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  1. Nah, not really...I have 111 but the majority of them were pretty easy to obtain tbh.
  2. I Believe it is Time for Me to FlyComplete Wild Flight without touching the ground Launch DateJump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops Gems in the RoughCollect 500 gems in Metalhead Hot Wings 1Flame all Fairies in Night Flight
  3. Bird BrainedCharge a Vulture TriathlonDefeat all three Ski Gnorcs What's in the Box?Unlock the strong chest in Doctor Shemp
  4. #183: LOVERS IN A DANGEROUS SPACETIME Master of SpacetimeCollect all other trophies. 3.48% ULTRA RARE Yeah, the rumors are true, this game have the easiest ultra rare platinum that you can find out there. This game reminds me of this... I know, i know... Fear nowhere near that difficult!!! Pros: CURRENTLY 9 UR TROPHIES IN TOTAL! YEAH, 9!!! COUCH CO-OP GAME NO DIFFICULTY RELATED TROPHIES Cons: THE GAME IS PRETTY MEH IMO... 🔹Hardest trophy: "All Creatures Great and Small" : Annoying due the fact that you have to rescue all 10 friends in 5 minutes in one of the latest level...but, then's just one level to deal with. Took me just a couple of tries, nothing too bad... Happy Hunting!
  5. #179: DEATH STRANDING Greatest of Great DeliverersObtained all Death Stranding trophies. #180: BORDERLANDS GOTY EDITION Borderland DefenderYou have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with #181: BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL Borderland Defender Round 1.5Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies. #182: BORDERLANDS 2 Borderland Defender Round TwoUnlock all Borderlands™ 2 trophies.
  6. I read so many good things about this game...DISCO ELYSIUM! good job
  7. Love Is All You NeedPlay through a campaign without using any gems. Underwater ExpeditionDefeat Cetus while its head is underwater. Warm EmbraceSurvive after being fully enveloped by a bomb trap. EntrapmentKill 20 enemies with security guns in a single level.
  8. Growth of a LegendComplete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of "Legend of Legends" in all categories.
  9. ChildminderReach maximum connection level with BB. Great DelivererReach Grade 60 in all delivery evaluation categories. Birth of a LegendComplete 10 premium deliveries with an evaluation of "Legend" or "Legend of Legends" in every single category.
  10. Rest In PiecesIn a BT area, cut an umbilical cord for the first time without the BT noticing. We're Whole AgainComplete Episode 5: Mama.
  11. Good collection of games 👍 A lot of unfinished games tho 👎 7/10
  12. Hooked on Delivering!?Deliver 700 items of cargo I Won't BreakComplete Episode 3: Fragile. BB...Complete Episode 4: Unger. Shortest chapter ever...
  13. Street Fighter V...I love this game, but the platinum is out of my reach 😥 Congrats!
  14. Omg, i will have to play this TRASH again...😥
  15. Death Stranding...i'm working on it right now!