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  1. I used that guide too. When I started using it I only had about 15 to find, but I went through it slowly and checked off who I already found. I didn't see any errors. I wish I could help you. Sorry.
  2. I guess I will see how difficult it is when I play it. It will be sad if it is my last trophy left.
  3. You are welcome. I was freaking out until i took a leap of faith and tried it.
  4. I saved and then loaded the game and the trophies popped. I don't know why they don't pop after you beat the warden's minions.
  5. I'm okay. I got the Plat. Getting the roaming legendaries to spawn wasn't the problem. The problem was that I ran into some of the legendaries that I caught several times.
  6. I really dislike that the roaming legendaries respawn after you catch them. It adds unnecessary RNG and searching. I have two roaming legendaries left. Wish me luck!
  7. I really enjoyed the story and really liked Alex as the main character. I really liked Steph and Gabe as well.
  8. Happy the trophy unlocked for me with no issues. I hope it unlocks for everyone else going for it.
  9. Sad that the Platinum trophy is still unobtainable.
  10. I like Sonic games, but I honestly suck at them, LOL! Doubt I will Platinum this.
  11. I'm afraid now.
  12. The method at the end of the video is a quick way, but it seems kind of glitchy. I had to do it 3 times in a row for it to unlock. And @OverHypedG mentioned above that it took him 10 times for it to unlock.
  13. That's crazy! I appreciate the determination and the guide!
  14. It took me 3 times following the guide for Shady Truth to unlock. It may be a little glitchy.
  15. Thanks for the info.