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  1. Count me in, this sounds great and will help to clear about 1% of my backlog haha I'm going to try and mix in some longer plats with some shorter experiences to break it up. Switched out X as I don't have any other than XCOM 2 and I think I am nowhere near skilled enough to platinum that. Also switching out Y for two other games Choose your games! A - Assassin's Creed Origins B - Burly Men at Sea C - Child of Light D - Dear Esther E - Ether One F - Far Cry 3 Remastered G - Gris H - Headlander I - Indivisible J - Jak and Daxter Precursor Legacy K - Kona L - LA Noire M - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor N - Narcos Rise of the Cartel O - Okami HD P - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Q - Q.U.B.E 2 R - Return of the Obra Dinn S - Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition T - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 U - Unravel V - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered W - (The) Witness X <=> Gravity Rush Remastered Y <=> Forgotton Anne and Telltale's Game of Thrones Z - Zombi Backups: Gravity Rush 2 Mirror's Edge Catalyst Need for Speed (2015) *Edit* Swapping out Owlboy and Jurassic World for Okami and Jak and Daxter as I annoying already a couple of trophies on each of them
  2. I played this on Xbox Gamepass and it is great. Aside from a couple of frustrating moments, I think it is Bloober teams best game so far. They are carving out a nice niche of middle market horror games with this, the Layers of Fear games and Observer.
  3. I haven't played it yet personally, but the true achievements article stated the following; ''Battleborn features a lot of DLC achievements as part of its Season Pass. That Pass has also been removed from digital stores, though we presume that it may still be available to purchase in-game using Battleborn's Platinum virtual currency. The Pass is reportedly 4200 Platinum to purchase, which according to the latest prices on Battleborn's Platinum Packs would cost players about $25. Again, this premium currency is being taken from sale in February 2020, so if you consider DLC counts towards your 100% completion and you want to get it, you need to make sure you have the DLC purchased in the next couple of months – or be prepared for a significant grind to earn enough Platinum in-game to pay for it before the whole thing shuts down in 2021. There's no word on whether the Season Pass content will be made free for players hanging for the game's final year, but given that the publisher are happily to keep taking money on the Platinum currency for the next two months, we suspect that this won't happen.''
  4. haha yeah I think I got it for 99p from Game about a year ago. I haven't even played it yet but might give it a go soon whilst it's still alive
  5. Gearbox have announced that from February 24th 2020 you will no longer be able to buy virtual currency, and from January 2021 that games servers will be shutdown for good (no exact date as of yet). https://www.trueachievements.com/n39833/battleborn-server-closure If you want those trophies make sure you do so before then.
  6. I'll join when I am online tonight.
  7. Agreed Dirt2 was excellent and was Codemasters at their peak. I feel like they have shifted the core team to the F1 Games now (which are great to be fair), but it feels like they are phoning it in elsewhere. The new GRID has about 12 tracks and not many more cars and is incredibly dull and repetitive, got bored after about an hour Dirt 4 was disappointing Onrush was also a let down (although at least they tried something different with that). I'd love a Dirt 2 remaster, or even a remaster of the original Grid from 2008, its a far superior game to this years, but I doubt we'll get either.
  8. As I said, very strange. Not sure I have encountered a company accidentally release a game over a week early before, particularly digitally.
  9. Looks good to be honest. No difficulty related trophies and as long as they let you explore after completing the game to clear up an collectables it should be doable quite easily. Reminds me of the God of War list.
  10. Shows available to buy on the UK store. How strange. I was quite intrigued by this but will wait for some reviews to drop.
  11. well someone's unlocked it....
  12. Not really enjoying it and probably going to trade it in to be honest. The most damning thing I can say about it is that 'Race Driver: GRID' from 2008 is a better game in basically every way. In this game there is a general lack of speed. The 'career' is not a career at all and just a list of races, whereas the original Grid you started from scratch in a small team and worked your way up through the competition and managed you own team eventually, this is just races with the facade of a career with the pointless teammates. I would be able to forgive all this if it just had more tracks though. Only 12 tracks for a racing game is shocking and repeating them all ad-nauseam is so dull. Disappointing.
  13. Doesn't look like any online only trophies which is nice. The only issues I see are reach level 99 and 'around the globe', both might be a pain in the ass, but good overall.
  14. Cant wait for this, list looks good. My local game shop is doing an early release for pre-orders as well so I can pick it up from 9am tomorrow
  15. Source and energy are totally different. Source is white crystals and you will automatically pick this up (there is no cap as far as I am aware, I have over 200k). The blue crystals are health and you will only pick these up if you are not at full health. They are not the same thing.