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  1. Very nice topic, thanks for your work! 😊
  2. DLC

    I can confirm it's free and really cool to play! Enjoy the 100%
  3. Thanks for this tip!
  4. Thanks @WaddysWDSfor this great guide!
  5. Thank you so much for this, it helps me a lot! 😊
  6. This platinum is not so hard. Here you can see all the trophies in one stream. You can do it in 4/5 hours, i guess
  7. Thanks for this guide, it was perfect for me... two times!
  8. I can confirm you. - I finish the game. - Do the DLC - Speedrun the game in 4h34 on new game+ (and start my run with 35M coins, and never open the shop)
  9. I hope, but I think so!
  10. I tried one hour yesterday. This game is soooo hard!
  11. Did you that everyday we have a 100.000 zenis bonus too?
  12. Do you know if one day, new trophies will come for one or more DLCs ? Thanks in advance,
  13. Same for me! this... is... sooooo... looooong!
  14. I guys, I tried to follow the method right here, but it don't work. Is it still OK ? Thanks in advance, I'm level 21 and bored to create for "nothing"
  15. Thanks for this perfect text guide!