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  1. Hello. After being disappointed by many games lately i will never pre order again. To answer your question: I have no game pre ordered now 🤷🏼‍♂️ Good night ✌️
  2. Hello, i have 2 costume DLC codes for Doax3 Fortune, i think their japanese codes so i cant use them on my EU account. And i dont want to make a new one. Not using them would be a waste i think and they will expire one day probably. Any ideas? Have a great weekend everyone
  3. I like Cate Archer from NOLF, she might not have the deepest lore or something but damn she hot.
  4. I did some research now and it seems Far Cry Compilation has 2, 3 and Blood Dragon on a single Disc for PS3. Xbox has individual discs because lack of blue ray. However The Wild expedition only has Far Cry 2 and 3 on disc.
  5. Hi, i believe US version has also Blood Dragon on disc.
  6. Hi, i like to revisit Dead by Daylight after long breaks, there's always something new when i return so that's cool. I also go back to GTA Online and other multiplayer games occasionally. Good night.
  7. I don't have a PS5 so i bought the game NEXTGEN SANBOX on PS4 to experience current gen and i'm impressed.
  8. Garbage game, hate it.
  9. I went to Miami so for me the game is completed. Good luck with achieving 100%.
  10. yes dis game stupids me walks 2 minute then me is ded wit sniper
  11. Wishes they could platinum Saints Row 2.
  12. This has worked on PC version since release years ago, i doubt they will patch it now.
  13. I like simulations and trains but this game looks shit and i will skip it.
  14. You can just throw your own grenade and pick it up to throw again at AI. + I'm having a hard time with Carrying trophy, any tips would be appreciated.
  15. Yes it's good and different from other console shooters, one thing i don't like is that when you look down you can't see your legs 🤷🏼‍♂️