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  1. CRT = Cheater Remover Team.
  2. Do you know about the reverse exorcism?
  3. You know what… i was doing that because i didnt read it good.😱
  4. I check what weapons where left, and they only one left are the treasure hunt… i dont remember how many weapons have before the final stage but maybe at the end only those will need left
  5. For me the best way with a turbo was using scorpion, danger and change triangle by x… turbo “x” and rubber right and leave it that way afk…
  6. Same happen to me; maybe when you finish the game the gerrilla dont sell weapons
  7. https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=average check the list and search any game that grab your attention. Search for the trophy guide and check the time to plat.
  8. Thank you so much, but i just drop it, to much games left to try, to get stuck with this one. But i really appreciated the suggestion.
  9. I just give up, i was trying to do it with 2 ps3 but always got hosted with other guys. Got it till level 6 but i Give up. And the other option of do the same level again and again? Hell no, just i will try another game.
  10. Amazing game to test a ps5 and a dualsense. The playroom was great too but not as fun as astro
  11. The only thing that i really care about the leaderboard could be the option to change countries, any other thing i really dont care. The people with more money, time, skills they always will be on the top in any modification that the site could make to the leaderboard.
  12. Almost a 1 min video of how to tick a box. Maybe if you show the diferences in damage or other staff could be better. Just a suggestion.
  13. https://www.ign.com/articles/titanfall-hack-respawn?utm_source=twitter some news on Ign today, maybe will be Light at the end of the tunel.
  14. Nice, thank you
  15. you was playing the ps5 version or the ps4 version on the ps5?