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What is there to say? I like video games. I play games to have fun. Trophies are an added bonus, but they are secondary. They have no influence on which games I play. The only criterium to play a game is the fun I expect to have.


I mostly play video games that tell me a story. I make exceptions, for example strategy games and simulations (like Crusader Kings II or Civilization IV). I love to experience new stories, be it in a book, a movie, a TV series, or in a video game. The story is what drives me to continue to play - I want to know what happens next. Naturally, some of my favorite games are RPGs, action RPGs, cRPGs or story-driven action games.


Despite having joined a website dedicated to trophies, I don't take trophies too seriously. For me, they serve one purpose only - to indicate which games we play and our progress in each game. To me they are neither an indication of skills as a gamer, nor are they a mean to 'judge' someone else's 'career' as a gamer. The leaderboard does not interest me, neither do first achiever's or fastest achiever's lists. I am here to track my games and talk about video games.


My first gaming system was the Amiga 500, with the memory extension from 500kb to 1MB. Yes, upgraded to 1MB, as unbelievable as this seems nowadays. There were great game to play back then (even without a story element) - Wing Commander, Wings, Sid Meier's Pirates, Railroad Tycoon, Sim City, M1 Tank Platoon, Gun ship, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Bubble Bobble - the list is endless.


My favorite game ever is Final Fantasy Tactics, despite all the great games that are out there. Some things are inexplainable.







Hah! I knew it wasn't 'unbreakable'.