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  1. Can i script a combo with it? I have like 5 trophies in diffrent games that require doing an insane combo.. Would help if it does.
  2. I remixed my own CAP but only got HORSE game to count. Graffiti didnt work in local co op. How did it work for you?
  3. Looks doable , the moment they'll have a sale (maybe on ps5 launch) I'll buy it. 2k20 was too much for me so i just play it gor casual trophies.
  4. Survival is an insane jump in skill, the furthest i got was with Onimaru to 8. Someone needs to find a method to counter the AI insane speed lol. Good luck to us all.
  5. 2 wins . Still having a lot of fun , the trophies are just extra.
  6. I got it. Followed this method from a reddit comment: Hold down the button (TRIANGLE) to fire a projectile and it’ll launch a purple poison projectile. Land three in a row on your opponent in local versus and it will unlock the trophy. πŸ‘
  7. No online trophies is great news, I dont mind the grind , seems like a 50 hours plat depending on match length. Will definitely pick this up instead of PES that i buy every year.
  8. LOL Dont worry you won't😁 Goodbye rocket arena ✌
  9. Disconnected after getting 1st in a race (another trophy to consider) ... I'll just wait until online dies or until the server gets fixed so i can boost this with a group here.
  10. This helped me to get to level 74 quick. They said another one is coming on Twitter. Hopefully I'll get the plat this friday πŸ‘
  11. The game is available now. The game looks absolutely gorgeous and i will pick it up later this year. Trophies looks simple. Probably free roam or multiple ship runs.
  12. The amount of jump showdown finales i get is frustrating. Never got to exprience hexagon and it looks doable.
  13. 2 streak lost :/ The new showdown finale(spining poles with falling platforms) is so tricky because i was on the last platform but when we both fell i was the one on the bottom and lost... Restarting tommorow , hope they wont patch it.
  14. Welp. With my current team it'll be impossible. Should've started grinding earlier.
  15. I had to quit 3 times in the final because of bad starting position... As soon as i saw ill get 3rd or 4th i left. So frustrated... Cant they just put everyone in 1 long line in the finale?