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  1. Exactly. INJ2 had a stupid grind with the cat call trophy , i played the game for 50+ hours but i couldn't grind more for the platinum. My main focus here is to enjoy the game first and not grind 200 hours for a plat.
  2. Nice to hear. (Apologies about my grammer in advance) I love those kind of games (usually on pc or my phone) .. From your perspective, the controls are good? No lag or weird motion? And what about the platinum trophy? Is it achievable?
  3. it's usually medium activity for me in rush hours. just got my 5 kill streak trophy yesterday. now I'm farming wins.
  4. i know its not the right forum but its active so.. can i still earn the platinum trophy in mlb 2018? offline?
  5. Im stuck on the last checkpoint of one shot one kill I use the exploit by going to the booth in the right and hiding until the chopper arrives BUT i die instantly when i step out to carry my friend. Any other ways to do it? I have this game for months and this mission screws me .
  7. I pre ordered the game so I'm playing this regardless of trophies. Anyways, some look really challenging but the most are pretty decent and not hard. The beta was fun , cant wait to play on release day.
  8. Thank you very much. I switched from bronco to johnny after i finished cyborgula. Now i got the plat!
  9. Congratulations to everyone who won! This year i used PSNPs guides almost exclusively. You're making this site great!
  10. How does backing up file works without an usb? What are the necessary steps? Sorry ,I didn't use this feature for a platinum hunt before haha
  11. You are awesome ! Subscribed to your channel
  12. Still a great battle royale , the best i played until now (played all but blackout).
  13. Ok after 5 matches ,20 kills and winning one match (defence trophy).. This is officially the best battle royale out there
  14. I'm still playing it , plat or not , ITS RESPAWN!
  15. I'm definitely playing anything respawn is releasing to support them. I dont see any trophy list though.. Probably an early acsses or no trophies .