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  1. Ah, Dragon Age... what fun times I had with the first and the third game. Never touched DA 2, though.
  2. Phantom Doctrin's is an espionage game, so being able to do stuff with some Agents with the actor perk without combat is a cool element, I think. The campaign isn't as long as XCOM 2's. It just feels long, as the map variety isn't that great. What worked best for me was taking out their bases/cells rather than preventing their missions. Less tedious fights that way. When I think of it, games like that really would benefit from random map generation. That would keeps things fresh, because non-story missions can drain the fun out if the combat isn't thrilling.
  3. It sounds like a ridiculous plat. I have to admit, my interest in JRPGs has diminished over the years because so many have grind-for-grind's-sake grind in it. But then I play a game like Cyberpunk 2077, and most of the side stuff I did in Act 1 is a group of enemy NPCs grouped in a building or around a loot item. It has to mean something when the game I enjoeyed most in the last six months was a VN - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.
  4. My personal view is that it's not envy, but more a desire for some sort of acclaim. It's not faulty in itself as long it doesn't lower other things in order to highlight their own "accomplishment". It's not wrong to be proud to have finished a difficult game, but it doesn't stop there. It often continues into pointing out how good that was by putting down what others do. In my opinion, this is not only rude, but fruitless. If someone doesn't receive genuine praise for platinuming UR games - and let's not fool ourselves, most people don't need both hands to count others who care about our own profile -, then tailoring a leaderboard to their preference and bullying Ratalaika game players won't change that. It'll just make a like-minded crowd flock together, and then they'll find a new criterium why their profile is better than that of the next guy. And people who didn't care before won't magically start to think: Wow, look at that guy.
  5. Why don't you elaborate, then? The PSNP leaderboard is far from what I would call a - as in one - race. A race is something where everybody starts at the same time. That alone makes it a bad analogy. And if, as you claim, there is only a single track, what are trophies to represent? Mileage? Where does game difficulty factor in, then? Games have different diffculties, but all players run exactly the same, single track? That doesn't make sense.
  6. There is also no running, so with bad examples, we're even. Because it's not a single event, otherwise there would be only a single platinum. But if you choose running as your choice of metaphor, then every platinum equals a cup for completing a race. A Ratalaika game is a different sort of race (100m sprint) than a 100 hour JRPG (marathon), but you get the same old cup or medal after finishing. Look at the leaderboard at the Olympics - all the medals in the same "leader board", for every event btw, - swimming, running, long jump. So yeah - all sorts of different "tracks" go in the same leaderboard. One guy wins a marathon and another wins 10 x 100m races in the same time - that doesn't mean he used a "bike". He ran a different track.
  7. I didn't want to convey that you said something like that. You didn't. Sorry if that came across differently. - And people are fine to have an opinion about my or anyone else's profile. They just shan't tell others what and what not to play. That is something very different.
  8. Ever heard of Victor Borge?




  9. For me, it isn't. For me, it is a database, a place to talk about video gaming and to discover new games to play. I keep track of my trophies here because it's convinient, but I did that on my console before I discovered this site, but that's not what I am here for. Now, we can differ and discuss about what the site is to whom, that is fine and valid, but it stops for me if someone said:" You are using the site wrongly" - which is about the same as someone saying to another: "Your profile is trash because you play ez-pz games and stack them." That's the line people overstep here quite often.
  10. They don't let runners start 10 years ahead. Is someone a better runner because they have a headstart of 5.000 miles? And I am sorry to say, if someone runs a 100m sprint and another one runs a 10km cross, the first one is not using a bike. He runs a different track. Adding to that: It's not wrong to play a certain way. What is, though, is telling other players off because they play differently. And we have a lot of people of that type on this site.
  11. In over 100 hours, I got that combo exactly once.
  12. That would be a step backwards. I mostly skip trophy-parts of user reviews (only looking for the word "bugged). If someone rates a game, I'm interested in what they think about the game, not the trophies - and certainly not from random dudes on the internet who think anything that they don't like is some [label]-agenda "shoved down" their "throat".
  13. I am still one of the worst top-down-twin-stick rogue-like bullet hell game players.

  14. I started to play it, and I can give a first impression. The game is mostly an open-world management sim. Mostly you'll be managing your rackets, upgrading and guarding them. It's supposed to have depth, e.g. by the quality of the alcohol you produce vs. what tier is demanded by customers. Haven't really gotten deep into it yet. The world flows in real-time- Managing where to go and what to do takes time (in pause mode, you can't zoom out to the map). Probably better suited for keyboard/mouse then for a controller. There is a diplomacy system where you can make deals with other Dons, have business synergies, or ally in a war. You can also go to war with them or have a non-aggression pact. In Open worls, you get missions (part caombat related, part simulation related). It sound quite nice, but what I am doing is running around with my crew and attack building to make them rackets or defend mine against attacks. The combat is sub-par. It's the weak point. When you attack/defend a building, all fighters - yours and the enemies - scramble wildly around. Not sure if there is a system there. The inside battle fields are most small, some of medium size. The battles feel repetive and aren't not difficult, unless going up against a boss. Troops have a skill tree system - one skill per tier. The have traits, up to two firearms, one melee weapon and armor and item slots. They cost upkeep and take a cut from your earnings (actually a neat system). They have relations to other mobsters (friend/foe). If they are a friend with an enemy, they might not shoot at them or even defect of you kill them. They also have a loyalty and a moral stat. Not sure yet how this is influencing things. It's not a good and not a bad game. Mixed bag, I'd say, but you might be battling a lot, and it's the same old unless with a Boss (other Dons). If you are going there for turn based combat, it's probably not the game you want. Also, a bit buggy on occasion.
  15. I love turn based combat in strategy games. It'd be awesome to combine that with a strong story.