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  1. Press the +-Sign next to "Quote" on all posts you want to quote. A button pops up on the right side of the screen, stating "Quote x Posts", press that instead of the regular quote.
  2. The last sport game and the last racing game I played - Sensible Soccer and Super Cars II. They were fun games, but they were exceptions. I never liked racing games, and video sports games I find weird. I think it is sound not to play games just for diversity's sake.
  3. That trophy just popped for me, so it must be glitched (in favor), since I am still not on the end of the game. Ah, what a reason to double post. The times we live in...
  4. Well, the whole title is Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, which is a bit better. It is definitely inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, especially the job system, down to that you need proficiency in other jobs to unlock new classes, and that each class has active skills and passives. You have the skillset and passives of your chosen job, you can chose a second skillset of any class you unlocked (with the skills you already learned), and you can set any two additional passives (from every passive you learned, not tied to the second skill set. In addition, there are secret classes that need certain items that drop or can be crafted to unlock. There is a basic crafting system, which allows you to craft special items. The job skills are a mix of unique skills and skills that other classes can learn as well (like e.g. healing or attack magic). Every character gets a permanent bonus for mastering a class, so there is an incentive to switch classes. Characters also get a small share of Job AP from units that participated in combat. The game has multiple base difficulty settings you can chose. Great about ist hat you can also turn on/off the individual setting to adjust the diffculty to your liking. For instance, getting downed in a fight can , depending on difficulty, have no effect, lead to an injury that reduces stats (to get rid of it, the unit hast to sit out one battle per injury), or if you play with perma-death, the unit dies after a certain amount of injuries. The game would suit to veterans of tactical turn based combat as well as newcomers. It’s like at a BBQ, just with BYOD (bring your own difficulty) instead of BYOB. Units that sit out get some job AP, but no EXP. In the end, you are going to play with the unique characters plus two, max three recruitable character if not playing with perma-death, the others are too underleveled. So only with perma-death you would need power leveling (but you could simply reload before a battle that went bad). You can fight battles (by choice) on former maps, and enemies scale to a map level. In my experience, the difficulty is quite high in the beginning, when you didn’t unlock more classes and skills. When your guys start to develop, it becomes fair, then relatively easy towards the end. The biggest difference to other TTB games is that buffs and debuffs play a much more prominent role. Not only are there skills that apply buffs and debuffs, many skills come with an added buff/debuff. Trade offs for weapons and armors in AT/DEF gain for status or element immunity have more effect than usual, I think. The enemy regularly uses them, too, which is neat. The enemy also tries to heal and resurrect their fallen, and even… but find out for yourself in the late stages. He he. Time wise I’d say 45 – 65 hours for the Plat for an experienced player? There is some sidestuff (triggered by revisiting locations at the right time, not via quest board), so depending on how quickly you pick it up or get a certain drop, it might differ. The question I cannot answer is: Is it worth it for 30 $? I am a day 1 buyer if I know of the game in time, which is my way of supporting game developers. I almost never buy DLC, so that’s a one time investment. How does it compare to God Wars: Future past? I am really bad at making comparisions. Let’s say the combat differs, magic spells don’t have large AoE and generally not a long range, so apart from Bows and guns, the combat is much more close up. When around the same level with enemies, the odds are slightly tipped in their favor until you kill the first enemy. The MP pool of characters builds up per round, starting from zero, so you can’t spam the best skills in the beginning. Item use is restricted to a set number of items. You can craft items to increase the number and to get other item types, though. Items refresh for every battle, so you don’t need to sit on them „for a better opportunity“. Use that potion. That is pretty neat, I think, I used them items more than I usually do, despite their low numbers. Ultimately, Fell Seal’s story appealed to me better than God Wars‘ story. --- Most dominant series? In pure numbers, it is Final Fantasy – VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XII, XIII-2, XIII-3, XV, Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy tactics. That‘s 12 FF games. Then there is with 7: Disgaea 1 – 5, D2, and Disgaea 1 complete (as remake of the first game), Resident Evil 1 - 7 6: Suikoden I- V and Suikoden tactics 5: Uncharted 1 – 4 and Lost Legacy, GTA I – III, Vice City and San Andreas (technically I also started IV, only to be bored by it), Metal Gear Solid 1 – 5 (I played 4 before trophies, didn’t feel like going after trohpies when I saw how tedious it’ll be) 4: Mass Effect Trilogy and Andromeda, Civilization I – IV, Wing Commander I - IV
  5. Dang, you're quick as a fox finishing those games. BTW, if you are looking for more tactical turn based combat games, have you considered Fell Seal? It also has a nice job system and play quite good. I am voting for secret option e): Currency Devaluation DLC with a low exchange rate
  6. It seems someone gifted me a premium membership. To whomever (oh yes, you heard right, I put in the M) it was, a heartily thank you. Random fun fact that might have prevented you from doing so and to seek out a younger talent who deserves praise: 350 hours Nuclear Throne, and I am still shit at the game. There, you spent money on that. I hope you are happy.  d(^_^d) 

  7. Invisible Inc. is a fun game. Unlike - and I cannot imagine how you platted it - Nuclear Throne (I am so bad at that game). Good luck on your new job.
  8. Is it? I turn on my laptop and click on the quickstart symbol of my browser. Nothing easier than that, not to say that using keyboard and mouse makes browing much easier than the virtual keyboard on a smartphone.
  9. I never understood why anyone would prefer a mini screen of a smartphone over a large screen to browse the internet. I certainly don't.
  10. Some of the quests are time sensitive and can be failed if not tackled within a certain time. I learned the hard way you better not go around unlocking every available quest, which is part of the reason the game takes so long. it's not the usual "do everything for ten quest while you are here" thing, at least I don't dare to do that any more. So remembering all the stuff for let's say three quests at a time isn't that hard. I wonder - have you ever thought of signing up for the PSNP interviews, you and Cassyvania?
  11. In video game series, which do you prefer: a sequel or a prequel? a sequel or a spin off? a story ark over a set number of games or standalone stories for each game?
  12. If I had to buy every shit DLC only for the reason to have to attain 100%, I doubt I'd still have fun to play video games. There were games where I went and got "1 of every" and similar stuff before trophies were introduced, but luckily, I can drop agame I don't like without second thoughts. No, I am not a completionist, and reading threads like this, I feel good with it.
  13. A hundred PSN IDs? I can't even imagine. I play in my first ID, and it's only my second gamer name (my first one was "Chuck", and since back then you often had only three characters to enter at high scores, Chk). KCD isn't totally bug free yet. I'm playing it right now (base game only), and there are a couple of bugs. Some are minor, like preventing changing tabs in a shop, or not getting the quest reward. One quest though is seriously bugged (finding a priest for a village for the fled villagers to return; the priest I chose did not go there and the other one doesn't seem to be available any more. I hope it only affects this one quest, I don't know if the village opens up and has more quest available that are now bug-locked). I am playing blind, I don't want to spoil things by looking it up. It plays somewhat slow, fast travel isn't fast travel, more like auto travel. Some quests drag along, you have to do all sorts of things for just a single quest (e.g. hunt this, then hunt that, do more hunting, and then more hunting - that counts a single quest). Due to the all the time I spent on sidequests, the main story loses focus, I think. I like the fighting, though. If you are untrained, you get stomped. It get better the higher your fighting abilitites get. If you are outnumbered by trained warriors, you have to be very careful not to get overwhelmed. The only thing I don't like is that the enemies rubberband to you, fleeing is difficult. The setting is what sells the game for me. I have an interest in history, that was the main reason for me to get this game.
  14. Always great to see pre-PS3 game series like Suikoden on someone's favorites list.
  15. [Kingdom Come: Deliverance] Hey, it's time to buy a better saddle for my horse.


    1. Buy a better saddle for quite some money.

    2. Trader gives quest, too. Great.

    3. Do that quest.

    4. Reward for the quest: An even better saddle.

    5. Hooray?


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    2. MidnightDragon


      Can you sell the other one so you can get some money back?

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      For about half the price, I did. It's all right, stuff like this happens.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Better than nothing