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  1. Shadow of The Tomb Raider for me. After that.. Forza Horizon 4, FIFA 19 & Assassins Creed Odyssey.
  2. I agree the crimes get really grindy. There are just so many of them. I am going to stick with it though as I want the platinum. I didn't mind the other free roam stuff though like side missions, research missions & collectibles.
  3. Both are amazing, but in my opinion God of War is better.
  4. Platinum #68 Word Search by POWGI Fun puzzle game but got a little boring towards the end as there are so many puzzles.
  5. I'd love to have the Bioshock Infinite platinum on either PS3 or PS4.
  6. #64 - Bioshock (PS4) Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 9/10
  7. I'd go for Ratchet & Clank, that is such a brilliant game!
  8. I went and seen Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom, last Sunday. It was bloody brilliant, I loved it.
  9. #63 - DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN DETROIT MASTER Fun 7/10 Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyable game, however going after all the magazines at the end got a little tedious!
  10. #62 - God of War Father and Son 10/10 - a brilliant game, one of the best I've ever played. Loved every minute. I thought the 'Chooser of the Slain' trophy was going to prevent me getting the platinum, but I finally managed to defeat her after multiple deaths. Roll on DLC for this game, cant wait to play more.
  11. Yeah it is great. I beat it on Wii U and cant wait to beat it again on switch.
  12. I'm getting Donkey Kong when it comes out on May 4th. Such a brilliant game!
  13. #60 - Burnout Paradise Remastered Burnout Paradise Elite Difficulty 2/10 Fun 9/10
  14. #59 - Batman: The Enemy Within Really good last episode. Enjoyed it!