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  1. Why not call it P5R? Anyway, I assume a guide is for later when you have more say in how to spend your time with what action, but you should be able to manage all of that without a guide.
  2. What is meant was "games as a service" opposed to games you can buy in retail or digital as your own. Some people think that "games as a service" - meaning something like Netflix, only for games - is the future, and you know how IT guys are: just because they think it's the best thing since the Virtual Bread Slicing Simulator, they want to make it mandatory instead of optional because it's the "future" and they know it better. It's not about you streaming your gameplay, but playing games over a provided server. The game runs on a remote server, not on your console.
  3. There are enough areas in the world where internet connections are nod good enough to allow for game streaming services. My own connection does not allow for more than 1.35 MB/s (yes, that is true). Whoever makes games that are streaming-service only will have to pass on quite some revenue. I doubt it will be streaming service only for the foreseeable future. I definitely would never play a streamable-only game regardless, even if I could.
  4. Hell no. I turned the function off, even deleting feels like wasted time. So many useless screenshots, I wonder what people do with them, especially if they have ten thousand of them.
  5. You want to avoid melee combat if possible. Since you are usually getting swamped by enemies, what works best is to cordon off chokepoints or long corridors and guard them with overwatch. Overwatch crossings with two guys from two directions if the situation allows it (in case one misses, the other one still hits the genestealer). Stay away one square from the point you are guarding, otherwise the genestealers can get a melee attack in. So, basically, unless it s a timed mission, position your Terminators so that there are as few directions from which you can be attacked and overwatch them. Secure strategic points where you can cordon off attacks and move the others up. Terminators can move backwards, they need to when they are the rearguard. The guys with the regular guns have pretty good aim, and - more importantly - unlimited ammo. It's a bit of leapfrogging. Some guys overwatch while the others moveaand occupy the next chokepoint.
  6. TLOU is a game I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope TLOU 2-related stuff comes in spoiler tags in this thread if someone wants to diuscuss it. I managed to avoid spoilers - and also the leaks - until now. I even only one-sentence status updates here since I saw the word "leaked". I reached Trails of Cold Steel 3, that's what's gonna keep me occupied for the newt two weeks. In general, people say that the third is the best of the series, but until now, for me, the first one was more fun. Are you considering Maneater? I can't really imagine what to do as a shark besides swimming and eating.
  7. I started playing games when there was no free saving. Missing a save meant losing a lot of progress. It is deeply ingrained in me to save manually all the time and everywhere. Always save if you don't want to replay anything. Never rely on autosave unless there only is a checkpoints with no manual save system.
  8. [Trails of Cold Steel III]


    It's weird - my saves do not get auto-sorted, so the latest save is not always on top (or bottom), and the saves don't even sort themselves by date, but new saves sort inbetween old saves. Is that normal for ToCS III? It get really annoying having to sort the saves manually for every save and load.

    1. eigen-space


      I remember having weird saves that game.

  9. [Trails of Cold Steel III]


    I do find it difficult to arrange myself with the new main cast in ToCS III. Also, after six weeks with Class VII in the first two games, it feels weird not to be in Trista any more. Not sure where this is headed.

  10. [Trails of Cold Steel II] Whenever Rean does one of his little speeches, I can't help  but to think:

    "Class VII - transform and roll out!"       - Optimus Rean

  11. Oh, I forgot the Ally trophies. But still I think they shoud make the difficulty trophies stack (and, of course, Insanity available from the start, as indeed you need to unlock it).
  12. I am reading all of this, and man - I seemed to have played a whole set of different games than you guys "back then" in the good ol' days, and not just because of the Amiga, but also on PSone and PS2. Nobody did play the Suikoden series, for example?
  13. I'll happily buy this and plat them again if they don't change the gameplay for ME1 - with the exception of stacking the difficulty trophies. Difficulty trophies should always stack.
  14. While I disagree with the quoted definition (for the leaderboard part), there is one element of truth in it. I would say that a trophy hunter collects trophies. He has to go through games to collect his stuff. If the trophies are not your main focus, I'd call you a gamer (who also likes to get trophies) rather than a trophy hunter. It's not the number of trophies in a period of time that decides this, it's the intention of the player. Even someone with way less trophies can be a trophy hunter in my opinion, if that is his main focus.
  15. Maybe the only thing I really dislike about Anime/JRPGs is: There is this guy who

    • tried to kill you on several occasions
    • attacked your village, family and/or friends
    • maybe kidnapped some people dear to you or even killed them
    • definitely attempts to build a new world on the backs of the millions of people getting killed in the process and
    • gave a granny wrong directions to the convenience store

    and after the hero barely defeats him in a fight to the death, the villains tells a sad backstory, and hero guys goes: I have to become friends with him, he seems to be a good egg underneath his mass murderer disguise. Don't drink tea with him. Lob off his head.







    1. Nighcisama


      What I dislike is that theres way too many weirdos walking around in those games. Like, characters who are openly displaying their insanity and are over the top flashy and annoying to boot, yet your character is like: "I should put that annoying and probably dangerously insane person into my party so that I have to listen to him for the rest of my journey". Also there is rarely any real freedom, your character usually has that cliche hero role and can't escape it, resulting in the problem you mentioned among other things, because "kirring issa baddo".


      One of the highlights of my early RPG gaming career was when a younger me figured out that you could kill the character "Mud" in Gothic, a character intentionally designed to be as annoying as possible, follow you around and get on your nerves all the time by interrupting whatever you were doing with his annoying voice, babbling random shit. Thanks to this being a grittier RPG you could bait him into the woods and dispose of him, while he would have been your right hand man in any JRPG😒