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  1. One of my favorites. Looks great paired with Yui.
  2. Congratulations to all the winners, but also the nominees.
  3. Speed run. I want to relax when I play games, not to being put under constant pressure. I hate speed runs even more than multiplayer trophies, and those are absolutely disgusting.
  4. Great interview, would read again. But somehow I hoped, just a little, that your username would have something to do with this:
  5. You need his blade for his class limit break skill set, but otherwise you could build him up like the other characters. I never used him, though, because there are enough powerful classes and accessories to dominate the field.
  6. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Azumang Daioh Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Usagi Drop Genshiken Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood School Live!
  7. I'll occasionally watch a video of someone else doing a speedrun of a game if it is short, but I neither like speedrun trophies (I hate having to play against a timer), nor do I care about completion times. Fastest completion needs training (aka repetion over repetition), and I find it boring enough to repeat certain stuff for trophies. I don't want to play the same game over and over for whatever reason (my threshold is three times). I played MGS IV before it got trophy support, and I'll be damned if I play it 8 times again. It's not that good a game to warrant such a ridiculous number of playthroughs, and if I won't do it for a Plat, I certainly won't do it for no other reason than an indirect competition with other people. That's not why I play games.
  8. Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite from the main series, IX being the runner up. I played them all from VI on, but whenever I think Final Fantasy, I think of VIII. The intro alone still hooks me, it was fantastic how it stops just before Squall and Rinoa would fall in each other's arms. Except for Yuna from FF X, the characters are the most memorable to me, and the soundtrack is really good. I played the game through three times in a row. Those were the times when the name Final Fantasy still had a magic ring to it, but ever since FF XIII, that magic has been lost for me. VIII > IX > X > X-2 > VII > XIII-3 > XII > XIII-2 > VI > XV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> XIII
  9. For what it's worth: What do you think about video game nudity?
  10. How do / Why did you choose which trophies go into your trophy cabinet?
  11. Man, the ending theme of Aku no Hana creeps me out...
  12. Ga-Rei Zero (opening): Nisemonogatari (Opening, Tsikihi's Arc):
  13. My main sidearms were upgraded Schofield revolvers with express bullets, and it was only once that I didn't get the kill - that was when I was attacked by a second Grizzly right after the first Grizzly attack that left me with low health. That's six shots to the face/chest, and I didn't even have to aim.
  14. After I finished grinding money for the other trophies, all I did was doing that Fort Mercer story mission, change to a Lemoyne session so to avoid being killed when returning to free roam, and then do the Dispatch Rider event. Dispatch Rider is the free roam event where you have to deliver a horse. It is a good opportunity to farm headshots, and shooting people from their horse gives extra exp. With headshots, it doesn't matter which repeater you use. Sometimes the opportunity arises to win the event. So all I did was story mission - dispatch rider - story mission - dispatch rider - refill ammo. Leveling gets quicker after level 31 when you can buy special ammo that gives extra exp for a kill. I didn't bother to buy cards until I was >40 and the first beta money gift rolled in. Also, each bird killed give 10 exp. If there is a flock of ducks, go get that extra 100 exp.
  15. In my opinion, what makes a community 'toxic' is the inability to accept that other people have different opinions (which - in most cases - are just as valid as your own), the lack of a minimum of civility when expressing opinions, and the refusal to consider one own's opinion could be wrong.