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  1. Hey guys . I recently bought my first Playstation 4 . Its a slim with 1 tb , 2 controllers and God of War 4 for 299 € . Could you tell me your best tips , life hacks and tricks for the PS4 ?
  2. Assassins creed 3 This game is the evidence why im hunting platinum Trophies. By doing the platinum , you discover things you wouldnt even have thought
  3. Damn . Thats why i cant find my last 3 orbs for my platinum :/
  4. I got that plat already by myself lol
  5. Hey guys i bought a second Ps3 console . Do you know some games which can be easilly self boosted ? Ps3 games of course .
  6. Hey guys , I currently have one Ps3 system . Should I buy a second Ps3 ? It would be great if you could tell why (i want another one for boosting )
  7. Make a session if you want to boost trophies. Its rule No.1 here in the forums
  8. Hey Guys . I wanted to know if theres going to be a Winter sale in the Ps Store for the Ps 3 . Im asking because last year the sale started weeks before christmas and now nothing happens .
  9. Racing Driver Grid Ratchet & Clank Tools od Destruction
  10. 1. Try to start a new save game in another save slot . 2. Try to delete every file of Rogue . Reinstall it and check if you have the newest version Hope that will solve the problem !
  11. Im only a trophy hunter . But there are people who buy the Dlcs extra because they want to complete the game on 100% . They are wasting a lot of money and in my opinion they are not really enjoying games . So thats why im only a hunter
  12. lol i have never noticed that
  13. Works well for me . Only the last league was a problem with a connecting time of 3-4 minutes
  14. Hey guys . I have a question . I am a little trophy hunter and my friends always ask : why are doing platinum on every game ? I dont know how to answer this question because i dont even know why i started doing platinum . So , why are we doing platinums ?