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  1. Earning Miles is Glitched for me. Did it 3 times successfully and it didnt pop. Even the basic Knocking the Dummy trophy took me 30 tries because its buggy.
  2. Yep. Thats my queue to buy the game. I dont care about the plat lol i just want to play with aloy.
  3. Whatabout the PS4 exclusives? All of them auto pop?
  4. I'm playing on easy mode with cheats disabled when i got my 48th-50th upgrades. I did play with cheats until episode 24.
  5. So it is glitched for me i guess :/ I did all 50 and nothing appears. Thanks gor the reply.
  6. HELP I'm playing NG+ on easy mode. I upgraded every player ability but SURVIVAL EXPERT wont pop. I didnt miss any supplements and i counted 50 upgrades done. I'm playing abby on 'hostile territory' level , will the trophy pop in the end of the ng+ or should i replay the save? thanks in advance.
  7. Its not popping for me either. Glitched. On NG+ with abby , Ellie's upgrades are all bought. Any help please?
  8. Lol i shouldve achieved the platinum with boosting when i had the chance ... Nightfalls are shorter but much harder. I hope that with boosting it'll be achievable.
  9. 1.Any difficulty options or permadeath mode like the last of us? 2.will my lifepath affect the outcome of the story? I'm going to play blind on my 1st round but I'm still intrested to know.
  10. Does the deluxe edition rides make the plat easier or it's there just to add seprate content?
  11. Not available on EU version :/ Anyways, Thank you for the explanation.
  12. Did you do it in miles morales? Because i cant find it? Please tell. Ty
  13. Im looking for a method too. Stuck on lvl 22 with barely any exp given. On any mode.
  14. Where exactly? There is no such option and i went into the accessibility menu as well..
  15. Looks easy and the beta was fun. The catch here is to get to level 50 before the month ends. If they do any xp boost weekend , its a wrap.