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  1. Hi lordguwa, thank you for for showing me this and that, to be honest i barely use the forum section on PSN PROFILE, i only use the site to update my account and looking for game session. so i can hide that game only? i might try to think bout that first.
  2. moiselleivy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hi, for this flagged game, yes i do use a savegame from my old account to get the remaining stars, i do the stars on a legit way until i came across the level which requires 2 players and i have no friends nor i can connect or searching lobby due to unstable internet on my area. i did it long time ago in a couch co-op with my friend. i do remember i still keep the save file for this game (mostly i keep all my game save file on usb for backup) and when i used it all the remaining trophies suddenly popping out one followed by another. i didnt know that this violating the PSN PROFILES ToS, if it's still flagged i can understand that and i apologize. thank you so much