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  1. Congratulations to everyone who won! This year i used PSNPs guides almost exclusively. You're making this site great!
  2. How does backing up file works without an usb? What are the necessary steps? Sorry ,I didn't use this feature for a platinum hunt before haha
  3. You are awesome ! Subscribed to your channel
  4. Still a great battle royale , the best i played until now (played all but blackout).
  5. Ok after 5 matches ,20 kills and winning one match (defence trophy).. This is officially the best battle royale out there
  6. I'm still playing it , plat or not , ITS RESPAWN!
  7. I'm definitely playing anything respawn is releasing to support them. I dont see any trophy list though.. Probably an early acsses or no trophies .
  8. Any updates on time to plat and number if play throughs? The game is 50% iff now so i wonder if its grindy
  9. I waited for 10 minutes and I'm still inside the the game dead? And if so ,how do i overcome it?
  10. I got the platinum for paladins i hope the controls are the same here. Looks like 4/10 difficulty because of the squad no death and 10 kill trophies. 🏆
  11. Cool i have the eu you know if the game is region locked? because the u.s copies are much cheaper now.
  12. More expensive than hitman 2 on retail 😂 Im waiting for a sale on this .
  13. That's exactly the location where i stopped playing and deleted the game lol. Too bad its listed on my profile with 33% completion.
  14. Welp, im waiting for a sale than... Its more expensive than hitman 2 on retail.. :/ Thanks for the update 👍 ☝
  15. Did they announce the price?