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  1. Well, yes, if that works, I'll do that, too.
  2. I'll do a whole playthrough after I get all but this trophy, just in case. Due to milestone planning, I'll stop right before the end anway, so I am not pressed for time.
  3. I just replayed all three because I had the dredge baby with both my Alette and Rook save, so I couldn't get we made it. Guess there'll have to be another 1 - 3 playthrough for me since Gudmundr is dead in my Alette save, and my Rook save was even worse. After my blind playthrough, I knew my saves weren't suited for getting the trophies quickly, but I never imagined I had to play Part 3 ten times because my saves have the worst combinations imaginable.
  4. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to 'Milestonitis'. My next milestone is Plat #75, but the next suitable game is Divinity Original Sin 2, released a month from today. Holding on to final trophies until then.

    1. ee28max


      Good luck on the milestone 👍

    2. BG_painter



      There is nothing wrong with that! :) Long ago I didn't care for it and my 40th milestone was a game that i disliked so everytime I look at it I am like "oh look at that stupid game" lol :facepalm:

  5. There is a lot of luck involved because the hit boxes of the birds are quite large. Only piece of advice I have: you'll have to be first to ride round the first corner. I never came close to the 00:00 if the chocobo trainer was ahead of me. Then mostly on the right side until you come close to the finish line, where I found it easier to keep more to the left. Also, steering with the d-pad.
  6. Mass Effect Trilogy. Love them, and I played them late enough in my game career to enjoy them to the fullest.
  7. Field of Fae has got a huge success card on the wheel (just saw it by chance), but of course, you'll have to win the card chance game first to get there.
  8. Space Hulk has a trophy that demands 40.000 enemies to be killed. It is the most boring and tedious trophy I have ever encountered.
  9. Disgaea 1 complete (My favorite Disgaea game, so happy it comes for PS4) Divinity Originl Sin 2 (played the first one, and the second one supposedly is even better) Valkyria Chronicles IV (Loved the first game, will play no matter what)
  10. More than three required playthroughs (one blind playthrough for the fun, two for completion's sake). If difficulty-related trophies don't stack, it can become very tedious to do more and more playthroughs. Second thing I hate are speedruns and/or time-to-beat levels required for a trophy.
  11. I agree, I don't need any category of rarity. Yet, an abolition of rarity categories is not the subject of this suggestion, and I have not seen a substantial reason to introduce another category of rarity (which is the topic). That's why I am not in favor of it.
  12. I feel the same way. Or maybe switch the Plat icon and the rank?
  13. If people want to show off trophies that have a very low percentage, isn't the percentage itself enough indication? People who care about that will likely browse your trophy log, and people who don't care won't be impressed no matter how many super-duper-rare-trophies you have. And the next guy is going to go the whole way and will suggest 'Yeti'-Rarity for <0,1% - because what's a trophy worth that more than 1 out of 1000 people have, right?
  14. The 7.000th trophy has a great name, though, and it's kind of topical to this thread.
  15. I mainly buy physical games, digital is the exception. If games will not be in retail, I'll find something else to spend my money on.