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  1. Aha, awesome. I already got the Diamond cup I needed during the last glitched challenge, but the 50 points from this one will actually give me enough points to finally get Awesomeness rank 11 and the platinum. So I'll be finishing up the game a few days earlier than I expected, a nice surprise. 😄
  2. I think the issue with Bombo was more about having a Middle Eastern character named Bombo who throws bombs could be seen as an offensive stereotype nowadays. Remember, Spyro 2 initially came out pre-9/11, so viewpoints on that kind of thing have definitely changed since then. I don't think the word "bomb" itself was the problem, as Bombo/Bob still uses the word, and it's used elsewhere in the game as well (ie. "I persuaded that fat bear Moneybags to sell me a few bombs").
  3. Seems mostly straightforward. At least there's nothing completely insane like 10's "Beat the entire game without taking a single hit". Beat the game in under 60 minutes could be major pain though depending on how much margin of error that leaves you. Mastering every stage is definitely going to be a must though. Well, regardless, I'll actually be sitting this one out, since I'll be picking up the game on Switch due to the bundle being the only way to get the amiibo. So I don't have to sweat how I'm actually going to accomplish that speedrun trophy. I wish you all good luck, hunters! 😁
  4. Still got a ways to go before plat, including the infamous Awesomeness grind (though I've done a pretty decent amount of challenges, so it hopefully shouldn't take too much longer?), but at least the plat finally feels attainable now.
  5. Yes, finally! So glad I happened to check today. I was so upset that the last two glitched challenges required getting over 4000m, because I've only ever been able to do about 2000. But this is an easily doable distance. Thought this one stupid trophy was going to stop me from getting the plat, so it's great to have it taken care of.
  6. Nothing particularly notable other than 4 of the 6 Skylanders games (Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Trap Team, and Imaginators). Other than that, most of what they've done since the turn of the century has been licensed Disney games.
  7. They actually don't hold the Tony Hawk license anymore. The reason why Pro Skater 5 was such a slapdashed job was actually because they were rushing to get one last game out the door before their contract expired.
  8. An absolute day one purchase for me. The Crash and Spyro trilogies were my favorite games as a kid; I played them both to death. So to get Crash remade last year and Spyro remade this year? It feels like a dream. 😢
  9. So from what I'm gathering, it sounds like the PS4 version glitches on the "get 2 items" trophy if your second item is a second Monster Candy, and the Vita version glitches on the "get 3 items" trophy if you save and quit before earning it. For the sake of conclusiveness though, can anyone who's run into either of these glitches say what version they were playing and what they did regarding the Monster Candy and saving and quitting? For the record, I was on PS4.
  10. Okay yeah, I finally figured out what I was supposed to be doing. I didn't realize you had to earn the trophy in the guest account and then delete your primary profile. Did it like that and finally earned the stupid thing. Whew.
  11. The Dognation trophies can be missed if you kill a specific character:
  12. So I guess that the Monster Candy doesn't always lock you out of the trophy, but it seems like it has a good chance of doing it, since multiple people are reporting the same issue over on the Undertale subreddit. So you should probably skip the candy just to be safe. Earning the trophy on a blank account and then syncing it isn't really an option for me though, since I don't have Plus and don't have a spare USB drive laying around to back up all my data. I suppose I could use my free Plus trial, but ehh, I was waiting for some free games I really wanted to show up to use that on. I'll just wait for a patch. Toby recommends emailing bug reports to [email protected], so that means they have to be willing to patch out glitches. Edit: Found a USB drive I could use, so I backed up everything, deleted my primary account, and tried to do the blank account method, but there was an unfortunate wall I hit: it wouldn't let me start Undertale under the guest account because it was purchased under my primary account, which was now deleted from the PS4. So all that accomplished nothing other than me losing the ability to view my old capture gallery on my PS4, because as I just learned the hard way, USB backed-up capture galleries can't be copied back to the system. So that's just swell.
  13. So playing through The Ruins, I grabbed a piece of Monster Candy from the dish and the "get one item" trophy unlocked. I picked up another (yes, I know, I'm disgusting), but the "get two items" trophy did not unlock. But strangely, when I picked up a third and fourth piece, their respective trophies did unlock. Confused, I decided to reset the game and try again. Tried it again, trophy didn't pop. "Oh, but wait, Undertale remembers what you did on previous saves, maybe that's the problem" I thought, so I went into the system settings, deleted the save file and started the game completely from scratch, and this time, picked up the Toy Knife as my second item instead of a second Monster Candy. No good. Now I'm thinking that the Monster Candy prevents you from getting the trophy at all, so I delete the save once again, completely ignore the Monster Candy, and pick up the Toy Knife and the Butterscotch Pie. Still nothing. At this point, it seems like I'm permanently locked out of the trophy and the only thing that will fix it is a patch. Tl;dr Do not pick up a second piece of Monster Candy from the candy dish as your second item, as it will permanently lock you out of the "get two items" trophy and not even deleting your save file from the system settings and starting over will let you get it.