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  1. I saw someone in the other post say they started from Chapter 4 and the trophy popped at the end of Chapter 8 so it may work
  2. Definitely don't get it. It doesn't look like the Plat will ever be obtainable since the developers and publishers have been quiet for MANY months!
  3. The game's main menu. I just got the trophy a few hours ago following the method
  4. I just want to thank everyone in this forum for the support these last couple of weeks. I finally earned the Hard Pass trophy on the PS5 digital version and the Plat!
  5. Made it to Chapter 5. Wish me luck!
  6. people have done either based on the comments. I'm only on Chapter 2 right now so hopefully in a few hours I will finally have this Plat!
  7. Okay. I was confused. I thought the person was saying somehow that we can "Move On" twice. But when I quit to Main Menu, the Hag just continues to next chapter so I hope I did it right.
  8. I may try this. Wish me luck
  9. Me too
  10. You did it on the disc version, right?
  11. How difficult are the trophies for this game? I thought this game would have a higher Platinum achiever base, but so far only TWO people have earned the Platinum on this site.
  12. I had auto aim on and the game didn't shoot Jacob in the bushes. I tried 3 times using save backup with cloud. I just turned auto aim off after that and followed Gamiing With Abyss' guide and got the trophy.
  13. Not too important trophy wise, but I am disappointed that screenshots can't even be made for this game when trophies unlock. I would at least have liked to see my Platinum trophy screenshot, but oh well!
  14. I guess I need to start buying physical games again.
  15. Yeah, I'm sad I can't earn this trophy especially since it leaves my guide on YouTube incomplete which really bothers me, but there isn't anything I can do so i just have to accept that