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  1. If you tell a large enough number of people to live by that, you'll create a paradox that destroys time and space.
  2. Wouldn't it be the waiting game (for XCOM 3)?
  3. I wanted to write that I couldn't play games like y'all do (alway wanted an opportunity to use y'all in a sentence), then I remembered what hoops I jump through to make milestones. It took me three hours today to find a game that'll make me reach the next milestone on point. I have to stall a near-plat to do so, I have to buy a new controller because my old one doesn't register R2 with all games any more (apparently, game developers can control how much pressure the button has to get to register it). I'm just as bad - well, almost. I won't play FF VIII at 3x speed. I'll do it at regular speed. So, while watching the 3rd season of Narcos, I am at least reducing my DVD-TV-series backlog.
  4. Games already get the most time, and I like stories, so I like movies. And I think I have worn out a controller, I have to go get a new one.
  5. I wish I was playing something right now, but I have to dedicate some time to my book backlog, my movies backlog, my TV series backlog and my anime backlog, too, and then there are other projects. Even with an unreasonable late bed time, there is only so much time after work. Next up will be brainless JRPG-farming at Omega Quintet. Why do JRPGs have to have include things that make you do that? I have grown less tolerant to that, but somehow I ended up buying Trails of Cold Steel - all three parts. Patronus Contradictum. After Omega Quintet, I'll need to fill a 22 trophy gap so that Final Fantasy VIII can become the next milestone. Still don't know if that'll take one or two smaller games or half a bigger game.
  6. Unrelated to awards - I just found out Phoenix Point is going to get a PS4 release in 2020.
  7. I am torn. I have grown less tolerant to the superfluous grind so many JRPGs bring, yet I play JRPGs now and again nonetheless. Currently thinking about The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. I don't know if I want to commit to a whole series of JRPGs and the endless grind...

    1. thepeaguy


      I suggest to make personal rules for yourself when trophy hunting. Works for me.

      One example for me being is that I won't plat the same game twice.

    2. aiccChaos


      If you like the game, then just play it and worry about the trophies later.


      I played a huge junk of all available jrpgs and platted most because it's fun. 

      Don't think about the hours you have to invest in. If you have fun the platinum

      will unlock itself :> and you can be proud of yourself (and maybe others are proud of you :p)

  8. It is a short game.
  9. If commentators do not have the time to discuss rules during a game of American Football - what the hell are they doing during those three and a half hours? You won't learn what is considered a catch or not if the ball touches the ground or what is a "football move" to differentiate between an incomplete pass and a fumble unless someone explains it at least once. That is part of a commentator's job, and it is also in the best interest of the TV channel so that viewers new to the game won't switch off because they don't know what is going on. If people don't know that it isn't a catch - although the receiver caught the ball - unless both his feet are not inbounds, they'll lose interest because they can't follow what is going on. So, what do you want to tell me? That tutorials are unnecessary because you pick up stuff as you go along if you do or watch it long enough? That is quite a view - why do they need to tell stuff you know well enough? Why are you insulted by something that is clearly not aimed at you in the first place? A time-stop tutorial takes no more than 30 seconds at a time. A pee break is longer.
  10. Actually, the 'good' type of tutorial is a tutorial section that is separate from all gameplay or which you can opt to turn off. They used to have that when games were shipped with handbooks. You could read the handbook for control schemes and mechanics, and then could easily play the game without any interruption. If someone felt a bit unsure, they could do the tutorial stuff beforehand. The simple messages that pop up somewhere during gameplay are not as suitable as the other types, because they rarely stay long enough on the screen (and even worse if they are designed not to be obstrusive). You are concentrating on the gameplay, and it is easy to miss the content of the message because you can only read half of it before it blends out. Even worse if it refers to in-game terminology that you don't know yet. I remember well the times where I played video games without any handbook or tutorial - I actually preferred that because tutorials bore me - but the freeze tutorials are more suitable to their purpose. Of course tutorials are calibrated to the sake of new or casual players. Otherwise they'd be useless. If I ever watch a game of cricket, I wouldn't want the commentary to be aimed at twenty-year-plus viewers. I need them to explain the fucking rules because I am new to the game.
  11. No, it's the fallacy that not including a detailed handbook for everything one needs to know like they used to do in the days of yore is the reason why games need to have tutorials. Whatever the saved cost on a booklet is, surely it cannot match the effort programmers have to make to program introductory levels for the tutorial(s).
  12. Get well soon.
  13. * Hmm... maybe call it a day?

    * Warning: you may want to do everything you want to do before this

    * Damn: Is that a Point of no return? Ah well, let's play on a bit.

  14. The EU version has 16 Plat Achievers. My guess is that people didn't find it interesting enough to get all the trophies? Otherwise I don't know.
  15. I watched a playthrough of this as well. The story part was a bit weak, the combat was all right. There is a sequel (This is the Police II), just in case you find the first game interesting. Also, somewhat similar in that you have to acquire and connect clues together to progress the story: Phantom Doctrine. It is set in an espionage environment. It is tactical turn based. The tactical combat has one unqiue feature: You can set up Agents outside a room an order them to dtorm the room, and they all will enter and shoot on everything that is in there. If you amass enough firepower with silenced weapons, you can secretly take out a room with several enemies without raising alarm. Unfortunately, the combat is cheesable, making it not much of a challenge. The whole thing again runs under "promising, but...". Have a look at it, it's good for three playthroughs, but not more.