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  1. Ty for saving me 20M zeni
  2. Does the 20 million "unlock all arc galleries" in the store completes the story for me and give me the trophies?
  3. ty for the quick replay. I have lan cable internet. I will try the video method now ty. EDIT: I GOT IT! TY FOR THE CLARIFICATION! WENT FROM 500K TO 26M IN 5 MINUTES. 😄
  4. Does the zeni in offline mode is the same as online? I did you step 6 times but the offline zeni meter wont rise... I am scared to connect online and the money wont appear.
  5. This is great news. I completed all single player trophies but i am struggling with the zombie mp ones. Definitely grinding this until i get the plat.
  6. You can get 1000 shots through practice mode. Just tap x quickly while slightly adding power.
  7. I wish i read that before i boosted. Iwas level 9 and i thought the boost would help me finish the campign faster but then the cutscene for endgame popped. Now i have to restart with a new character
  8. WOW , there is much potential with this engine. I can already a possible INFAMOUS or PRINCE OF PERSIA game that will use all of those assets. I'm so ready ! BTW , Best quality source i found is in vimeo, just stunning!:
  9. Looks like a simple and fun list. Will definitely play co-op for this. I wish Everybody's Golf trophy list was more down to earth like this lol.
  10. I hope they will try to revive this franchise right after Beyond good and Evil 2 is released. This demo looks good for a game that was created 8 years ago , they should just remove some qt events and focus more on movement like spiderman 2018 did.
  11. Just finished P5R and P5D and i want to consume more P5 content lol .. But... No english release is a huge deal breaker for me. I would be happy to play with english text and no audio if its too much.. Kinda sucks.
  12. Is it possible to level up by staying idle at create mode while leaving your ps4 turned on at night without a turbo controller? The grind is real after lvl 21 .. I played for 3 hours to level up once.
  13. It was an assumption chill out . have a nice week.
  14. I finally got my 1st email yestreday 10 days after i beat kamoshidas' palace. Can wait to get all of them when i beat the 3rd semester. P.S - i pre ordered the ultimate edition (EU Version), It might be an exclusive for that edition.
  15. I usually play the SP parts in COD and leavebut mw2 MP was incredible so I'm kind of upset. Anyways , for 19.99USD its a no-brainer. Buying it ASAP.