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  1. I have 200 more fish to catch and 400 mining to go. I am only at about 1400 Night Thorns though
  2. I was thinking the same thing Maybe they will add more biomes (I hope so). Other wise the valley will look pretty crowded.
  3. Thanks for the info. The threat room makes it way easier
  4. I was able to easily unlock the trophy in the Threat Room:
  5. Thanks for the info. I have been thinking about trying the Threat room. Congrats on the trophy.
  6. I was just hoping someone could give me some tips to unlock the Shocking Development trophy Stun 4 enemies with Storm abilities in a single turn.
  7. Good for me since I need to still grind out the Night Thorns, Fishing, and Mining trophies. Wish me luck!
  8. I meant I mistakenly did the first Morbius story mission. You cannot do Morbius' other 2 story mission without finishing Venom's story.
  9. Dang, sad to hear that. I am playing New Game Plus. Finally got all the Deadpool DLC trophies. Almost done with Morbius trophies (I stupidly and mistakenly started Morbius before Venom). I was hoping all the trophies would unlock without issues.
  10. I have a bad feeling that you are right
  11. I hope some of these games have free upgrades. Please!
  12. The trophies in this game are pretty easy, but if you need help with any specific trophies you can use this guide that I created. All steps are written down in the timestamps. If you use this guide you will earn the Platinum trophy in about 3 hours!!!
  13. Thanks for the update
  14. Not sure. I brought the PS4 version on launch. I don't see why they would take it off the store.
  15. Thanks for the response, but I already got the Plat. For Lost and Found just keep opening crated in the storage room during the day and the trophy will unlock. Happy hunting!