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  1. Denial Solved the death of Chad The Wish Wish come true Anger Solved the death of Missy
  2. Such a nice thread pal!!! 😎 First, from my country (Argentina) Soda Stereo: Comfort y música para volar Babasonicos: Jessico Gotan Project: La Revancha del Tango Los Rodriguez: Palabras Mas, Palabras Menos From other countries: Jane's Addiction: Ritual de lo Habitual Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream Deftones: White Pony Tool: Lateralus Blur: Blur Oasis: (What's the Story) Morning Glory Prodigy: The Fat of the Land Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles The Cure: Mixed Up Depeche Mode: Violator Jamiroquai: High Times Björk: Debut Coolio: Gangsta's Paradise Wu Tang Clan: The W
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3...oh, wait...Persona 4:Arena Ultimax, definitely!
  4. Reimu's Clues Spoke with Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine. Summer Festivities Saw any of the endings. Everyone's a Winner! Bought a capsule toy at the Kourindou shop.
  5. Don't even bother about that "git gud" thing...just use the admin cheats pal, this game's garbage 😄. I'm just saying...
  6. fabiansc83 - Cleric Beast From Bloodborne Niiiice, i like it 😎
  7. i thought you were joking, lol
  8. I just completed The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled so i'm totally in 😃. I'm from Argentina so i don't really know about this Eurovision thing, but after listening some of the songs i'll pick... "La Venda" from Spain... Yeah, i'm going with that one, at least i understand the song and it's pretty catchy too. La venda ya cayoooooo 🎶🎶..ups, sorry.
  9. Same, this game is pure trash 💩
  10. Si, yo tambien te veo como premium. ¿Tuviste algun problema de trofeos o con los saves con el cambio de nombre compañero?
  11. @FielVeredus i just complete Costume Quest 2 for the 4. peaceful category: This game have a trophy called: "Hardcorn Mode", that you can obtain using certain costume (candy corn) during every fight in the game without change it. With this costume, the character has no attack and cannot play cards (items), so he become basically a pacifist and do nothing, always just skips it's turn saying goofy things like... So, i'm in for the bonus badge? 😁
  12. Finally i can change my ps name!!! Gentlemen, from this day forward, you will all refer to me by the name...BETTY!!! ...But first, a joke...what do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?
  13. Actually, i'm more ashamed of my platinum of conan exiles. What a crappy game omg!, i tried to play it legit but i just couldn't, cause the game is trash and i ended up hating it . No hard feelings about My Name is Mayo.
  14. I don't know, it's my easiest ultra rare platinum. Walk in the park it's not that difficult.