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  1. For me, I would say; The Mass Effect Trilogy The Dead Space Trilogy The Timesplitters Trilogy Left 4 Dead 1+2 (or a new Left 4 Dead 3 would be cool) Lord of the Rings the Two Towers/Return of the King/The Third Age
  2. Ive been excited for this, will probably pick it up as I have some credit left over. Hopefully a couple of fun playthroughs. Glad there is no 'beat the game without dying in less that 5 seconds' BS, as there is with a lot of these types of games.
  3. I don't hate the idea, as long as they don't go down the Nintendo route of making a load of microtransaction fuelled games that use their biggest IP's to suck players in like Mario Kart Tour, Dr Mario, Fire Emblem Fates etc... My worry would be they would release games, but the platinums would require you to either spend an exorbitant amount of money, or grind for 1000's of hours to unlock. With the PS5 coming out soon, I would rather they just focused their attention for now on their 1st party software for that.
  4. Nice one, thanks OP
  5. Now, before anyone mentions that this is already out on PC and got mediocre reviews and what was I thinking buying it, I'm a huge Resident Evil fan and figured this looked like it would scratch a similar itch, plus I got it pretty cheap using credit I had on a site. Anyways.... I got this on Friday and man is it is mess. I played the first hour or so this morning, and a lot of features are just straight up broken. Whenever I pick up a diary log, despite it saying there a numerous pages to read I just get a blank screen. The game also mentions combining items, similar to RE, and unless I missed something I couldn't work out how to do this. I also had some weird graphical glitches which didn't affect gameplay but just looked awkward Hopefully a day one patch for the 28th when it actually officially releases, cleans up some of the issues because there is a tiny but of potential here. I understand this is from a small studio and I appreciate what they are trying to do. the combat is serviceable and the story seems hokey but in a very Resident Evil way. I think if they just add a bit of polish it could be okay, not amazing, but okay for RE fans.
  6. Very good, I have been playing games since the Snes and Sega Mega Drive, so I could also name you hundreds of games from that era that didn't have microtransactions, given that console based internet wasn't a thing then. Bravo You are ignoring the point I am making. If you skip any game that has any microtransactions because you immediately deem it as bad, then good for you, I appreciate your moral stance, but you are locking yourself out of about I would say 85% of the triple A games that come out, not to mention some of the best games of the generation.
  7. Basically every game nowadays has optional microtransactions. Are you honestly saying you have never, and will never play a game that offers microtransactions? If so my friend, you are missing out on some amazing games. To directly refer to your quote above; The Last of Us Monster Hunter World Uncharted 4 Rainbow Six Siege and I could name at least 50 more of the highest rated games of this generation They all have microtransactions. Are they all 'bad games'?
  8. Funnily enough after I posted my previous comment i managed to beat the heart with the silent on my next run. As you said, I have a lot of poison stacking and a couple of catalysts that helped and an upgraded wraith form to negate damage for a few turns. Trying to get back to work on the others now. Thats for the tips, I already subscribe to Jorbs but yet to watch his overexplained vids, they are so damn long.
  9. Congrats! I havent beat the heart with any character yet (i play a lot of different games), any advice on doing this? I end up taking too much damage from the tenticles then struggling aginst the heart.
  10. Aye, I was able to kill the awakened one's second form in one turn yesterday but entering divinity and having a load of high damage cards stacked. 300 damage in an instant
  11. came out on PC a while back and it got mediocre reviews. 5's and 6's from most outlets.
  12. Instant loading definitely. Metro Exodus is one of my favourite games i have played this year, but it can take up to 4-5 minutes to load a level and it is such a pain (albeit this is offset by the fact that once you are in it is pretty seamless). I think games look amazing as it is and being able to just play as quickly as I want would be great.
  13. Just a heads up for everyone that the 4th playable character, the Watcher, is now available on all consoles. I have played a bit with her on the PC version and she is great, very different to other characters in the sense that a lot of her cards have 'retain' which means you don't discard them at the end of the turn, and a lot of cards get more powerful the longer you keep them in your hand so there is a nice risk vs reward mechanic of do you play your cards now for minimal impact or wait until later, when the enemy might be stronger, but your cards will be as well. It also adds a lot of new relics, potions, and changes the way some of these and cards work. I.e the relic that gave you 3 relics and 3 curses, now still gives you three relics, but only gives you one, non-removeable curse, making it a lot better. Enjoy everyone.
  14. I got sent a collectors edition of Catherine for Xbox 360 back in the day because of a website I used to write for. However I left it in the loft of my old house by accident. I was gutted when I realised and couldn't get in contact with the new owners... I also got numerous digital copies of free games (mainly indies), as review copies.Was a good time until the website shout down
  15. In no particular order, just adding them as they pop into my head Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tekken 5 Driven to Destruction Burnout 3 Lord of the Rings the Third Age/The Two Towers Tonys Hawks Underground Timesplitters 2+3 Viewtiful Joe Resident Evil 4 Silent Hill 2-4 Metal Gear Solid 2 Okami Final Fantasy X Spiderman 2 GTA Vice City/San Andreas Bully Need for Speed Underground 2