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  1. Oh, that's the reason? And I was wondering how on earth to set coordinates when the numbers only go up. Superb development work, well done.
  2. Sometimes I wonder how Cassy chooses what games to play... is it "That is similar to game X", or "That game is from genre X", or is it "I didn't like the last one from the series, let's see if they did better this time"?
  3. My first question was: Which one of them is the boy, because in Anime/JRPG, sometimes looks are deceiving.
  4. You can add The King of New Orleans and The only way is up to the list of glitched trophies. I am in the South region with 70/70 stars, and the final show of the South region does not trigger. That game is a glitch fest.
  5. Oh man, oh man. House of Ashes started very promising.

    1. Deluziion90


      Can't wait to play it but I'm first finishing Lost Judgment which will take me a solid week+..

      The previous games were a good scare and fun as well.


      Have fun!

  6. Probably not easy to share something so personal, but the message is worth it. Thumbs up and all the best for the both / four of you.
  7. One thing to do is to plat the exact same game and to tell him it was the easiest game you ever played. The other one is simply not to care.
  8. Back to video gaming sounds nice, unless it's because your visiting friend departed back home. Ah well, back to video gaming.

  9. Finish one, buy three.


    Sincerely, your backlog.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mecharobot


      While I feel somewhat guilty about a few games that are still in their plastic wrappers (except one which I could probably sell for hundreds of €), I try to remind myself that it's not a bad thing to have options and realistically I beat 2-3 a month (though not necessarily do I plat them or they don't have trophies).

    3. DJ__Beatroot


      Those sales are really my weakness.  Some nice games with a decent price lately.  :facepalm:

    4. Anxiety


      @mecharobot I still have some games in there wrapper that I could also sell for big $ we must be twins.

  10. Recycling saves the planet.
  11. I have already seen it because I stalk some profiles for new games to get. Any particular reason for that? Or do you fear to burn through the entire PS5 catalogue otherwise?
  12. I played Eye of the Beholder on my Amiga, but dropped it because it wasn't what you'd call a pleasent experience.