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  1. I've been playing through this again quite a bit while I was writing the guide, and I think I've figured out that you won't get offered protection upgrades until you buy up all of the damage upgrades.
  2. After finishing the guide about a week ago, it’s finally published: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/14626-returnal-ascension-dlc-trophy-guide
  3. Yeah, thanks. I did not see that before but that is definitely the issue. I’ve been going back and forth between the main game and the DLC and hadn’t done the last house sequence yet. I may put together a trophy guide here for this DLC since there isn’t one yet. Would you mind if I use some of your info and your video if I do? I would give you credit of course and would be happy to add you as an author on the guide.
  4. Weird. Not sure what’s going on. I don’t think Selene said anything about going back to the hospital, and when I went into it, she said the line about “mother saved all of her smiles” but the prompt to lay on the bed was not there.
  5. Do you have to beat the last boss twice? I did that the first time I played the game just because that’s the way it worked out, but this time I followed your walkthrough exactly, and after beating the last boss for the first time, when I went to do the hospital scene I couldn’t lie down in the bed.
  6. You will have to play both separately. The transfer for online trophies is one way and one time only.
  7. Yeah, but the way the game drains your power when you die makes the continues very hard to use.
  8. Yeah, it's bad. I haven't really paid attention to rest mode vs. not, but maybe I'll get in the habit of shutting it down just to be safe.
  9. Looks like... 43 at the moment.
  10. Yeah, I had the same issue also, but only really with Paris. As Flatwell said above, I think it really is just that someone went crazy with the size of the speed limited areas.
  11. Was that this version of Overcooked or the old one? I thought they changed the trophies on this new one to make it easier. I got 100% on the old version but was hoping to have an easier time with this one.
  12. Why be embarrassed? It's your trophy list - who cares what someone else thinks about it? If someone wants to skip past my Vanquish (x2), Sekiro, MLB10, Nex Machina, Pac Man CE2, CoD [email protected], etc platinums and laugh about My Name is Mayo, :shrug:
  13. I started with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune when it got the trophy patch. I had already gotten all of the in-game achievements that tracked to the trophies more than once, so getting the platinum was natural for me. Went straight through that trophy list and got the platinum. Since that game has 48 trophies, including the platinum, I had 47 trophies before I got my first . Played a few other games here and there but didn't get another platinum until a little over a year later, when I got the platinum in Uncharted 2. That was really the game that got me started on serious trophy hunting, because I was so determined to get all of the multiplayer trophies that I joined a boosting session for the first time to get my last two trophies. From there, I was off and running - got 19 platinums that first year...
  14. Nothing was counting for me with team members either, so I ended up just using concussion shot with Shepard to get it. Goes pretty quick if you just use that as much as you can, and you can get some cool combo explosions if you hit them with some other effect first.
  15. Do people really care enough to do this?