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  1. Let's Rock, Baby! Fight Waka. Tsutagami Learn how to use Vine. Big Ol' Flower Exterminate the Spider Queen. Imp Exorcist Defeat the imps that possessed Princess Fuse. Nuregami Learn how to use Watersprout.
  2. I just started OKAMI HD, i think this could count as orange right? Just checking 😄 Edit: Now that i'm taking a closer look, i see a lot of pink flowers too in the picture.
  3. #189: IS IT WRONG TO TRY TO PICK UP.... Trophies Complete Obtain all trophies.
  4. This will be great! Of course i'm in
  5. Record HolderClear 100 quests. Magic Stone CollectorPick up 50,000 magic stones. Valis CollectorObtain 1,000,000 total valis.
  6. Right? well, Conan Exiles has nothing! the game is buggy, uninspired, boring as hell, really bad enemies and character designs, but hey! they even released a new dlc with a pile of new trophies (yeah right, like if someone will play this trash for a second time).
  7. From my profile: Stories: The Path of Destinies The game is ok but the platinum it's utter bulls**t! My Name is Mayo Y'all know the meme. It's a cheap "game" so it's doesn't hurt so bad. (and...let's be has his charm 😅) Wheels of Aurelia This platinum was almost a torture...but some dialogues were ok. Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space is terrible, but it was made by only one person so... But...BUT!!!! None of this compares to the worst game i've EVER played: CONAN EXILES!!! This game is huge piece of tra...wait... ... Sorry.
  8. Valis GetterObtain 100,000 total valis. Item CollectorPick up 500 items. Aiz Wallenstein - Chapter 3 CompleteClear Aiz Wallenstein - Chapter 3.
  9. #188: LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE: THE VIDEOGAME Grand Master of TrophiesUnlock All Trophies 23.76% UNCOMMON The story mode is pretty meh, but i have to say that i had a pretty good time searching for collectibles this time, no guides needed or whatsoever. This is definitelly the easiest LEGO game i've played so far.
  10. I'll try to reach 200 platinums (currently 187)... I already have SMT Nocturne on point to be that milestone, soon...
  11. LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE: THE VIDEOGAME Student of SpeedComplete a Race Master of MirrorsPlay as any Ninja and their Classic variant in the same party Apprentice of The Golden ArtCollect 100 Gold Bricks
  12. LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE: THE VIDEOGAME Master of TimeDefeat Dojo Masters - Acronix and Krux Master of StoneDefeat Dojo Master - General Kozu Master of the SkyDefeat Dojo Master - Nadakhan Master of ChallengesAchieve Gold Medal status on each Challenge Dojo
  13. #187: SUBNAUTICA Platinum TrophyCollect all other trophies
  14. LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE: THE VIDEOGAME Student of CreationComplete a Tornado of Creation Build Master of CustomizationCreate a Custom Character Master of RegretComplete Location 2 - Ninjago City Beach Master of ForgivenessComplete Location 3 - Ninjago City Docks
  15. Compendium CompilerCompleted the Demon Compendium. Getting Your Feet WetDive for the very first time.