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  1. Open world games rely mostly on their story, since most of their mechanics are similar. If the story is interesting enough, I still like open world games (especially if you find stuff through exploring), but then again, I usually don't play DLC. But maybe it's just because I like open world games in general?
  2. The Fire Emblem games would be nice to have on PS.
  3. You play runs parallel instead of after another?
  4. Up your... uh, I mean, up to your interpretation. But how about the one from each?
  5. Who is your favorite author?
  6. All those stats are based on every trophy, not on an arbitrary subset. Any stat that is deducted from a subset is biased against whateveris excluded. I am against the leaderboard, but that is not what this thread is about. No, the looking down is done with declaring that some trophies should not be worth the same because you don't like them. If you voice this opinion, everything is okay. Everyone can have his opinion and voice it. It is not okay, though, when the site does something like that. The site should be neutral.
  7. PSNP is not Sony. What you see as the intention is exactly discrimination of certain users who obtain valid - since they are pofficial - trophies. If you want PSNP to exclude a certain part of the userbase with indicators that are placed at most prominent parts of the profile, PSNP would be doing nothing else than expressing nothing other than: "The more your PSNP numbers differ from the offical trophy system, the less we think of your games 8and this of course extends to the one who played those inferior games). The trophy system - like it or not - is the official recognition for trophies. If PSNP weighs by its own factors, it is PSNP who excludes people, not their users. I'll repeat myself from the other thread: It is 3 clicks to sort the trophy log e.g for ultra rare Platinum trophies. Anyone who isn't willing to make those three clicks is not interested in that stat anyway. Boasting can be done on the forum, as it already happens aplenty.
  8. May I remind you of what you said (bolded by me): You have judged parts of official trophy lists and want exactly that "fact" (which in reality is an opinion) to show as an official feature of PSNP. Yes, that feature is designed to discriminate certain users.
  9. That feature would make this kind of mindset an official PSNP doctrine. A website that discriminates parts of its userbase is not desirable.
  10. Don't ditch NT based on me. I wouldn't have stuck for all the hours if I didn't also have fun with it, I'd stop playing if I had no fun. I'll play something else soon and get back to it. Kingdom Come is not frustrating. At first, when your character has no experience in lockpicking, fighting and other skills, it can be a bit difficult, but with the evolvement of the main character, it gets much easier while occasionally still being challenging. For example, if you fight two guys in the beginning, there is a good chance you'll die. Later, you can take on two guys, but three are still going to be fatal, especially when they are fully armored. I liked the main quest, the side quests vary. They tend to be a bit drawn out, but they are doable. I'll get the Plat some time, but at the moment, I might work on my Anime series backlog, which has grown because the Playstation runs all the time.
  11. I can't tell you if the difficulty is comparable to SMB. I don't like Platformers, I never thought to play SMB. Don't take the 430 hours too seriously, this is just me. People who actually can play the game well will be much, much quicker done with this. My trouble spots? How much time do you have? Well, there are my faults, and there are the game's faults. Some enemies shoot predictive not at where you are, but where you are heading. Instead of dodging, I walk into those shots I dodge shots and doge other shots, only to run back into the shot I dodged first I misjudge the exlosion radius of exploding enemies when I attack them with melee weapons I misjudge melee range, not killing enemies that throw exploding cars at me I am too impatient, running imnto enemy groups I am too hesitant, not finishing enemy groups while I have the chance I can't judge which situation of the former two is which I fire explosive weapons too close to enemies, blowing myself up in the explosion I have a mutation that prevents myself blowing up when I intend to that for a specific trophy that requires you to die under specific circumstances I forget "The Captain" can jump and do one-shot damage to you If enemies that usually make distance, but oocasionally jump towards you (giving tocuhing damage), I get caught up in that jump I take too many unnecessary risks getting rad (which you need to gain mutations) I don't get useful weapons I get the wrong type of ammo I don't get useful mutations I get useful mutations for a weapon I dropped because I didn't get the useful mutation If I have great weapons and useful mutations, I spawn in a place surrounded by dozens of enemies without a place to hide If I don't spawn like before, I get too careless because I have that great stuff which should make it easier Little Hunter, one of the most annoying bosses ever, kills me with his explosion-type-damage-on landing-his jump, Little Hunter laughs when he kills oyu, making you boil with rage If you have a mutation that has a chance to restore HP, it'll do so more often when I am at full health, biut not when I need it When switching characters, I press L2 for the special ability, even though the special ability is something different (like eating the great weapon you only get once verey twenty runs) One character has only 2 HP, so he is basically the risk-reward character that get one shotted by all but one type of damage (110 hours of playtime alone for him, 29060 runs of 5988 run total) Enemies can shoot from outside of the screen, especially snipers that are behind a boss enemy You can shoot a shotgun down a narrow alley way without it hitting a charging snow tank (that kills you) Ravens suck I suck Ravens know that I suck and do the effing triple shots I get too hectic my reaction times are bad I could go on and on... how much time do you have?
  12. My guess is that both sides are going to be disappointed. He'll try it for half an hour and then say the game sucks, and you (two?) will be bummed because he didn't try to get into it. If I am wrong, good for you, but I have become weary of making suggestions because they don't lead to reacrtions I had hoped for.
  13. I assume you mean Nuclear Throne? Better question would be: Am I any good (that would be answered with no). I have 430+ hours in it, and I suck at it. It is only the second game after Ghost 'n Goblins (on Amiga) in my gaming career that I probably won't finish (here: get the Plat). Better ask @Mori if the game is good, he has the Plat. So, what is it ? It is a top-down twin-stick game where all levels are randomly generated. Whatever you earn during a run is lost when you die (with a few exceptions), and when you start a new game, you start from sketch each run (with said exceptions). There different characters you can do runs with that all have a different special ability, but you have to do stuff with all of them. You can pick up a variety of weapons (the farther you go, the better weapons, at least in theory) and mutations that give boni. The goal is to defeat the Nuclear Nhrone, but instead you can also loop past it which makes you play on, but it's getting more diffcult, and the bosses get worse as well. A sample? I'll be honest, while it still is kind of fun, at the moment I play it because I don't want to admit the game beat me. But I'll probably have to put it on hold for a month or two and continue then, because it is inducing gamer's rage in me. I believe the game is programmed to punish the average reaction of gamers that tested it, and I am the most average of them all because I die so often in a bad way, it is emberassing. Oh, and: There is a weekly challenge, which isn't random (great to unlock post-loop crowns, another sort of modifier for gameplay), and even there I am not good, so it's not the randomisation. I'm just not good at that game.
  14. If he doesn't play games for their stoy but for the graphics, are FF games really games that would be fun for him? Well, maybe XV would be, but that kind of argument reminds me of a guy who said that in movie "eye candy" is important, not story, because movies are "a visual medium". I'd start at least at VII and then go upwards.
  15. Winter isn't that far away... if the order is important, you could always leave one trophy open with the following games and finish them after the DLC to push them upwards.