've built a trophy cabinet multiple times and it keeps disappearing...
  7. You like to travel to new and strange worlds.
  8. Wow, this thread is a complete trainwreck. 😂 Spoilers for both games in the box below.
  9. Except for the scarlet letter. Also, I'm assuming that games that do this will just be the same game but better, not like a remaster with a new trophy list.
  10. Disappointing to hear that one of these relatively new titles has these problems. I can tell you that the more recent games I've played (Marvel, etc) have been much better than the old games. LEGO HP 1-4 on PS3 was absolutely awful, and even playing through that again recently as part of the PS4 collection, it's not great (though it does seem better than I remember it being), but the newer games have been mostly better.... but I have not played Force Awakens, so I can't speak for that.
  11. Progress tracker is a 100% necessity, and needs to be mandatory for every game. Even on Xbox it’s not there for everything.
  12. I don't know if it's easier or I just learned a lot in the meantime, but I finished 6-12 on my second try this morning and got my platinum! (granted, I finished 6-12 by lucking into a ghost train that had come through a shortcut with .67 seconds left 😂)
  13. Here is me finally getting 6-4 done. Took probably 6+ hours of trying and I’m really hoping what everyone says is right and this is the hardest one, because man...that was rough.
  14. It is absolutely luck based. Not in the sense that you can luck your way into finishing it - you have to have skill - but you can absolutely get screwed out of a perfect run by the random behavior of the trains in level 6 aka the one where the game just completely ignores all of its own rules.
  15. Which mission did you miss? Some of them can still be started later.