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  1. Thank you! This code worked on my u.s account but not on my main EU account. Thats a shame because the avatars from the deluxe edition are poor ,only ludens-pop and die hardman are actually decent IMO , the rest are screenshots from the game or too dark. I hope they will release all of the free ones in the future . Anyways, I'm Enjoying the game ,spoiler free :))
  2. 5/10 and grindy.
  3. The only time i died was when the spider boss came from below when i thought he will appear above me lol. 15-25 minutes plat.
  4. Wow! im so in for this!
  5. How much time to get this platinum? Seems way better than DQB1 and i want to play it.
  6. I just finished watching season 3 so I'm definitely buying it this weekend 👌
  7. Wait i watched some gameplay on uudd.. Its not a side scroller tracks like before? I'm very dissapointed :/
  8. The last game was cool. Hope the panels trophy isn't hard.
  9. Edit: i did the method you mentioned. It worked ,thanks.
  10. I'm buying this because of the trophy descriptions haha
  11. Does it work? My highest is 43 by now. Having a good time though , online is decent too. Edit: this method DOESN'T work.
  12. This. Plus that political bs video ign uploaded a month ago , its like they want us to listen to thier irrelevant personal agenda instead of a real review on the game. Anyways , I'll judge it myself as always.
  13. Looks easy , im usually investing all my time on PS exclusives so this looks like a 30-40 hours platinum , hopefully 1 playthrough (story trophies are hidden on purpose). Already pre ordered the game (after that ign video and cool demo) and the game is installed, hope its good.
  14. I already pre ordered the game regardless of the trophy list,Cant wait to play it Personally, after the big dissapointment from the CAT CALL trophy in inj2 , I prefer this kind of list over some grindy luck based trophies.
  15. Exactly. INJ2 had a stupid grind with the cat call trophy , i played the game for 50+ hours but i couldn't grind more for the platinum. My main focus here is to enjoy the game first and not grind 200 hours for a plat.