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  1. Long interview, but definitely worth the read.The Simpson's Planet of the Apes musical is one of my favorite Simpson's songs, but I never associated your PSN Name with it.
  2. Against my better judgement, I had hoped that the delay of the MP portion could mean that the Plat was single player trophies only. Too bad this isn*t the case.
  3. I mostly keep track on games on games sites. I bookmark anything that might interest me until I know if I want to play it or not, especially when game convention take place. Occasionally, when I look at a profile here on the site that has more than a few things in common, I browse their games list and see if something catches my eye.
  4. With the latest milestone finally out of the way, I can now return to carefree gaming at will. Funny how some actions are upgraded to 'Huzzah' from 'why did I do this?' in retrospective.

    1. Spaz


      You look back to what you were doing two - three years ago trophy hunting and you go "Why the fuck did I play this game?". 


      I get that feeling every now and then.

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      I only have that when I play a game, e.g. during some boring farming for kills or items.Looking back, I ssee either a Platinum or a game I did not want to play any more at some point. I buy games day 1 because I am very impatent, so I try to be careful choosing games to buy. There are some disappointments, but all in all I am satisfied with my game selection.

  5. I am eagerly waiting to play this. The concept sounds like a nice spin to the genre.
  6. If you put 1 point into Pyro at character creation and chose Hste as one of the starting abilities, you can grab two death fog barrels. With hast, your character moves faster, giving you enough time to reach the barrels. You can do all kins of shenanigans with the second barrel.
  7. I discovered milestones only when I joined the site last year, but since I have been lucky with my former milestones, I decided to engineer them. My next milestone is a plat milestone, so I have games waiting one trophy short until the milestone is done. Only thing is, the game I planned for has taken me so long for its first playthrough that I might actually change my plans and make another game the milestone.
  8. Boosting is a-okay, kudos for anyone who actually goes through all the hassle that is connected with it. I don't, because I don't want to have to be somewhere precisely at time x and precisely do thing y - the less I have any form of communication with other players during online play, the better. I hate online trophies because I encountered so many dicks while playing online. Would boosting make me get online trophies quicker? Probably, but I rather try to do my thing and be off as soon as I got what is required for the plat, pretending all the others are just AI. Thank god for the mute button.
  9. Final Fantasy Tactics - My favorite FF game, and I like turn based combat. The job system is very rich, the game is lots of funf (and a classic)
  10. I see you got that one already. The whole truth is for completing the extended story line. I got Same But Different and Death of a Citizen on the extended playthrough with KGB. I don't know if it is tied to KGB or to extended story.
  11. Oh, thanks. I never used support powers much and I didn't know you can buy some of them there. So, I do have the Chopper evac with the other suppoert powers. And there are cleaners, too, but I never bought them. So I guess you have to unlock them all, although not buying them.
  12. It must be the helicopter evac, because I have the same eight support options (minus cleaners, they aren't necessary - I got the trophy on my hard playthrough. I remember that I got a trade contact for Chooper evac, but I have never found an option to buy or craft it so I thought I might have reloaded a save and never got it afterwards again. That's why I don't have the trophy for the chopper evac). Either that, or you have to actually own one of each - not only unlocked, but actually build one of each in addition to Tactical spotter?
  13. I did play Naruto Online (a browser game) for a while (about a year?) until I lost interest. It is technically F2P, although you cannot compete with those people who dump hundreds and sometimes a couple of thousand bucks on the game. I kid you not - in the thousands. I would never have believed just how much some people spend until I played the games. Obviously, you cannot compete with those top tier people. Every F2P is designed to favor those who spend money - why else would players spend the money if not for the advantages? If you can accept this unalterable premise, those kind of games can be a good pastime. You log in, take twenty minutes to do your free stuff. After that, you can either idle with the game open in the background, or you log off until the next day. I never spent any money, but if you visit the game daily, you can get quite far (up to a certain threshold) without any money. F2P games need free players (deserted games don't hold the cash cows), so they have to give the free players something, too. You'll just get it later, when the paying players have advanced to the next tier of good stuff (or save up scrolls or whatever item you need to have a chance to draw a great character and open in bulk - the dedicated forums are a great source of knowledge how many scrolls-on-average will get a super character). I played NO to collect ninjas because I like the anime. I knew I'd get most of the ninjas some of them earlier, some of them later. If you play F2P just to pass the time and enjoy yourself, there is nothing wrong with them. Play as long as it's fun (it's free), and if it stops being fun, drop out. Just don't spend any money - ever.
  14. I have to say, I'd be more excited if FF Tactics and FF VIII got a rerelease over a new FF title. I didn't like FF XII that much, and FF XIII is - in my opinion - the worst FF game I ever played. It is the first FF game that I only played through once instead of at least three times. FF XIII-2 and Lightning returns were slightly better, but far from what I consider a good FF game, and FF XV wasn't that good, either (albeit not really bad, either). Nowadays, I wouldn't expect much from a new FF game, which is sad because I liked FF very much. I am also looking forward to Disgaea complete. Disgaea Hour of Darkness is one of my favorite games, I found it so hilarious when I played it ten years ago, and getting it with trophies is a really nice-to-have thing. I'll certainly have more fun replaying that then Disgaea 3 and 4, which I didn't even bother to plat yet. Someday, maybe. I also wouldn't mind if some IPs got revived, and if remakes would help doing so, I'd be happy to buy some of them. Suikoden and Wing Commander, that would be series I'd like to play again, for example.