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  1. I wish I knew the answer
  2. This trophy finally popped for me at 77 files found. Good luck everyone!
  3. I hope I don't have to start a new game for this. I'm almost at 60 so far.
  4. Thanks for posting the video. It popped for me. Not sure how many I had already though. I hope everyone else has luck too.
  5. Thank you for the response. I just started working on this. I am counting manually. I know I did a few before counting, but not sure how many. So, I will just focus on 5o for now and go from there. Hopefully, this and getting 50 intelligence files don't take too long to pop.
  6. So elites count? I heard they don't, but that's good news. I'm going to start going for this trophy soon.
  7. Did you do it on Classic difficulty?
  8. Powerpyx said in his guide that this race may be the Platinum breaker for a lot of people. Good luck, everyone!
  9. I'm at 55 and still nothing. Sad. good luck.
  10. I'm not having the same luck. I have 55 intel so far and have done more than 15 villain sector missions, but neither trophy has popped for me. I'm working on the Hives now (worried I may have to do 80 of them).
  11. I'm sad this trophy is still not tracking correctly. I have about 52 files, but no trophy yet. I'm not looking forward to this and the 50 hives trophy not unlocking properly.
  12. Thanks for the info Thanks for the info. I hope I can motivate myself to finish this.
  13. Interesting! I'm glad it worked out for you.
  14. Thank you
  15. I'm surprised there is no trophy guide for this game yet although it seems not too many people are playing it. I'm just wondering how many playthoughs I need for each ending variant. Also I have to motivate myself to do it.