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  1. One of the dev members from velan said they are wirking on a patch fir the trophies(on the ps5 psnp forum). I think they will keep going .
  2. I sent 3 emails with a respectful manner . I have nothing against your crew , I'm just stating a fact that happend to me. I hope you fix your trophies issues because i just played season 3 after the 3.01 update and my 3 big tracking trophies are still bugged. I will occasionally look at this thread and reddit for updates, thanks.
  3. I don't reccomend buying this game. I have over 50 hours on it and 3 tracked trophies(my last ones) are glitched for me and many more on the ps4 version. No response from the dev team or ea originals about the issues. Gameplay wise , its a fun game , very easy to understand but with long waiting for a game. Dont buy this game until its f2p or on a big discount, they dont deserve it.
  4. Thanks! Will do
  5. Where do you ask for a sub? All of my options are to restart match or sim to the end but i lose all of my objectives.
  6. I have a question about enhanced objectives. How do i reveal them and are they possible only with custom players or existing players as well? I'm playing with saint maximan but i cant find his enhanced objectives.
  7. I finally built my great bundesliga team. Got 2 wins in a rowand then lost 4-5 in the 3rd decisive match. Oh my god this will be the worst trophy for me 😷
  8. The beta is fun ngl. I'm playing this day one. I hope they fix the loadouts issue with custom prestes for each class and vehicle without the need to change with square in each respawn.
  9. I would try it again after i finish the division / co op trophies thanks.
  10. This doesn't work unfortunately. Considered as a DNF with a coin penalty , also no increase on the milestone matches.
  11. Yes. I cant create a private match as well. This game is so laggy , I'm trying to get rid of the online trophies at least.
  12. I've the same issue as you. My 3 last trophies are still glitched. Don't re-install. Annoying devs wont even answer in support email.
  13. Thanks! Also , make sure to add extra time before the match if you struggle to get it in 90 minutes. Got the trophy in the 102 minutes.
  14. This is the one . thanks!
  15. I wanted to buy the special edition that's now on sale but I guess I'll wait until i get a ps5 to buy this edition lol.