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  1. 1. As a sex demon, who is your adversary entity/archenemy? 2. So a real demon offers to grant you supernatural powers, but they come with the usual price: bodily deformation. Dou you take them? If so, super heor or super villain?
  2. Usually I am quite laid back, but whenever Mozilla decides to break all the customization, I experience burning red rage. I'm sick of googlinh hours and hours and hours and hours just to find someone who knows how to reverse stuff back to at-least-somewhat-how-it-used-to-be.

  3. Congrats and happy birthday. Patience is the privilege of the elders, so welcome in their ranks... Oh, and don't let yourself get sucked in to that SMB pyramid scheme. Everyone who gets the Platinum has to recruit five other people into their cult.
  4. The latest game did sound interesting - except the "characters from previous entries" bit. I had that in Trails of Cold Steel IV where characters from the previous Heroes series take part, and since I didn't play that, I don't feel much for their characters. Nice. And they announced black controllers, did I read that right somewhere? Hopefully, when I start looking for a PS5, a black plates + black controller version is available.
  5. [Trails of Cold Steel IV]


    After finishing the blind playthrough, consulting the guide, I have scanned every enemy up to the final battle (483/490). That means after thoroughly scanning all 483 enemies (plus Extras that don't count), I managed to miss 1 batlle scan in the final battle series.


    How did this happen? 😕 Well, at least that means I can get that trophy quickly.

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Oh, now I know why - one entry is missing the green checkmark. 1 of 490. Well, it is what it is.

  6. [Trails of Cold Steel IV]


    I am at the final room at 145 hours - and the book says I am two chests short. If you played TOCS (the trophies are basically the same for every game), you know what that means (all chests need to be opend in the same playthrough). Loaded up an earlier save, and I found both missing chests. That means:


    1. Finish the game on nightmare

    2. Load ealier save, speed through to get the chests trophy

    3. Load even earlier save to get bonding trophies

    4. Speed through NG+ on easy to clean up (I missed 2 - 4 character notes and some bonding points)


    Hope I got all the battle notes, we'll see after the last fights. Got most of the "Get all"-type trophies. Not bad for a blind playthrough.


    Also, for once I didn't make the mistake to start a JRPG boss battle at 1 a.m.only to see the last cut scene around 3.30 a.m.

  7. It was the same with me. First run was a win, second run a win on daily. Then ten defeats in a row.
  8. They have free access to free DLC, not automatically own it (I often don't download free DLC if not distributed via patch), but I see what you mean. Basically, in a situation like this, it comes down to preference. That makes it difficult to convince one another.
  9. That's not what I'd want. I'd want to check rarity against actual owners, not against the maximum numbers of owners possible. If that is not possible right now - that's what I take from the discussion -, I'd rather take the error margin at the other end. We know that anyone who earns a DLC trophy owns that DLC. That number would be much closer to the actual number of DLC owners (so including those who own, but didn't play it yet) then the difference between the base game owners against the DLW owners, wouldn't it? So while the numbers still wouldn't be correct, I imagine they'd be less false than at the base game owner end. If my thought process is wrong, I am willing to change my mind. Are there number how many base game owners on average buy all the DLC?
  10. I can't understand how basing DLC trophy stats on the number of base game owners is supposed to make stats "more accurate". It's the opposite. If only five people own a DLC and all of them completed it, the rarity should be 100% all (DLC) owners. Basing it on the number of people that theoretically could own the DLC is just as arbitrary as the current system. @djb5f has it spot-on: The fault in the system is the attachment to the base game. PSNP displays DLC trophies seperately on the game's trophy page. If it did that on the main account page, there'd be no doubt if owners of a seperate entry should count to towrds the numbers of another entry.
  11. ME Legendary Edition arrived despite delayment notice. Not enough space on the HDD. Need to do cut down my backlog.

  12. If you were an A.I. and wanted to enslave the humans - how would you try to do it?
  13. Only ever so slightly... Downloaded. Let's see what this is about then... in about how-long-is-my-backlog days. My profile doesn't show all the games since I didn't earn a trophy in over 4 days. No 0% games updates.
  14. If you could have a newly discovered species of animal named after you, what type of animal would you want it to be?
  15. VII and IX... The truth is somewhere in between.