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  1. * Hmm... maybe call it a day?

    * Warning: you may want to do everything you want to do before this

    * Damn: Is that a Point of no return? Ah well, let's play on a bit.

  2. The EU version has 16 Plat Achievers. My guess is that people didn't find it interesting enough to get all the trophies? Otherwise I don't know.
  3. I watched a playthrough of this as well. The story part was a bit weak, the combat was all right. There is a sequel (This is the Police II), just in case you find the first game interesting. Also, somewhat similar in that you have to acquire and connect clues together to progress the story: Phantom Doctrine. It is set in an espionage environment. It is tactical turn based. The tactical combat has one unqiue feature: You can set up Agents outside a room an order them to dtorm the room, and they all will enter and shoot on everything that is in there. If you amass enough firepower with silenced weapons, you can secretly take out a room with several enemies without raising alarm. Unfortunately, the combat is cheesable, making it not much of a challenge. The whole thing again runs under "promising, but...". Have a look at it, it's good for three playthroughs, but not more.
  4. I watched a whole playthrough last year. It was on my list, it looked promising, but I felt something was missing, so I didn't buy it in the end.
  5. Instead of complaining about a video game (although I had quite enough reason to), here are a few shots from games. I rarely take screeenshots, so there are not many to share.


    Unfortunately, somehow the quality was reduced after the upload, so the full size lloks weird.



    1. ihadalifeb4this


      If you got  some more send them on psn and be ready to get spamed to death with mine screenshots.

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Sorry, I don't have more screenshots. Those were 'the ones' because I mostly just enjoy playing and don't think of the screenshot function.

  6. Here are my five plus: XCOM 2: Like @Briste, I like turn based tactical combat, and XCOM 2 is my favorite on PS4. It is challenging, but reasonable in its difficulty. The WotC DLC was a great addition to the gameplay. I enjoy playing the game just as much as watching my go-to youtuber play modded PC versions of XCOM 2 every year. The Witcher 3: The Quest design is great, the quests blend so much into another that many seperate quests feel like one and the same mission. The lore is good, and Gwent is a great mini game. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, so much that I bought both DLC. Valkyria Chronicles (4 and 1): Valkyria Chronicles is such a unique experience in its mix of real time and tactical action. I also like Anime, so the setting is pretty much a plus for me. Both games tackle serious issues in a colourful, bubbly package. Until Dawn: I like cheap horror movies a lot, and my most favorite type is: group of five to seven people go somewhere and encounter a mythical beast/mutants/aliens/creepy creature/monster. A nice game in the side: guess who is going to survive (is it the pretty, yet reasonable girl and the daring douche wiho turns out to be a not-so.-bad guy?). Until dawn falls just into this bracket. Divinity - Original Sin (both 1 and 2): two great cRPG games. Use your mucles or your brain, both ways can get you to your goal. The focus is on the story, you can get through with a minimum of fighting if you chose to. So many more good games. RDR 2, Alien: Isolation, Observation, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Uncharted TLOU didn't make the list because I played it on PS3.
  7. I would't say it is a lot harder. The enemies have slightly better stats, and you have to spend more resources to upgrade, but you start Stygian with knowledge on how things work. That evens this mostly out. The only thing you need to watch is that there is only a limited number of deaths allowed before instant game over. That means the RNG can ruin your game, but otherwise it should be okay.
  8. @Mori Sorry to bother you again. Do you know if there is a limited number you can enter crown vaults? I was walking around with Eyes in L1 to store the frog pistol, but neither L1 3-2 nor L1 5-2 had a portal, and of course I did not reach L1 7-2. I am running out of ideas on how to achieve something in this game.
  9. I have the worst case of gamer's rage I have ever experienced. Ever. If I die one more time with Y.V. just short of a crown portal in hard mode 3-2 upwards - with the frog gun in possession as insult on top - I'll simply go mad.

    1. Hemiak


      I don't like this game very much. Loved Gungeon, Isaac was pretry good, but I just don't care for NT. I feel like the game can just absolutely troll you and end a great run instantly. 

  10. Put one more on my definite-buy -list: Disco Elysium has been announced to be ported to PS4. 2020 is going to be a good year for me.
  11. [Nuclear Throne]


    Got to Y.V.'s crib from L1 3-2 crown vault. Of course, no Golden Nuke Launcher or Golden Disc gun.


    A bit disheartening.

  12. How ironic that some people think you can't judge if you'll dislike a game and at the same time ready the whips on reviewers - people who actually have played the game. Most of us have years, if not decades of playing video games under our belt, one would think we all have the ability to filter out of reviews what we need to know if something is interesting enough to give it a go - or not.
  13. Well... are you going to buy it?
  14. Can I just say that I hate that the game stacks up against you? SInce I didn't unlock CoH yet, and I failed the Gung Gun, and The Crib doesn't have Golden Nuke or Golden Disc when you go from L1-2, I went to L3-2 with Y.V. doing the Oasis skip, got the CoH from L 1-2 Crown Vault (just in case), and I was killed with only only a few enemies alive and a few rads away from Level Ultra by an effing Elite Shielder. Ugh.
  15. Since the reviews are out now, I now know it is something I am not really interested in.