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  1. Looks easy and the beta was fun. The catch here is to get to level 50 before the month ends. If they do any xp boost weekend , its a wrap.
  2. Wow I'm so impressed with the fact they actually patched it. Its now on sale for 14.99$ US for black friday , I'm definitely going to buy it after seeing this thread
  3. Got it now ty. Now is it 100% that i can earn the rest of the trophies offline? What about shadow of war ? Any similar online limit?
  4. I am interested but can you boost the online wins or i need to get lucky (Finding anyone) if i want an online match like PARTY PANIC(the online is dead already)?
  5. Yep i lost it all. Tried to bring it back with my saved data(65gb total) but only my saved data returned safely... Oh well, at least i can earn platinums again.
  6. Short and sweet. The ending was great. They improved the A.I in battle and the free-roam swinging is smoother (nice music as well). Cant wait for a full game with both of thier play styles.
  7. Thanks to this glitch i cant platinum 5 games including TLOU2 and Watch Dogs. I tried the USB method and it didnt work. Will try to upload save data to online storage. My screenshots are already gone. Fml
  8. I need to this. Did the back up also saved screenshot of trophies and videos? I have like 12 gb of that lol.
  9. I didnt skip. Left my controller untouched until the credits ended with WD2 teaser.. Apparently it was a bugged trophy for some at launch but didnt happen to people post 2016. I'm a lucky one lol.
  10. Unfortunately it didnt. I'm currently in free roam post credits . no trophy.
  11. I came back to this game to finish my story trophies and work towards a plat . Got all the ACTs trophies normally but the final act (5) didnt pop even though in game it said i completed it (act 5 complete on top left) . Is there ANY WAY possible to go back to the beginning of the act or to restart a mission in this game? Please dont tell me i have to play the entire story again 😭 Thanks in advance.
  12. I finished Act 5 but trophy wont pop! Anyone knows if i can replay story missions? I will literally delete the game if the final story trophy is bugged lol.
  13. Driving trophy is glitched. Completed level 28 20 times with gold medal and it didnt pop.
  14. They should make a super platinum tier (lvl.1000) where it takes a ton of time to level up from level 999( lets say that level xp will be equivalent to 100 levels). Whoever gets there will recieve a special avatar , theme , name highlights and more.
  15. Thought about it for a while. Youre right. Seems like a interesting change. At least they notice the trophies and doing something refreshing. Maybe they will encourage companies to make better trophy lists.. Who knows?