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  1. This was my deck with Ironclad. Flash of Light+ (0 cost and draw card) Dual Wield+ Burning Pact+. Bash+ Strike+ Important relics: Busted Crown (+1 Energy) Lantern (+1 Energy on first turn) Bag of Preparation (+2 Cards on first turn) Starter relic (+6 health after combat) Quite some luck with card removing events and relics, and I didn't pick up many cards because it was ascension, and I stopped picking up anything that doesn't help with inifinite loops. Dual Wield+ and Flash of Light+ in the same hand, with bag pf preparation there is a good chance to have that. Triplicate FoL three or four times, depending on the size of your deck. Burning Pact+ exhausts a card in your hand and draws more cards, so you make space and extend the loop if you draw more FoL. The less cards you have in your deck, the faster you reach the loop.
  2. Anti-Virus program decided to quarantine the XCOM 2 alternate mod launcher out of the blue - mid-game. It only has been installed a whole year and been in use for the last five days, if it were a threat, it'd have had plenty of time to wreak havoc before you stepped in. But at least you corrupted the Ironman/legend save. So thanks for your service.

    1. Copanele


      With the risk of getting hot singles in my area, I never use antivirus, just because of those sneaky updates. Last time an update massacred some of my Skyrim mods and busted my save file. I get your pain xD

  3. While Slay the Spire is a neat game in general, during the ascension climb it turns into "If you don't get the three right cards right at the beginning you'll not make it to the next ascension level" RNG-borefest.

  4. FFT.jpg

    1. Briste


      top 10 all time game for me


    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      This needs a PS4/PS5 remake

  5. That's why croudfunding projects should have mandatory insurance above a certain amount of funding.The way it is now, it's an open invitation for scamming (or lazyness at best).
  6. So which childhood nostalgia game is it going to be? Or will it finally be Mass Effect?
  7. Yes, it is. I enjoyed playing it. And the Soundtrack hits home. Ouch. Hopefully you you'll stick to the account; it'd be a real waste. Or they patch it up as their last action if they are releasing Co-op for Switch still?
  8. It's not that bad on a second playthough, you'll know a lot of what's coming, when to save up for what, and the tactics needed. One particular Boss fight was really nasty, but that was more about scarce resources combined with aiming under pressure.
  9. The description must be wrong. The trophy pops when you get a level 15 daughter.
  10. What's it like to live in or close to a desert if you do. If not - how'd you think it'd feel like?
  11. Four centuries ago, you'd been burned at the stake for that level of math. Wouldn't a double milestone be wasted at that sort of level? Would have taken quite a while for the next ones to show.
  12. Too bad you didn't have such a great time with the game like I did. In XCOM, though, if you reach late mid-game, you can easily cheese missions with a couple of Rookies while you heal your main guys. Even the tiredness in XCOM 2 doesn't prevent this.
  13. I never played a MMO. Never saw the appeal, and definitely wouldn't pay for a subscription. The closest I came to that was a browser game: Travian. That was one of those F2P where you could use real money to speed up stuff. If you didn't, there was a lot of idling. I got suckered in with a group of people from another message board. One week in half the poeple dropped out, and after another week there were only two of us left. We played the whole year without money, and for that, we did quite well. Only during the endgame we had to join an alliance. But it wasn't a thing I would want to do again.
  14. It's pretty addicting, but the RNG is strong with this one. Rogue-like games are time sinks, and I've got a couple of them lined up. *le sigh*
  15. Well, I mean - money problems are a very good reason to wait for a price drop and/or sales. A large backlog comes in handy in situations like that. As for PS5, I am waiting half a year to a year. That's when I assume the first changes and adjustments have come though to weed out the little faults a new thing nowadays has. Also, black PS5 hopefiully available at that point.