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  1. meh boring graphics suck quit after 10 minutes i'm not saying the game is bad ok
  2. at least this game donated to animal shelters jumping pizza never donated to pizza
  3. you're right i will waste my money on another buggy trash game instead
  4. everydaaaay man
  5. i play other consoles casually but on playstation i care for trophies
  6. game is overhyped trash 🥱 play good games like GTA V or Last of Us Remastered 💪
  7. lets be friends and compare trophies i play ps4 mostly but also have ps3 language english or german
  8. i become monster hungry for easy plats roarrrr hahaha
  9. socom 4 was the worst ps3 game i quit after 1 mission
  10. i have the same problem trying to buy this game, its listed in new games on ps4 but has no button for buying and now i am sad
  11. friends add me megacoolermensch PS4 and PS3 ❤️
  12. breakthrough gaming skateboarding... 90% rarity... damn 🤦‍♂️
  13. hello i join fills realm then i sink down into a hole and get stuck i am doing things wrong who can assist me please?
  14. hi please take a look at my newest platinum trophy (also its my first platinum trophy of the year 2023): review: first level is fun but then it gets repetitive difficulty: 2/10 i think this game is made for getting easy trophies but honestly i didn't know that thanks for reading my review have a great day ✌️