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  1. Agreed - you still probably need at least three golds in sub-challenges, but the speed bonus at the end is the trick to getting overall gold.
  2. I do kind of agree with the people saying that starting with Origins is probably part of the problem. The combat got more complicated with each successive game and it's hard to pick up in the middle... not to mention Origins has some of the hardest boss fights of the entire series. That said, once you get the electric gauntlets it's all over and most of the combat becomes BY FAR the easiest out of all of the games. I call them the "win gloves." But, I promise it's not broken... it just takes a while to get the timing right - it's almost like a rhythm game, where you have to get into the groove of the fight. If you're trying to go too fast, you're going to screw up - you have more time to keep your combo than you think. And, even though it seems like the game is trying to teach you to rely on counter, that's almost never the right move to make. Most of the time, the best option is to use the move to jump over them as @kenseizenkai said above.
  3. I love how people come on a trophy site to complain about people who like trophies. 🙄 OF COURSE it’s a big deal to trophy hunters that it doesn’t have a platinum, especially these days when any game that wants one gets one - it’s laziness/stupidity by the devs, plain and simple.
  4. Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks, guys - these replies have encouraged me slightly, although there’s still the issue of having a good team for zombies. I’m currently trying to work my way through a big backlog of CoD games and the zombies are probably the thing that’s going to stop me in most of them.
  5. Thank you for actually writing a real reply... the blackout trophies seem the most daunting for me because I have a hard time imagining myself ever even winning a single game, let alone winning 10 or getting those characters unlocked. I'd also need to wrangle some friends for the zombie trophies which seem worse in this game than in 3.
  6. Obviously it is rare, but my point is that it’s almost no difference between this one and many of the other recent CoD games, especially the Black Ops games, even though it seems like it should be MUCH harder.
  7. I'm really confused at how so many people have achieved this platinum trophy. Looking at the list and the guides I've seen it sounds like this should be something that is ridiculously hard and luck based and should be a much lower % of attainment. For example, the platinum % for this game is almost the same as it is for Black Ops III, and although I know that one is difficult because of the realistic difficulty, that's not even the hardest trophy in that list (it's the decorator one). It's also barely rarer than the platinum for Black Ops II, which was not really that hard other than the easter egg (which wasn't really hard, you just needed a good team). Am I missing something that makes this easier than it looks? Because to me it seems like this should be like 10 times rarer than III. I ask because for some stupid reason I kind of want to play this game but the platinum seems completely unattainable to me.
  8. Sorry, should have specified that I was talking about the remaster of the first MW. Sorry, should have specified that I was talking about the remaster of the first MW. Sorry, should have specified that I was talking about the remaster of the first MW.
  9. How is Dead Space 2 not Ultra Rare?? I've never had the nerve to try to get that one, even though I did play through the story once. For me, it has to be Call of Duty: World at War.. which also ranks as one of my hardest 100% complete games (Big Baller, wow...). Honorable Mention: Titanfall 2 COD Modern Warfare COD Classic Kingdom Hearts II
  10. Yeah, we still can't get it to work... did one of the large arenas the other night and tried this on every boss round, but those bosses won't die for several seconds, and they're almost always down the stairs by then.
  11. You have to kill them all a second time before you will get those trophies.
  12. No... in this case the developer has created the game to work that way so you're not cheating anything....
  13. How are you doing round skip? My friend and I tried to do it and couldn't get it to work....
  14. I am getting ready to go for the same trophy (I have all of the other single player ones done) and I'm doing it on new game. I tried doing some replays and it was just too frustrating with the crappy default gear, horses and abilities they give you.
  15. Yes, you have to patch the PS3 game and upload them from there. So far only a few of the trophies from the last DLC popped, but I assume it’s like 2 was and there are a bunch of others I could get to pop under the right circumstances. I haven’t had time to fully explore that yet.