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  1. I never played a MMO. Never saw the appeal, and definitely wouldn't pay for a subscription. The closest I came to that was a browser game: Travian. That was one of those F2P where you could use real money to speed up stuff. If you didn't, there was a lot of idling. I got suckered in with a group of people from another message board. One week in half the poeple dropped out, and after another week there were only two of us left. We played the whole year without money, and for that, we did quite well. Only during the endgame we had to join an alliance. But it wasn't a thing I would want to do again.
  2. It's pretty addicting, but the RNG is strong with this one. Rogue-like games are time sinks, and I've got a couple of them lined up. *le sigh*
  3. Well, I mean - money problems are a very good reason to wait for a price drop and/or sales. A large backlog comes in handy in situations like that. As for PS5, I am waiting half a year to a year. That's when I assume the first changes and adjustments have come though to weed out the little faults a new thing nowadays has. Also, black PS5 hopefiully available at that point.
  4. What do you think about gamers as a social group (not as individuals)?
  5. Fell Seal is not a strategy game. It's a tactical RPG - turn based combat. I prefer to play strategy games on PC as well. You can't replace two dozen shortcuts on a keyboard well with a controller. My choice of Civilization is CIV IV. I stopped there because of the hey grid that started with Civ V. Vic IV has great mods, I never felt the need to go higher.
  6. I doubt it's the pricing. There is just less interest in Tactical Turn Based Combat on consoles. More mindless things like COD are en vogue. That's why every sale counts for the next TTBC game.
  7. Why not support developers by going full price so they know that people want those kind of games?
  8. Congratulations? Question mark because it doesn't sound you had fun the last months. One reason I don't partake in events. I'm just playing what I want when I want it. You got almost twice my number of trophies in half the time. I'm 300 trophies off for 6.000 and 13 plats away from #125, so it'll be some months. I have set up TLOU 2 for one, and the other most likely will become Cyberpunk 2077.
  9. Divinity: Original Sin is a great cRPG as well. You can avoid a lot of combat if you want to and have specced your characters right. That's what so good about cRPGs - freedom. D : OS 2 is just as good (many say better). I made both of them milestones. I recommend cRPGs as weekend games. One-hour-long chunks are not enough to get into the story. One really needs a couple of hours of continuous gameplay to get the feels, especially from exploration.
  10. Both great games. Be warned, though, that Torment: Tides of Numenera is very, very text-heavy. It's great if you like cRPGs. Danganronpa 1-2 Reload is two games in one, both with a grind, so yeah - it'll take quite some time to get the Plat if you want it.
  11. [PC] Crusader Kings 3 is as addicting as CK 2 was. No matter what one thinks about modern gaming, there are still plenty of games for every taste.

    1. Nighcisama


      Indeed, I loved CK2 and it was the only Steam game I ever bothered to get all the achievements for, and CK3 seems amazing aside from a few questionable balancing decisions. Given the incessive dlc whoring of Paradox that saw them release over a dozen big DLCs over the course of 6 years and dozens of smaller ones for cosmetics though, I am reluctant to get CK3 as I expect the dlc policy to be the same with that game. Relearning the same game several times and paying a total of 200+ for all of the content by buying it upon release simply seems like bad decision making, no matter how good it is and how many hours will be spent with it, so I will probably wait for the first big dlc bundle going on sale in a few years.

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Yeah, I'll wait for sales on DLC as well (unless a good overhaul mod comes along). I held off on CK2 for quite some time because I don't like Steam, but it's just a great game. HIP was a superb mod, and for that you needed the DLCs.

  12. Yes really. I have only ever given up on a single game in my gaming life (Ghosts 'n Goblins on Amiga). It was more a relief that I did it even though it took me six times longer than the usual time. Was still fun, albeit I cursed quite a lot at some bullshit that happened). But: See to do the one online trophy in NT asap (it the "Not Bad" trophy)! Vlambeer (the developer studio) disbanded a short time ago at their ten year anniversary. Who knows how long the online is available? I didn't find infor for that, but why take a risk?
  13. Of course. I didn't dispute that, I am just of a different opinion. And if planned to be released later, that's extra, not part of the game to me. That's one of the reasons I don't like DLC, by the way - if it's part of the game, but released - and charged - separately, I call it rip-off (Mass Effect 3 DLC, much). If It's not part of the game, then it's an addendum. That at least is a way to display what I think about game development (or "vote with my wallet"). If you are a game developer and think that content is a vital part of the story you want to tell - put it in the base game. If you are just out for extra money: sorry, but I already buy games on relase day if I know about them, even if I know it'll be some time before I can play it. That is enough support from me. That's where I am different than many people on this site. I don't feel proud or something similar about trophies. I like trophies, sure, but in the end, they are a checklist for me. To be honest, I do find the degree of obsession over trophies some people display here a tad unhealthy (not you, not to have any misunderstanding). Some people here are so judgemental you'd have to put the emphasis on mental. I play games for fun only, and before I joined this site, I thought everybody did.
  14. I disagree. The Platinum is an indicator for "the game" being finished. If developers slap on DLC after DLC after that - well, that doesn't concern me. The release as intended is finished with the Platinum. I am biased, though, since I disapprove of DLC in general. DLC isn't part of the game for me. It's an addendum, otherwise - surely - it should have been in the original release. With that I agree, just that I think also any trophy's "worth" ends with the information of you did it or you you did not (yet). Trophies show that you played the game and if you did certain things. As such, the Plat is just the final "ding" that you did everything the developer thought was worth noting down.
  15. That was quick. Sounds like a good game, except the 45 minutes per run bit. That's a bit much for a rogue-lite (or rogue-like? Wgat's the difference?). Or does it save inbetween runs?
  16. No, I don't. I prefer to see it sorted by last played at the top so I can see what's happening on a profile and the game history (what has been played when). I change profiles to last played when I look at them.
  17. @Cassylvania Why does your trophy card link to your profile sorted A - Z, dammit? That's why I get that weird sorting when I go to your game page when I am at home (where I am logged in). Always wondered why it was sorted different all the time.
  18. I guess he never saw it coming... Also: Makoto = best girl.
  19. Va11-Hall-A ends in a 0. It's a short VN with mini games.
  20. [Othercide] I am about an hour in, and I am captivated by the art style, soundtrack and gameplay. Hope it stays strong thoughout the game.

    1. xPhrance


      i was thinking about picking that up after i saw a video on it but gonna have to grab it when i put more of a dent in my backlog.

  21. I always make a blind playthrough. I want to discover the game without having anything spoiled (and trophies are spoilers), and I certainly don't want to play a game chained to guide. It feels unnatural and is not fun.
  22. I enjoyed TLOU II a lot, the ending included. It is difficult to have a civilized discussion about the game, though. I stopped reading topics about TLOU II, I feel dumber afterwards almost every time.
  23. Ugh, I have been tricked into buying something at the PSN-Store I thought is the game, but in reality unlocks DLC content (for the game I don't have). Should never try to buy stuff late at night.

    1. IntroPhenom


      I did that for Muramasa Rebirth on the Vita!  😖

    2. BadRep24


      I pretty much suffered from the same mistake, when I purchased Hitman 2 Expansion Pass on PS4, thinking there would be Hitman 1 levels. It turns out the Hitman 1 levels are on another DLC pack, and I simply burnt $53.49 CAD for nothing!

    3. Spaz


      I did this with Driveclub. Thought I had everything, then I was missing the Photo Finish DLC and one of the DLCs in Driveclub Bikes.


      Then when I tried to purchase that DLC, all of it had already been delisted!