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  1. Dusting them games out like a pro. How many games can one play?
  2. Back in the day, they were considered quite risqué, if I remember correctly, even though they were harmless.
  3. Which Euopean comics do you like best? On what side of the Moon would you rather buy property? If you could have built a Pyramide for you - would you?
  4. [The Quarry]


    Damn, I lost two - Nick and Kaylee. One wrong choice and one missed shot. That aiming, dude.


    First half had weird dialogue and was a bit spoilery. Game stepped up in the second half of the game. The bigger playable cast is what Until Dawn and The Quarry do better then the Dark Pictures series.


    Still good for a second blind playthrough for different choices.

  5. I find Rarest Platinum cabinets boring. Build something more individual, and you have my interest.
  6. Would probably be easier just to tend to some fields in real life than playing harvest games.
  7. Does it really matter much what someone else thinks about how difficult this game is? As a seasoned gamer, you should have a rough idea about how much trouble a game is going to be for you, as a newbie, almost any game probably will be a bit more of a challenge at first. If you want a voting system, why not make it text-based instead of numbers? Have it two-stage: First you vote if you are experienced or unexperienced in the genre, stage two you vote for very easy, easy, mdium, difficult, very difficult. Then you have an aggregate vote for experienced and one for inexperienced players, and people can look for their respective section. I'd find that easier then determining the difference in difficulty between a 4 and a 5. I wouldn't use any voting system neither way, though.
  8. Always a reminder that you aren't the master of your own fate when dealing with a new version of software where the developer clearly knows better than you what you need, forcing you to google to find someone who knows that programming shit well enough to create a solution to get all the features back that were cut out.

  9. Just in case someone missed it. ✅
  10. A bit mental - and strike through two words.
  11. Selecting what to watch from the Anime backlog:


    Hm, this one has 24 episodes. The other one has 12 episodes, that's ideal for the weekend, the other one is too long.


    After watching 12 episodes: OMG, why is this already over, it should have more episodes.



  12. That guy's problem is not with you, he has some issues he carries around. Oh no, did I insult his issues? Didn't want to, his issues clearly can hold out on their own. I would have ended that conversation way on the left side of the image.
  13. I played a couple of Tales games, starting back on PS2 (can't remember which one), and with each, my interest waned more. The only one I liked Tales of Xilia. I don't think I'll try another.
  14. Nice.
  15. I have been playing Pathfinder:Kingmaker since December, so I can relate (time-wise).