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  1. The true GOTY prevails.
  2. People here realise that implementation of trophies in any game takes a few months right? I rather have 500 classic games with no trophies that release immediately than getting only some with trophies.
  3. It was pretty wholesome to be fair,Good send off for a legendary series.
  4. Came back from my holiday and both the PS4 and PS5 version Platinums popped! Thank you for your hard work and support , wish you luck with this game future and i cant wait to see season 6 content πŸ‘
  5. I finally got Point Guard after 1717 KO assists πŸ˜… Now i only need rolling around the city to be manually granted (whenever its ready) and its a wrap 🎊
  6. This is the funniest trophy descriptions i saw! I wonder if you legit need to wait until 2032 or you can change the date in game or console settings. πŸ˜‚
  7. Good to hear , thanks for the update. I hope this will be the end of the trophies issue and the start of enjoying the game with no worries. One quick non trophy question, in the "Spotlight Shop" i have many 'sold out' boxes , does it mean i own it or was it a limited sale? Thanks in advance.
  8. My entire squad was alive on extraction but the trophy didnt pop.. This game is getting worse by the day, its beyond just trophies..
  9. Me and my swuad left Hazard Zone all alive but tbe trophy didnt pop... Fk this game.
  10. @DangerSpice im making 8-15 ko assists per game and that trophy is not popping. Can i get an update on that and how many km I've made rolling please? PSN: Shlomaniac KO ID: shlomaniacFC
  11. 1. I'm still rolling for 100km and nothing happens. No idea how much is left or moving at all. 2.playing on ps5/ps4 versions only. the game through ea play in July 2021.
  12. Finally got lvl 30 and the plat, They definitely boosted the XP reward for the games made by the development team like Arts Dream or Bats Tale so i reccomend that for the hunters that focus on playing and not creating like me. Lovely and Creative game + community , worth playing post platinum at least for me, Hopefully this game will be free on the new PS PLUS tiers so players can join and have fun.
  13. I've deleted the game and re - download bugsnax. At least there the trophies and tracking work. @DangerSpice 120 hours on your game for nothing.
  14. Whomever created the stun duration needs to be Chokeslamed.
  15. FREE PLAT LETS GO! i hope the native 4k ps5 version will have the same list too for a triple kill plat πŸ†