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  1. Yeah, we still can't get it to work... did one of the large arenas the other night and tried this on every boss round, but those bosses won't die for several seconds, and they're almost always down the stairs by then.
  2. You have to kill them all a second time before you will get those trophies.
  3. No... in this case the developer has created the game to work that way so you're not cheating anything....
  4. How are you doing round skip? My friend and I tried to do it and couldn't get it to work....
  5. I am getting ready to go for the same trophy (I have all of the other single player ones done) and I'm doing it on new game. I tried doing some replays and it was just too frustrating with the crappy default gear, horses and abilities they give you.
  6. Yes, you have to patch the PS3 game and upload them from there. So far only a few of the trophies from the last DLC popped, but I assume it’s like 2 was and there are a bunch of others I could get to pop under the right circumstances. I haven’t had time to fully explore that yet.
  7. I just uploaded my PS3 save game and those trophies popped automatically.
  8. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in because I saw a bunch of people saying “it’s not that bad” and I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe if you’ve played a lot of KH it makes more sense to you, but for someone like me who is going through these games for the first time, I’m hating life trying to get through all of the optional bosses. So far I’ve been able to get past Lingering Will and Axel (data) by using exploits, and Sephiroth and a couple other of the data fights more or less “legit,” and that’s taken me about 10 hours. It sucks. Does anyone have good methods for stat farming? I’ve found a couple of things online but nothing that seems very useful or straightforward. Most of my stats right now are around 70, and that’s using equipment to boost them up that high.
  9. Easiest: My Name is Mayo (and I don't even feel bad about it) Hardest: Probably Vanquish Honorable Mention: CoD World at War, MLB10: The Show, Nex Machina, Killzone 2, Velocity 2X
  10. I found a really good playlist on YouTube that walked through the entire game on veteran, and since the spawns are always the same it made most of the really difficult missions much more doable. The only one that still sucked was that truck chase.
  11. Just wanted to say I love your signature. I played that game legit and mostly with randoms - first time I ever had to grind out multiplayer levels for a trophy....
  12. The March to 200 continues with 196. The Old Blood Master Been a while since I played a good shooter, and this one was fun. The challenges weren't bad at all, either - only had a tiny bit of struggle with the boathouse.
  13. Finally gave into the hype. Platinum #195, Kingdom Hearts.
  14. Just play HvV and get it done. You can knock out one level in a few hours of HvV even with regular XP.
  15. Finally got my platinum tonight. I stuck with the starfighters and once I got better at it I was getting 20k-30k most games. Not as good as HvV 3x, but still better than playing any other mode without the boost.