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  1. Or is it the Dark Coast?
  2. How many pages can you read per hour on average? As a screenplay writer, do you attempt to sneak in inside jokes or innuendos to see if they pass? Who let the dogs out?
  3. I occasionally discover games through browsing profiles here on PSNP, but I still prefer to play them at my own leisure. I barely manage to keep up with my "usual" games, I don't want more than 20 games in my backlog.
  4. What is it like to play games for an event? Is it forced gameplay or discovering new games? Personally, I don't think I'd have fun playing something right now because I have to do so within the event timeframe.
  5. [Kingdom Come: Deliverance] Of course, a trophy breaking bug occurs. For the "no kills" run you are not allowed to kill anyone (except a storyline kill). During a main story quest, you are supposed to kill someone to earn the enemies' trust. The only way to avoid that is to fake his death, for which you need blood.


    The blood doesn't spawn (just like other quest items didn't). In frustration, I killed him and found that the ingame kill counter still says zero. I'll be backing up the saves to see if this is a counter glitch that will lead to the trophy popping nonetheless.


    I am really not in the mood to replay the whole game.

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      P.S: Headcracker perk fired during the fistfight, so maybe it didn't count as a kill even though it left a dead body. I'll just have to see.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Oof good luck man! I heard great things about this game and it's on my wishlist to buy. 

  6. Phoenix Point's release date has been pushed back to Decembre 2019. Still interested in the game.

  7. Divebomb is Predaking's left arm, isn't he? Are you left-handed?
  8. FF VIII is my favorite from the main series (only FF Tactics tops it as a FF game). The playable characters were great (Squall is more likeable than Cloud IMO), the soundtrack is great, it has the most enjoyable mini card game. I also like the ambigous ending, take it as you interpret it. Combat is fine, too. I liked the drawing/abilities system. And then there were the bad-ass cut scenes. I love the game. FF IX is one of the good FF games, I am going to replay that at some point. FF XIII though... that is my least favorite. Can't stand it, the only FF game (of the games I played) that I played only once.
  9. How much time is left in the event? Fell Seal requires a bit of grinding, not too bad on its own, but if you have other games to grind...
  10. Man of Medan is a short game, there isn't enough time really to get invested in the characters like there was in Until Dawn. The Plot could have been a bit more intruiging, the reveal was too obvious, but I like cheap horror movies, and my favorites are "group in distress", because you can always try to guess at the beginning who's gonna make it. I had fun playing it, too bad there are online trophies. That was actually pretty neat. Alex comments on it that something is off. I was amused when I noticed.
  11. I am surprised to see that a game like Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has several online trophies. I certainly wasn't expacting that.


    Since you also need at least a 'friend' to play online coop, I think that's a Plat I won't get.

    1. Helmet_time


      Online trophies were forged by Lucifer himself.  Their inclusion in any list is criminal.

  12. Did we just expose a Vampire?
  13. I often try to imagine what game reports could mean if I don't know the game. Too bad I never get to know how far I was off with what I came up with.
  14. That is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's great stuff, simple action and hilarious banter. And its one of the few movies I prefer dubbed over the original english track, because Bruce Willis' German voice is really good.