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  1. I got that plat already by myself lol
  2. Hey guys i bought a second Ps3 console . Do you know some games which can be easilly self boosted ? Ps3 games of course .
  3. Hey guys , I currently have one Ps3 system . Should I buy a second Ps3 ? It would be great if you could tell why (i want another one for boosting )
  4. Make a session if you want to boost trophies. Its rule No.1 here in the forums
  5. Hey Guys . I wanted to know if theres going to be a Winter sale in the Ps Store for the Ps 3 . Im asking because last year the sale started weeks before christmas and now nothing happens .
  6. Racing Driver Grid Ratchet & Clank Tools od Destruction
  7. 1. Try to start a new save game in another save slot . 2. Try to delete every file of Rogue . Reinstall it and check if you have the newest version Hope that will solve the problem !
  8. Im only a trophy hunter . But there are people who buy the Dlcs extra because they want to complete the game on 100% . They are wasting a lot of money and in my opinion they are not really enjoying games . So thats why im only a hunter
  9. lol i have never noticed that
  10. Works well for me . Only the last league was a problem with a connecting time of 3-4 minutes
  11. Hey guys . I have a question . I am a little trophy hunter and my friends always ask : why are doing platinum on every game ? I dont know how to answer this question because i dont even know why i started doing platinum . So , why are we doing platinums ?
  12. Hey Guys, I borrowed R.U.S.E for PS3. Would you recommend me this game for platinum. It would be great if you could explain why you would or wouldnt recommend it
  13. Does anyone know a working Gift card app where you can earn points and pay them out in Playstation Store codes ?