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  1. I would put the Ripsnorter on the same level as some of the harder platinum relics in Crash 4. The difference is that the Ripsnorter is one hard level, whereas Crash 4 has like 20 hard levels. So it's no competition.
  2. Doing all the levels in order and actually just finished up Jetboard Jetty after struggling with it for a while. Glad to see that the consensus is that it's one of the hardest relics, makes me feel better about my chances of actually pulling this off lol. Jetty and Rude Awakening are the only real hurdles I've encountered so far, so it's good to see that that's about as hard as it gets.
  3. It's probably going to be a while. This game is infamous for lengthy delays. It was shown at four consecutive E3s before its release, initially having a release date of 2015 before finally coming out in September 2017. Then the DLC was slated for early 2019 but still isn't out, supposedly still slated for this year but it's been radio silence for quite some time. I mean, I definitely get why it takes so long to get content made for this game but sheesh, Studio MDHR could do with being a little less optimistic about their release windows.
  4. Nearly 100%d this back on Steam, only achievements I gave up on were beating Expert and beating King Dice without taking a hit. Expert was definitely doable, I was just kinda burnt out on the game by that point and lost motivation. King Dice without taking a hit is the hardest imo. I sucked at timing the dice rolls so I ended up just trying to learn all 9 minibosses, and I would always choke and mess up on the final part with King Dice himself. Sucks that you have to go through the entire miniboss gauntlet just to get one shot at King Dice himself, makes practicing him tedious. I'm sure it's easier if you learn how to time the dice rolls and only practice a select few minibosses though. Other than that, I think the only bad achievement is Pacifist. That's one that will definitely test your patience. It's difficult for sure but not insane. Not something I have any desire to try again though lol
  5. I'll be honest, I don't remember if I still had flowers remaining when I got it. I want to say I hadn't gotten all the flowers yet but I can't say that with 100% confidence.
  6. I got Hidden Treasure upon unearthing the first statue, but that was before getting the rod, so maybe that can pop it too? And I got Ancient Discoveries for unearthing all the statues, which was before I got all the nuggets and heart squids.
  7. Sheer Perfection? - Use Refresh on a Rag and Bones (the mummy enemies) Refreshing Rewards - Use Refresh on a Sickly Silverfish (the yellow enemies that crawl up and down walls and shoot at you) Slime Time - Every time you hit a Slime, they change color, between purple, green, yellow, and red. Using the magic that corresponds to that color (Seer, Refresh, Spark, and Quake) will defeat it instantly. Use all 4 magic spells to defeat a Slime. It's Electrifying! - Use Spark on a Circus Squid (the enemies that swing between poles) Hidden Treasure - There's hidden statues throughout the map that can be unearthed with Quake. You just need to unearth one for this trophy, although there is another trophy for getting them all. Here is a map of all the game's collectibles, including the statues. And here's a guide on where you can find specific enemies for the enemy-related trophies.
  8. Adored this game as a kid. Easily my favorite licensed game of all time. Was never able to 100% it as a kid, but I'm definitely going to rectify that now! 😁
  9. Aha, awesome. I already got the Diamond cup I needed during the last glitched challenge, but the 50 points from this one will actually give me enough points to finally get Awesomeness rank 11 and the platinum. So I'll be finishing up the game a few days earlier than I expected, a nice surprise. 😄
  10. I think the issue with Bombo was more about having a Middle Eastern character named Bombo who throws bombs could be seen as an offensive stereotype nowadays. Remember, Spyro 2 initially came out pre-9/11, so viewpoints on that kind of thing have definitely changed since then. I don't think the word "bomb" itself was the problem, as Bombo/Bob still uses the word, and it's used elsewhere in the game as well (ie. "I persuaded that fat bear Moneybags to sell me a few bombs").
  11. Seems mostly straightforward. At least there's nothing completely insane like 10's "Beat the entire game without taking a single hit". Beat the game in under 60 minutes could be major pain though depending on how much margin of error that leaves you. Mastering every stage is definitely going to be a must though. Well, regardless, I'll actually be sitting this one out, since I'll be picking up the game on Switch due to the bundle being the only way to get the amiibo. So I don't have to sweat how I'm actually going to accomplish that speedrun trophy. I wish you all good luck, hunters! 😁
  12. Still got a ways to go before plat, including the infamous Awesomeness grind (though I've done a pretty decent amount of challenges, so it hopefully shouldn't take too much longer?), but at least the plat finally feels attainable now.
  13. Yes, finally! So glad I happened to check today. I was so upset that the last two glitched challenges required getting over 4000m, because I've only ever been able to do about 2000. But this is an easily doable distance. Thought this one stupid trophy was going to stop me from getting the plat, so it's great to have it taken care of.
  14. Nothing particularly notable other than 4 of the 6 Skylanders games (Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Trap Team, and Imaginators). Other than that, most of what they've done since the turn of the century has been licensed Disney games.
  15. They actually don't hold the Tony Hawk license anymore. The reason why Pro Skater 5 was such a slapdashed job was actually because they were rushing to get one last game out the door before their contract expired.